List of Skins episodes

List of Skins episodes

The following is a list of episodes from the E4 television series, Skins.


List of series

Series Episodes Originally aired DVD release date Discs
Region 1 Region 2
1 9 25 January 2007 – 22 March 2007 13 January 2009[1] 24 September 2007[2] 3
2 10 11 February 2008 - 14 April 2008 14 April 2009 [3] 5 May 2008[4] 3
3 10 22 January 2009 - 26 March 2009 7 September 2010 6 April 2009[5] 3
4 8 28 January 2010 - 18 March 2010 11 January 2011 22 March 2010[6] 3
5 8 27 January 2011 - 17 March 2011 TBA 21 March 2011[7] 3
6 10[8] 2012 TBA TBA TBA

Series 1

# Title Featured Character(s) Original airdate # Episode
1 "Tony" Tony Stonem 25 January 2007 (2007-01-25) 1
The episode starts with Tony in bed under his duvet cover looking directly into the camera. Tony hides his sister Effy's delinquency from their parents, leading the audience to believe that he and his sister are close, while his parents are clueless. He calls his friends on the phone about meeting for college, judging from his tone it becomes apparent he is the ringleader of the group and people are submissive to him. It is the day of rich girl Abigail Stock’s party and Tony plans for Sid to lose his virginity. Sid mistakenly assumes that Tony has recruited Michelle for the job, Tony's girlfriend and the girl Sid loves, but instead Tony and Michelle have set him up with Cassie who "will sleep with anything." He sends Sid to buy cannabis but Sid overbuys on easy credit, leaving him to repay £300 within 48 hours, using his testes as collateral. Tony, Sid, Michelle and Cassie, the girl who is planned to take Sid’s virginity, arrive at the party. Cassie, who recently left the clinic for eating disorders, falls unconscious from a sleeping pill overdose. The rest of the gang arrive only to get involved in a fight, Tony steal a car and they drive Cassie to hospital, yet she wakes up. The group then manage to drive the car into the harbour. The drugs Sid buys off the dealer are lost along with the stolen car in the water, however all the group survive. First appearances of Tony, Chris, Sid, Cassie, Michelle, Jal, Anwar, Maxxie, Abigail and Effy. 
2 "Cassie" Cassie Ainsworth 1 February 2007 (2007-02-01) 2
Cassie awakes at Michelle's house after a wild party. Travelling through the house and passing her sleeping friends, she comes across Sid and kisses him before leaving. She then goes to the clinic where she is receiving treatment for her Anorexia Nervosa. She is able to cheat during her final weigh-in which marks the end of her treatment. Before she leaves, we learn that Sid's drug dealer, a fellow patient at the clinic, has Sid's student card and is looking for revenge. Back at school, Cassie bonds further with Sid during lunch and warns him about the drug dealer. Later, Sid is terrified when the drug dealer turns up posing as his supply teacher. We learn that Cassie has developed romantic feelings for Sid and believes that he is responsible for text messages (saying "EAT!") that she has been receiving. She later confronts Sid only to find out that she has imagined the messages entirely. Cassie realizes that she needs more help eating appropriately and contacts a friend who has her eat. First appearance of Kenneth. Abigail and Effy are absent from this episode. 
3 "Jal" Jal Fazer 8 February 2007 (2007-02-08) 3
Jal prepares for the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition, she plays clarinet, while facing domestic difficulties. Her father is a celebrity and a successful retired Hip Hop artist. Jal’s mother left the family when Jal was young. Jal shops for a dress to wear but Michelle and Tony leave her to have sex. Jal decides to take Sid. She informs Sid she knows he likes Michelle to his shock. Michelle lends Jal a dress to wear which she does at her house party. The males in the group focus on Jal which leads Michelle to become angry as she is used to being centre of attention. Michelle admits to Sid she knows he has a thing for her but states they are just friends as she watches Tony flirt with Abigail. Later Jal sees Tony and Abigail kissing, but Michelle is dancing and does not notice. That night, the angry drug dealer and an associate corner Sid and Jal in an alley and the dealer breaks Jal’s clarinet after Sid does not have the money to pay. Jal’s father becomes more understanding and buys her a new clarinet for the competition, before cornering the drug dealer under a bridge and forcing him into his car with an associate of his own. Kenneth is absent from this episode. 
4 "Chris" Chris Miles 15 February 2007 (2007-02-15) 4
Chris' mother has left Chris home alone with £1000. Chris finds himself destitute after blowing the money on a house party. Cassie asks Sid on a date. Chris turns to Angie to help him. Chris gets locked out by a squatter in his house, who then exercises squatter rights. Homeless and penniless, Chris seeks help from the gang who give him a change of clothes and discovers Chris has a dad living nearby. Jal helps Chris find his dad, but when he arrives his step mother seems surprised at Chris' appearance. When Chris' dad comes home from work, he does not want to see Chris. This results in Chris running to Peter's grave, his deceased brother, and he starts to talk about how his brother always used to help him, especially at Scouts when he was a young boy. He swears Jal to secrecy over the events. At the end of the episode, Angie places Chris into temporary student accommodation, as he is left with no family and no house. Abigail, Effy and Kenneth are absent from this episode. 
5 "Sid" Sid Jenkins 22 February 2007 (2007-02-22) 5
Sid has two days to finish his history coursework. Tony's schemes get more and more complex. He invites Sid and Michelle to his choir production where he kisses Abigail after a duet. Michelle and Tony break up. Tony encourages Sid to follow her. Michelle accuses Sid of knowing what Tony was doing. Sid returns home to find Cassie who leaves when Sid tells her he had been with Michelle. Sid and Michelle meet in a bar, Michelle apologises to him. Sid appears angry at her suggestion he is a "nice guy". The two dance but Tony intervenes, winning Michelle back, thus demonstrating his power and status over them and further emotionally damages his friends. Through Sid meeting with Michelle, he unintentionally manages to break Cassie's heart. Cassie is distraught and attempts to commit suicide. Her subsequent drug overdose forces Sid to realize her affections for him. Sid visits Cassie in the hospital where Jal tells him that she will be okay. He returns home to find out that his mother has left to go live with her sister. This angers Sid and causes him to yell at his father, thinking that it was his father's fault for her leaving. Sid stays up the entire night and successfully finishes his history coursework. Effy and Kenneth are absent from this episode. 
6 "Maxxie and Anwar" Maxxie Oliver and Anwar Kharral 1 March 2007 (2007-03-01) 6
The gang go on a school trip to Russia. Tony orders Sid to store drugs up his anus to avoid customs. Anwar gets accused of being a terrorist because of his race. At the underwhelming accommodation, Maxxie and Anwar have a falling out over Maxxie’s homosexuality. Maxxie and Sid switch rooms so that Tony and Maxxie are now sleeping in the same room. Tony attempts to seduce Maxxie. Anwar sees a local girl, Anka, and is immediately attracted to her. Chris and Angie have sex in Chris’ room. Sid and Anwar seek to save Anka from her abusive husband, who they believe is her father. They free her from the house but Sid is chased by the angry man. Back at the hotel, Anka has sex with Anwar without her husband knowing . In the reception, Anka’s husband storms in, knocks Sid out and draws a gun at Anwar. Maxxie disarms the man and the police intervene. Tony finally seduces Maxxie, giving him fellatio after which Maxxie tells Tony "we finally found something you're not actually good at". Michelle, who was in the room but assumed asleep, watches on in shock. It is revealed at the end of the episode that Anka's husband and the police colluded in extracting a bribe from Tom Barkley. Cassie, Abigail and Effy are absent from this episode. 
7 "Michelle" Michelle Richardson 8 March 2007 (2007-03-08) 7
Michelle breaks up with Tony, after he fails to admit to having oral sex with Maxxie whilst Michelle was watching. Jal tells Michelle about all the times Tony's cheated on her. Michelle confronts Abigail, meeting her older brother Josh in the process, who takes a quick liking to her. A distraught Michelle turns to Sid, hoping he will comfort her because he loves her. Sid refuses, ultimately realizing he loves Cassie. Sid and Michelle meet Cassie, who is back at the clinic. Michelle meets Josh, who works at the clinic and they hit it off, becoming a couple, however Tony is watching. He plans an elaborate scheme to destroy this relationship. It works, as Tony takes naked pictures of Abigail on his phone and then hires a thief to steal Josh's phone so Tony can upload the pictures on it. He then sends the photos to Michelle who believes it was Josh because he was upfront about his personality disorder. Despite this, Michelle rejects Tony, much to his sadness. 
8 "Effy" Effy Stonem 15 March 2007 (2007-03-15) 8
A friendless Tony tries to find his sister Effy who is missing, Sid agrees to help. Sid finally stands up to Tony and tells him that no-one likes him anymore. Sid then abandons Tony, driving away leaving Tony on foot. Sid meets with Cassie, who has been following him all night. They finally kiss, but Sid leaves her to find Tony after Michelle informs him Tony was lost. Sid discovers that Josh is behind this, seeking revenge on Tony. Tony finds Effy drugged and unconscious at a house party. Josh's friends prevent him from calling an ambulance for her. Josh demands that Tony has incestuous sex with his sister. Tony tearfully begs Josh to reconsider. Josh lets him leave with Effy, where they run into Sid who is driving his dad's car. They take her to a hospital. Tony's parents think Tony gave her drugs. Sid takes Tony out and comforts him. Tony explains he does not want to be the superficial guy with no friends anymore. Maxxie, Abigail and Kenneth are absent from this episode. 
9 "Everyone" Everyone 22 March 2007 (2007-03-22) 9
On the morning of Anwar's birthday, he receives a call from Maxxie, informing him that he will not attend his party until Anwar tells his strict Muslim father that he, Maxxie, is gay. Cassie plans to move to Scotland after spending more time at the clinic. Sid is on a desperate mission to find Cassie before she leaves to tell her he loves her. Effy recovers from her overdose, but refuses to speak and has to be under Tony's supervision. Chris finds out his relationship with Angie has a major obstacle in Angie’s ex-fiance, who eventually invades Anwar's party to find Chris and recover the engagement ring he stole from Angie. Anwar and Maxxie reconcile after Anwar's dad learns of Maxxie's homosexuality. Tony, while watching Effy, makes a call to Michelle, trying to win her back. He admits he loves her, but wanders into the street while in conversation and is hit by a bus. The cast sing the song "Wild World" as the episode ends. Tony's fate is unknown as Sid and Cassie meet on a bench overlooking the town. Abigail is absent from this episode. 

