List of political families

List of political families

This is a partial listing of prominent political families.

Royal families are not included, unless certain later descendants have played political roles in a republican structure (e.g. Cakobau Family of Fiji). See also Family dictatorship.


The Hoxha Family
*Enver Hoxha (Chairman of the Council of Ministers)
*Nexhmije Hoxha (communist official and partner in power)
*Hyen Hoxha

The Kapo Family
*Hysni Kapo (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)
*Vito Kapo (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)
*Piro Kondi (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)

The Moisiu Family (father-son)
*Spiro Moisiu (former communist party official)
**Alfred Moisiu (current president)

The Myftiu Family -Peristeri Family
*Manush Myftiu (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)
*Pilo Peristeri (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)

The Nano Family (father-son)
*Thanas Nano (government broadcaster under Hoxha)
**Fatos Nano (prime minister)

The Pashko Family (spouses)
*Josif Pashko (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)
*Eleni Terezi (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)

The Shehu Family
*Mehmet Shehu (leading government official and close advisor to E. Hoxha)
*Fiqrete Shehu (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party)
*Kadri Hasbiu (member of the Central Committee of Albania's communist party; brother-in-law of Mehmet)

Antigua and Barbuda

The Bird Family
*Sir Vere Cornwall Bird (Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, 1981-1994)
**Lester Bird (son of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird; Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, 1994-2004)
**Vere Bird, Jr. (son of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird; Member of Parliament)

The Frank Family
*Sir Hilbourne Frank (Chairman of the Barbuda Council)
**Mackenzie Frank (nephew of Sir Hilbourne Frank; Senator)


The de la Rúa Family
*Fernando de la Rúa (President of Argentina, 1999-2001)
*Jorge de la Rúa (brother of Fernando de la Rúa; cabinet minister)

The Duhalde Family (spouses)
*Eduardo Duhalde (President of Argentina, (2002-2003)
*Hilda de Duhalde (wife of Eduardo Duhalde); Peronist senator)

The Kirchner Family
*Néstor Kirchner (President of Argentina, 2003-2007, First Gentleman, 2007-present; formerly provincial governor)
*Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (President of Argentina, 2007- ; former senator, congresswoman, and First Lady)
*Alicia Kirchner (sister of Néstor Kirchner, sister-in-law of Cristina Fernández; Minister of Social Development and senator)

The Menem-Yoma Family
*Carlos Menem (President of Argentina, 1989-1999)
*Eduardo Menem (brother of Carlos Menem; Peronist senator)
*Jorge Yoma (brother-in-law of Carlos Menem; Peronist senator)

The Perón Family (husband-wives)
*Juan Domingo Perón (President, 1946–1955 and 1973–1974; former Minister of War, Secretary of Labor, Vice President; husband of Eva and Isabel)
*Maria Eva Duarte de Perón (Spiritual Leader of the Nation, 1952, First Lady, 1946-1952, President of the Eva Perón Foundation, 1948-1952, President of the Peronista Feminist Party, 1949-1952, joint head of the Peronist Party, head of the Secretariat of Labour, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and General Confederation of Labor, 1946-1952; key political figure and second wife and political partner of Juan)
*Isabel Martínez de Perón (President, 1974–1976, Vice President, Senate President, and First Lady, 1973-1974; third wife of Juan)

The Rodríguez Saá Family
*Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, Governor of San Luis Province 1909-12
*Ricardo Rodríguez Saá, Governor of San Luis 1934-38; brother of Adolfo sr.
**Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, Governor of San Luis 1983-2001; President of Argentina 2001; grandson of Adolfo sr.
**Alberto Rodríguez Saá, Peronist senator; Governor of San Luis 2003-present; 2007 candidate for President; brother of Adolfo jr.

The Saadi Family
*Vicente Saadi, Peronist Senator; Governor of Catamarca Province
**Ramón Saadi, Peronist Senator; Governor of Catamarca Province; son of Vicente
**Pilar Kent de Saadi, Peronist deputy; wife of Ramón
**Alicia Saadi, Peronist Senator; daughter of Vicente

The [ Sapag] Family
*Elías Sapag, MPN Senator
**'Pipe' Sapag, MPN Senator; son of Elías
**Luz Sapag, MPN Senator; daughter of Elías
**Jorge Sapag, MPN Governor of Neuquén Province; son of Elías
*Felipe Sapag, MPN Governor of Neuquén five times; brother of Elías
**Silvia Sapag, candidate for deputy; daughter of Felipe
**Luis Felipe Sapag, MPN candidate for governor; son of Felipe
*Amado Sapag, MPN mayor of Zapala; brother of Elías and Felipe

The Uriburu Family
*José Evaristo Uriburu (President, 1895–1898)
**José Félix Uriburu ((illegal)de facto President, 1930–1932; son of José Evaristo Uriburu)


The Sargsyan Family (brothers)
*Vazgen Sargsyan (Prime Minister, 1999)
*Aram Sargsyan (Prime Minister1999–2000)


The Albanese Family (husband-wife)
*Anthony Albanese, (member of Parliament since 1996)
*Carmel Tebbutt, (member of New South Wales Legislative Assembly since 2005)

The Anderson Family (husband-wife-son)
* Kathleen Anderson, member of the New South Wales Legislative Council 1973–1981
* Keith Anderson, member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly 1961–1962
** Peter Anderson, member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly 1978–1995

The Anthony Family (grandfather-father-son)
*Larry Anthony, senior (Member of Parliament 1937–1957)
*Doug Anthony (Member of Parliament 1957–1984, (leader of the National Party of Australia 1971–1984)
*Larry Anthony, junior (Member of Parliament, Minister in the Howard government 1996–2004)

