List of stars in Dorado
Abbreviation Dor
Genitive Doradus
Pronunciation English pronunciation: /dɒˈreɪdoʊ/, genitive /dɒˈreɪdəs/
Symbolism the swordfish
Right ascension 5 h
Declination −65°
Quadrant SQ1
Area 179 sq. deg. (72nd)
Main stars 3
Stars with planets 2
Stars brighter than 3.00m 0
Stars within 10.00 pc (32.62 ly) 0
Brightest star α Dor (3.27m)
Nearest star GJ 2036
(36.50 ly, 11.19 pc)
Messier objects 0
Meteor showers None
Visible at latitudes between +20° and −90°.
Best visible at 21:00 (9 p.m.) during the month of January.

Dorado is a constellation in the southern sky. It was created in the late 16th century and is now one of the 88 modern constellations. Its name refers to the dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus), which is known as dorado in Spanish, although it has also been depicted as a swordfish. Dorado is notable for containing most of the Large Magellanic Cloud, the remainder being in the constellation Mensa. The South ecliptic pole also lies within this constellation.

Even though the name Dorado is not Latin but Spanish, astronomers give it the Latin genitive form Doradus when naming its stars; they are treating it (like the adjacent constellation Argo Navis) as if it were a feminine proper name of Greek origin ending in -ō (like Io or Callisto or Argo), names that have a genitive ending in -ūs.



Dorado was one of twelve constellations created by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman, and it first appeared on a 35-cm diameter celestial globe published in 1597 (or 1598) in Amsterdam by Plancius with Jodocus Hondius. Its first depiction in a celestial atlas was in Johann Bayer's Uranometria of 1603 where it was also named Dorado. The constellation was also known in the 17th and 18th century as Xiphias, the swordfish, first attested in Johannes Kepler's edition of Tycho Brahe's star list in the Rudolphine Tables of 1627. The name Dorado ultimately become dominant and was adopted by the IAU.

Notable features


Deep sky objects

Because Dorado contains part of the Large Magellanic Cloud, it is rich in deep sky objects. All coordinates given are for Epoch J2000.0.

  • NGC 1566 (RA 04h 20m 00s Dec -56° 56.3′) Skyview image is a face-on spiral galaxy. It gives its name to the NGC 1566 Group of galaxies.
  • NGC 1755 (RA 04h 55m 13s Dec -68° 12.2′) Skyview image is a globular cluster.
  • NGC 1763 (RA 04h 56m 49s Dec -68° 24.5′) Skyview image is a bright nebula associated with three type B stars.
  • NGC 1820 (RA 05h 04m 02s Dec -67° 15.9′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 1850 (RA 05h 08m 44s Dec -68° 45.7′) Skyview image is a globular cluster.
  • NGC 1854 (RA 05h 09m 19s Dec -68° 50.8′) Skyview image is a globular cluster.
  • NGC 1869 (RA 05h 13m 56s Dec -67° 22.8′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 1901 (RA 05h 18m 15s Dec -68° 26.2′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 1910 (RA 05h 18m 43s Dec -69° 13.9′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 1936 (RA 05h 22m 14s Dec -67° 58.7′) Skyview image is a bright nebula and is one of four NGC objects in close proximity, the others being NGC 1929, NGC 1934 and NGC 1935.
  • NGC 1978 (RA 05h 28m 36s Dec -66° 14.0′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 2002 (RA 05h 30m 17s Dec -66° 53.1′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 2027 (RA 05h 35m 00s Dec -66° 55.0′) Skyview image is an open cluster.
  • NGC 2032 (RA 05h 35m 21s Dec -67° 34.1′) (Seagull Nebula) Skyview image is a nebula complex that contains four separate NGC designations: NGC 2029, NGC 2032, NGC 2035 and NGC 2040.
  • NGC 2070 (RA 05h 38m 37s Dec -69° 05.7′) is better known as the Tarantula Nebula.
  • NGC 2164 (RA 05h 58m 53s Dec -68° 30.9′) Skyview image is a globular cluster.


In Chinese astronomy, the stars of Dorado are located in two of Xu Guangqi's Southern Asterisms (近南極星區, Jìnnánjíxīngōu): the White Patches Attached (夾白,Jiābái) and the Goldfish (金魚, Jīnyú ).[1]


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Coordinates: Sky map 05h 00m 00s, −65° 00′ 00″

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