Sculptor (constellation)

Sculptor (constellation)

Infobox Constellation
name = Sculptor
abbreviation = Scl
genitive = Sculptoris
symbology = the Sculptor
RA = 0
dec= −30
areatotal = 475
arearank = 36th
numbermainstars = 4
numberbfstars = 18
numberstarsplanets = 2
numberbrightstars = 0
numbernearbystars = 0
brighteststarname = α Scl
starmagnitude = 4.31
neareststarname = θ Scl
stardistance = 71.1
numbermessierobjects = 0
meteorshowers =
bordering = Cetus
Piscis Austrinus
latmax = 50
latmin = 90
month = November

Sculptor (pronEng|ˈskʌlptɚ) is a minor southern constellation which was introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. He originally named it after a sculptor's studio, but the name was later shortened.

As it was introduced during the 17th century, there is no mythology associated with it.

Notable features

No bright stars brighter than 3rd magnitude are located in Sculptor. The brightest star is α Sculptoris, an SX Arietis-type variable star with the magnitude of only 4.31m. This is explained by the fact that Sculptor contains the south galactic pole where stellar density is very low.

Notable deep sky objects

The constellation contains the Sculptor Dwarf, a dwarf galaxy which is a member of the Local Group, as well as the Sculptor Group, the group of galaxies closest to the Local Group. The Sculptor Galaxy (NGC 253), a barred spiral galaxy and the largest member of the group, lies near the border between Sculptor and Cetus. Another prominent member of the group is the irregular galaxy NGC 55.


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