Mohsen Emadi

Mohsen Emadi
Mohsen Emadi
Born October 29, 1976(1976-10-29)
Sari, Iran
Occupation Poet, Researcher and Translator
Literary movement Modern literature

Mohsen Emadi (Persian: محسن عمادی) (October 29, 1976) is a Persian poet and translator.


Life and career

Born in Sari, in northern Iran, Emadi began writing poems during childhood. Appearing in numerous magazines, Clara Janes published his first collection of poetry, La flor de los renglones (The flower of the lines), in Spain.[1][2] He continues the work of contemporary Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlou to preserve native folklore.[3] He has been featured at many international poetry festivals, including the International Poetry Festival of Moncayo,[4] Mahalta International Poetry Festival,[5][6] International poetry festival of Semana Poetica,[7] The International Symposium on Rumi (Turkey),[8] and International Symposium on Nietzsche (Finland).[9] and was also the poet in residence at Trasmoz.[4] Emadi has translated extensively from English and Spanish to Persian and his own works have been translated into various languages.[10][11][12]

Emadi is the founder and editor of several Iranian websites including Ahmad Shamlou [13] and The house of world poets, a Persian anthology of world poetry.[14][15] He holds the sole rights for digital publishing of the works of Ahmad Shamlou including Ketab Kuche, The Book of Alley.[3][16][17][18] Emadi also writes screenplays [19][20] and his essays on politics has been published on the Jaras reformist website and many others.[21] He is a supporter of the Green Movement.[22][23][24][25]

Emadi's poetry appeared in Atlanta Review (2009), (Iran issue edited by Sholeh Wolpe) [26] and 2010, he won a Finnish Literature Exchange for his translation of the book The Anthology of Finnish Poetry.[27]

He won the international prize of Poesia de Miedo in October 2010.[28]

Poetry Collections


  • La flor en los renglones, Selected poems, translated by Clara Janes, Lola Editoral, Spain, 2003[29]
  • Abusaeid Abolkheir, Selection & Prelude, Editorial Trotta S.A., Spain, 2004 [30][31]
  • Poesia de Miedo, translated by Manuel Llinás, Olifante, Ediciones de poesia, 2010 [32]
  • De la realidad y la poesía. Tres conversaciones y un poema, Clara Janes, Mohsen Emadi, Antonio Gamoneda, Vaso Roto Ediciones, Mexico 2010 [33][34]
  • Las leyes de la gravedad, Selected Poems, Translated by Clara Janes, Olifante Ediciones de poesia, 2011, Spain.[35]



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