Series 2

# Title Featured Character(s) Original airdate # Episode
1 "Tony and Maxxie" Maxxie Oliver and Tony Stonem 11 February 2008 (2008-02-11) 10
Six months on, Tony is still recovering from injuries sustained in the last series. He suffers from subdural hematoma leading to learning difficulties, amnesia, a lack of fine motor skills and personality changes. His mother becomes depressed and Effy acts as his guardian. Maxxie struggles with homophobic youths on his estate and for his dad’s permission to become a dancer. Sid cannot bear seeing Tony how he is, and his girlfriend Cassie moves up to Scotland. The gang attend a rave and there Tony panics and finds Michelle and Sid talking about him. He states he will remember everything he forgot during his traumatic injury. It is up to Maxxie to help Tony. 
2 "Sketch" Sketch 18 February 2008 (2008-02-18) 11
Sketch is a young carer for her disabled mother but she is obsessed with Maxxie. Her schemes to make him fall in love with her are dangerous to the college’s production of “Osama: The Musical” and leads her to lie about the drama teacher molesting her so she gets a role in the play. Sketch befriends Michelle after seeing her fail to seduce a hesitant Tony, who now also suffers from erectile dysfunction. Sketch drugs Michelle to take her part in the play as Maxxie’s love interest. The two kiss on stage as written, but Maxxie states he felt nothing to Sketch. She slaps him and bursts into tears on stage. To spite him, she gets in a sexual relationship with his best friend Anwar. First appearance of Sketch. Cassie and Effy are absent from this episode. 
3 "Sid" Sid Jenkins 25 February 2008 (2008-02-25) 12
Sid is in despair. His best friend and role model Tony is a shadow of his former self and Cassie has settled down in Scotland. His dad’s overbearing father and unpleasant family come to visit. Sid’s dad persuades Sid’s mother to act like they are still together as a show for the visiting family. Sid breaks up with Cassie over a misunderstanding. Sid’s dad is victimised by his father and brother until he stands up to them, ordering them to leave. He regrets being cruel to Sid, realizing that's how his father always treated him. He dies of an apparent heart attack that night and Sid discovers his body the next morning. Sid can't come to terms with it and leaves him where he's sitting. Sid is unable to tell anyone at school, becoming detached. Tony approaches him, saying people told him they were best friends. They attend a Crystal Castles gig where Sid opens up to Tony about his problems. Tony and Sid go back to Sid's house where his father's body is still in the chair. Sid asks if this (his father's death and his breakup) is real. Sid calls his mother, who comes home. Effy and Kenneth are absent from this episode. Final appearance of Abigail. 
4 "Michelle" Michelle Richardson 3 March 2008 (2008-03-03) 13
The gang, bar Tony, go camping for Michelle’s birthday, along with Michelle’s new step-sister. After an emotional conversation with Sid about the death of his father, Michelle sleeps with him on the beach to the obliviousness of the rest of the group. Later she opens her only present from the group, a watch from Tony, a note inside said “you wanted some time, happy birthday”. Anwar meets with Sketch near the campsite, but Maxxie and Michelle catch them having sex. The group grudgingly approves of their relationship. Michelle and Sid go back to his house, as a couple, to have sex. But Cassie is sitting on Sid’s bed, awaiting his return and catches him with Michelle. Effy and Kenneth are absent from this episode. 
5 "Chris" Chris Miles 10 March 2008 (2008-03-10) 14
Chris is expelled from college and seeks Jal for advice. The two make a pact, Chris has to start looking for a career whilst Jal has to say “yes” to things, reverting from her conservative personality. Tony is learning how to swim and tells Chris he is getting everything back. After a string of failed jobs, Chris becomes an estate agent. His new found confidence and success leads him and Jal to become a couple. They squat in a house Chris discovered through his job. Cassie also moves in. Cassie lies to Chris telling him Jal left him. Chris cheats on Jal with Angie. They split up and Chris loses his job. Jal discovers she is pregnant with Chris’ child. Chris explains Jal about his loneliness and how Jal turned his life around. They get back together. Effy is absent from this episode. The episode was directed by Harry Enfield
6 "Tony" Tony Stonem 17 March 2008 (2008-03-17) 15
At a nightclub, Michelle and Sid reveal they are a couple. Cassie states Tony and she should be a couple to get back at them. Tony laughs off the idea. Tony takes ecstasy and elements of his old personality surface. He confronts Sid and Michelle about their relationship before vomiting in the toilets. He meets a girl who he later sees at a university open day. She is provocative and outspoken, helping Tony overcome some physical issues he has struggled with. She gets a tattoo and they then have sex in a dormitory. Afterward, Tony goes to the nightclub again and interrupts Sid and Michelle having sex in a toilet. He tells them their relationship is wrong and leaves. Both Sid and Michelle have doubts about their relationship. The episode is a visual metaphor of Jungian psychology. The girl Tony meets could be part of his subconscious mind, indicated by a tattoo she got appearing on him. This episode was also directed by Harry Enfield
7 "Effy" Effy Stonem 24 March 2008 (2008-03-24) 16
Effy becomes the parent of the house with her dad away and her mother’s depression. Tony is coming to terms with his personality. At Effy’s private school she is tasked with completing her art coursework and mentoring the new girl, Pandora Moon. They become good friends. Sid and Michelle break up. Sid wants to get back with Cassie but she has resorted to promiscuity. Sid does Effy’s art coursework in exchange for Effy getting them back together. Revealing his inner emotions, Sid completes the coursework. Effy buys cannabis and sells it at a nightclub with Pandora and Tony. They find Jake who is tasked with seducing Cassie. He goes round hers and they kiss, Effy photographs this and posts the pictures around Sid. He confronts Cassie and the two argue. Sid states she was not there for him when his dad died. He confesses he always loved her. They get back together. Michelle tells Tony she loves him. First appearance of Pandora. Jal, Anwar, Maxxie, Kenneth and Sketch are absent from this episode. 
8 "Jal" Jal Fazer 31 March 2008 (2008-03-31) 17
Jal attempts to tell Chris she is pregnant but considers having an abortion. Examinations are approaching. Jal’s dad wants Jal to concentrate on exams and dump Chris. Meanwhile Chris has rented a house with Cassie, and wants Jal to move in. Michelle is embroiled in Spanish revision so Jal tells her she is pregnant in Spanish. Michelle does not understand and instead walks off with her boyfriend, Tony. Jal tells her family she is pregnant. Her father demands she acts quickly. Jal’s mother makes a surprise return to instruct Jal to have an abortion. Cassie finds out Jal is pregnant and suggests she tells Chris. Jal attends her music audition. She goes to Chris’ to confess her pregnancy but Cassie is there and informs Jal that Chris has been rushed to hospital. The nurse tells Jal Chris is going into surgery because there is a blood clot on his brain. Effy and Pandora are absent from this episode. 
9 "Cassie" Cassie Ainsworth 7 April 2008 (2008-04-07) 18
Chris is discharged from hospital and is recovering, and Cassie sits her philosophy exam. Afterward, Sid cooks a meal for Cassie to celebrate end of exams, but foolishly invites Tony and Michelle, as well as Jal. Due to Michelle and Cassie's rift, the meal is a disaster, and results in Michelle saying Jal is the worst off, inadvertently revealing Jal's pregnancy and abortion to Chris, who is distraught. Cassie sees Chris’ mother outside and invites her in but she walks off, crying as she remembers what had happened to Chris's brother. Cassie overhears Chris crying in his bedroom, and he later becomes ill again, forgets Jal’s name and has a Blood pressure build up on the membrane, dying in Cassie’s arms. Distraught, Cassie flees to New York, homeless, penniless and with her mental state nearly as bad as ever. Fortunately, she is taken in by a kind waiter from Iowa, named Adam, with whom she develops a platonic friendship. Cassie goes to bed one night at Adam's apartment, and wakes up to find a green apple and a note from Adam saying that he "went away" for a little while. This has been interpreted in different ways: many believe that Adam kills himself because of the death of the girl in his pictures, others believe that he runs away to find this same girl. Whatever the case, this leaves Cassie distraught and the episode ends with Cassie running through the streets of New York. Final appearance of Chris. 
10 "Everyone" Everyone 14 April 2008 (2008-04-14) 19
It is the day of the A-Level results and Chris’ funeral. The gang decide to open the results after the funeral. Chris’ dad visits Sid to tell him that they aren't invited to the funeral. Sid informs Tony of this. They decide to steal the coffin and make the gang say their final goodbyes and then return it. Jal admits to Michelle she had an abortion. Jal begs Sid and Tony to return the coffin. The gang converge on a hilltop overlooking the graveyard and Jal makes an emotional speech. They read out their results to each other that night. Maxxie and his boyfriend leave for London and take Anwar with them leaving a devastated Sketch. Tony and Michelle emotionally decide to stay together for university. Tony buys Sid tickets to New York where he goes to find Cassie. He is last shown outside the diner where Cassie works, their backs turned to each other. The series finishes with Effy in Tony's bed under his duvet cover smiling suggestively at the camera, breaking the fourth wall. Time to Pretend, by MGMT is played during the final part of the episode and over the credits. Pandora is absent from this episode. Final appearances of Tony, Sid, Jal, Michelle, Maxxie, Anwar, Cassie, and Sketch. 

