Asyut Governorate

Asyut Governorate

country = Egypt

name = Asyut
native_name = أسيوط

map_caption = Location of Asyut within Egypt
capital = Asyut
capital_lat_d = 27
capital_long_d = 31
population_as_of =
population = 3500000
area = 25926
population_density = 119.6

Asyut Governorate ( _ar. أسيوط) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It stretches for about 120 km along the banks of the Nile. The capital of the governorate is the city of Asyut.


The name of Asyut ( _ar. أسيوط) is derived from early Egyptian "Zawty" ("Z3JW.TJ"), late Egyptian "Səyáwt" into Coptic "Syowt".


* Total area: 25,926 km².
* Percentage to total area of Egypt: 2.6%.
* Population: around 3.5 million (Male 51.21%; Female 48.79%).
* Population density: 119.6 people/km².
* Rural population: 2.2 million; urban population: 0.9 million.
* Percentage to the whole population of Egypt: 4.3%.
* Population growth rate: 2.6% per year.
* Assiut Governorate administrative divisions: 11 localities, 52 local administrative units, 235 small villages, and 971 tiny villages. [ Official Website of the Government of Asyut]


The governorate of Asyut comprises eleven cities:
* Abnub
* Abutig
* Asyut (Zawty or Lykopolis)
* Dairut
* el Badari
* el Fateh
* el Ghanayem
* Manfalut
* Qis (Kusai or el-Qusiya)
* Sahel Selim
* Sedfa

Important sites

Other important sites in the governorate of Asyut include:
* Deir el-Gabrawi
* Durunka
* Meir


The governorate of Asyut includes the Ancient Egyptian tombs of Meir, and the town of Durunka, which is a pilgrimage site for many Copts who come to visit a monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Prominent People from Asyut

* Akhnoukh Fanous, political activist
* Ester Fanous, female activist
* Hafez Ibrahim, poet
* Mustafa Lutfi al-Manfaluti, writer and poet
* Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church

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*Governorates of Egypt


External links

* [ Official Website of the Government of Asyut]

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