The Barnard Family (father-son-nephew)
*Claude Barnard (Member of Parliament 1934–1949
*Lance Barnard (Member of Parliament 1954–1975, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia 1972–1974)
*Eric Barnard (nephew of Claude Barnard, minister in Tasmanian governments)

The Bashir Family-Shehadie Family (wife-husband)
*Marie Bashir (Governor of New South Wales)
*Sir Nicholas Shehadie (former Lord Mayor of Sydney)

The Beazley Family (father-son)
*Kim (Edward) Beazley (Member of Parliament 1945–1977, Education Minister 1972–1975)
**Kim (Christian) Beazley (Member of Parliament since 1980, Federal Opposition leader and leader of the Australian Labor Party 1996–2001, 2005)

The Cain Family (father-son)
*John Cain (senior) (Premier of Victoria 1952–1955)
**John Cain (Premier of Victoria 1982–1990)

The Court Family (father-son)
*Sir Charles Court (Premier of Western Australia 1974–1981)
**Richard Court (Premier of Western Australia 1993–2002)(The tennis player Margaret Court is Richard Court's sister-in-law)

The Crean Family (father-sons)
*Frank Crean (Member of Parliament 1951–1977, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia 1972–1975)
**Simon Crean (Member of Parliament since 1990, leader of the Australian Labor Party 2001–2003)
**Dr David Crean (brother of Simon Crean, former Minister in the Tasmanian government)

The Downer Family (grandfather-father-son)
*Sir John Downer (senator in first Australian Parliament of 1901)
**Sir Alexander "Alec" Downer (Member of Parliament 1949–1964, High Commissioner in London)
***Alexander Downer (member of parliament since 1984, opposition leader 1994–1995, Foreign Minister since 1996)

The Ferguson Family (father-sons)
*Jack Ferguson (Deputy Premier of New South Wales 1976–1984)
**Laurie Ferguson (Member of Parliament since 1990)
**Martin Ferguson (President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Member of Parliament since 1996)
**Andrew Ferguson (Secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union - New South Wales Construction & General Division)

The Fraser Family (grandfather-grandson)
*Sir Simon Fraser (Senator 1901–1906)
*Malcolm Fraser (Member of Parliament 1955–1983, Prime Minister of Australia 1975–1983) The Hawke Family (uncle-nephew)
*Albert Hawke (Premier of Western Australia 1953–1959)
**Bob Hawke (Prime Minister of Australia 1983–1991)

The Hodgman Family (grandfather-son-son-grandson)
* William Hodgman (former President of the Tasmanian Legislative Council)
** Peter Hodgman (member of Tasmanian parliament)
** Michael Hodgman (member of Tasmanian parliament)
*** Will Hodgman (current Leader of the Opposition in Tasmania)

The James Family(father-son)
*Rowley James (Member of Parliament for Hunter, New South Wales 1924–1958)
*Albert William "Bert" James (Member of Parliament for Hunter, New South Wales 1960–1980)

The Jenkins Family (father-son)
*Harry Jenkins, Sr (Member of Parliament for Scullin, Victoria, 1969–1985)
**Harry Jenkins (Member of Parliament for Scullin, Victoria, 1986-present)

The Katter Family (father-son)
*Bob Katter, Sr. (Member of Parliament for Kennedy, Queensland, 1966–1990)
**Bob Katter (Member of Parliament for Kennedy, Queensland, 1993-present)

The Knowles Family (father-son)
* Stan Knowles, Australian Labor Party member for Macquarie Fields in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 1981–1990
** Craig Knowles, Australian Labor Party member for Macquarie Fields in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 1990–2005

The Lavarch Family (husband-wife)
*Michael Lavarch (Member of Parliament 1987–1996, Attorney General in the Keating government 1993-1996)
*Linda Lavarch, Australian Labor Party member for Kurwongbah in the Queensland Parliament, 1997–present, Attorney General in the Beattie government 2005-2006)

The Lawrie Family (mother-daughter)
*Dawn Lawrie, independent member for Nightcliff in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, 1974–1983
**Delia Lawrie, Australian Labor Party member for Karama in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, 2001-present

The "Lyons" Family (husband-wife-sons)
*Joseph Lyons (Member of Parliament 1929–1939, Prime Minister of Australia 1932–1939)
*Dame Enid Lyons (wife of Joseph Lyons, first female member of the Australian House of Representatives 1943–1951)
**Kevin Lyons, Deputy Premier of Tasmania 1969–1972
**Brendan Lyons, member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly 1982–1986

The McClelland Family (father-son-grandson)

* Alfred McClelland, Australian Labor Party member for Northern Tablelands and member for Dubbo in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 1920–1927, 1930–1932
** Douglas McClelland, Australian Labor Party member of the Australian Senate for New South Wales, 1962–1987
*** Robert McClelland, Australian Labor Party member for Barton in the Australian House of Representatives, 1996-present

The Melloy-Crampton-Darling Family (father-father's 2nd cousin-daughter-granddaughter)

* Jack Melloy, former Queensland state Labor leader
* Walter Russell Crampton, former member of Queensland upper house (Legislative Council)
** Elaine Darling, former federal MP
*** Vicky Darling, current Queensland state MP

The Newman Family (husband-wife-son)
*Kevin Newman, Member of Parliament for Bass, Tasmania 1975–1984
*Jocelyn Newman, Senator for Tasmania 1986–2002
**Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor of Brisbane 2004-present

The Playford Family (grandfather-grandson)
*Thomas Playford (Premier of South Australia 1887–1889, 1890–1892, 1892)
**Sir Thomas Playford (Premier of South Australia 1938–1965, longest-serving Premier in Australian and Commonwealth history)(Dr John Playford (1935–2003), leading Australian political scientist, was a great-grandson of Thomas Playford senior and a second cousin of Sir Thomas Playford.)