Series 3

# Title Featured Character(s) Original airdate # Episode
1 "Everyone" Everyone 22 January 2009 (2009-01-22) 20
The episode starts with Freddie skateboarding through Bristol and meets up with his best mates Cook and JJ before college. Their world collides with Effy’s, and Cook is intrigued, however, both Freddie and JJ are equally smitten. Identical twin sisters, Katie and Emily, prepare for their first day; as per usual, Katie walks all over her sister Emily. Once at college, Effy and Katie clock one another immediately, whilst Effy’s best mate Pandora tells Effy she wants to lose her virginity "asap". The college issue a number of rules to stop bad behaviour. Cook tries to charm the girl sitting next to him but instead winds her up. Naomi doesn’t suffer fools gladly and grasses Cook up. Effy issues smitten Freddie, JJ and Cook with a challenge to be completed by the end of the day. The winner will get to ‘know her’ better. Katie meets Effy and confesses she didn’t fancy her brother Tony like everyone else did and then warned her of Naomi who she believes is a lesbian. Cook breaks the rules and his reward is sex with Effy in the nurse’s office. First appearances of Freddie, Cook, Effy (first appearance as a major recurring character), Pandora (first appearance as a supporting recurring character), JJ, Emily, Katie and Naomi. 
2 "Cook" James Cook 29 January 2009 (2009-01-29) 21
Cook invites the gang to his uncle Keith's pub to celebrate his seventeenth birthday which he believes will be a drink-fuelled event. The reality is that the gang are still trying to strengthen friendships. The girls decide to leave after Pandora throws up. Cook persuades them otherwise, promising drugs. Freddie gets a call from his sister Karen who is at her friend, Kayleigh’s, engagement party. Cook rounds the gang up and they head over there uninvited. Cook flirts with Kayleigh. Cook gets hold of drugs some of the gang take them. Cook ups the tempo with his antics, angering Johnny White, Kayleigh’s father and a Bristol drug lord. Cook gets beaten up and the party turns into a riot, so the gang decide to leave. Cook then drags JJ to a brothel after an argument with Freddie. There they find Johnny White. Cook taunts and injures him and nearly hits JJ in the process. Johnny vows to kill Cook next time he sees him. Cook then goes to see Freddie to discuss what happened. 
3 "Thomas" Thomas Tomone 5 February 2009 (2009-02-05) 22
Thomas arrives alone in the UK from the Congo. His family are due to join him in a few days. He finds an abandoned flat on an estate, but little does he know that local gangster Johnny White is his new landlord. Thomas then meets Pandora and Effy at a bus stop. They head back to Effy’s where she discovers her mum having an affair. Johnny White pays Thomas a visit and demands money. Pandora invites Thomas to her Aunt Elizabeth’s for tea and scones. He soon discovers the tea is made from weed and offers to sell it to get the money to pay Johnny. The gang agree help Thomas by selling weed at a party which turns out to be Johnny Whites turf. After escaping, the gang gives the money they've made to Thomas but Johnny and his cronies turn up. Johnny turns and notices Cook, he walks over to him and reminds him of the threat he made (he would kill Cook when he saw him again) and snatches the chain from around Cook's neck that Cook took from Johnny in the previous episode. Before Johnny can beat Cook, Thomas steps in and challenges him instead. Thomas wins the challenge by eating chillies. The gang decide to celebrate, but Thomas’s mum turns up, and appalled by the ensuing party, sends him back home. The episode ends with Pandora being consoled by her Aunt Elizabeth. First appearance of Thomas. 
4 "Pandora" Pandora Moon 12 February 2009 (2009-02-12) 23
Pandora wakes up in Effy’s bed to discover Anthea watching over them. While they are eating breakfast, Jim's boss turns up and Jim finally finds out about wife is having an affair with his line manager. Effy runs away and is followed by Pandora who tells her she’s having a birthday party, they then bump into Katie and her boyfriend. Effy and Katie go to Pandora’s house where Pandora’s mum stipulates there are no boys or alcohol allowed. Katie then mixes MDMA into the brownies which they are making. Naomi and Emily arrive and they have a heart to heart. Everyone pretends they’re having fun, except Effy. Effy and Pandora’s mum eat some brownies, which ends with Pandora’s mum being carried into her bedroom to sleep it off. Cook and JJ turn up so Cook decides to break in and ends up getting locked in a wardrobe. Pandora and Effy end up having an argument leaving Katie in the middle. Emily and Naomi kiss which is seen by JJ and later by Katie. Katie’s boyfriend and the rest of the Bristol Rover’s turn up. Effy goes to Pandora’s mum’s room to apologise but ends up having sex with Cook. Freddie turns up to rescue a 'locked on' JJ and makes Effy feel bad for leaving Pandora. Pandora then ends up having sex with Cook after everyone has left. The next morning Effy oversees Cook leaving Pandora’s house and realises that they have slept together so Pandora tells Effy some home truths. Thomas then turns up. 
5 "Freddie" Freddie Mclair 19 February 2009 (2009-02-19) 24
Freddie's sister Karen is in the Search for the Next Sexxbomb competition and Freddie thinks it’s wrong that she’s using the fact their mother’s dead to win. He then finds Effy in his garden wanting to see his shed. Cook and JJ then turn up talking about Anwar, ruining the atmosphere. In college Naomi realises that Freddie loves Effy. JJ tells Freddie that Cook wants him at his uncle Keith’s pub quiz but Freddie tells JJ that he’s had enough of Cook and heads to Effy’s. He witnesses her parents breaking up and then Effy rejects him. Freddie comes home to find out his shed’s being turned into a dance studio for Karen. At the pub quiz Freddie finds out that Cook slept with his sister. Freddie confronts Karen but ends up getting punched by his dad. He then decides to tell Effy how he feels. Freddie then starts to support his sister in the competition but she loses because Cook, angered that she had taken Freddie's shed to use as practice, had encouraged everyone in his uncle's pub to vote against her. Freddie goes to see Effy but discovers she’s with Cook. Thomas is absent from this episode. 
