List of Big Brother 2005 housemates (UK)

List of Big Brother 2005 housemates (UK)

This is a list of the housemates from the UK version of Big Brother 2005.

There were sixteen housemates in total in the sixth series of Big Brother in the UK where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day, and each week one or more housemates were voted to be evicted by the general public until the winner, Anthony Hutton, was left.

Thirteen housemates entered on day one and they were joined by three more on Day 29. They entered the Secret Garden which was decorated like a jungle, and the three secret housemates were initially only supplied with fig leaves to cover only the main essentials of their bodies. This created the idea of an Adam and Eve style jungle. With Makosi's help, they had to steal clothes and food from the main Big Brother House when the other housemates were asleep, and to make sure that the other housemates did not find out about them. At the end of their stay, Makosi had to choose two of the three secret housemates to enter the main house. She chose Orlaith and Eugene, although Kinga re-entered the house after Orlaith walked out on Day 65.



Anthony Hutton[1] (born March 1982) is a 70s dancer and apprentice hairdresser from Consett in County Durham. Anthony won Big Brother 6 with 57.2% of the vote, narrowly beating Eugene and walking away with £50,000.

Since leaving the house Anthony experienced a taste of fame, but this was short-lived and, despite the occasional television or public appearance, Anthony has now returned to his home town and returned to normal life.

Anthony became famous in the house for his variety of catchphrases, including "alreet!" (All right in his Geordie accent), "Mint" (meaning something is good), "Let's get it on", and shouting out "Taxi". Anthony and Makosi were often seen as a potential couple, after a drunken night in the pool they both claimed nothing sexual happened between them, however less than 48 hours later Makosi stated that she was pregnant with Anthony's baby, although she never told him this, she later claimed she received her period and that she was not pregnant. On the final night, third placed Makosi told Davina McCall that she was telling the truth when she said she was pregnant, during Anthony's interview he looked shocked when McCall told him about Makosi's pregnancy claims and said that they never had sex, during this the crowd chanted 'Liar, Liar' at Makosi. However, the story has been backed up in print by Orlaith McAllister. Fellow housemate Maxwell believes they had sexual intercourse too, and Craig also thought this at the time, but later changed his story (it is not known when Craig changed his opinion on the matter), during Makosi's interview she said that she wouldn't believe what Craig is saying because 'he probably wanted to shag Anthony." Makosi sold her story to the News of the World and claimed she did have sex with Anthony. The same day the story went on sale, both contestants appeared on the BBLB Reunion show. During his interview, incensed at Makosi stating she could prove it whilst Anthony was being interviewed, Anthony shouted over to her "You know you can't, you're an absolute liar!" and had to be told to calm down by the show's presenter, Dermot O'Leary.

During Anthony's stay in the house he became close with a gay hairdresser named Craig Coates; it was widely spread amongst the fellow contestants and the media that Craig was obsessing over Anthony and this caused him to be branded with the "bunny boiler" image on the outside.[citation needed] Upon his eviction from the house Craig was shocked that he had been branded a "bunny boiler" and refused to endorse it.[citation needed] Since leaving Big Brother, Anthony has refused to criticise Craig.[citation needed] Craig has said in a radio interview that he is no longer friends with Anthony, although their friendship was the butt of jokes in the 17 August 2006 edition of Big Brother's Little Brother, where Anthony was a phone-in guest.[citation needed]

Anthony appeared in the 2005 and 2006 series of Sky One's The Match producing credited appearances noticed by the Legends his Celebrity squad faced. But most notably by the viewers who voted him to receive the Man of the Match award in both series he has appeared in show.

Upon leaving the house Anthony, like the vast majority of the other ex-housemates, received attention from the press and the public; this sustained Anthony as a celebrity for a short period of time, with Anthony making various public and television appearances, such as appearing on the Sky One reality television series, The Match, and various photo shoots (some naked) for magazines and tabloid newspapers. Anthony also released a work-out video which revolved around his 70s disco dance movements; despite winning Big Brother, Anthony's work-out DVD failed to sell well.

In September 2007, he featured in the Sky TV production, Premier League All Stars football show representing Newcastle United.

In September 2010, Anthony re-entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother as part of the retrospective task. He had a date with ex housemate Makosi Musambasi.

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Nadia Almada
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Pete Bennett


Craig Jonathan Coates[2] (born October 1984) is a hair stylist from Cromer, Norfolk.

