Old Yellow Top

Old Yellow Top

Old Yellow Top was reported to be a 7 feet (2.1 m) Sasquatch-like creature that was sighted several times around the town of Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. Descriptions of the creature by eye witnesses closely resemble that of a Sasquatch; however, it has a blonde patch of hair on its head and a light-coloured mane, which is what has given it its name.[1]

Alleged sightings have taken place over a 64 year period, with the first reported sighting in September 1906, occurring again in July 1923 and once more in April 1947. The last time it was reported to have been seen was on August 4, 1970 by Amos Latrielle, Larry Cormack, and others. They claimed that their group of 27 miners from Cobalt Lode Mine was driving down a road when the creature walked across the road in front of them, causing the driver (Latrielle) to lose control and nearly plunge down a rock cut.[2]

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