6 "Naomi" Naomi Campbell 26 February 2009 (2009-02-26) 25
Naomi wakes up with a random person’s foot in her mouth. At college, Emily is waiting for Naomi but Naomi avoids her. The Head of Roundview informs everyone they are holding an election for student president. Cook then challenges her, if he wins the election she has to sleep with him. Naomi gets home to find Emily waiting for her. The next morning Naomi wakes up in bed with Emily and Naomi leaves without telling her. At college Freddie tells Naomi that he and Cook are no longer friends and admits he loves Effy. Naomi's teacher Kieran then kisses her but she rejects him. Naomi and Emily go on a bike ride and end up having sex but the next morning Naomi leaves her again and finds Kieran in bed with her mum. Cook wins the election. Naomi and Cook share a kiss and nothing else. Naomi’s mum kicks everyone out of the house and talks to her about love. Naomi then goes to see Emily and they end up holding hands through a cat flap. 
7 "JJ" Jonah Jeremiah "JJ" Jones 5 March 2009 (2009-03-05) 26
JJ keeps getting into rages. He explains this to his doctor, who prescribes him more pills and not very good advice. He meets Emily who is also at the doctors and admits she’s having counselling as well. Emily advises him to just ask for the things he wants and offers to help him. So they go to visit Freddie only to discover him and Katie sleeping together. JJ then tells Cook how he feels over the phone but overhears him having sex. Thinking it is Effy, JJ goes to see her, and finds out Effy hasn’t seen Cook for days. JJ then sees Pandora leave Cooks dorm room. After running away from the police at a drug raid, JJ offers Cook some pills. At one of Thomas’s club nights Naomi realises that Effy loves Freddie. Freddie rescues Cook from getting beaten up and Cook reveals who Effy really loves. Emily then offers to sleep with JJ as a once in a lifetime offer. At breakfast JJ’s mum watches him and Emily talk about the night before and she realises he’s going to be ok after all. 
8 "Effy" Effy Stonem 12 March 2009 (2009-03-12) 27
Effy's dead inside. She doesn't feel anything anymore, not even when she and Cook are having sex. She's also lost her queen bee status to Katie. Effy tries to get her mums attention but she doesn’t listen. Effy goes to see Freddie only to find Katie with him in his shed. Katie tells her about a party at Gobbler’s End and asks her to drive but Cook’s not invited. Cook turns up at Effy’s to find out she’s not there and that he’s been dumped. At a petrol station the gang run into some poachers who scare them. The gang settle in at Gobbler's End and actually start enjoying themselves, except Pandora. Effy notices and tries to help and shows the gang some mushrooms she’s picked and soon the attentions back on her. Katie warns Effy to stay away from Freddie. Cook then crashes the party and tells everyone that he slept with Pandora and that Effy loves Freddie and not him, so Katie runs off. Effy begins to have a bad trip and runs off into the woods and finds Katie who messes with her head as revenge. Katie then attacks her so Effy hits her over the head with a rock. Effy walks off and sleeps with Freddie. The next morning the gang can’t find Katie. Back at home Effy gets a phone call from Freddie telling her that Katie has been found. Effy goes to the hospital only to be shunned by everyone for what she did. Effy then wakes up in a stolen car which Cook is driving out of Bristol
9 "Katie and Emily" Katie Fitch and Emily Fitch 19 March 2009 (2009-03-19) 28
Katie won’t leave the house so Emily has to pretend to be her and sit Katie’s exams. Naomi tells Emily that she’s going to Cyprus over the summer alone to work things out. Emily asks Naomi to go to the love ball with her but Naomi says no. Thomas finds a broken hearted Emily at the bus stop and proves to be a true friend. Back at home Emily tells her family she’s gay but they pass it off as a joke, so Emily tells Katie some home truths. Naomi turns up at Katie and Emily’s the next morning and their mum tells her to leave Emily alone. Katie and Emily go shopping for dresses for the love ball. They bump into Freddie and JJ. Katie finds out Emily slept with JJ and decides to tell Naomi and warns her not to come to the love ball. Naomi decides to go to the love ball after all. Katie and Naomi fight which is overheard by Emily. Emily and Katie then start to fight just as Emily is about to punch Katie she stops herself and tells her and the whole ball that she loves Naomi. Emily then takes Naomi’s hand and they walk away. Thomas and Pandora also decide to start a fresh. Effy and Cook are absent from this episode. 
10 "Finale" Effy Stonem, James Cook and Freddie Mclair 26 March 2009 (2009-03-26) 29
Effy and Cook are in self imposed exile from the rest of the gang. Effy is fed up of running but Cook reveals they’ve arrived where his dad lives. Cook and his dad decide to celebrate in the pub. Meanwhile in Bristol, Anthea bumps into JJ and they talk about Effy. Effy calls Freddie. Freddie and JJ turn up and Cook challenges them in a race. Whoever wins gets to keep Effy. JJ ends up winning the race, so he gets them all in a room to sort out who Effy actually loves. Her eyes linger towards Freddie so Cook storms out. Effy and Freddie then end up having sex. Cook asks his dad if he can leave town with him on his boat but his dad ends up threatening him. Freddie hits Cook's dad over the head before he can hurt Cook. Freddie asks Cook for his permission to be with Effy but Cook won’t and explains he still loves her. Effy, Cook, Freddie and JJ decide to drive the boat back to Bristol. Cook's dad wakes up and Cook pushes him off the boat. The series finishes with Freddie asking “What do we do now?” Pandora, Emily, Katie, Naomi and Thomas are absent from this episode. 

