DF Music Organization

DF Music Organization
DF Music Organization
Founded September 10, 2004
Founder Dmitri “Marquize di Diabol” Myachin
Alexander “STi” Gavrilov
Genre Rock, metal, electronic
Country of origin Russia Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), Ukraine Kiev (Ukraine), Bulgaria Nessebar (Bulgaria)
Official Website DFMO.NET

DF Music Organization is a multipurpose group of the companies which deal in different aspects in field of music and show business. At present time the Company has offices in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

DF Music Organization is an official partner of World Musical Conferences WOMEX (World Music Expo) [1] and Music Matters.[2]

DF Music Organization Group includes a number of companies engaged in management of artists, A&R, concert, producer, record and booking activities (DF Music Organization); realize exceptionally niche record activity (Green Mandarin - dance, Siberian Jazz University - jazz, blues and Classic, General Space Records - experimental music, Black Brilliant Records - rap, R'n'B and pop music,Messia Records - Christian music); provides integrated audio services for advertising and productions, as well as decisions on branding, the Agency (Dream Fabrique); performing global digital distribution (DF Digital's); young and independent digital publishings (DF Book's,DF Games,DF Films), projects to sell digital content (MEM, GEM, BEM, FEM); a youth movement in support of the Сompany (DF Street Team), as well as Russian and Ukrainian music media (DFMO.NET and DFMO.NET.UA).



As a date of foundation of the Company it is considered September 10, 2004, when after long preparation have been officially started the Record Label, the Concert Agency and the Shop DF Music Store. The Founders of the Company became Di Dmitri Myachin and STi Alexander Gavrilov[disambiguation needed ]. Different directions supplemented each other. Concert Agency and the Shop made 50% of a label’s turnover. In October, 2004, DF Music Organization have been invited to cooperation with the Moscow company TCI on a Rammstein concert in Saint Petersburg. So global cultural business of DF Music Organization has begun.

In the beginning of new year 2005 at informal meeting in the DF Music Store Shop, which has turned into DFMO’s headquarters, Dmitri “Marquize di Diabol” Myachin has proclaimed the Purposes, Problems and Principles of the Company for creation of discipline, statement of accurate and effective work.[3]


The result, on which is aimed all the activities of the Company.

1. To provide residents of Russian Federation with a choice of qualitative music production. To form alternative to the existing primitivism, which makes no one rapture. Result is an achievement which all activity of the Company is aimed at.

2. Creation of the Russian Musical Empire on the International pedestal.[3]


Have property to vary and be formed depending of the Main Purposes, their realization and achievement [3]

Unity principle

  • Unity of the Purposes and Problems for all members of the Company in the person of DF Music Organization.
  • Spiritual integrity of the purposes and firm principles of the Company.[3]

Quality principle

High Quality of production and professionalism in all aspects and all directions of the work.[3]

Interesting facts

The main and present logo of DF Music Organization has been invented and drawn in a hurry, for 5 minutes in the prehistoric version of Microsoft Paint. There was an hour before breadboard model delivery in the press, but the designer with materials has got stuck in a traffic [4]


There were many rumors and versions of the meaning of DF Music Organization.[5] The name abbreviation appeared before Company’s registration, far back as in year 2002. But Company has not provided any comments. Some time there lived a Dream Fate version that came from a Сompany’s slogan – «Your Dream is Your Fate». Another version comes from the Advertising Agency’s name Dream Fabrique.

DF Music Organization

1. Concert Agency

The Concert Agency DF Music Organization is engaged in organization of versatile events and actively co-operates with various counterparts, booking agencies, and also managers and agents of music bands of USA, Russia and Europe.[4]

During its existence the Agency has organized a wide variety of corporate V.I.P parties, presentations and various exhibitions, both in elite clubs of Saint Petersburg and in the most unexpected places, whether it could be abandoned depot, cinema or palace on the coast.

DF Music Organization took part in organization of concerts of such world scene representatives as Samy Deluxe, Rammstein, Prodigy, Accept, My Chemical Romance, The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.