The Ruddock Family (father-son)
*Max Ruddock (Member of the New South Wales state parliament)
**Philip Ruddock (Member of Parliament since 1973, Immigration Minister 1996–2003, Attorney General 2003-2007)

The Turnbull Family
*Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal Member of Parliament, former leader of the Australian Republican Movement)
*Lucy Turnbull (Lord Mayor of Sydney (-2004), and daughter of Tom Hughes, a barrister and former MP. Attorney-General in the government of Sir John Grey Gorton)

The Vale Family (brothers-great grandson-great great grandson)

* William Vale, member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for West Ballarat, Collingwood and Fitzroy (1864-74, 1880-81
** Monte Vale, member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for Greensborough (1967-70, 1973-77)
*** Roger Vale, member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly for electoral division of Stuart (1974-1994)
* Richard Vale, member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for West Ballarat (1886-89, 1892-1902

The Watkins Family (father-son)
*David Watkins (Member of Parliament for Newcastle 1901–1935)
**David O. Watkins (Member of Parliament for Newcastle 1935–1958)

The Wooldridge Family (brother-sister)
*Michael Wooldridge, federal health minister 1996–2001
*Mary Wooldridge, member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly 2006-present

The Wriedt Family (father-daughter)
*Ken Wriedt, Whitlam-era federal minister and later Tasmanian Labor leader
**Paula Wriedt, current Tasmanian Tourism Minister


The Habsburg Family of Austria ( (grandfather - father - children)
*Charles I (Karl I), (Emperor of Austria 1916 - 1918, King of Hungary 1916 - 1918)
**Otto von Habsburg (German Member of the European Parliament), son of Charles I
***Karl Habsburg-Lothringen (former Austrian Member of the European Parliament), son of Otto
***Georg von Habsburg (Györgi), (Hungarian Ambassador), son of Otto
***Walburga von Hapsburg Douglas, member of the Swedish parliament, daughter of Otto


The Aliyev Family
*Heydar Aliyev (President of Azerbaijan, 1993-2003)
**Ilham Aliyev (son of Heydar Aliyev; President of Azerbaijan, 2003- )

The Bahamas

The Butler Family
*Sir Milo Butler
*Loretta Butler-Turner

The Pindling Family
*Sir Lynden Pindling
*Michelle Pindling-Sands

The Symonette Family
*Sir Roland Symonette
*Brent Symonette

The Turnquest Family
*Sir Orville Turnquest (Governor-General of The Bahamas, 1995-2001)
**Tommy Turnquest (son of Sir Orville Turnquest; leader, Free National Movement)


The Chowdhury Family
*A. Q. M. Badruddoza Chowdhury (President of Bangladesh, 2001-2002)
**Mahi Chowdhury (son of A. Q. M. Badruddoza Chowdhury; Member of Parliament)

The Mujibur Rahman Family
*"Bangabandhu" Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 1972-1975)
**Sheikh Hasina (daughter of Mujibur Rahman; Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 1996-2001)

The Ziaur Rahman Family
*Ziaur Rahman (President of Bangladesh, 1977-1981)
*Begum Khaleda Zia (wife of Ziaur Rahman; Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 1991-1996 and 2001- )
**Tareq Rahman (son of Ziaur Rahman and Khaleda Zia)


The Adams Family
*Sir Grantley Adams (Premier of Barbados, 1954-1958)
**Tom Adams (son of Sir Grantley Adams; Prime Minister of Barbados, 1976-1985)

The Barrow Family
*Errol Barrow (Prime Minister of Barbados, 1966-1976 and 1986-1987)
*Dame Nita Barrow (sister of Errol Barrow; Governor-General of Barbados, 1990-1995)


The Eyskens Family
*Gaston Eyskens (Prime Minister)
**Mark Eyskens (Prime Minister); son of Gaston Eyskens


* José Ballivián (1805–1852)
* Adolfo Ballivián (1831–1874)

* Hernando Siles Reyes (1882–1942)
* Hernán Siles Zuazo (1914–1996)
* Luis Adolfo Siles Salinas (1925–2005)


The Khama Family (husband-wife-son)
*Sir Seretse Khama - President (1966–1980)
*Ruth Williams Khama - politically active first lady
**Seretse Ian Khama - Vice-President (2001-present); son of Sir Seretse


The Brás-Moreira Family (cousins)
*Venceslau Brás Pereira Gomes (President of Brazil)
*Delfim Moreira (President of Brazil)

The Collor-Melo Family
*Lindolfo Collor (Minister of Labor)
*Arnon de Melo (Governor of Alagoas)
*Fernando Collor de Mello (President of Brazil)

The Fonseca Family
*Deodoro da Fonseca (President of Brazil)
*Hermes Rodrigues da Fonseca (President of Brazil)
*Nair de Tefé (Nair von Hoonholtz) (influential First Lady and political cartoonist)

The Garotinho Family (spouses)
*Anthony Garotinho (presidential candidate and Governor of Rio de Janeiro State)
*Rosinha Garotinho (Governor of Rio de Janeiro State)

