Dong Thap province

Dong Thap province
Dong Thap province
Tỉnh Đồng Tháp
—  Province  —
Nickname(s): Bronze Tower
Location of Đồng Tháp within Vietnam
Coordinates: 10°40′N 105°40′E / 10.667°N 105.667°E / 10.667; 105.667Coordinates: 10°40′N 105°40′E / 10.667°N 105.667°E / 10.667; 105.667
Country  Vietnam
Region Mekong Delta
Capital Cao Lanh and Sa Dec
 – People's Council Chair Huynh Minh Doan
 – People's Committee Chair Trương Ngọc Hân
 – Total 3,238 km2 (1,250.2 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 – Total 1,639,400
 – Density 506.3/km2 (1,311.3/sq mi)
 – Ethnicities Vietnamese, Khmer, Hoa, Ngái
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Calling code 67
ISO 3166 code VN-45

Đồng Tháp (About this sound listen) is a province in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. The eastern part of the province is largely dominated by Đồng Tháp Mười marsh. Dong Thap is in the Đồng Tháp Mười area and is famous for its lotus.


Administrative divisions

The province is divided into one city (Cao Lãnh), and two towns (Sa Dec) and (Hong Ngu); in 2010, Sa Dec will be recognized as cities in Dong Thap province, and nine districts:.

  1. Cao Lãnh
  2. Châu Thành
  3. Hồng Ngự
  4. Lai Vung
  5. Lấp Vò
  6. Tân Hồng
  7. Tam Nông
  8. Thanh Bình
  9. Tháp Mười


Sa Dec Industry Park

Agriculture was the previous pillar of Dong Thap’s economy. But now, industry and trade are being developed. Sa Dec Industry Park (the largest industry park)- Sa Dec town, Song Hau Industry park and Tran Quoc Toan Industry park has attracted a large number of businessmen from the Mekong Delta region.


Đồng Tháp has, since December 22, 2008, the largest Buddha statue of the Mekong Delta, built in Quan Âm Pagoda, abbot Venerable Thich Giac An. "The sculpture, 32 meters long and weighing 100 tons, is that of Buddha lying on his side on a lotus petal, his right arm supporting his head and his left arm lying along his body. Buddhist scriptures say the Buddha assumed this position when he attained Nirvana, the release from the cycle of death and rebirth of an enlightened person. Thich Giac An of Quan Âm Pagoda, which from today will be home to the statue, said many Buddhists and locals contributed the 2,000 sacks of cement, five tons of iron and many other necessary materials worth VND1.6 billion (US$94,000) needed to build the statue. Quan Âm Pagoda, founded 200 years ago by a mandarin named Tran Quy Tanh, receives many devotees from across the country for major Buddhist festivals."[1]

See also

  • Doubtful legal case of 47,800 VND


  1. ^ Giao Huong, Thanh Nien News, Dec 21, 2008

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