NCAA Men's Tennis Championship

NCAA Men's Tennis Championship

The NCAA Men's Tennis Championships are held to crown a team, individual, and doubles champion in American college tennis. The first intercollegiate championship was held in 1883, 23 years before the founding of the NCAA, with Harvard's Joseph Clark taking the singles title. The same year Clark partnered to Howard Taylor to win the doubles title.

Since 1963, the NCAA organizes separate tournaments for Division I and II. A tournament for Division III was added in 1973.


2009 Division I tournament

After two rounds, the Round of 16 in team tournament: (May 14 at Texas A&M) – Virginia (31-0) vs. Florida St. (21-8); Southern California (21-5) vs. Stanford (20-5); Georgia (24-3) vs. Illinois (23-4); Tennessee (23-6) vs. Texas (21-6); Wake Forest (22-9) vs. Baylor (25-5); Boise St. (24-8) vs. Ohio St. (33-1); Miami (Fla.) (16-8) vs. UCLA (19-4); Texas A&M (17-8) vs. Mississippi (26-3).[1]

Round of 16 winners: Baylor, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA, Southern California, Virginia.

Final four teams are, to be played Monday, May 18, 2009 at College Station, Texas: No. 12 Texas, which defeated No. 4 Georgia, 4-2; No. 8 USC, defeated No. 1 Virginia, 4-0; No. 3 Ohio State, defeated No. 6 Baylor, 4-1; and No. 7 UCLA, which defeated No. 2 Mississippi, 4-3. Of the top 5 ranked teams, only No. 3 Ohio State is left.[2] The Bruins will go against the Buckeyes, while the Trojans will face the Longhorns, who have a home crowd behind them.[3]

Championship game: USC will face Ohio State. The Trojans beat the Longhorns 4-1 and the Buckeyes were winners over UCLA 4-3, making a Pacific-10 Conference team in both the men's and women's finals.