DF Music Organization was registered as an official organizer of many modern club rock concerts, scaling from 300 to 2000 visitors. Among performing bands were: Dillinger Escape Plan, My Chemical Romance, Rammstein, Prodigy, Accept, Slot, Vicky, Amatory, Korea, My Autumn, Stardown, Pictures Inside Me, Jane Air, Tenkorr, Horizon 8, Esthetic Education, Perimeter, Apshell, Stigmata, Neversmile, Verticals, Not For Joe, Indonesia, Out Of Channel, Follow the White Rabbit, My Lady Winter, IFK, 5 diez, Marakesh, Inexist, Port 812, Out Of Channel, Origami, Grenouer, AytSide, Mamay, Sammet, Eskimo, Scotch, DNO, Such A Beautiful Day, 3 000 Mil’ Do Raya, Ike Que, 7000 $, Scang, Dj Kosinus, Dj Slutkey, Dj Spady, other DJ and number of blues and jazz musicians.

Concert agency DF Music Organization conducted a series of official actions to: Slipknot, Linkin Park, Korn, Prodigy, MTV, A-ONE, Music Messe Pro-Light & Sound, Adrenalin 2, Realmusic, Sokos Hotel, The shelter for homeless animals, etc.

Among other things DF Music Organization regularly arrange visiting party in partnership with local organizers, one of them was Street Cars Festival in Stockholm,[6] which gathered hundreds of cars from all over Europe. Train with cars drove a tour through Belarus, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria, with slogan Train Office: The train that will bring Rock'n'Roll.[7] Nearest big event of the Company is scheduled for 2010 in Canada.

One of innovations of Concert Agency DF Music Organization – are online Internet broadcasting and possibility of use mobile studio PRO TOOLS on the basis of Apple Mac for very qualitative and accurate live record of concerts. There are only few analogues of such studios in Russia.[5]

2. Booking agency

Booking Agency DF Music Organization co-ordinates organization of performances of different artists under various events. Booking Agency was opened in 2006 as a subsidiary branch of Concert Agency.

3. Record Label

Record Label DF Music Organization is a basic record label of the Company. Having completely refused of physical media and publishing CDs and vinyl only as merchandise, the Record Label DF Music Organization has reconstructed the device under music distribution through a network. Record Label DF Music Organization propagandizes high requirements of the European quality as in design, polygraphy, photos and packing, and as production record. At creation of releases of a label DF Music Organization the technologies known only abroad [5] are applied. The label publishes records of famous bands and young Russian and other artists as well.

The Label DF Music Organization produced media and conducted projects in which participated: Retina, Stigmata, Devilish Distance, The Psyke Project, Slot, Indonesia, Tenkorr, Psikheya, Miami Scissors, Amatory, Stardown, Last Reunion, Mushmellow, Jane Air, Hard Candy, 3 000 Mil’ Do Raya, Pictures Inside Me, Neversmile, Korea, My Autumn, Verticals, Apshell, Scartown, Esthetic Education, Perimeter, IFK, 5 diez, Marakesh, Origami, Inexist, Slyezi, Taking You Last Chance, Icelips, Glubina Moikh Dney, Out Of Channel, Elli Noise, My Lady Winter, Grenouer, AytSide, Eskimo, Scotch, 7000$, Scang and others.

Genres: Rock, pop rock, indie, metal, mathcore, math metal, emo, deathcore, death metal, hardcore.

Discography: RA 2008: Revolution Metal Planet

In the end of 2009 DF Music Organization have started to establish sublabels, among which “Green Mandarin”, “Siberian Jazz University”, “General Space Records“, “Black Brilliant Records“, “Messia Records“.[5]

The Company counts tens branches in 37 cities of Russia, including profile and non profile networks, warehouses and specialized points of sales.[4]

Record Label actively struggles against media piracy, constantly submitting claims against copyrights violation and supporting foreign companies in struggle against these violations.[5]

4. Producer Centre

Producer Centre DF Music Organization is a branch of the Company which creates image of production. One of leading directions of Producer Centre is selection of works, writing and producing soundtracks to films, games, TV and radio broadcastings. Producer Centre DF Music Organization has produced a number of soundtracks in different styles:

  • symphonic orchestra
  • club sound
  • psychodelic drama based on sounds and effects
  • rock, aggressive and heavy rhythms
  • hip-hop and R'n'B
  • traditional folklore

Among last achievements - a soundtrack to a computer game Adrenaline - 2: The Rush hour. Game has won a prize for the best sound registration at Computer Games Developers Conference KRI 2007.[8]

Producer Centre is also engaged in producing of commercials, video series and soundtracks to them.

The company has experience working with companies such as Gaijin Entertainment, Astrum Online, Avalon Style Entertainment, 1C, Electronic Arts, etc.

