Dedication 2

Dedication 2
Dedication 2
Mixtape by Lil Wayne
Released May 2006 (2006-05)
Genre Hip hop
Length 77:42
Label 101 Distribution
Producer DJ Drama, various others
Compiler DJ Drama
Professional reviews

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Lil Wayne chronology
Dedication 2
Back cover

Dedication 2 is a 2006 mixtape by DJ Drama and Lil Wayne. It is a sequel to Lil Wayne's previous mixtape, Dedication, and is second in DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz series with Lil Wayne. It is one of the few mixtapes in the hip hop genre to be both financially successful and critically acclaimed.[1] Despite its illegal use of unlicensed instrumentals and samples,[2] it is sold through iTunes and retail stores such as Best Buy and FYE,[3] widely reviewed in the mainstream media,[3] and even though a mixtape that almost only exclusively sold digitally it peaked at #69 on Billboard's "Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums" chart.[4] The cover shows Lil Wayne with "Fear God" tattooed on his eyelids.[5]


Lyrical content

Much of the mixtape showcases Lil Wayne's free associating rhymes and "liquid non-sequiturs."[6]

Critical reception

Dedication 2 appeared on year-end top ten lists from the New Yorker critic Sasha Frere-Jones,[7] New York Times critic Kelefa Sanneh,[8][9] the Baltimore City Paper's Jason Torres,[10] and a panel of critics at the Washington City Paper.[11] Tom Breihan of The Village Voice proclaimed it the best summer album of 2006, praising DJ Drama's "impeccable beat selection".[6] "SportsCenter" was complimented for its "free associating brain bursts."[12] "Georgia... Bush" was also acclaimed for its "mesmerizing indictment" of President Bush.[2][13]


In 2009, Rhapsody ranked the album at #15 on its "100 Best Albums of the Decade"[14] list.

Track listing

# Title Length Producer Featured guest(s) Samples
1 "The Best in the Business" 0:41
2 "Get 'Em" 3:20 Don Cannon
3 "They Still Like Me" 2:18 Jamall Willingham, Maurice Gleaton
4 "I'm the Best Rapper Alive" 1:16
5 "Cannon" (AMG Remix) 5:52 Don Cannon Freeway, Willie the Kid, Detroit Red & Juice
6 "Workin Em" 3:12 DJ Infamous
7 "Sportscenter" 2:49 DJ Green Lantern
  • "The Game Iz Mine" by Jay-Z
8 "Welcome to tha Concrete Jungle" 2:29 Clayton Haraba Juelz Santana
9 "Spitter" 3:15 Swizz Beatz
10 "South Muzik" 3:27 Organized Noize
11 "This What I Call Her" 2:44 9th Wonder
  • "Lovin' It" by Little Brother
12 "Dedication 2" 2:43 Kanye West
13 "Weezy on Retirement" 0:42
14 "Poppin them Bottles" 3:51 DJ Paul & Juicy J Curren$y & Mack Maine
15 "What U Kno" 1:40 DJ Toomp
16 "Where da Cash At" 4:55 The Runners Curren$y & Remy Ma
17 "Ridin wit the AK" 4:10 The Beat Bullies, Clayton Haraba Curren$y & Mack Maine
18 "Weezy on the Streetz of N.O." 0:26
19 "Walk It Off" 5:30
  • "Don't U Be Greedy" by U.N.L.V.
20 "Hustlin" 4:00 The Runners, Clayton Haraba
21 "Gettin Some Head" 3:47 Xcel, Clayton Haraba Pharrell
22 "A Dedication After Disaster" 0:48
23 "No Other" 5:27 Pimp C, N.O. Joe, Just Blaze Juelz Santana
24 "Outta Here" 0:53
25 "Georgia... Bush" 7:27 DJ Green Lantern
"Weezy's Ambitionz" Daz Dillinger
  • "Ambitionz Az a Ridah" by 2Pac


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