Team champions

Division I Division II Division III
Year School Coach Year School Coach Year School Coach
1946 Southern California William Moyle not contested not contested
1947 William & Mary Sharvey G. Umbeck
1948 William & Mary (2) Sharvey G. Umbeck
1949 San Francisco Norman Brooks
1950 UCLA J.D. Morgan
1951 Southern California (2) Louis Wheeler
1952 UCLA (2) J. D. Morgan
1953 UCLA (3) J. D. Morgan
1954 UCLA (4) J. D. Morgan
1955 Southern California (3) George Toley
1956 UCLA (5) J. D. Morgan
1957 Michigan William Murphy
1958 Southern California (4) George Toley
1959 Notre Dame
Thomas Fallon
Emmet Pare
1960 UCLA (6) J. D. Morgan
1961 UCLA (7) J. D. Morgan
1962 Southern California (5) George Toley
1963 Southern California (6) George Toley 1963 Cal St. L.A. Scotty Deeds
1964 Southern California (7) George Toley 1964 Cal St. L.A. John Eckendorf
Southern Ill. Jim Fuchs
1965 UCLA (8) J. D. Morgan 1965 Cal St. L.A. Scotty Deeds
1966 Southern California (8) George Toley 1966 Rollins Norm Copeland
1967 Southern California (9) George Toley 1967 Long Beach St. Dan Campbell
1968 Southern California (10) George Toley 1968 Fresno St. Richard Murray
1969 Southern California (11) George Toley 1969 Cal St. Northridge Dave Sterle
1970 UCLA (9) Glenn Bassett 1970 UC Irvine Myron McNamara
1971 UCLA (10) Glenn Bassett 1971 UC Irvine Myron McNamara
1972 Trinity Clarence Mabry 1972 UC Irvine Myron McNamara
Rollins Norm Copeland
1973 Stanford Dick Gould 1973 UC Irvine Myron McNamara
1974 Stanford (2) Dick Gould 1974 San Diego Hans Wichary
1975 UCLA (11) Glenn Bassett 1975 UC Irvine Myron McNamara
San Diego Hans Wichary
1976 Southern California (12) George Toley 1976 Hampton Robert Screen 1976 Kalamazoo George Acker
UCLA (12) Glenn Bassett
1977 Stanford (3) Dick Gould 1977 UC Irvine Myron McNamara 1977 Swarthmore Wm. C.B. Cullen
1978 Stanford (4) Dick Gould 1978 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1978 Kalamazoo George Acker
1979 UCLA (13) Glenn Bassett 1979 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1979 Redlands Jim Verdieck
1980 Stanford (5) Dick Gould 1980 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1980 Gustavus Adolphus Steve Wilkinson
1981 Stanford (6) Dick Gould 1981 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1981 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Hank Krieger
Swarthmore Michael Mullan
1982 UCLA (14) Glenn Bassett 1982 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1982 Gustavus Adolphus Steve Wilkinson
1983 Stanford (7) Dick Gould 1983 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1983 Redlands Jim Verdieck
1984 UCLA (15) Glenn Bassett 1984 SIU Edwardsville Kent DeMars 1984 Redlands Jim Verdieck
1985 Georgia Dan Magill 1985 Chapman Mike Edles 1985 Swarthmore Michael Mullan
1986 Stanford (8) Dick Gould 1986 Cal Poly Hugh Bream 1986 Kalamazoo George Acker
1987 Georgia (2) Dan Magill 1987 Chapman Mike Edles 1987 Kalamazoo George Acker
1988 Stanford (9) Dick Gould 1988 Chapman Mike Edles 1988 Wash. & Lee Gary Franke
1989 Stanford (10) Dick Gould 1989 Hampton Robert Screen 1989 UC Santa Cruz Bob Hansen
1990 Stanford (11) Dick Gould 1990 Cal Poly Kevin Platt 1990 Swarthmore Michael Mullan
1991 Southern California (13 Dick Leach 1991 Rollins Norm Copeland 1991 Kalamazoo George Acker
1992 Stanford (12) Dick Gould 1992 UC Davis John Nelson 1992 Kalamazoo George Acker
1993 Southern California (14) Dick Leach 1993 Lander Joe Cabri 1993 Kalamazoo George Acker
1994 Southern California (15) Dick Leach 1994 Lander Joe Cabri 1994 Washington (Md.) Tim Gray
1995 Stanford (13) Dick Gould 1995 Lander Joe Cabri 1995 UC Santa Cruz Bob Hansen
1996 Stanford (14) Dick Gould 1996 Lander Joe Cabri 1996 UC Santa Cruz Bob Hansen
1997 Stanford (15) Dick Gould 1997 Lander Joe Cabri 1997 Washington (Md.) Matt Rose
1998 Stanford (16) Dick Gould 1998 Lander Joe Cabri 1998 UC Santa Cruz Bob Hansen
1999 Georgia (3) Manuel Diaz 1999 Lander Joe Cabri 1999 Williams Dave Johnson
2000 Stanford (17) Dick Gould 2000 Lander Joe Cabri 2000 Trinity (Tex.) Butch Newman
2001 Georgia (4) Manuel Diaz 2001 Rollins Jim Poling 2001 Williams Dave Johnson
2002 Southern California (16) Dick Leach 2002 BYU-Hawaii David Porter 2002 Williams Dave Johnson
2003 Illinois Craig Tiley 2003 BYU-Hawaii David Porter 2003 Emory John Browning
2004 Baylor Matt Knoll 2004 West Florida Derrick Racine 2004 Middlebury David Schwarz
2005 UCLA (16) Billy Martin 2005 West Florida Derrick Racine 2005 UC Santa Cruz
2006 Pepperdine Adam Steinberg 2006 Valdosta State John Hansen 2006 Emory
2007 Georgia (5) Manuel Diaz 2007 Lynn 2007 UC Santa Cruz
2008 Georgia (6) Manuel Diaz 2008 Armstrong Atlantic 2008 Washington-St. Louis
2009 Southern California (17) Peter Smith 2009 Armstrong Atlantic 2009 UC Santa Cruz
2010 Southern California (18) Peter Smith 2010 Barry University 2010 Middlebury David Schwarz
2011 Southern California (19) Peter Smith 2011 Valdosta State John Hansen 2011 Amherst Chris Garner

Individual champions

The NCAA was founded in 1906. The first tennis championship sponsored by the NCAA was in 1946. [4]
Individual championships were not held in 1917-18.