Series 4

# Title Featured Character(s) Original airdate # Episode
1 "Thomas" Thomas Tomone 28 January 2010 (2010-01-28) 30
The episode starts with the gang, minus Effy, having a great time at Thomas's club night until a girl named Sophia commits suicide, by jumping from a balcony in the club whilst high on drugs, leaving Thomas feeling guilty. He suspects that Cook sold Sophia the drugs. During questioning at college, Thomas follows Cook into the toilets where they come to blows, after Cook antagonises Thomas about Pandora. Thomas proceeds to cheat on Pandora. He is also expelled from college because of his involvement with Sophia's death. Thomas gets drunk, spotting Cook and Naomi. Cook starts to wind him up again, leading Thomas to start fighting with him. Naomi confesses to selling the girl drugs. Thomas then goes round to Pandora's house in an attempt to win her back but is rejected, under advice from Effy who is inside the house. 
2 "Emily" Emily Fitch 4 February 2010 (2010-02-04) 31
Naomi lies about not knowing Sophia during a police questioning and Emily becomes suspicious. Naomi admits she sold Sophia the drugs. Emily visits Sophia’s family, discovering that Sophia was gay and had known Naomi. Emily confronts Naomi again and she admits she knew Sophia but denies sleeping with her. They investigate Sophia’s Army Cadet locker which is a shrine to Naomi. Emily argues with her family about her sexuality and moves in with Naomi. At a house party, Cook beats up a random party-goer after seeing Freddie and Effy kissing. Emily calls Sophia’s brother Matt who brings a box to the roof of the club. Naomi intervenes begging Emily not to open the box. She does and inside is a hand-drawn story of how Sophia slept with Naomi. It talks about how they both understood each other. It is revealed that Sophia loved Naomi, but was heartbroken when Naomi continued her relationship with Emily. Emily later returns to Naomi, the episode finishes as she enters the house. 
3 "Cook" James Cook 11 February 2010 (2010-02-11) 32
Cook is in prison, charged with GBH for beating up Shanky Jenkinson at the house party. Duncan, Cook’s legal aid, tells him to plead guilty, but Cook pleads not guilty instead. He is released with an electronic tag and sent to live with his mother Ruth, an amateur artist. At home, Cook bonds with his younger brother Paddy who adores him, but clashes with his perpetually drunken mother. When Cook swaggers in to college he is expelled on the spot for his brush with the law. He visits Naomi who tells him they must deal with their guilt over Sophia. Duncan tells Cook there is no case and that he should grow up. Cook reacts saying he is a useless lawyer trashing his office. Cook visits his mother’s art exhibit and learns that she had slept with Freddie, but Freddie tells him otherwise that she had only performed oral sex. Cook argues with his mother, leaves the house with Paddy and steals Ruth’s car, trashing it. Cook has a moment of insight when he sees his brother acting like him. He finds Naomi and they talk, bonding over how they both love someone. He tells the police he sold Sophia the MDMA, taking the flak for Naomi, Cook pleads guilty at trial and is imprisoned. Katie and Thomas are absent from this episode. 
4 "Katie" Katie Fitch 18 February 2010 (2010-02-18) 33
Katie has a job as a wedding planner. Their client is Brandy, a stereotypical WAG. Katie visits the doctor, thinking she is pregnant, only to discover she is experiencing a premature menopause and is infertile. Her family is bankrupt after her father Rob’s ill-spending. Katie goes to Brandy’s hen party, but gets into a fight, is barred, and gets her and her mother sacked. The Fitch’s house is repossessed and they are forced to move in with Naomi and Emily, whose relationship is strained, even though Emily, remembering Jenna's rudeness to her, would like nothing to do with them. At a BBQ party, Emily gets drunk and high and makes out with another girl, leading Naomi to admit to the group she slept with Sophia and sold her drugs. Katie has a bath and Thomas accidentally locks them inside. They start to kiss, about to have sex, but Katie breaks down, telling Thomas about her condition. They agree to be friends. Katie consoles Emily and the Fitches move back into their house, the family beginning to re-unite. Pandora and Cook are absent from this episode. 
5 "Freddie" Freddie Mclair 25 February 2010 (2010-02-25) 34
Freddie and Effy live a hedonistic lifestyle in the Stonem house with Anthea gone. Freddie’s education suffers and when he tells Effy this, they argue and he leaves. Freddie returns to see Effy sticking newspaper cuttings about death onto the wall. Freddie becomes worried about Effy’s psychotic behaviour. He talks to his grandfather, Norman, and becomes determined not to make the mistakes with Effy that he perceived his father made with his deceased mother. Freddie takes Effy outside in an effort to cheer her up, but she becomes frightened. On their way home, Freddie mistakenly rides their rented rickshaw into a street festival where Effy panics. Katie finds her and they take her to Norman’s nursing home. He convinces Freddie that Effy needs clinical help. However, Katie then reveals that Effy has locked herself in the bathroom. Realising she is at risk of attempting suicide, Freddie breaks in to discover that Effy has slashed her wrists. When Freddie goes to see Effy in hospital, she tells him to go away. He burns the cuttings in the Stonem house, Cook suddenly appears, apparently having broken out of prison. He convinces Freddie not to give up on Effy. Naomi and Emily are absent from this episode. 
6 "JJ" Jonah Jeremiah "JJ" Jones 4 March 2010 (2010-03-04) 35
JJ is in love with Lara Lloyd, a fellow employee at a confectionery shop, but lacks the courage to ask her out. Thomas gets JJ to ask her out and she accepts. He visits Lara’s flat and discovers that she is a single mother with a young child. Lara’s ex-boyfriend, Liam, walks in and threatens JJ, telling him to leave Lara and his child alone. The date goes disastrously as a result, and Lara leaves. JJ finds her and they have sex at Lara’s. JJ returns home but his mother takes him to the clinic for more medication. JJ lets Lara meet Naomi and Emily. Upstairs, Emily tells JJ that Lara is using him to get back at her ex. JJ snaps at Emily and makes remarks on her own relationship, reducing her to tears. JJ’s family also think Lara is a slut and she leaves, offended. JJ becomes angry and beats up Liam when he sees him talking to Lara, who then calls off their relationship. JJ apologises to Liam who tells JJ he loves his child and for JJ to look after Lara. JJ serenades Lara with a ukelele version of 'True' by Spandau Ballet, and she takes him back. Effy, Pandora and Katie are absent from this episode. 
7 "Effy" Effy Stonem 11 March 2010 (2010-03-11) 36
Effy has been in a psychiatric hospital, but with the help of Anthea and her counsellor John Foster, she finds the will to get stronger and return home. Her life is now dictated by routine and self-control. Anthea has completely cleared out her room so that there’s no evidence of the old Effy remaining. She appears happy, clear and hopeful for the future. However, Anthea and Freddie become worried about her counsellor's methods when she begins to reject her identity, her friends and her bad memories. She relapses when she and Cook walk past the scene of Tony’s accident and returns to hospital. Effy is upset when Foster arrives and Freddie threatens him, telling him to stay away. Foster then invites Freddie to his home where he admits to using unusual methods in Effy's case and to having feelings for her. However, as Freddie is about to leave, he finds the door is locked. Foster then lifts a baseball bat and brutally beats Freddie to death. Final appearance of Freddie. 
8 "Everyone" Everyone 18 March 2010 (2010-03-18) 37
Karen and Cook are worried about Freddie's whereabouts. Karen gives Cook Freddie's notebook, which hints that John Foster wants to hurt Effy. The police raid Naomi's house after Cook's one night stand tells them where he is. Cook escapes and flees to Freddie's shed where he meets Effy. The rest of the gang meet there and throw a birthday party for Freddie in his absence. Naomi admits her love for Emily, who in turn takes her back. Cook heads outside briefly where he spots a figure observing Freddie's house and follows it, assuming it to be John Foster. Thomas and Pandora also make up. Cook breaks in to John's basement where he finds Freddie's blood-stained clothes. Foster soon arrives with the baseball bat and knocks him to the ground, telling him that he is “nothing." Cook rises, laughing and admits he is a criminal and has no sense. He then tells John that he knows he killed Freddie. He suddenly attacks and swings at Foster as the episode ends, leaving their fates unknown. Final appearances of Effy, Pandora, Thomas, JJ, Emily, Naomi, Cook, and Katie. 

