Clan Grierson

Clan Grierson
Crest badge
Clan member crest badge - Clan Grierson.svg
Crest: A fetterlock Argent
Motto: Hoc securior
Region Lowlands
District Dumfriesshire

Grierson of Lag arms female.svg
Sarah Grierson of Lag,[1]
Chief of the Name and Arms of Grierson.[2]
Historic seat Lag Tower

The name Grierson originates from the Scottish lowlands.

The surname Grierson is a modern spelling of the medieval (circa 1408) surname Grerson[3]. states that it is a patronymic form of the medieval Scottish personal name Grier which is a form of the personal name Gregory, but provides no source for this.[4] The chiefly line, the Griersons of Lag, claim to be descended from Gilbert, second son of Malcolm, dominus of MacGregor who died in about 1374.[5] However, Furguson claims there is no proof that the Griersons are descended from the MacGregors.[6] The principal seat of the Griersons was Lag, which was obtained in about 1408.[7] George Dunbar, Earl of March resigned the lands of Dalgarnock in Dumfriesshire to Gilbert Grierson of Lag sometime before 1418.[8]

The current Chief of the name Grierson, and a member of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.[9] is Sarah Grierson of Lag,[10][11] the first female to hold this role in an unbroken line from the family of Grierson of Lag.

The crest badge of a clan member of the Griersons contains the Latin motto: HOC SECURIOR[7] which may be translated as "Safer by This".

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