Division I Division II Division III
Year Player School Year Player School Year Player School
1883 Joseph Clark (spring) Harvard not contested not contested
Howard Taylor (fall) Harvard
1884 Wallace P. Knapp Yale
1885 Wallace P. Knapp Yale
1886 G.M. Brinley Trinity (Conn.)
1887 P.S. Sears Harvard
1888 P.S. Sears Harvard
1889 Robert P. Huntington Yale
1890 Fred Hovey Harvard
1891 Fred Hovey Harvard
1892 William Larned Cornell
1893 Malcolm Chace Brown
1894 Malcolm Chace Yale
1895 Malcolm Chace Yale
1896 Malcolm Whitman Harvard
1897 S.G. Thompson Princeton
1898 Leo Ware Harvard
1899 Dwight Davis Harvard
1900 Raymond Little Princeton
1901 Fred Alexander Princeton
1902 William Clothier Harvard
1903 E.B. Dewhurst Penn
1904 Robert LeRoy Columbia
1905 E.B. Dewhurst Penn
1906 Robert LeRoy Columbia
1907 G. Peabody Gardner Harvard
1908 Nat Niles Harvard
1909 Wallace Johnson Penn
1910 R.A. Holden Yale
1911 E.H. Whitney Harvard
1912 George Church Princeton
1913 Richard Williams Harvard
1914 George Church Princeton
1915 Richard Williams Harvard
1916 G. Colket Caner Harvard
1919 Charles Garland Yale
1920 Lascelles Banks Yale
1921 Philip Neer Stanford
1922 Lucien Williams Yale
1923 Carl Fischer Phila. Osteo.
1924 Wallace Scott Washington
1925 Edward Chandler California
1926 Edward Chandler California
1927 Wilmer Allison Texas
1928 Julius Seligson Lehigh
1929 Berkeley Bell Texas
1930 Clifford Sutter Tulane
1931 Keith Gledhill Stanford
1932 Clifford Sutter Tulane
1933 Jack Tidball UCLA
1934 Gene Mako Southern California
1935 Wilbur Hess Rice
1936 Ernest Sutter Tulane
1937 Ernest Sutter Tulane
1938 Frank Guernsey Rice
1939 Frank Guernsey Rice
1940 Donald McNeill Kenyon
1941 Joseph Hunt Navy
1942 Frederick Schroeder Stanford
1943 Francisco Segura Miami (Fla.)
1944 Francisco Segura Miami (Fla.)
1945 Francisco Segura Miami (Fla.)
1946 † Robert Falkenburg Southern California
1947 Gardner Larned William & Mary
1948 Harry Likas San Francisco
1949 Jack Tuero Tulane
1950 Herbert Flam UCLA
1951 Tony Trabert Cincinnati
1952 Hugh Stewart Southern California
1953 Hamilton Richardson Tulane
1954 Hamilton Richardson Tulane
1955 Jose Aguero Tulane
1956 Alejandro Olmedo Southern California
1957 Barry MacKay Michigan
1958 Alejandro Olmedo Southern California
1959 Whitney Reed San Jose St.
1960 Larry Nagler UCLA
1961 Allen Fox UCLA
1962 Rafael Osuna Southern California
1963 Dennis Ralston Southern California 1963 Gil Rodriguez Cal St. L.A.
1964 Dennis Ralston Southern California 1964 Gary Johnson Cal St. L.A.
1965 Arthur Ashe UCLA 1965 Gary Johnson Cal St. L.A.
1966 Charlie Pasarell UCLA 1966 George Dickinson Chattanooga
1967 Bob Lutz Southern California 1967 Sherwood Stewart Lamar
1968 Stan Smith Southern California 1968 Bob Delgado Cal St. L.A.
1969 Joaquin Loyo-Mayo Southern California 1969 Steve Messmer Cal St. Northridge
1970 Jeff Borowiak UCLA 1970 Earl O'Neill UC Irvine
1971 Jimmy Connors UCLA 1971 Bob Chappell UC Irvine
1972 Dick Stockton Trinity (Tex.) 1972 Charlie Owens Samford