The Kubitschek Family
*João Nepumuceno Kubitschek (Lieutenant Governor ["vice-governador"] of Minas Gerais)
*Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira (President of Brazil)
*Márcia Kubitschek (Lieutenant Governor of the Brazilian Federal District)

The Magalhães Family
*Antônio Carlos Magalhães
*Antônio Carlos Magalhães Filho
*Luís Eduardo Magalhães
*Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto

The Neves-Cunha Family
*Tancredo Neves (President of Brazil)
*Tristão Ferreira da Cunha (Congressional Deputy from Minas Gerais)
*Aécio Cunha (Congressional Deputy from Minas Gerais)
*Aécio Neves da Cunha (Governor of Minas Gerais)

The Sarney Family (father-daughter)
*José Sarney (President of Brazil)
*Roseana Sarney (Former Gorvenor and Senator from Maranhão)

The Vargas-Peixoto Family
*Getúlio Dornelles Vargas (President of Brazil)
*Lutero Vargas (Congressional Deputy from Rio de Janeiro)
*Alzira Vargas do Amaral Peixoto (lawyer, Presidential advisor and author)
*Ernani do Amaral Peixoto (Governor of Rio de Janeiro State)
*Ivete Vargas Tatsch (Congressional Deputy from São Paulo State)


The Zhivkov Family

*Todor Zhivkov (former Communist leader)
*Lyudmila Zhivkova (former Culture minister)
*Jenny Zhivkova (Member of Parliament)

The Stanishev Family

*Dimitar Stanishev (former Communist leader)
*Sergey Stanishev (Socialist leader, Member of Parliament, Prime Minister 2005-present)

The Bokov Family

*Georgi Bokov (former Communist leader, former media boss)
*Filip Bokov (former Socialist leader, Member of Parliament, Presidential advisor)
*Irina Bokova (former Foreign Minister, ran for Vice-President, Member of Parliament, Ambassador to France)

Burkina Faso

The Compaoré Family
*Blaise Compaoré (president)
*François Compaoré (economic advisor)
*Simon Compaoré (mayor of Ouagadougou)
*Jean-Marie Compaoré (archbishop of Burkina Faso)
*Jean-Baptiste Compaoré (finance minister)
*Franck Compaoré
*Chantal Compaoré (wife of Blaise)
*Félix Houphouët-Boigny (former president of Côte d'Ivoire; father of Chantal Compaoré)

The Yaméogo Family
*Maurice Yaméogo (founding president)
*Hermann Yaméogo (political party leader)


The Aung San Family (parents-daughter)
*Aung San (pre-independence prime minister)
*Khin Kyi (ambassador)
**Aung San Suu Kyi (democracy activist)

The Win Family (father-daughter)
*Ne Win, military dictator
**Sandar Win, politician


"'The Bagaza-Buyoya Family
*Jean-Baptiste Bagaza (President, 1976–1987)
*Pierre Buyoya (President, 1987–1993 and 1996–2003)


The Bennett family (father-son)
*W.A.C. Bennett, (Premier of British Columbia, 1952-1972)
**William R. Bennett, (Premier of British Columbia, 1975-1982)

The Chiarelli family (cousins)
*Bob Chiarelli, (mayor of Ottawa, 2001-2006)
*Rick Chiarelli, (city councillor in Ottawa)
*John Chiarelli, (former Catholic school board trustee in Ottawa)

The Clement Family (stepfather-stepson)
*John Clement, Ontario cabinet minister
**Tony Clement, Federal Minister for Health, Ontario Minister for Health

The Copps Family (father-daughter)
*Victor K. Copps, mayor of Hamilton, Ontario
**Sheila Copps, federal cabinet minister, former deputy prime minister

The Dewar Family (mother-son)
*Marion Dewar, mayor of Ottawa and Member of Parliament
**Paul Dewar, Member of Parliament

The Grewal Family (husband-wife)
*Gurmant Grewal and Nina Grewal, Conservative Members of Parliament, the first married couple to serve as MPs in the same session of Parliament

The Hampton family - Martel family (husband-wife, wife's father and maternal grandfather)
*Norman Fawcett, New Democratic Party MP
**Elie Martel, Ontario New Democrat Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) (married Fawcett's daughter)
***Shelley Martel, Ontario New Democrat MPP
****Howard Hampton, Ontario New Democrat leader, 1996-present

The Jackman family (grandfather, son-in-law, son-in-law's children)
*Newton Rowell, Ontario Liberal Party leader
**Harry Jackman, Member of Parliament (married Rowell's daughter)
***Hal Jackman, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
***Nancy Ruth, Senator

The Johnson family (father-sons)
*Daniel Johnson, Sr. Union Nationale (Premier of Quebec 1966-1968)
**Pierre-Marc Johnson Parti Québécois (Premier of Quebec, 1985): son of Daniel, Sr
**Daniel Johnson, Jr. Parti libéral du Québec (Premier of Quebec, 1994): son of Daniel, Sr.; brother of Pierre-Marc

The Layton family (grandfather, father, son, wife)
*Gilbert Layton, Quebec Member of the National Assembly and cabinet minister
**Robert Layton, federal Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament and cabinet minister
***Jack Layton, Member of Parliament and leader of the New Democratic Party
****Olivia Chow, Member of Parliament(Jack Layton is also a descendant of William Steeves, a Father of Confederation and Senator, on his maternal side.)

