Governorates of Egypt

Governorates of Egypt

Egypt is divided for administrative purposes into 27 governorates (محافظة muḥāfaẓa, plural Arabic: محافظات‎ muḥāfaẓāt). Egyptian governorates are the top tier of the country's five-tier jurisdiction hierarchy. A governorate is administered by a governor, who is appointed by the President of Egypt and serves at the president's discretion. Most governorates have a population density of more than one thousand per km², while the 3 largest have a population density of less than two per km².

Governorates are either fully "urban" or else an admixture of "urban" and "rural". The official distinction between "urban" and "rural" is reflected in the lower tiers: i.e. fully urban governorates have no regions (markaz), as the markaz is, natively, a conglomeration of villages. Moreover, governorates may comprise just one city, as in the case of Cairo or Alexandria. Hence, these one-city governorates are only divided into districts (urban neighborhoods). Cairo consists of 23 districts; Alexandria consists of 6.

Non-urban Governorates in Upper Egypt and along the Suez Canal are all named after their capitals, while governorates in the Nile Delta and the deserts tend to have names different from their capitals (Kafr el-Sheikh, Damietta, and Matruh Governorates being exceptions).

Two new governorates were created in April 2008; namely, Helwan and 6th of October.[1] In April 2011, the 6th of October and Helwan governorates were again incorporated into the Giza and Cairo Governorates, respectively.[2] Luxor was created in December 2009, to be the 29th governorate of Egypt.[3]


List of the Egyptian governorates


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Egyptian governorates[4]
Nr. (key) Name Area (km²) Population (2006-11-11) Population (2010-01-01) Capital
1 Alexandria &100000000000026790000002,679 &100000000041238690000004,123,869 &100000000043621680000004,362,168 Alexandria
2 Aswan &10000000000000679000000679 &100000000011864820000001,186,482 &100000000012588820000001,258,882 Aswan
3 Asyut &100000000000015530000001,553 &100000000034449670000003,444,967 &100000000037013920000003,701,392 Asyut
4 Beheira &100000000000091180000009,118 &100000000047472830000004,747,283 &100000000050713460000005,071,346 Damanhur
5 Beni Suef &100000000000013220000001,322 &100000000022916180000002,291,618 &100000000024709600000002,470,960 Beni Suef
6 Cairo &100000000000012770000001,277 &100000000084718590000008,471,859 &100000000089687230000008,968,723 Cairo
7 Dakahlia &100000000000034710000003,471 &100000000049899970000004,989,997 &100000000053388310000005,338,831 Mansura
8 Damietta &10000000000000589000000589 &100000000010973390000001,097,339 &100000000011809910000001,180,991 Damietta
9 Faiyum &100000000000018270000001,827 &100000000025110270000002,511,027 &100000000027214780000002,721,478 Faiyum
10 Gharbia &100000000000019420000001,942 &100000000040113200000004,011,320 &100000000042622000000004,262,200 Tanta
11 Giza &1000000000001292500000012,925 &100000000057245450000005,724,545 &100000000061073650000006,107,365 Giza
12 Ismailia &100000000000014420000001,442 &10000000000953006000000953,006 &100000000010291360000001,029,136 Ismailia
13 Kafr el-Sheikh &100000000000034370000003,437 &100000000026202080000002,620,208 &100000000027989420000002,798,942 Kafr el-Sheikh
14 Matruh &10000000000212112000000212,112 &10000000000323381000000323,381 &10000000000352885000000352,885 Marsa Matruh
15 Minya &100000000000022620000002,262 &100000000041662990000004,166,299 &100000000044818790000004,481,879 Minya
16 Monufia &100000000000025440000002,544 &100000000032704310000003,270,431 &100000000034963800000003,496,380 Shibin el-Kom
17 New Valley &10000000000376505000000376,505 &10000000000187263000000187,263 &10000000000199810000000199,810 Kharga
18 North Sinai &1000000000002757400000027,574 &10000000000343681000000343,681 &10000000000374071000000374,071 Arish
19 Port Said &1000000000000007200000072 &10000000000570603000000570,603 &10000000000604451000000604,451 Port Said
20 Qalyubia &100000000000010010000001,001 &100000000042516720000004,251,672 &100000000045465640000004,546,564 Banha
21 Qena &100000000000017960000001,796 &100000000030016810000003,001,681 &100000000032099820000003,209,982 Qena
22 Red Sea &10000000000203685000000203,685 &10000000000288661000000288,661 &10000000000306722000000306,722 Hurghada
23 Sharqia &100000000000041800000004,180 &100000000053540410000005,354,041 &100000000057366440000005,736,644 Zagazig
24 Sohag &100000000000015470000001,547 &100000000037472890000003,747,289 &100000000040046130000004,004,613 Sohag
25 South Sinai &1000000000003314000000033,140 &10000000000150088000000150,088 &10000000000154941000000154,941 el-Tor
26 Suez &1000000000001784000000017,840 &10000000000512135000000512,135 &10000000000549759000000549,759 Suez
27 Luxor &1000000000000005500000055 &10000000000457286000000457,286 &10000000000484132000000484,132 Luxor
Total 920,186 72,798,031 77,775,247

The governorates are further divided into regions (markazes).

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