5. A&R Management

A&R Management – is department of the Company engaged in search of new artists. By the end of 2008 department of A&R Management has evolved because of an abundance of closed companies and collapsed labels. Through A&R Management passed thousands of demo-records.


DFMO.NET - Music Magazine and Internet Portal. The project has been started in the end of 2006 and by the present moment extends on all the Commonwealth of Independent States. DFMO.NET includes:

  • Rock Music Magazine DFMO.NET
  • information and entertainment Internet Portal
  • thematic events and musical collections

The main feature of the Magazine is personal relations between reporters of DFMO.NET and world rock musicians. Reporters from all parts of the world write articles for the Magazine. For more details see article DFMO.NET.[4] DFMO.NET - Magazine about alternative music, about domestic and foreign bands, either those who already reached the top or those who are only in the beginning of their career, about new music collections, singles and long-playing albums. For its history DFMO.NET was media sponsor of number of concerts all over the Russia, including concerts of such bands as: Kiss, Lenny Kravitz, Uncafe, Tokio Hotel, In Flames, Linkin Park, Stone Sour, Evanescense, NIN, Dillinger Escape Plan, Slipknot, Korn, Rain, Maroon, Grave Worm, Opeth, Sensation White, Piratskaya Stantsiya, Boney Nem, Slot, Nikolay Voronov, Psikheya and others. Magazine provided interviews with such heroes as: Linkin Park, Devil Driver, Slipknot, Pleymo, Despiesed Icon, Hors The Band, In Flames, My Chemical Romance, Tractor Bowling, Psikheya, Korea, IFK, t.A.T.u., AytSide, Amatory, Slot, Apshell, Grenouer, Stigmata, 5 Diez, Origami, Tenkorr, Top Display, Neversmile, Sammet, Perimeter, Jane Air, Out Of Channe, Producty 24 etc., and also such persons as Mika Jussila, Jacob Hansen, Jeremy Colsen.[4]

By the end of 2007 the main page of the portal DFMO.NET was opened. In 2010 will be started beta-version of DFMO.NET.

Dream Fabrique

Branding Agency Dream Fabrique is working out complex decisions in branding, communication concepts, and carrying out large advertising campaigns. Dream Fabrique was created as subsidiary company, as a result of severe need to sell services produced by DF Music Organization. Dream Fabrique was opened in August 2006 and producing all existing kinds of advertising, including adverts on TV and radio, working out and realization printing and Internet advertising, outdoor advertising, posters, flyers and souvenir production, a writing of press releases and presentations, carrying out mass actions. Besides all typical advertising services (advertising, design, photographing, copyrighting, BTL, organizations of the concerts, exhibitions, presentations, PR and promo actions, booking actors, Russian and world stars), the Agency also offers non-standard decisions such as: creation of Audio Brand, Audio Design (SFX Sounds, articulating of promotional video and jingles, creation of Audio Logos and Audio Cut-Aways) and Song Product Placement.

Dream Fabrique organized a number of corporate parties, New Year for MTV, presentation of broadcast beginning of Russian Alternative TV Channel A-ONE, presentation DF Digital’s in Berlin, birthday of DFMO.NET Magazine.[4]


Atmosphera - is Photo and Design studio. It was founded for realization of special projects of the Agency.

DF Digital's

The company DF Digital’s established on the base of the Producer Center and Record Label DF Music Organization for sales of music in Internet. Work on the company has begun in winter 2007, but finally DF Digital’s was opened and became independent structure in October 6, 2008. During this time was signed about 200 contracts with various digital stores, agencies, content providers and artists.[5]

DF Production School

DF Production School – is classes on training of Sound Designers in programs Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic, Digital Performer. The project has been started in May, 2008, but for the time being DF Production School practices only individual trainings in small groups. Training passes on specialties:

  • Video Designer
  • 3D Designer
  • Web Designer

DF Street Team

DF Street Team
Founder(s) Peter Petrygin-Rodionov
Type Youth Movement in support of DF Music Organization
Founded September 6, 2007
Location Russia Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), Ukraine Kiev (Ukraine)
Focus expansion of quality to masses
Members 50
Motto Our destiny is in our hands!
Website DFMO.NET

DF Street Team - is noncommercial youth organization-club. DF Street Team was created by active admirers of music and DF Music Organization activity. Ideology of DF Street Team is in constant motion. Any person is able to influence events if not to sit idly.[5] Basically activity of DF Street Team members is concentrated on Promo and PR of their favorite bands and visiting of the concerts.

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