Series 5

# Title Featured character(s) Original air date # Episode
1 "Franky" Franky Fitzgerald 27 January 2011 (2011-01-27) 38
The episode starts with the introduction of Franky, a shy, isolated girl who is starting her first day at Roundview. There, she draws the ire of Mini, the queen bee of her group, caused by a violent hockey game and exacerbated by Mini's dim view of Franky's fashion sense. Franky is approached by best friends Alo and metalhead Rich, who are also outsiders, and hope to befriend her. However, Mini, seeking a new start, pushes them aside and join her with her two friends, Grace and Liv. They invite her into their group, proceed to take Mephedrone and go shopping. However, Mini starts to antagonise Franky, who rejects her materialistic outlook on life, and looks to steal Grace and Liv away. Mini persuades boyfriend Nick to post embarrassing photos of Franky around the college, which leads to Mini and Franky falling out. After meeting the mysterious Matty, who relates to her, Franky draws strength to confront Mini. After doing so at a party, Grace, who had displayed a genuine interest in Franky from the beginning, leaves. Grace, along with Alo and Rich, stops Franky in the street, pushes her into Rich and Alo's van, and take her to a local swimming pool, where they unite as a gang of their own. By tempting Grace away, Franky has caused a split in Mini’s group. First appearances of Franky, Alo, Rich, Mini, Nick, Grace, Liv and Matty. 
2 "Rich" Rich Hardbeck 3 February 2011 (2011-02-03) 39
Rich is a heavy metal fan and when he puts his taste in music on at a party, it doesn’t go down well with the other party goers so Rich and Alo get kicked out. Alo, fed up of Rich getting between him and girls finds Rich a girl to talk to who he calls “the angel of death”. Rich talks to her but soon things become awkward. Franky asks Grace to help Rich with his girl problems but Mini and Liv turn up and is not happy to see Franky there. Grace goes to see Rich in disguise and offers to help him but he won’t compromise and ends up insulting her. Later at a pub Rich bumps into Grace who is dressed as a “metal head” . It becomes clear that Grace likes Rich but he is oblivious to it so he asks out “the angel of death” but she rejects him. He then buys a record and deafens himself. In anger he rips up his Napalm Death tickets and goes to see Grace’s dance recital and begins to cry during her performance. Grace has extra Napalm Death tickets so Rich and Grace go together. The next morning Rich gets his hearing back and realises Grace likes him when he receives a text from her. He asks for advice from his dad and confronts Grace about his feelings for her but can't get up the courage to say anything. As Grace walks off with Mini, Liv and Nick she does a sly Rock sign with her hand. Matty is absent from this episode. 
3 "Mini" Mini McGuinness 10 February 2011 (2011-02-10) 40
Grace tells Mini that Franky has been helping with the designs for the fashion show. Mini is angry but can’t show it because Professor Blood is there so she makes out Grace is having a breakdown and decides to redesign the collection herself. Grace stands up to Mini and Liv but they just ignore her. Nick asks Mini to come over to his house but Mini makes up excuses. Later Mini, Liv, Nick and Rider go bowling. Mini steals Nick’s house keys and he thinks he has lost them when they are thrown out but Rider tells them he has a free house and they all end up going there instead. After playing strip games, Liv and Rider end up having sex and Nick thinks it’s time that he and Mini should as well. A nervous Mini ends up being sick on Nick so Liv and Nick take her home. While sleeping on Mini’s bedroom floor Liv and Nick get close and when Mini discovers them sleeping next to each other she’s not impressed. With all the stress of the fashion show plus Liv and Nick, Mini faints and is sent home. After crying she slaps fake tan on and bleaches her hair. At college, Mini throws herself at Nick but he’s not interested. At the after party Mini and Liv have a fight and Rich and Grace kiss. Franky comforts Mini but when they both go to have a dance, Mini sees Liv and Nick leaving a cupboard together. Mini then has sex with Nick and he realises she’s a virgin. The next morning she wakes up alone and bumps into her mum in the street doing the same thing. 
4 "Liv" Liv Malone 17 February 2011 (2011-02-17) 41
Liv and Nick have sex in a van behind Mini’s back. Liv’s mum then leaves her to look after her little sister while she goes on a mystics' retreat. Just after her mum leaves, Mini, Franky, Rich, Alo, Grace and Nick turn up. Mini pretends she can’t remember anything from the fashion show and asks Liv to be friends again. Mini also wants to be friends with Franky and everyone else and brings them a bag of weed. Alo announces that they are not leaving until the entire bag is smoked. Liv gets fed up so she goes see her older sister in prison, she then bumps into Matty at the bus station. They then are given some drugs from a man, who was on the run from the police for the possession of class A drugs, and decide to steal from a gas station. They then go to a costume shop and the shop owner sends Matty to try on a suit and attempts to rape Liv. Matty knocks the shop owner out with a fire extinguisher and takes the CCTV tape and money. They then leave in disguise and have sex on the roof of a club. The next day, they return to Liv's house, where the gang is still partying. Liv and Matty burst into Liv's room to find Mini and Nick in her bed. They discover Nick and Matty are brothers, and it is brought out into the open that Liv and Nick slept together. An angry Liv then throws everyone out. She then watches an old video of her and Mini and her sister comes in after being left at the cinema all night. Angry at Liv, her sister smashes a bowl. Liv goes to see her older sister in prison again to talk about their mum but her sister doesn’t want to. Liv then finds Matty and drinks a bottle of vodka to prove to him that she trusts him to look after her while she is sick from the alcohol. She wakes up in the garage of his house, where he hid them unbeknown to his family. Liv makes noise, and Nick bursts in, thinking they are robbers. Matty begs Nick for his help in convincing their father to let him come home, and he and Liv part with an understanding between them. The next day, Liv meets up with Mini in an attempt to repair their broken friendship. After learning that Liv downed a bottle of vodka for Matty, Mini asks her to the same for her. Liv does but Mini leaves her to suffer. Liv’s mum returns home and says the trip was rubbish but she can't just run off like her dad did. Liv then takes the blame for the broken bowl and then sits next to her little sister at the cinema. 
5 "Nick" Nick Levan 24 February 2011 (2011-02-24) 42
Nick's success on the pitch continues, and Matty has been allowed to re-enter the family home, subject to a contract. It's clear that Matty is on thin ice but, after persuading Professor Blood, he is nevertheless allowed to re-enroll in college, on probation. Matty continues his relationship with Liv, to Nick's clear irritation. While Matty has sex with Liv in their house, Nick visits Mini and massages her, leading to awkward sex. Later the atmosphere between the foursome is rather tense and silent, but Nick introduces Matty to the gang, who take to him almost immediately. Nick's anxiety is once again clear, and shows when he reacts angrily to a comment from his friend Ryder about Matty and Liv, and subsequently creases him with a hard tackle on the field. To cool off he joins the gang at a local for a few drinks, and with a tense atmosphere building with himself, Liv and Mini, he gets the Sambucas rolling. After overdoing it and regurgitating he emerges from the bathroom to find Mini dancing closely with a smug Ryder. As Nick reprimands Mini, Matty tries to intervene, and when Ryder speaks out of turn again he ends up on the receiving end of a left hook from Nick, who then abruptly leaves when Mini reveals her knowledge of his infidelity. Matty later finds him on the rugby pitch, and challenges him to a friendly one on one match, and is defeated easily by his more stable brother. His frustration boils over and he reveals the torment caused by Matty's re-emergence. Matty denies being the cause of his problems. Seeking solace in his father, which is ignored, Nick then takes his frustrations out on the kitchenware with his father's driver. Matty returns home and tells him to leave, presumably planning on taking the blame. Nick runs off into the darkness. The following morning he attempts to climb onto Liv's balcony, only to fall and for her to dismiss him. He then happens upon a prostitute leaving the house of a punter. Seeing his state she invites him home, where he takes cocaine and has sex with her but is clearly disturbed by photographs of her children. Franky later finds him alone on a swing-set near her house and talks sense into him. Spurred on, Nick marches into his coach's office and announces he is quitting rugby, much to the coach's chagrin. He bids the team farewell and leaves. He goes home to find Matty prepared to leave home again, however Nick informs his father he wrecked the house, which his father refuses to believe. Nick confronts his father for his tactless attitude, and he eventually relents. Nick and Matty pile his father's motivational material, including a book he wrote and the contract, in the back garden, and burn it. The Levan Brothers then crack open a beer and watch the fire. 