1973 Alex Mayer Stanford 1973 Bob Chappell UC Irvine
1974 John Whitlinger Stanford 1974 Andy Rae San Diego
1975 Billy Martin UCLA 1975 Andy Rae San Diego
1976 Bill Scanlon Trinity (Tex.) 1976 Tim Monroe UC Davis 1976 John Blomberg Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1977 Matt Mitchell Stanford 1977 Juan Farrow SIU Edwardsville 1977 A.J. Shaka Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1978 John McEnroe Stanford 1978 Juan Farrow SIU Edwardsville 1978 Chris Bussert Kalamazoo
1979 Kevin Curren Texas 1979 Arjun Fernando SIU Edwardsville 1979 Mark Tappan Redlands
1980 Robert Van't Hof Southern California 1980 Juan Farrow SIU Edwardsville 1980 Chris Burns Kalamazoo
1981 Tim Mayotte Stanford 1981 Ken Flach SIU Edwardsville 1981 Donovan Jones Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1982 Mike Leach Michigan 1982 Ken Flach SIU Edwardsville 1982 Shaun Miller Gustavus Adolphus
1983 Greg Holmes Utah 1983 Ken Flach SIU Edwardsville 1983 Erik Michelsen Redlands
1984 Mikael Pernfors Georgia 1984 Steve Riza Stephen F. Austin 1984 Scott Moore Redlands
1985 Mikael Pernfors Georgia 1985 Brian Talgo Rollins 1985 Toby Clark Principia
1986 Dan Goldie Stanford 1986 Neil Smith Stephen F. Austin 1986 Tim Corwin Kalamazoo
1987 Andrew Burrow Miami (Fla.) 1987 Pat Emmet Rollins 1987 Toby Clark Principia
1988 Robbie Weiss Pepperdine 1988 Miles Walker Chapman 1988 Noel Occomy Brandeis
1989 Donni Leaycraft LSU 1989 Mark Billone Bloomsburg 1989 John Morris Wash. & Lee
1990 Steve Bryan Texas 1990 Luciano D'Andrea Tenn.-Martin 1990 Larry Gewer Washington (Md.)
1991 Jared Palmer Stanford 1991 Pradeep Raman Armstrong Atlantic 1991 Lewis Miller Kalamazoo
1992 Alex O'Brien Stanford 1992 Philipp Schertel Armstrong Atlantic 1992 Lewis Miller Kalamazoo
1993 Chris Woodruff Tennessee 1993 Mark Segesta UC Davis 1993 Ryan McKee Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1994 Mark Merklein Florida 1994 Roberto Cavalcante Hampton 1994 Seth Denawetz Kalamazoo
1995 Sargis Sargsian Arizona St. not contested 1995 Damian Polla Washington (Md.)
1996 Cecil Mamiit Southern California 1996 Mark Ellis Cal Lutheran
1997 Luke Smith UNLV 1997 Damian Polla Washington (Md.)
1998 Bob Bryan Stanford 1998 David Weisman Babson
1999 Jeff Morrison Florida 1999 Thomas Oechel UC Santa Cruz
2000 Alex Kim Stanford 2000 Kayvon Fatahalian Carnegie Mellon
2001 Matias Boeker Georgia 2001 Derek Fitzpatrick UC Santa Cruz
2002 Matais Boeker Georgia 2002 Josh Lefkowitz Williams
2003 Amer Delic Illinois 2003 Eric Butorac Gustavus Adolphus
2004 Benjamin Becker Baylor 2004 Matt Seeberger UC Santa Cruz
2005 Benedikt Dorsch Baylor 2005 Matt Seeberger UC Santa Cruz
2006 Benjamin Kohlloeffel UCLA 2006 Will Boe-Wiegaard Bates
2007 Somdev Devvarman Virginia 2007 Matt Seeberger UC Santa Cruz
2008 Somdev Devvarman Virginia 2008 Michael Greenberg Kenyon
2009 Devin Britton Mississippi 2009 Michael Goodwin Emory
2010 Bradley Klahn Stanford 2010 John Watts Washington-St. Louis
2011 Steve Johnson Southern California