The Lewis family (father and son)
*David Lewis, leader of the New Democratic Party
**Stephen Lewis, leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

The Lougheed family (grandfather and grandson)
*Sir James Lougheed, Senator
**Peter Lougheed, Premier of Alberta

The MacKay family (father-son)
*Elmer MacKay, Progressive Conservative MP and cabinet minister
**Peter MacKay, Conservative MP and final Progressive Conservative leader

The Manning Family (father-son)
*Ernest Manning (Premier of Alberta, 1943-1968)
**Preston Manning (Founder of the Reform Party)

The Martin family (father-son)
*Paul Joseph James Martin - long serving Cabinet minister
**Paul Martin - Prime Minister

The Macdonald family (father-son)
*John A. Macdonald first Prime Minister of Canada
**Hugh John Macdonald federal cabinet minister, premier of Manitoba

The Mackenzie King family (grandfather-grandson)
*William Lyon Mackenzie rebel, first mayor of Toronto
**William Lyon Mackenzie King Canada's longest serving Prime Minister

The McGuinty family (father-son)
*Dalton McGuinty, Sr. MPP from Ottawa South
**Dalton McGuinty MPP from Ottawa South, and Premier of Ontario
**David McGuinty MP from Ottawa South

The Meighen Family (father, son, daughter, grandson, grandson's stepfather)
*Arthur Meighen, Prime Minister of Canada
**Lillian Meighen, philanthropist
**Theodore Meighen, lawyer and philanthropist
***Michael Meighen, Senator
****Hartland Molson, Senator, married Theodore Meighen's widow

The Miller Family (father, son)
* Frank Miller, Premier of Ontario
* Norm Miller, MPP

The Nixon family (grandfather, father, daughter)
*Harry Nixon, Ontario premier
**Robert Nixon, Ontario Liberal Party leader
***Jane Stewart, Liberal MP and cabinet minister

The Peterson Family (3 brothers)
*David Peterson Premier of Ontario
*Jim Peterson Federal cabinent minister
*Tim Peterson Ontario MPP

The Regan family (father-son)
*Gerald A. Regan premier of Nova Scotia, federal cabinet minister
**Geoff Regan federal cabinet minister

The Roblin family (grandfather-grandson)
*Rodmond P. Roblin premier of Manitoba
**Dufferin ("Duff") Roblin premier of Manitoba, federal senator

The Rogers family(mother-daughter)
*Edith Rogers, first woman ever elected as an MLA to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
**Margaret Konantz, first woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons from an electoral district in Manitoba

The Rowe family (father-daughter)
*William Earl Rowe, Ontario Conservative Party leader and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
**Jean Casselman Wadds, Member of Parliament and diplomat
***Arza Clair Casselman, Member of Parliament and husband of Jean Wadds

The Sifton family (father-sons)
*John Wright Sifton MLA, speaker of the house in Manitoba
**Arthur Sifton premier of Alberta, federal cabinet minister
**Clifford Sifton Manitoba cabinet minister, federal cabinet minister

The Sinclair family - Trudeau family (grandfather, son-in-law, grandson)
*James Sinclair, member of parliament (and father of Margaret Trudeau)
**Pierre Elliott Trudeau, federal cabinet minister, 15th prime minister of Canada
***Justin Trudeau, no political office as yet but widely seen as a future political leader; Liberal nominee for the Montreal riding of Papineau in the next federal election
***Alexandre Trudeau, television journalist
**Deborah Coyne, had a child with Pierre Trudeau, Liberal candidate in 2006

Central African Republic

The Boganda Family - Dacko Family -Domitien Family and Bokassa Family (distant relatives)
*Barthélemy Boganda, "founding father"
*David Dacko, first leader of independent CAR
*Elisabeth Domitien, prime minister and cousin of Bokassa
*Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Cold War-era despot and erstwhile "emperor"
*Jean-Serge Bokassa, 2005 presidential candidate

The Kolingba Family
*André Kolingba (President of the Central African Republic, 1981-1993)
*Mireille Kolingba (wife of André Kolingba; Member of Parliament)


The Alessandri Family
*Arturo Alessandri Palma, President of Chile
**Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez, President of Chile
**Fernando Alessandri Rodríguez, President of the Senate of Chile 1950–1958

The Allende Family
*Salvador Allende Gossens, President of Chile 1970–1973
**Isabel Allende Bussi, Deputy 1993–2007
*Laura Allende Gossens, Deputy 1965–1973

The Aylwin Family
*Patricio Aylwin - President of Chile, 1990–1994
**Mariana Aylwin - Minister of Education, 2000–2003 The Errázuriz Family
*Federico Errázuriz Zañartu, President of Chile
*Federico Errázuriz Echaurren, President of Chile
*Hernán Felipe Errázuriz Correa, Foreign Minister of Chile

The Frei Family
*Eduardo Frei Montalva - President of Chile, 1964–1970
**Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle - President of Chile, 1994–2000 (son of Eduardo Frei Montalva)
**Carmen Frei Ruiz-Tagle - Senator, 1990–2006
*Arturo Frei Bolivar - Deputy, 1969–1973, Senator, 1989–1998

The Lagos Family
*Ricardo Lagos Escobar, President of Chile, 2000–2006
**Ricardo Lagos Weber, Minister Secretary General of Government of Chile, 2006–2007

The Letelier Family
*Orlando Letelier del Solar, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Defence, 1973
**Juan Pablo Letelier, Deputy 1990–2006, Senator 2006–2007

The Montt Family
*Manuel Montt Torres, President of Chile
*Jorge Montt Alvarez, President of Chile
*Pedro Montt Montt, President of Chile

The Pinto Family
*Francisco Antonio Pinto Díaz, President of Chile
*Aníbal Pinto Garmendia, President of Chile