6 "Alo" Alo Creevey 3 March 2011 (2011-03-03) 43
It is Alo's birthday, not that his domineering mother or henpecked father actually care. Rather than allowing him to visit his friends in town, they force him to stay and work on the farm. Whilst working with his father, Alo attempts to push a large rock away, which his father tells him cannot be done, prompting Alo's further attempts. After Alo runs off while he is meant to be working, his parents reveal that they intend to withdraw him from Roundview College in order to force him to buckle down on the farm. Later Alo is given a list of tasks, and instead hides in Bessy the cow's stable. He accidentally drops his burning spliff onto a tank of propane, blowing up part of the stable and Bessy. His mother and father take everything he owns as punishment, including his van and beloved dog Rags, to be sold. Burning with rage and finally reaching his limit, he invites the gang over to the farm for an impromptu party, which he hopes will trash the farmhouse. While at the party, Liv questions Franky of her sexuality to which she does not reply. When Alo's parents return to find the teenagers fleeing the scene (Alo had mentioned that his father carried guns), Alo drunkenly confronts his aghast family and berates his father for allowing his mother to henpeck him all the time, calling him "gormless and old." To his and his mother's horror, his father collapses and his mother immediately orders him to call an ambulance. Alo goes to Nick's house, where he is continuing the party from earlier, as his father is gone for the week. Franky, wanders upstairs to discover Liv and Matty having sex in his bedroom. She leaves with tears in her eyes, and Matty sees this, though he doesn't mention it to Liv. Alo goes to Rich's house, where Rich confesses that he has had sex with Grace. Rich is exuberant about growing up, which prompts Alo to leave without telling him what is wrong. Alo goes to the hospital, where he sees the farmhand and his dog, Rags. The farmhand tells him that his father is fine, but he had known about getting worse; he hadn't told Alo because he didn't want him to worry. Alo returns home and pledges to his mother that he will try harder and "grow up," but demands that she makes an effort too, as she is too domineering. This encounter moves her to tears. On the farm, Alo ties a rope around the stubborn rock and hooks it to the tractor, where he tries to pull it out of the ground, and is successful with the help of his father. 
7 "Grace" Grace Violet Blood 10 March 2011 (2011-03-10) 44
Rich spends the night at Grace's house to find that her father is Professor Blood. Mr and Mrs Blood discover Rich trying to sneak out across the garden, to Mr Blood's great disapproval. Mr Blood then drives Grace to school, telling her that she can live her life however she pleases, but if her grades drop she will be forced to go to boarding school. Grace is directing Twelfth Night for a college examination, all of the gang are involved, but Liv makes Matty quit the play with her when a love scene between Matty and Franky makes her suspicious. Grace invites her to a girl's night in to reassure her that everyone still loves her. Later, Professor Blood calls Rich into his office and tells him that he can make Rich's life easier if he purposefully acts badly in the play to make Grace fail, leading her to being sent away. Rich goes to dinner at Grace's house; it is very awkward and Rich tells Grace that he feels like she acts different with her parents. The girls then come over and end up taking cocaine. Mini then brings up the question of Franky's sexuality, and Franky says she's just into people. Liv suspiciously asks her who she is into at the moment, but Grace changes the subject. They all go to a club, meeting up with Matty and Rich. Mini and Franky approach two unattractive men as a laugh, but one man becomes too forward with Franky. Matty sees and tries to intervene, ending up in an argument with Liv. Rich is drunk and vomits in the club. Grace tries to take him home, when Rich says that he doesn't know the real Grace and walks home angrily by himself. They continue the argument in the morning at rehearsal, where Rich confesses that he doesn't know if they are right for each other. Later, while reciting from Hamlet, Grace gains confidence and makes Matty rejoin the play, where he says that he loves Liv. Grace then goes to Liv where Liv reveals insecurities about what the group think of her. During the assessed performance of the play, Liv goes backstage and questions Matty on whether he loves Franky. Matty can't answer. Liv tells him that he must forget about her. After the play, Grace's parents inform her that she is going to be sent to boarding school anyway, ending with her arguing with both them and Rich. At night, Rich goes to Grace's house and serenades her with lines from Romeo and Juliet. Once in her room, through tears he asks her to marry him. She replies with Miranda's speech from the Tempest: "O wonder! How many godly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world! That has such people in it" 
8 "Everyone" Everyone 17 March 2011 (2011-03-17) 45
Rich prepares for his forthcoming wedding by getting a new haircut - but he's misunderstood by the hairdresser, who gives him the 'Justin Bieber' style. Meanwhile, Franky gives Grace a wedding dress that she's made for her and a wedding cake that her adoptive father baked, while Liv and Mini do Grace's hair and make up. Mini begins to realize that she has a crush on Franky, and goes round to Matty's house to tell him to 'stay away from her'. Mini becomes increasingly overprotective of Franky throughout the episode. The gang set off on the long journey to the church in Alo's van. However, the van crashes, causing Franky to fall on top of Matty. Matty hands Franky a note, saying that his feelings for her are 'something that he can't stop'. The gang take drugs, before Grace & Rich manage to get a lift to the church with a hippie couple, leaving the others to walk the rest of the way. Professor Blood has found out by this time that Grace has left (he's fitted her with a tracking device) and has set off to find her. Franky discovers that Mini went to Matty's house, and leaves Mini with Alo and Nick. She carries on the journey with Liv and Matty, and they end up in a village hall, where they steal wine. Liv feels Franky up to see Matty's reaction. Meanwhile, Nick gets his foot stuck in a rabbit trap. Liv and Matty fight, causing Franky to leave. Matty runs after her and, she reveals just how insecure she is and how she feels 'different'. They end up nearly having sex, but Franky has a panic attack and runs off a cliff. She almost falls, but Mini, Liv and Matty find her and pull her to safety, and Frankie admits that she just wanted to feel normal. Eventually, they all get to the church, but Professor Blood turns up. Grace and Rich decide that they won't get married and will just stay as a normal couple. The gang round off the day at a local gig, where Matty and Liv decide to break up amicably, and Franky and Matty share a hug. 