First championship sponsored by NCAA


Division I Division II Division III
Year Champions School Year Champions School Year Champions School
1883 Joseph Clark, Howard Taylor (spring) Harvard
Howard Taylor, R.E. Presbrey (fall) Harvard
1884 Wallace P. Knapp, William V.S. Thorne Yale
1885 Wallace P. Knapp, Arthur L. Shipman Yale
1886 Wallace P. Knapp, William L. Thacher Yale
1887 P.S. Sears, Quincy Shaw Harvard
1888 V.G. Hall, Oliver Campbell Columbia
1889 Oliver Campbell, A.E. Wright Columbia
1890 Quincy Shaw, S.T. Chase Harvard
1891 Fred Hovey, Robert Wrenn Harvard
1892 Robert Wrenn, F.B. Winslow Harvard
1893 Malcolm Chace, C.R. Budlong Brown
1894 Malcolm Chace, Arthur E. Foote Yale
1895 Malcolm Chace, Arthur E. Foote Yale
1896 Leo Ware, W.M. Scudder Harvard
1897 Leo Ware, Malcolm Whitman Harvard
1898 Leo Ware, Malcolm Whitman Harvard
1899 Holcombe Ward, Dwight Davis Harvard
1900 Fred Alexander, Raymond Little Princeton
1901 H.A. Plummer, Samuel L. Russell Yale
1902 William Clothier, E.W. Leonard Harvard
1903 Fredrick Colston, E. Clapp Yale
1904 Karl Behr, G. Bodman Yale
1905 E.B. Dewhurst, H.B. Register Penn
1906 Howard S. Wells, Albert Spaulding Yale
1907 Nat Niles, A.S. Dabney Harvard
1908 H.M. Tilden, A. Thayer Penn
1909 Wallace Johnson, A. Thayer Penn
1910 Dean Mathey, Burnham Dell Princeton
1911 Dean Mathey, C.T. Butler Princeton
1912 George Church, W.H. Mace Princeton
1913 Watson Washburn, J.J. Armstrong Harvard
1914 Richard Williams, Richard Harte Harvard
1915 Richard Williams, Richard Harte Harvard
1916 G. Colket Caner, Richard Harte Harvard
1919 Charles Garland, K.N. Hawks Yale
1920 Amos Wilder, Leland Wiley Yale
1921 Brooks Fenno, William Feibleman Harvard
1922 James Davies, Philip Neer Stanford
1923 Lew White, Louis Thalheimer Texas
1924 Lew White, Louis Thalheimer Texas
1925 Gervais Hills, Gerald Stratford California
1926 Edward Chandler, Tom Stow California
1927 John Van Ryn, Kenneth Appel Princeton
1928 Ralph McElvenny, Alan Herrington Stanford
1929 Benjamin Gorchakoff, Arthur Kussman Occidental
1930 Dolf Muehleisen, Robert Muench California
1931 Bruce Barnes, Karl Kamrath Texas
1932 Keith Gledhill, Joseph Coughlin Stanford
1933 Joseph Coughlin, Sam Lee Stanford
1934 Gene Mako, Phillip Castlen Southern California
1935 Richard Bennett, Paul Newton California
1936 Bennett Dey, William Seward Stanford
1937 Richard Bennett, Paul Newton California
1938 Joseph Hunt, Lewis Wetherell Southern California
1939 Douglas Imhoff, Robert Peacock California
1940 Lawrence Dee, James Wade Stanford
1941 Charles Olewine, Charles Mattman Southern California
1942 Lawrence Dee, Frederick Schroeder Stanford
1943 John Hickman, Walter Driver Texas
1944 John Hickman, Felix Kelley Texas
1945 Francisco Segura, Thomas Burke Miami (Fla.)
1946 † Robert Falkenburg, Thomas Falkenburg Southern California
1947 Sam Match, Bob Curtis Rice
1948 Fred Kovaleski, Bernard Bartzen William & Mary
1949 James Brink, Fred Fisher Washington
1950 Herbert Flam, Gene Garrett UCLA
1951 Earl Cochell, Hugh Stewart Southern California