During his time in the house Craig immediately created 'Team Britney' along with Lesley and Vanessa. When Lesley was evicted on Day 15 Craig began to align himself with Anthony, Maxwell and Saskia. Craig then developed what was interpreted by the media as an unsettling obsession with Anthony, which resulted in several awkward moments.

Craig finished fifth, and was evicted on Day 76 in a surprise final week eviction having received just 3.9% of the vote to win.


Derek George Henry Laud (born 9 August 1964) is a speech writer for the Conservative Party originally from Battersea but now living in Kensington, West London.

The last housemate to be evicted by the nomination process, he was voted out on Day 71 (5 August), receiving 58% of the vote against his friend Eugene. Kemal was a guest at Derek's 41st Birthday party a few days later, and has appeared on The Curse of Big Brother on Channel 5 and on BBC1's Test the Nation in the Reality Show Contestants panel alongside Eugene Sully on 27 August 2007.


Eugene Mark Sully[1] (born 30 November 1977) is from Crawley in West Sussex. He attained a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering in 2000 from the University of Sussex and helped manage the student radio station. Prior to his period in the Big Brother house, he worked as an engineer for Beat 106 (now Galaxy) in Scotland before becoming a Spectrum Planning Engineer for the BBC Research & Development department; he also unsuccessfully stood as a Labour Party candidate in Sussex prior to going into the Big Brother house. Although Eugene came second in BB6, he emerged from the house £50,000 richer after being offered (and accepting) half of the prize fund in the final week.

Since leaving the BB house, Sully has presented the breakfast show on Mercury FM (Surrey & Sussex) and appeared on Blue Peter, Top of the Pops and the children's show Dick and Dom in da Bungalow as well as being a contestant on the BBC Two quiz show Eggheads with a team he called "Eugenius", he has also carried out interviews on various radio stations and also appeared on Brainiac: Test Tube Baby where he set up experiments and was judged and got 20 out of 30 (2006). He also appeared on Channel 4's "8 Out Of 10 Cats: Big Brother Special" in August 2006, and in August 2007. He is currently in training to become a pilot.[citation needed] At the JapShow show, held in Santa Pod, October 2005, Eugene attempted to hang on to his fame by driving his Subaru Legacy down the dragstrip with the large yellow sticker displaying his web address in a bid to make people take notice of him.[3] A friend (Steve Dennis) was hiding in the boot of the car whilst the 1/4 mile runs were being done.

He also attended an awards ceremony for the Closer magazine honouring gifted children last. He is a member of the IEE and a member of the Crawley Amateur Radio Club (his Amateur Radio callsign is G0VIQ).

Sully's mother, Janet, is a Labour Party, West Sussex County Councillor representing Bewbush, Gossops Green and Southgate in Crawley. In 2006, Sully stood in the council election for the ward of Furnace Green, Crawley, West Sussex, as a candidate for Labour, where he came second to the Conservative candidate.[4]

In October 2008, Sully played a cameo role in the E4 horror series Dead Set as himself, alongside former housemates Makosi Musambasi, Kinga Karolczak and Saskia Howard-Clarke, during which he is eaten by a zombie Davina McCall.


Kemal Shahin[2] was born on 18 November 1985 and is a Turkish Cypriot. Before entering the show Kemal was a student of English Literature, Cultural History and Drama at Liverpool John Moores University. Kemal was also a bellydancer, having won awards for his dance in Turkey.

He was the thirteenth person to enter the Big Brother house (dressed in a red sari) and the ninth to leave (in a green sari) on 29 July, gaining 51.1% of the public vote.

Since Big Brother, Shahin has featured in various magazines and newspapers, notably a high fashion shoot with Attitude Magazine, a masculine makeover with Now Magazine in 2006, where he was given a total makeover and a story with New Magazine in March 2007, talking about being transgendered.[citation needed]

Shahin appeared on Sky News in early 2006 with fellow contestant Makosi Musambasi which resulted in a heated discussion between the pair.[citation needed]

Kemal announced in February 2006 that he and ex-housemate Kinga were a couple, and even claimed "Kinga is the only one for me." He confronted rumours that he was gay and said he wasn't - he was bisexual.[5] Shahin has starred in Pantomime twice since Big Brother, playing the Fairy God Diva both times. In 2005/06 Kemal played at the King's Theatre in Southsea, and in 2006/07 in Torquay and Runcorn respectively.[citation needed] In November 2006 Kemal launched the online accessories store[citation needed]

Kemal has been doing Diaries for MSN UK on Big Brother in both 2007 and 2008, with a daily diary of thoughts and viewpoints on the show.[citation needed]

