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Edward is an English given name. It is derived from Old English words ' (meaning "happy" or 'prosperous') and ' (meaning "guard"). It's one of the few Old English names to gain currency in other parts of Europe and beyond.

*Proto-Germanic "*audwaroþō"
*Old English "tĒadweard"
*Modern English "Edward"

Short forms include Ed, Edd, Eddie, Eddy, Ned, Neddie, Neddy, Ted, Teddy and Teddie; all of which may be short for Edward, Edmond Edwin Eduardo or Edmund.

Edward may refer to:

In nobility

*Edward, the Black Prince, the eldest son of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault
*Edward Balliol, pretender to the Scottish throne during the reign of David II
*St. Edward the Confessor, the penultimate Anglo-Saxon King of England and the last of the House of Wessex; patron saint of England until he was replaced by St. George in 1348.
*Edward the Elder, the son of Alfred the Great
*Edward the Martyr, English king and Christian martyr
*Edward I of England, the monarch who conquered Wales
*Edward II of England, King of England from 1307 until deposed in January, 1327
*Edward III of England, one of the most successful English kings of medieval times
*Edward IV of England, King of England from March 4, 1461 to April 9, 1483
*Edward V of England, one of the Princes in the Tower
*Edward VI of England, the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
*Edward VII of the United Kingdom, the son of Queen Victoria
*Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, the son of George V
* for Portuguese Royalty see Duarte
*Lord Edward FitzGerald, Irish revolutionary

In politics

*Edward Dembowski, Polish leftist active in Cracow Uprising in 1846, philosopher and columnist
*Edward Brown, involved in a dispute with the U.S. government
*Edward Kennedy, United States Senator from Massachusetts
*Edward Stettinius, Jr., United States Secretary of State
*Edward Youde, the 26th Governor of Hong Kong
*Edward Jansen, Du mascotte van du VLD_DEP

In fiction

*Edward is one of the best known of the Child ballads.
*Edward, fictional platypus from Camp Lazlo
*Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield, the fictional undead on Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel Without a Pulse"
*Edward Elric, the main protagonist in the anime/manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist
*"Edward Scissorhands", movie directed by Tim Burton and written by Caroline Thompson
*Edward the Blue Engine, a character from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
*Miles Edward O'Brien, character in the fictional Star Trek universe
*Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, character on 77 Sunset Strip
*Edward Chris von Muir, "spoony bard" of Final Fantasy IV.
*Edward Winnie-the-Pooh bear
*Edward Rochester, Romantic hero and Jane's lover in Jane Eyre
*Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from the anime Cowboy Bebop
*Edward Ferrars, character in Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
*Edward Cullen, a vampire from Stephenie Meyer's book series "Twilight"

In other fields

*Edward James Smith, Korean gangsta
*Edward O'Connor Terry, 19th Century English Actor and Theatre Owner
*Edward Grieg, Norwegian composer
*Edward Hamilton Waldo, American science fiction author
*Edward Higgins, the 3rd General of The Salvation Army
*Edwards syndrome, genetic disorder
*Prince Edward Island, a Canadian province situated in the Maritimes
*Edward Kofler, Polish-Swiss mathematician
*Edvard Munch, Norwegian painter-expressionist
*Edward R. Murrow, an American journalist
*Eddy Merckx, 5 time Tour de France Champ (cyclist)
*Ned Kelly, an Australian Bushranger
*Edward Harris (disambiguation)
*Harry Edward(s) (disambiguation)
*Ed Farhat, Professional wrestler under the name The Sheik
*Ed Trice, inventor of Gothic Chess
*Edward Furlong, actor
*Edward Sullivan, variety show host
*Edward Van Halen, musician

In other languages

*Arab: إدوارد
*Chinese: 愛德華
*Croatian: Eduard
*Dutch: Eduard
*French: Édouard
*German: Eduard
*Greek: Εδουάρδος
*Icelandic: Eðvarður, Játvarður
*Irish: Eadbhárd
*Italian: Edoardo or Eduardo
*Latin: Eduardus
*Maltese: Dwardu
*Norwegian: Edvard
*Polish: Edward
*Portuguese: Eduardo or Duarte
*Romanian: Eduard
*Spanish: Eduardo
*Swedish: Edvard
*Russian: Эдуард or Эдвард
*Finnish: Eetu

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