Alexandr Mikhailovych Kondratov

Alexandr Mikhailovych Kondratov

Alexandr Mikhailovych Kondratov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Миха́йлович Кондра́тов; October 3, 1937, Smolensk - April 16, 1993, St.Petersburg) was a Russian linguist, biologist, journalist and poet. He wrote several tens of books on subjects as various as ancient and modern languages, history, mathematics, paleontology, geology, cryptozoology, Atlantis, and he also wrote poetry. He was the first Russian to write a monography about dinosaurs purportedly surviving into modern times ("Динозавра ищите в глубинах", 1984).

Selected bibliography


* Атлантиды моря Тетис (Atlantides of the Tethys Sea), 1986
* Атлантиды пяти океанов (Atlantides of the Five Oceans, 1987
* Атлантиды ищите на шельфе (Seek the Atlantis on the Shelf), 1988 - a trilogy

Other submerged lands

* Атлантика без Атлантиды (The Atlantic Ocean without Atlantis, 1972
* Адрес — Лемурия? (The Adress - Lemuria?), 1978
* Была земля Берингия (The was Beringia), 1981
* Была земля Арктида (There was Arktida), 1983

Ancient civilizations

* Великаны острова Пасхи (Giants of The Easter Island), 1966
* Погибшие цивилизации (Vanished Civilisations), 1968
* Когда молчат письмена. Загадки древней Эгеиды (When letters are silent - Mysteries of ancient Egeis), 1970 with V. V. Shevoroskin (В.В.Шеворошкин)
* Этруски — загадка номер один (The Etruscan civilization - Mystery Number One, 1977)
* Великий потоп. Мифы и реальность (The Deluge. Myths and Reality) , 1982


* Динозавра ищите в глубинах (Seek the Dinosaur in the Depths), 1984
* Шанс для динозавра (The Chance for the Dinosaur), 1992


* Тайны трех океанов (The Riddles of Three Oceans), 1971
* Загадки Великого океана (Mysteries of The Pacific Ocean), 1974
* Следы на шельфе (Tracks on the Shelf), 1981


* Математика и поэзия (Mathematics and Poetry), 1962
* Число и мысль (Number and Mind), 1963
* Электронный разум (The Electronic Reason), 1987

External links

* [ Bibliography, in Russian]
* [ To the memory of A. M. Kondratov, in Russian]

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