Republic of China/People's Republic of China

The Chiang Family (father-sons-grandson)
*Chiang Kai-shek (president of the Republic of China, 1928–1932; 1943–1949; 1950–1975)
**Chiang Ching-kuo (president of the Republic of China, 1978–1988)
***John Chiang (foreign minister, 1996–1997; vice premier of the ROC, 1997; secretary-general; legislator, 2002-present)
**Chiang Wei-kuo (Secretary-General of KMT)

The Soong Family (father-son-3 daughters)
*Charlie Soong: anti-Qing dynasty activist; financier of Sun Yat-sen
**T. V. Soong: Governor of the Bank of China; Minister of Finance; Minister of Foreign Affairs; legislator
**Soong Ai-ling (a.k.a. Madame H. H. Kung): secretary to President Sun Yat-sen
**Soong Ching-ling (a.k.a. Madame Sun Yat-sen): First Lady of the Republic of China; Vice Chairman of the People's Republic of China; President of the People's Republic of China
**Soong May-ling (a.k.a. Madame Chiang Kai-shek): First Lady of the Republic of China, legislator, Cabinet Minister (Air Force)


"'The Lleras Family -Restrepo Family
*José Félix de Restrepo
*Lorenzo María Lleras: foreign minister
*Sergio Camargo: President of Colombia
*Alberto Lleras Camargo: President of Colombia, grandson of Lorenzo María Lleras
*Carlos Lleras Restrepo: President of Colombia, great grandson of Lorenzo María Lleras
*Carlos Lleras de la Fuente: Ambassador to U.S.A., son of Carlos Lleras Restrepo
*Germán Vargas Lleras: President of the Senate, grandson of Carlos Lleras Restrepo
*Arturo Puga Osorio: President of Chile, father-in-law of Alberto Lleras

The López Family
*Ambrosio López: popular leader during the middle of s.XIX
*Pedro A. López: entrepreneur and Minister, son of Ambrosio López
*Alfonso López Pumarejo: President of Colombia (1934–38 and 1942–45), son of Pedro A. López
*Alfonso López Michelsen, son of Alfonso López Pumarejo: President of Colombia (1974–78)
*Alfonso López Caballero: former Minister, son of Alfonso López Michelsen
*María Mercedes Cuéllar López: former Minister, granddaughter of Alfonso López Pumarejo
*Clara López Obregón: Bogotá Secretary of Government, granddaughter of Alfonso López Pumarejo

The Pastrana Family
*Misael Pastrana Borrero: President of Colombia
*Andrés Pastrana Arango, son of Misael Pastrana Borrero: President of Colombia

The Santos Family
*Antonia Santos: Hero of the Colombian independence (s.XIX)
*Eduardo Santos Montejo: President of Colombia (1938-1942), son of an Antonia Santos's nephew
*Francisco Santos Calderón: Vice president of Colombia (since 2002), grandson of a Eduardo Santos's brother
*Juan Manuel Santos Calderón: Minister of Defense of Colombia (since 2006), former Minister of External Commerce (1991-1994) and of Finance (2000-2002), grandson of a Eduardo Santos's brother


The Ahmed Family (grandfather-grandson)
*Hashimu bin Ahmed
*Said Hassane Said Hachim

"'The Said Family
*Said Mohamed Jaffar
*Said Atthoumani
*Said Mohamed Cheikh
*Athoumane Said Ahmed
*Saidi Ali bin Saidi Omar
*Said Ibrahim Ben Ali
*Said Ali Kemal

The Soilih Family (half-brothers)
*Ali Soilih, President of Comoros
*Said Mohamed Djohar, President of Comoros

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Kabila Family (father-son)
*Laurent-Désiré Kabila (President, 1997–2001)
**Joseph Kabila (President, 2001 - )

"The Kabila family is also related by marriage to the Sassou-Nguesso and Bongo families of the Republic of the Congo and Gabon, respectively. This list is below under the Gabon heading."

The Mobutu Family (father-son-distant relative)
*Mobutu Sese Seko (President, 1965–1997)
*Nzanga Mobutu (Minister of State for Agriculture, 2007–present, leader of the Union of Mobutist Democrats)
*Manda Mobutu (leader of Manda's Rally party)

Cook Islands

The Henry Family
*Albert Henry, Chief Minister
**Sir Geoffrey Henry, Chief Minister

Costa Rica

The Arias-Sánchez Family
*Óscar Arias Sánchez (President of Costa Rica, 1986-1990)
*Rodrigo Arias Sánchez (brother of Óscar Arias Sánchez; presidential chief of staff)

The Calderón-Guardia Family
*Rafael Ángel Calderón Muñoz (Vice President of Costa Rica)
**Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia (son of Rafael Ángel Calderón Muñoz; President of Costa Rica, 1940-1944)
***Rafael Ángel Calderón Fournier (son of Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia; President of Costa Rica, 1990-1994)
**Francisco Calderón Guardia (son of Rafael Ángel Calderón Muñoz; Vice President of Costa Rica)

The Figueres Family
*José Figueres Ferrer (President of Costa Rica, 1953-1958 and 1970-1974)
**José María Figueres Olsen (son of José Figueres Ferrer; President of Costa Rica, 1994-1998)

The Jiménez Family
*Jesús Jiménez Zamora (President of Costa Rica, 1863-1866 and 1868-1870)
**Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno (son of Jesús Jiménez Zamora; President of Costa Rica, 1910-1914, 1924-1928 and 1932-1936)


The Tudjman Family
*Franjo Tuđman (President of Croatia, 1991-1999)
**Miroslav Tuđman (son of Franjo Tuđman; leader, Croatian True Revival Party)


The Castro Family
*Fidel Castro (Prime Minister of Cuba, 1959- )
*Raúl Castro (brother of Fidel Castro; second secretary, Communist Party of Cuba, 1965- )
**Vilma Espín Guillois wife of Raúl Castro and member of the Council of State of Cuba.
**Mariela Castro daughter of Raúl Castro and Vilma Espín. Director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education.