Character Video Diaries

Series 1 (Generation 1)

Also to accompany the series, online video diaries were created for the following characters.

# Title
1 "Jal's Video Diary"

Jal wants to show off her horny chihuahua

2 "Chris's Video Diary"

Can Chris wear 72 socks?

3 "Abigail's Video Diary"

Abigail hopes the people of 2107 are jolly well.

4 "Effy's Video Diary"

It's dark in Tony's sister's head. Very dark.

5 "Maxxie's Video Diary"

Maxxie has heard a lot about this interweb thing, and has something very exciting to show you lucky people.

6 "Michelle's Video Diary"

Michelle explains all about clothes for every occasion.

7 "Posh Kenneth's Video Diary"

"I hope you're getting on awfully well. We do not speak of grandmother's bunions."

8 "Tony's Video Diary"

Tony takes you on a tour of Bristol.

9 "Sid's Video Diary"

Sid heads into final battle with the Danish warlord Wallothet.

10 "Anwar's Video Diary"

It's not just about the fresh clothes and loads of money.

11 "Cassie's Video Diary"

Cassie's therapy video. She likes things that she likes, but she loves everything.

Series 3 (Generation 2)

The character video diaries functionally replaced Unseen Skins for the third series. A new diary was posted on the E4 website following the broadcast of each episode, and the diary often pertained to the events of that episode.

# Title Main episode
1 "JJ's Video Diary" "Everyone"

JJ hits the streets of Bristol and posts his 'magic' diary on rateyourmagic. He wants to improve his magician skills.

2 "Naomi's Video Diary" "Cook"

Naomi is hungover and she still made it to the student rally.

3 "Pandora's Video Diary" "Thomas"

Using Effy's webcam, Pandora sends Thomas a message.

4 "Freddie's Video Diary" "Pandora"

Freddie decides to hijack his sister's Sexxbomb audition tape, with consequences he probably wasn't expecting.

5 "Karen's Video Diary" "Freddie"

Karen's audition for Search for a Sexx Bomb.

6 "Cook's Video Diary" "Naomi"

Cookie stars in his very own campaign video whilst eating a sandwich, smearing his opponent Naomi Campbell and making some bold claims.

7 "Katie's Video Diary" "JJ"

Katie sends a message to her footballer boyfriend, Danny Guillermo: she's dumping him, but keeping his gifts.

8 "Emily's Video Diary" "Effy"

Emily has a project: getting her neighbours to get it on..

9 "Effy's Video Diary" "Katie and Emily"

Effy sends out messages during a stop in her road trip with Cook via webcam to her brother and mum.

10 "Thomas's Video Diary" "Finale"

Thomas sends his friend Moses (in the Congo) a message about the British people and their wonderful, weird ways. And a song?

The Lost Weeks

To explain what had happened to each character between series 1 and 2, a series of videos called "The Lost Weeks" were aired exclusively on The episodes are as follows:

# Title
1 "Effy's Video Diary"

Tony's sister recorded this in his room when he was in a coma.

2 "Skins Christmas Special"

Seasonal greetings from the Skins gang.

3 "Michelle's Video Diary"

"Black is such a slimming colour."

4 "Sid's Message to Tony"

A very special message from Sid to Tony.

5 "Cassie Hearts Sid"

Cassie posts Sid a message from Scotland.

6 "Posh Kenneth Has a Secret"

"Kenneth has an ode for Jal."

7 "Sid's Bedside Vigil"

Sid visits his best mate Tony.

8 "Anwar's Video Diary"

Anwar's in love. His video diary boldly goes into detail.

9 "Chris' Message to Angie"

Chris wants to show how much he misses Angie, and cares for the Data Protection Act.

10 "Messages to Tony"

Sid had a plan to reach Tony.

It should be noted that although several of these videos bear the same name as a character video diary they are two separate videos. [9]

Television ratings

All ratings are official ratings taken from BARB's database, unless otherwise stated.[10]

Series 1

Episode Viewers Rank
Tony 1,540,000 #1
Cassie 977,000 #1
Jal 910,000 #2
Chris 709,000 #4
Sid 889,000 #2
Maxxie and Anwar 808,000 #2
Michelle 799,000 #1
Effy 756,000 #1
Everyone 797,000 #1

Series 1 ratings do not include viewers watching on E4 +1, as the +1 ratings are unavailable on the BARB website. E4 +1 viewings typically add 200,000-300,000 viewers per episode.

Series 2

Episode Viewers Rank
E4 E4 +1 Total E4 E4 +1
Maxxie 1,061,000 251,000 1,312,000 #1 #3
Sketch 757,000 - 757,000 #5 -
Sid 767,000 - 767,000 #2 -
Michelle 742,000 - 742,000 #2 -
Chris 709,000 278,000 987,000 #6 #3
Tony 751,000 - 751,000 #4 -
Effy 686,000 - 686,000 #7 -
Jal 686,000 - 686,000 #5 -
Cassie 766,000 231,000 997,000 #1 #6
Everyone 853,000 242,000 1,095,000 #1 #3

Some ratings for +1 are missing as they were not in the top 10 rated E4 +1 programmes for that week. Viewers on +1 typically add 200,000-300,000 to the rating.

Series 3

Episode Viewers Rank
E4 E4 +1 Total E4 E4 +1
Everyone 877,000 262,000 1,139,000 #1 #1
Cook 916,000 - 916,000 #1 -
Thomas 857,000 268,000 1,125,000 #1 #1
Pandora 915,000 215,000 1,130,000 #1 #8
Freddie 913,000 326,000 1,241,000 #2 #1
Naomi 957,000 - 957,000 #1 -
JJ 997,000 325,000 1,322,000 #1 #3
Effy 864,000 274,000 1,138,000 #2 #1
Katie and Emily 957,000 320,000 1,277,000 #1 #1
Everyone 972,000 257,000 1,229,000 #1 #3

Some ratings for +1 are missing as they were not in the top 10 rated E4 +1 programmes for that week. Viewers on +1 typically add 200,000-300,000 to the rating.

Series 4

Episode Viewers Rank
E4 E4 +1 Total E4 E4 +1
Thomas 1,246,000 229,000 1,475,000[10] #2 #5
Emily 1,025,000[10] 120,000[11][A] 1,145,000 #2 -
Cook 954,000 295,000 1,249,000[10] #3 #3
Katie 996,000 251,000 1,247,000[10] #2 #5
Freddie 941,000 252,000 1,193,000[10] #3 #2
JJ 885,000 265,000 1,150,000[10] #3 #2
Effy 863,000 189,000 1,052,000[10] #3 #6
Everyone 902,000 224,000 1,126,000[10] #3 #8

Series 5

Episode Viewers Rank
E4 E4 +1 Total E4 E4 +1
Franky 1,032,000[10] 113,000[12][A] 1,145,000 #2 -
Rich 720,000[10] 138,000[13][A] 858,000 #2 -
Mini 741,000[10] 136,000[14][A] 877,000 #2 -
Liv 661,000[10] 132,000[15][A] 793,000 #2 -
Nick 574,000 199,000 773,000[10] #5 #7
Alo 588,000[10] 109,000[16][A] 697,000 #3 -
Grace 486,000[10] 110,000[17][A] 596,000 #4 -
Everyone 494,000[10] 136,000 [18][A] 630,000 #3 -

* A^ Unofficial overnight rating.
The official E4 +1 rating for this episode is missing as it was not in the top 10 rated E4 +1 programmes for that week. Instead it has been replaced with unofficial overnight rating.


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