1952 Clifton Mayne, Hugh Ditzler California
1953 Robert Perry, Lawrence Huebner UCLA
1954 Robert Perry, Ronald Livingston UCLA
1955 Francisco Contreras, Joaquin Reyes Southern California
1956 Alejandro Olmedo, Francisco Contreras Southern California
1957 Crawford Henry, Ronald Holmberg Tulane
1958 Alejandro Olmedo, Edward Atkinson Southern California
1959 Crawford Henry, Ronald Holmberg Tulane
1960 Larry Nagler, Allen Fox UCLA
1961 Rafael Osuna, Ramsey Earnhart Southern California
1962 Rafael Osuna, Ramsey Earnhart Southern California
1963 Rafael Osuna, Dennis Ralston Southern California 1963 Gil Rodriguez, John Lee Cal St. L.A.
1964 Dennis Ralston, William Bond Southern California 1964 Don Gaynor, Lee Reid UC Santa Barbara
1965 Ian Crookenden, Arthur Ashe UCLA 1965 John Yeomans, Bill Schoen Redlands
1966 Ian Crookenden, Charles Pasarell UCLA 1966 Fred Suessmann, Ken Stuart Long Beach St.
1967 Stan Smith, Bob Lutz Southern California 1967 Fred Suessmann, Dennis Trout Long Beach St.
1968 Stan Smith, Bob Lutz Southern California 1968 Jim Powers, Gary Ogden Fresno St.
1969 Joaquin Loyo-Mayo, Marcelo Lara Southern California 1969 Steve Messmer, George Benedict Cal St. Northridge
1970 Pat Cramer, Luis Garcia Miami (Fla.) 1970 Gregg Jablonski, Charles Nachand UC Irvine
1971 Haroon Rahim, Jeff Borowiak UCLA 1971 Ron Lague, John Lowman Rollins
1972 Alex Mayer, Roscoe Tanner Stanford 1972 John Lowman, Mike Strickland Rollins
1973 Alex Mayer, Jim Delaney Stanford 1973 Bob Chappell, Glenn Cripe UC Irvine
1974 John Whitlinger, Jim Delaney Stanford 1974 Andy Rae, Russell Watts San Diego
1975 Butch Walts, Bruce Manson Southern California 1975 Scott Carnahan, Bob Wright UC Irvine
1976 Peter Fleming, Ferdi Taygan UCLA 1976 Roger de Santis Guedes, Bruce Foxworth Hampton 1976 Larry Davidson, John Irwin Swarthmore
1977 Bruce Manson, Chris Lewis Southern California 1977 Jeff Williams, Curt Stalder UC Irvine 1977 Ben Johns, Stewart Jackson Wash. & Lee
1978 John Austin, Bruce Nichols UCLA 1978 Par Svensson, Rick Goldberg San Diego 1978 Chris Bussert, Jim Hosner Kalamazoo
1979 Erick Iskersky, Ben McKown Trinity (Tex.) 1979 Juan Farrow, Arjun Fernando SIU Edwardsville 1979 Mike Capelouto, Ken Whitmer Redlands
1980 Mel Purcell, Rodney Harmon Tennessee 1980 Juan Farrow, Hugo Nunez SIU Edwardsville 1980 John Mattke, Paul Holbach Gustavus Adolphus
1981 David Pate, Karl Richter TCU 1981 Brian Lusson, Bart Bernstein Texas St. 1981 Jim Hearn, Shaun Miller Gustavus Adolphus
1982 Peter Doohan, Pat Serrat Arkansas 1982 Ken Flach, Doug Burke SIU Edwardsville 1982 Shaun Miller, Rich Skanse Gustavus Adolphus
1983 Allen Miller, Ola Malmqvist Georgia 1983 Ken Flach, Robert Seguso SIU Edwardsville 1983 Alex Gaeta, Bob Swartout Rochester
1984 Kelly Jones, Jerome Jones Pepperdine 1984 Johan Sjogren, Dave Delseni SIU Edwardsville 1984 Eugene Jones, Dan Beers UC San Diego
1985 Kelly Jones, Carlos DiLaura Pepperdine 1985 Tom Goles, Chris Langford Stephen F. Austin 1985 Jeff Krieger, Shep Davidson Swarthmore
1986 Rick Leach, Tim Pawsat Southern California 1986 Paul Landry, Bob Zoller Cal Poly 1986 Jim Burda, Alex Palladino Kalamazoo
1987 Rick Leach, Scott Melville Southern California 1987 Paul Wekesa, Barry Hancock Chapman 1987 Jim Burda, Alex Palladino Kalamazoo
1988 Patrick Galbraith, Brian Garrow UCLA 1988 Robert Green, Barry Pelts Rollins 1988 Lance Au, Frank Hinman Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1989 Eric Amend, Byron Black Southern California 1989 Aga Soemarno, Kurt Hammerschmidt Ferris St. 1989 John Morris, Robert Matthews Wash. & Lee
1990 Doug Eisenman, Matt Lucena California 1990 Luciano D'Andrea, Vesa Ponkka Tenn.-Martin 1990 John Morris, Bill Meadows Wash. & Lee
1991 Matt Lucena, Bent-Ove Pedersen California 1991 Mark Segesta, Dave Allen UC Davis 1991 Dave Jussila, Ryan Skanse Gustavus Adolphus
1992 Chris Cocotos, Alex O'Brien Stanford 1992 Steve Summer, Jeff McCann UC Davis 1992 Ryan McKee, Chris Noyes Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1993 David Blair, Mark Merklein Florida 1993 Steve Kobold, Oscar Mancisidor Cal Poly Pomona 1993 Tim Cooley, Ryan McKee Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
1994 Laurent Miquelard, Joc Simmons Mississippi St. 1994 Lee Holyoak, Brett Simpson Lander 1994 Ron Ward, Jonathan Harper UC Santa Cruz
1995 Mahesh Bhupahti, Ali Hamadeh Mississippi †† 1995 Todd Born, John Weston Redlands
1996 Justin Gimelstob, Srdjan Muskatirovic UCLA 1996 Josh Vining, Jonathan Harper UC Santa Cruz
1997 Luke Smith, Tim Blenkiron UNLV 1997 Mark Ellis, Jenia Karimov Cal Lutheran
1998 Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan Stanford 1998 Brian Cummings, Thomas Oechel UC Santa Cruz
1999 K.J. Hippensteel, Ryan Wolters Stanford 1999 Brian Cummings, Thomas Oechel UC Santa Cruz
2000 Cary Franklin, Graydon Oliver Illinois 2000 Peter Gladkin, Thomas Oechel UC Santa Cruz
2001 Matias Boeker, Travis Parrott Georgia 2001 Derek Fitzpatrick, Nick Cunningham UC Santa Cruz
2002 Andrew Colombo, Mark Kovacs Auburn 2002 John Michael Cham-A-Koon, Ivan Yeh Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
2003 Rajeev Ram, Brian Wilson Illinois 2003 Eric Butorac, Kevin Whipple Gustavus Adolphus
2004 Sam Warburg, KC Corkery Stanford 2004 Dan Uyar, Paul Bristow Mary Washington
2005 John Isner, Antonio Ruiz Georgia 2005 Matt Seeberger, Matt Brunner UC Santa Cruz
2006 Kevin Anderson, Ryan Rowe Illinois 2006 Shane Templeman, Matt Seeberger UC Santa Cruz
2007 Marco Born, Andreas Siljestrom Middle Tennessee State 2007 Matt Seeberger, Max Ortiz UC Santa Cruz
2008 Robert Farah, Kaes Van't Hof Southern California 2008 Guillaume Schils, Larry Wang Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
2009 Dominic Inglot, Michael Shabaz Virginia 2009 Amrit Ruspasinghe, Ben Stein Bates
2010 Drew Courtney, Michael Shabaz Virginia 2010 Brian Pybas, Marc Vartabedian UC Santa Cruz
2011 Jeff Dadamo, Austin Krajicek Texas A&M

First championship sponsored by NCAA

†† Division II individual championships discontinued after 1994 season


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