The Denktas Family
*Rauf Denktaş (President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 1975- )
**Serdar Denktaş (Foreign Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 2004- )


The Masaryk Family
*Tomáš Masaryk (President of Czechoslovakia, 1918-1935)
**Jan Masaryk (son of Tomáš Masaryk; Foreign Minister, 1940-1948)


The Hækkerup Family
*Hans Kristen Hækkerup (Member of The Folketing (The Danish Parliament), 1920-1929, and Mayor of Ringsted, 1927-29)
**Hans Erling Hækkerup (son of Hans Kristen Hækkerup; Minister of Justice and later Minister of the Interior, 1953-1968, Member of the Folketinget 1945-47 and 1948-71)
**Per Hækkerup (son of Hans Kristen Hækkerup; Foreign Minister, Minister of Trade and Industry 1962-1979)
**Karen Margrete Hækkerup (wife of Per Hækkerup, Member of The Folketing 1964-66 and 1970-81)
***Hans Hækkerup (son of Per Hækkerup, Minister of Defence 1993-2000, Member of The Folketing)
***Lise Ingeborg Hækkerup (ex-wife of Hans Hækkerup, Member of The Folketing 1990-1994, 1998-2001 and a bit of 2004)
***Klaus Hækkerup (son of Per Hækkerup, Mayor of Fredensborg-Humlebæk 1978-1988, Member of The Folketing 1988- )
****Nick Hækkerup (son of Klaus Hækkerup, Mayor of Hillerød 2000-2007)Member of the Folketing 2007-
****Ole Hækkerup (son of Klaus Hækkerup, Member of The Folketing 1998-2001)
****Karen Angelo Hækkerup (wife of Ole Hækkerup, Member of The Folketing 2005-)


The Aptidon-Guelleh Family
*Hassan Gouled Aptidon (President of Djibouti, 1977-1999)
**Ismail Omar Guelleh (nephew of Hassan Gouled Aptidon; President of Djibouti, 1999- )


The Douglas Family
*R. B. D. Douglas (Member of Parliament for Portsmouth)
**Adenauer "Washway" Douglas (son of R. B. D. Douglas; Mayor of Portsmouth)
**Michael Douglas (son of R. B. D. Douglas; Member of Parliament for Portsmouth)
***Ian Douglas (son of Michael Douglas; Member of Parliament for Portsmouth)
**Rosie Douglas (son of R. B. D. Douglas; Prime Minister of Dominica, 2000)

Dominican Republic

The Bosch Family
*Juan Bosch (President of the Dominican Republic, 1963)
**Milagros Ortiz Bosch (niece of Juan Bosch; Vice President of the Dominican Republic, 2000-2004)

The Trujillo Family
*Rafael Leónidas Trujillo (President of the Dominican Republic, 1930-1938 and 1942-1952)
**Rafael "Ramfis" Trujillo (son of Rafael Trujillo)
*Héctor Trujillo (brother of Rafael Trujillo; President of the Dominican Republic, 1952-1960)


The Arosemena Family
*Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola (President of Ecuador, 1947-1948)
**Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy (son of Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola; President of Ecuador, 1961-1963)
**Otto Arosemena Gómez (cousin of Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy; President of Ecuador, 1966-1968)

The Plaza Family
*Leonidas Plaza (President of Ecuador, 1901-1905 and 1912-1916)
**Galo Plaza (son of Leonidas Plaza; President of Ecuador, 1948-1952)


The Ghali Family
*Boutros Ghali Pasha (Prime Minister of Egypt, 1908-1910)
**Boutros Boutros-Ghali (grandson of Boutros Ghali Pasha)
*** Minister for Foreign Affairs
***Secretary-General of the United Nations, 1992-1996
**Youssef Boutros Ghali (nephew of Boutros Boutros-Ghali)
*** Minister for Economic Affairs (1999-2001)
*** Minister for Foreign Trade (2001-2004)
*** Minister for Finance and Insurance (2004- )

The Mubarak Family (father-son)
*Hosni Mubarak (President of Egypt, 1981-present)
**Gamal Mubarak (General Secretary of the Policy Committee of the National Democratic Party, "de facto" heir apparent to the Presidency, son of Hosni)

The Abaza Family

El Salvador

The Meléndez-Quiñónez Family
*Carlos Meléndez (President of El Salvador, 1915-1918)
*Jorge Meléndez (brother of Carlos Meléndez; President of El Salvador, 1919-1923)
*Alfonso Quiñónez Molina (brother-in-law of Jorge Meléndez; President of El Salvador, 1923-1927)

Equatorial Guinea

The Nguema Family (close relatives)

*Francisco Macías Nguema (President, 1968–1979)
*Ela Nguema (presidential aide)
*Eyegue Ntutumu (governor of Río Muni)
*Masie Ntutumu (minister of interior)
*Bonifacio Nguema Esono Nchama (vice president)
*Oyono Ayingono (finance minister)
*Maye Ela (head of the navy)
*Feliciano Oyono (leader of Macías' PUNT party)
*Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (President, 1979-)
*Teodorín Nguema Obiang (forestry minister)
*Constancia Mangue de Obiang (first lady)
*Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue (infrastructure minister)
*Armengol Ondo Nguema (director of security)
*Antonio Mba Nguema (police chief)
*Agustín Ndong Ona (military inspector-general)
*Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima (mining minister)
*Demetrio Elo Ndong Nsefumu (first deputy prime minister)
*Alejandro Evuna Owono Asangono (chief of the presidency)
*Marcelino Oyono Ntutumu (transport minister)
*Lucas Nguema Evono Mbang (sports minister)
*Jaime Obama Owono Nchama (minister-delegate for infrastructure)
*Manuel Nguema Mba (minister-delegate for the interior)
*Pastor Micha Ondo Bile (foreign affairs minister)
*Rubén Maye Nsue Mangue (justice minister)
*Clemente Engonga Nguema Onguéné (interior minister)
*Baltasár Engonga Edjo (economy minister)
*Cristóbal Menana Ela (energy minister)
*Teresa Efua Asangono (women's affairs minister)
*Francisco Edu Ngua Okomo (secretary of state for foreign affairs)
*Victoriana Nchama Nsue Okomo (secretary of state for foreign affairs)
*Francisco Mabale Nseng (secretary of state for energy)
*Melchor Esono Edjo (secretary of state for the treasury)


The Grünthal Family
*Timotheus Grünthal
**Ivar Grünthal (son of Timotheus Grünthal)

The Helme Family
*Mart Helme
**Martin Helme (son of Mart Helme)

The Mark Family (brothers)
*Heinrich Mark
*Aksel Mark

The Mathiesen Family
*Mihkel Mathiesen
**Mait Mihkel Mathiesen (son of Mihkel Mathiesen)

The Must Family
*Aadu Must
**Kadri Must (daughter of Aadu Must)

The Päts Family
*Konstantin Päts
**Viktor Päts (son of Konstantin Päts)
***Matti Päts (grandson of Konstantin Päts)
**Leo Päts (son of Konstantin Päts)
*Peeter Päts (brother of Konstantin Päts)
*Voldemar Päts (brother of Konstantin Päts)

The Savisaa Family
*Edgar Savisaar
*Vilja Savisaar (wife of Edgar Savisaar)
**Maria Savisaar (daughter of Edgar Savisaar)


" NOTE: Most of Fiji's political families listed below are, in fact, related by ancestry or by marriage. The Nailatikau family is a subset of the Cakobau family; both are connected by marriage - as well as by ancestral ties - with the Mara and Ganilau families. Tracing family relationships in Fiji is complicated by the fact that many prominent Fijians do not use family names)."

The Bavadra Family (husband-wife)
*Timoci Bavadra - Prime Minister of Fiji (1987)
*Adi Kuini Speed (widow of Timoci Bavadra; Cabinet Minister (1999-2000)

Descendants of Seru Epenisa Cakobau "Cakobau was the Fijian monarch who unified the nation in 1871, and ceded it to Britain in 1874. Many twentieth-century politicians are direct descendants of his."

**Ratu Sir Edward Cakobau - Military commander, Deputy Prime Minister (1970s).
**Ratu Sir George Cakobau - Governor-General of Fiji (1973-1983)
**Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (founding father; Prime Minister 1967-1992; President 1993-2000).
**Ro Lady Lala Mara (2nd cousin and wife of Ratu Sir Kamisese; co-founder of the Fijian Political Party); maternal great-granddaughter.
**Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna (1888-1958 - Fiji's first modern statesman. Soldier, scholar, statesman; Paramount Chief; first Speaker of Fiji's Legislative Council (1950s). Maternal great-grandson.
**Ro Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa (nee "Tuisaiwau") (maternal great-granddaughter; sister of Ro Lady Lala Mara) - Minister of Education (2001-2006.
**Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (soldier, diplomat, Deputy Prime Minister (2000-2001), Speaker of the House of Representatives (2001-2006); Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007 - present); son of Ratu Sir Edward Cakobau
**Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokanauto - son of Ratu Sir Edward Cakobau (q.v.), brother of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (q.v.); Cabinet Minister (2000 - 2001).
**Ratu Alifereti Finau Mara (son of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (q.v.); soldier, leader of the Fijian Association Party and cabinet minister (1990s); Fijian Ambassador to the United Nations).
**Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau (daughter of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (q.v.) and wife of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau; diplomat, cabinet minister (1999-2000), and Senator (2001-2006)
**Ratu George Cakobau - Senator (2001-2006); son of Ratu Sir George Cakobau (q.v.)
**Adi Litia Cakobau - Senator (2001-2006) and former Cabinet Minister; daughter of Ratu Sir George Cakobau (q.v.)
**Adi Samanunu Cakobau-Talakuli - Senator and Cabinet Minister (2006-present) and former High Commissioner to Malaysia; daughter of Ratu Sir George Cakobau (q.v.)
*Great-great-great grandchildren
**Adi Kuini Speed; widow of Timoci Bavadra (q.v.); Cabinet Minister (1999-2000) (also listed under Bavadra family)The Ganilau Family
*Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau - first President of Fiji (1987-1992); maternal great-grandson of Seru Epenisa Cakobau.
**Ratu Epeli Ganilau - son of Ratu Sir Penaia; husband of Adi Ateca Mara (daughter of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara); soldier, co-founder of the Christian Democratic Party (1998), Chairman, Great Council of Chiefs (2001-2004), founder of the National Alliance Party (2005).
**Bernadette Rounds Ganilau - wife of Ratu Rabici Ganilau (son of Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau); United Peoples Party parliamentarian (2006).

The Patel Family 1 (brothers)
*A.D. Patel - founder of the National Federation Party
*R.D. