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Gregory is a common masculine first name and family name. It is derived from the Latin "Gregorius," which was from the late Greek name "Γρηγόριος" (Gregorios), which was derived from "γήγορος" (gegoros) meaning "watchful, alert".Through folk etymology, the name also became associated with "grex" and "gregis" ("flock" and "herd"). The associations with a shepherd who diligently guides his flock is part of the reason that the name has been popular with monks, priest and popesThere have been 16 popes with the name, starting with Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great). It is the second-most popular name for pope, along with Benedict, after John. Because of this background, it is also a very common name for saints. Although the name was uncommon in the early 20th century, after the popularity of the actor Gregory Peck it became one of the ten most common male names in the 1950s and has remained popular since.

Common nicknames are Greg, Greggy, Gregor or Reggie and Reg.

In its Latin form (Grigorius or Gregorius) it was the name of several saints and 16 popes. Grigor is also a surname of Scottish origin. It is derived from MacGregor, that name being banned in Scotland in 1603 under King James VI. Accordingly, people had to change it to other variations, or to a completely new name altogether. "Gregor" is also the surname of a distinguished Cornish family.


*"Gregorius" (Latin)
*"გრიგოლი" (Grigoli) (Georgian)
*"Grégory" or "Grégoire" (French)
*"Greger" (Swedish)
*"Григорий" (Grigorii) (Russian)
*"Рыгор" (Ryhor) (Belarusian)
*"Григор" (Grigor) (Bulgarian)
*"Grgur" (Croatian)
*"Reijo" (Finnish)
*"Gregor" (German)/Scottish (From McGregor)
*"Gréagóir" (Irish)
*"Γρηγόριος" (Grigorios) (Greek)
*"Gergely" or "Gergő" (Hungarian)
*"Gregorio" (Italian)
*"Gregoras" or "Gregorijus" (Lithuanian)
*"เกรกอรี" or "เกรกกอรี" (Thai)
*"Grzegorz" (Polish)
*"Gregorio" (Portuguese)
*"Grigore" or "Gligor" (Romanian)
*"Grega" or "Gregor" (Slovene)
*"Gregorio" (Spanish)
*"Григорій" (Hryhoriy) (Ukrainian)
*"Գրիգոր" (Krikor-Western Armenian, Griqor-Eastern Armenian)
*"Grigor" (Wales)


Religious leaders

*Gregory the Illuminator
*Gregory Thaumaturgus (Gregory the Wonderworker)
*Gregory of Nyssa
*Gregory Nazianzus the Elder, Bishop of Nazianzus
*Gregory Nazianzus, Patriarch of Constantinople
*Gregory of Utrecht
*Gregory Palamas
*Patriarch Gregory II of Constantinople
*Patriarch Gregory III of Constantinople
*Patriarch Gregory IV of Constantinople
*Gregory of Cappadocia, Patriarch of Alexandria
*Patriarch Gregory I of Alexandria
*Patriarch Gregory IV of Alexandria
*Patriarch Gregory V of Alexandria


*Saint Gregory I (Gregory the Great), (pope 590-604, after whom the Gregorian chant is named)
*Gregory II, (pope 716-731)
*Gregory III, (pope 731-741)
*Gregory IV, (pope 827-844)
*Gregory V, (pope 996-999)
*Gregory VI, (pope 1044-1046)
*Gregory VII, (pope 1073-1085)
*Gregory VIII, (pope 1187)
*Gregory IX, (pope 1227-1241)
*Gregory X, (pope 1271-1276)
*Gregory XI, (pope 1370-1378)
*Gregory XII, (pope 1406-1409)
*Gregory XIII, (pope 1582–1585, after whom the Gregorian calendar is named)
*Gregory XIV, (pope 1590-1591)
*Gregory XV, (pope 1621-1623)
*Gregory XVI, (pope 1831-1846)

Other people

:"For Gregory as surname, see Gregory (surname)"
*Gregor Mendel, scientist, father of genetics (1822-1884)
*Greg Lemond, American professional road bicycle racer (b. 1961)
*Greg Norman, the Great White Shark from down under
*Greg Luzinski, American baseball player
*Greg Rusedski, former Canadian-British tennis player
*Greg Maddux, American baseball player
*Gregory of Tours, historian
*Gregory of Narek, philosopher, poet
*Gregory of Benevento, duke
*Gregory I, Duke of Naples (739-755)
*Gregory II, Duke of Naples (767-794)
*Gregory III, Duke of Naples (864 – 870)
*Gregory IV, Duke of Naples (898 – 915)
*Gregory of Nin, Christian bishop, reformer
*Gregory Charles, Canadian signer (b. 1968)
*Gregory Helms, American professional wrestler (b. 1974)
*Gregory Henriquez, Canadian Architect (b.1963)
*Gregory Hillman, American Piano (b.1977)
*Gregory Peck, actor (1916 - 2003)
*Gregor Maček, Slovenian baroc architect (1682 - 1745)

Fictional characters

*Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, the title character in the novel series "Eisenhorn", by Dan Abnett.
*Gregory Goyle, a fictional character from the best selling books "Harry Potter"
*Gregory House, the name of the main character of "House"
*Gregor Samsa, main character of Franz Kafka's novella "The Metamorphosis"
*Gregory Sanders, a forensic detective in the show ""
*Gregor Vorbarra, the Emperor of the Barrayaran Imperium in Lois McMaster Bujold's "Vorkosigan Saga"
*Gregory of Yardale, a character from
*Gregorius Nekschot, a pseudonym of an anonymous and prosecuted Dutch cartoonist
*Gregor, the protagonist of "The Underland Chronicles"
*Gregory, Jean Girard's husband in the movie ""
*Gregory, a servant of Lord Capulet in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"
*Sargent Gregorius, a character from Dan Simmons' novels Endymion and The Rise of Endymion
*Gregory, a cricket from the "Dragon Ball" manga and anime series.
*Gregory, A young red dragon in Terry Goodkind's novel series "The Sword of Truth"
*Reverend Gregorius, the antagonist in Hjalmar Söderberg's novel Doctor Glas.
*Old Gregg, a character from television show The Mighty Boosh.


*The Scottish clan MacGregor means "Son of Gregor."
*Gregory County, South Dakota

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