Kemal has become a notable figure in fashion since his appearance on Big Brother, as a Runway Coach and Model Scout, having worked with various publications and designers.[citation needed] Kemal has also been a judge at various beauty pageants including Miss Universe UK 2008.[citation needed]

Kemal has since released the single "Through With Love", undergone sex reassignment surgery and now goes by the name Zulekya.[6]


Kinga Karolczak (born April 1985) is a half Polish, half Kuwaiti market researcher from London. She initially entered into the house through the Secret Garden with fellow newcomers Eugene and Orlaith. She is most famous for masturbating with a wine bottle in the garden. One of her first actions was to expose one of her 34FF breasts out of her bikini top.[citation needed] Makosi - who had received a secret mission to be the only original housemate to be aware of and interact between the two houses - chose Eugene and Orlaith to go into the main house over her.[citation needed]

After Orlaith left the house, Kinga re-entered. During her relatively short stay in the house Kinga acted wildly. She developed a rather surprising bond with Derek, with each of them often singing serenades to one another, and Derek curiously fondling her breasts while the two were in the pool. Even though Kinga was only in the house for eleven days she etched herself into the public consciousness when she shockingly masturbated using a wine bottle in the garden. She managed to receive more votes to win the show than fellow housemate Craig who was evicted during the final week after failing to receive enough votes to win the series, this secured Kinga a place in the final night, this is evidence of her popularity[why?] and since her leaving the house there has been numerous speculation[who?] that had she had a few extra weeks then she may have even won the show.[citation needed] Kinga finished fourth and left on the final night. Kinga was signed up to an exclusive magazine deal rumoured to be worth a 6 figure sum.[citation needed] Since the house Kinga has featured in many newspaper and magazine articles. She has been a guest on shows including Trisha Goddard, Big Brother's Little Brother and Big Brother's Big Mouth, Friday and the Sunday Night Project, The Charlotte Church Show, Celebrity Moments and many more. In 2006 she played at the Celebrity World Cup Soccer Six Tournament. In April 2011, she appeared in come dine with me (A Royal Wedding Special) Kinga landed a part in the feature film Cash and Curry, starring Ameet Chana, Faria Alam and Lee Latchford-Evans, which was released in late 2007. In summer 2007 she was the Big Brother columnist for the Daily Sport newspaper. In October 2008 she made a guest appearance on the E4 horror series Dead Set, in a cameo as herself. Kinga since leaving the house has lost over 3 stone and is barely recognisable with her recent[when?] glamour modelling shots done with the News of the World calling her one of the sexiest Big Brother babes ever[citation needed] and is still regularly seen in the media.[citation needed]


Lesley Anne Sanderson[2] (born December 1985) is a sales assistant from Huddersfield. She was the second person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, on 10 June (Day 15), gaining 36% of the public vote, all housemates faced eviction in Week 2 as punishment for Vanessa's rule breaking, on this eviction night, housemates could hear the crowd cheering and booing their favourites and least favourites, Sanderson received the biggest booes, as viewers labelled her a bully. Whilst staying in the house she, along with Craig and Vanessa, were noted for bullying fellow housemate Sam, which angered housemates such as Anthony and Maxwell who both got involved in an argument with her over the way she was treating her. Despite getting told off for her nasty behaviour by Big Brother, she seemed genuinely shocked at hearing the crowd boo her on her eviction. In Autumn 2005, Sanderson was allegedly raped in a hotel in Leeds.[1] Also she claims that since Big Brother she has struggled to cope with fame and developed a drinking problem.

After leaving the Big Brother House, Sanderson embarked on a singing career, which failed. She was due to record a single called "Hated" and plans to write a book about her experiences.[2] The People reported that she was paid £15,000 for Big Brother.[7] Lesley now works as a counsellor.


Makosi Musambasi (born 24 September 1980) is a registered cardiac nurse, who worked in a coronary care unit, originally from Zimbabwe but now living in Aylesbury. A story in The Sun during the final week claimed that a talent agency had invoiced the producers of Big Brother for £609 for procuring her services; The Sun alleged that this proved she was in fact an actress rather than a genuine contestant.[citation needed] This was denied by Big Brother on the finale night, with the explanation that the money was paid to the talent agency (which does represent Makosi) for work relating to the supplementary show Big Brother's Big Mouth. Makosi is remembered for providing many of the dramatic moments that occurred in the house, such as claiming to be pregnant after a romp in the pool with Anthony, having to evict Kinga from the secret garden, and a huge confrontation with Maxwell and Saskia, when Makosi shared the house's supply of cider with Kinga, Orlaith and Eugene in the secret garden, and returned to the house drunk.[citation needed] In the early weeks, Makosi was considered one of the favourites to win the show,[citation needed] however following the pool incident, her popularity with the public plummeted. Despite eventually finishing 3rd, and being the top female housemate for that year, Makosi suffered an awful reception from the crowd waiting outside the Big Brother house on her exit and during her interview with Davina McCall, many viewers complained that the hostility towards Makosi was taken too far.

She recently ended a long-term relationship with Nigerian musician, 2face Idibia.[citation needed] She appeared as a cameo of herself in the E4 zombie thriller Dead Set in October 2008.[citation needed] She's currently a regular presenter on MTV and has presented many music award ceremonies. She is also a part-time model.

In 2010 she returned as a contestant on Ultimate Big Brother. She was the second housemate to be evicted, with 47.7% of the public vote, to a booing crowd. During her interview with presenter Davina McCall the crowd was heard chanting "Off, off, off."


Mary O'Leary (born 30 May 1974) claims to be a psychic advisor, writer, and non-practising white witch who was born to a former priest and nun in Dublin, Ireland. She claims to remember a past life in Atlantis and that she has been abducted by aliens seven times. She wanted to leave the house just hours after entering, however she soon began to enjoy her time in the house, formed friendships and celebrated her 31st birthday by having a witch themed party. She accused Saskia of having breast implants and had an explosive row with her over this, she spent the following day lying in bed, refusing to get up and wanting to leave, she also insulted most of her housemates - branding them 'wannabes' and 'scum of the earth', Makosi - as part of her secret mission - secretly nominated Mary as a favour. She was the first to be evicted, and branded Makosi a snake in the grass for nominating her.


Maxwell Trotter Ward (born 1981) is from Islington, North London who supports Arsenal Football Club.[citation needed] He was noted for his chirpy cockney attitude and catchphrase; "off the hook". In the house he maintained a good friendship with fellow housemate Anthony. He had a reputation for his disproportionate top lip, his bad breath and his pranks. In Week 2, when all housemates faced eviction, he, along with Saskia received the biggest cheers from the crowd. They would go on to have a relationship, they were both nominated for eviction in Week 5 and isolated themselves from a number of housemates, and were involved in several arguments that week, although being incredibly funny and keeping Britain thoroughly entertained for 7 weeks, Maxwell was reprimanded by Big Brother for throwing water over Kemal after he accused them of 'trying to get a magazine deal. He ended up getting quite a few...[citation needed] He was the sixth evictee from the house, and left on 8 July, with 57% of the vote.


Orlaith McAllister (born 28 April 1979) is a model from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She was runner up in the 1999 Miss Northern Ireland competition, losing out to Zöe Salmon. She entered the house on Day 29 and was directed to the Secret Garden with fellow new housemates Eugene and Kinga. Makosi chose Orlaith along with Eugene to enter the main house on Day 32. Orlaith was initially popular with housemates, she became known for allowing them to touch her surgically enhanced breasts, she was also involved in the infamous 'Poolnight' on Day 37.[citation needed] She became friends with Makosi and Vanessa, however they began bitching about her in Week 7, on Day 48, Makosi even threatened to have a cat fight with her whilst Kemal also made threats about her on the same night.[citation needed] Orlaith began to feel unhappy in the house and expressed her desire to leave, despite this, the public did not choose to evict her, On Day 50 the public chose Makosi and Vanessa as the least popular of the six housemates who faced eviction that week, this meant that Orlaith along with Eugene were the first ever late entrants to survive a public vote.

On Day 52, Kemal began to isolate her and had an argument with her in the living room. On Day 54, Orlaith had a massive row with Science, and broke down in tears, she was comforted by her arch enemy Derek, later that day both Orlaith and Science were told that the housemates had chosen both of them to face eviction, Orlaith pleaded with the public to vote her out, although later that week she told housemates that she didn't think she will go - it is possible this was just a ploy to prompt viewers to vote her out. She narrowly survived eviction against Science - who got evicted with 50.5% of the vote - in what is the closest eviction in the history of Big Brother.[citation needed] Orlaith was also the only female of this series to survive an eviction vote against a male housemate - not counting Kinga and Makosi who survived a winning vote against Craig.

Orlaith was given a secret mission on Day 59, in which she was given a vibrating device and had to give a hug to whoever was next to her when the device vibrated, however Makosi sussed her out, but Orlaith pretended she was given a phone as she was feeling so upset in the house. Later that week she was nominated for eviction against her rival Kemal, she survived him in another close vote (51.1%). When Kemal left the house he called Orlaith's bluff about wanting to leave, however the following morning (Day 65) she quit and was replaced by Kinga. She received a huge amount of media coverage after she left the house, appearing regularly in lads' mags and on Page 3.


Roberto Conte (born 1973 in Italy), is a former teacher, and since 1996, has lived in Liverpool. He was once a paratrooper in the Italian Army. He is a professional basketball player and windsurfer.[citation needed] He was also a finalist in the 1996 'Most Handsome Man in Italy' competition.[citation needed]

Roberto was a Religious education teacher at St Edmund Of Canterbury Catholic High School in Huyton, Liverpool. He was also a Physical Education teacher at De La Salle Humanities College in Croxteth, Liverpool.[8]

He is remembered for his fiery temper, most notably pouring food over Maxwell's head during a heated row. He was evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 29, after losing his head-to-head with Derek. He had previously faced public votes in Weeks 2 and 3, before his eviction in Week 4.

Roberto now works as a teacher and is training to be a chiropractor.


Samantha Leanne Heuston[1] (born January 1982 in London, England) is a marketing student from Cheam in southwest London. Her time in the house is best remembered for her raunchy behaviour such as her choice of clothing, which mainly consisted of a bikini, the lapdance she performed for Anthony, her kiss with Makosi, telling Big Brother she was feeling horny and masturbating in a cardboard box.[citation needed] She also suffered continuous bullying by a number of housemates, mainly Lesley.[citation needed]

She was the third person to be evicted from the Big Brother House, when faced against Derek and Roberto. She received 59% of the public vote when she was voted out on 17 June (Day 22). On her eviction, someone in the crowd threw water at her. Davina conducted her interview in a bikini, attracting some complaints from viewers.[citation needed]

Since leaving the Big Brother house, Heuston has had photo shoots in The News of the World newspaper and in men's magazines such as Nuts, Maxim and Zoo.[citation needed] She has also appeared on an episode of Italian Big Brother in the audience.[citation needed]

She has a small cameo in Brit flick Clubbing to Death playing a Cage Rage ring girl. The film stars Nick Moran, Huey Morgan, and Dave Courtney and was due out in 2007.[citation needed] Sam now works as a secretary.


Saskia Rose Howard-Clarke[1] (born March 1982) is a "promotions girl" from London. She was the fifth evictee from the house, on 1 July with 71% of the public vote. Whilst in the house she formed a relationship with Maxwell and friendships with Anthony, Sam, and later on Craig.

She had two open heart surgery operations which left scars under her breasts. These scars were then used by Mary and Lesley as "evidence" that Saskia had had a boob job, which she denied. Saskia's breasts require a 34FF bra.[9]

Since leaving the house Saskia has sustained a career as a glamour model and regularly appearing in Nuts magazine.[citation needed]

Saskia and Maxwell continued their relationship after they left the house. It was reported in OK magazine in February 2007 that Maxwell and Saskia were no longer together - this was confirmed in May 2007 during a Channel 4 programme After They Were Housemates, during which Maxwell confirmed that he was currently moving out after splitting up around six months before.[citation needed] They have now sold the house they owned together. She has a pet dog, a pug, named Arthur.[citation needed]

In October 2008, Saskia appeared in the E4 horror series Dead Set, as a zombie version of herself.[citation needed]


Kieron "Science" Harvey (born 1982) is a music and self-styled "entertainment entrepreneur" from Chapeltown, Leeds. He has a band called Urban Productions and won a BBC Spotlight Award in 2005 [10] nominated by local people in the Harehills area of Leeds for "making a difference - no matter how simply - to the lives of other people".

Science was popular with the public,[citation needed] but often irritated his housemates. He was evicted in week eight when up against Orlaith McAllister in the third closest public vote in Big Brother history with only one percent between the two housemates (50.5%/49.5%), on 22 July.[citation needed] Science is now working on an album.


Vanessa McIntosh[2] (born 1985) is a student from Croydon, South London. She was the seventh person to be evicted from the house on Day 50. Her eviction was unique, she did not take part in nominations in Week 7 as Big Brother told them that nominations - which are usually compulsory - would be optional that week. The housemates who did nominate were told that they faced eviction, however they didn't, on eviction night Makosi and Vanessa received the most public votes - Makosi (47%), Vanessa (26%) - the housemates had to choose which one to evict, all except for Kemal choose to evict Vanessa.


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