Oyster Bay Branch

Oyster Bay Branch
     Oyster Bay Branch

Train #6506 to Oyster Bay at Mineola
Type Commuter rail
System Long Island Rail Road
Status Operational
Locale Nassau County, New York, USA
Termini Mineola
Oyster Bay
Stations 10
  Oyster Bay Branch
Daily ridership 6,000[1]
Opened 1865-1889
Owner Long Island Rail Road
Operator(s) Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Electrification 750V (DC) third rail
(to East Williston)
Route map
Continuation to left Unknown BSicon "ABZ3rg" Unknown BSicon "HACC"
Mineola on the Main Line
Unknown BSicon "eABZlg"
Former spur to West Hempstead Branch
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
East Williston
Unrestricted border on track
Zone 4/Zone 7
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
Unknown BSicon "ACC"
Unknown BSicon "eHST"
North Roslyn closed 1924
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
Glen Head
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
Sea Cliff
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
Glen Street
Unknown BSicon "ACC"
Glen Cove
Unknown BSicon "HSTACC"
Locust Valley
Unknown BSicon "eHST"
Mill Neck closed 1998
Unknown BSicon "ACC"
Oyster Bay
Unknown BSicon "eABZlf"
Unknown BSicon "exKDSTr" + Non-passenger/depot station
Oyster Bay Turntable
Non-passenger end station
Oyster Bay Yard

Distances shown in miles from Pennsylvania Station.

The Oyster Bay Branch is a rail line and service owned and operated by the Long Island Rail Road in the U.S. state of New York. The branch splits from the Main Line just east of Mineola station, and runs north and east to Oyster Bay.[2]



The first phase of what is now known as the Oyster Bay Branch opened in 23 January 1865 as a branch of the Long Island Rail Road to Glen Head known as the Glen Cove Branch Rail Road.[3] Two years later the railway was extended to Glen Cove[4] and on 19 April 1869 the line was extended further to Locust Valley.[5] The line ended at Locust Valley for two decades until a final extension added four miles to Oyster Bay. One of the reasons for building to Oyster Bay was to create a connection to New England. A large pier, now owned by the Flowers Oyster Company, was built to facilitate the loading of passenger cars onto a ferry. Service lasted only a few years as overland service from New York to Boston, once thought impossible, commenced.

Until 1928, a direct connection to the West Hempstead Branch existed just east of Mineola station. This spur crossed the Main Line, then terminated at the end of a wye at what was often called the Garden City Branch. Until passenger service was abandoned along this branch passengers would transfer between the two lines at Mineola Station itself.[6][7]


to Penn Station
For continuing service to Jamaica and points west, see Main Line
Mineola Handicapped/disabled access
Front Street and Mineola Boulevard. Mineola
[1] 20.5 (33.0) Transfer to Port Jefferson and Ronkonkoma Branch Line trains
Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N22, N23, N24, N40, N41, N78, N79
East Williston Handicapped/disabled access
Hillside Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, East Williston
[2] 21.8 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N22A, N27
Terminus of electrification. One electric train serves this station each weekday.
Albertson Handicapped/disabled access
I.U. Willets Road and Albertson Avenue, Albertson
[3] 22.7 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N27
Roslyn Handicapped/disabled access
Lincoln Avenue and Railroad Avenue, Roslyn
[4] 24.2 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N23, N27
North Roslyn
East Hills
Originally named Wheatley Hills from 1898-1901.
Closed 1924
Was located near where the current Pall Corp Headquarters is situated on Northern Boulevard (NY 25A)
Greenvale Handicapped/disabled access
Off Helen Street, between Glen Cove Avenue and Glen Cove Road, Greenvale
[5] 26.2 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N27
Glen Head Handicapped/disabled access
Glen Head Road and School Street, Glen Head
[6] 27.4 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N27
Sea Cliff Handicapped/disabled access
Sea Cliff Avenue, east of Glen Cove Avenue, Glen Cove
[7] 28.7 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N27
Glen Street Handicapped/disabled access
Cedar Swamp Road (Glen Street) and Elm Avenue, Glen Cove
[8] 29.3 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N21, N27
1.5 car platform
Glen Cove Handicapped/disabled access
Duck Pond Road and Pearsall Avenue, Glen Cove
[9] 29.8
Locust Valley Handicapped/disabled access
Birch Hill Road and Elm Street, Locust Valley
[10] 31.0 Line becomes single-tracked east of station
Mill Neck
Mill Neck
Replaced 1889-1892 built Bayville Station. Opened November 1892; Closed March 16, 1998.
Oyster Bay Handicapped/disabled access
Off Maxwell Avenue, between Shore and Larabee Avenues, Oyster Bay
[11] 35.0


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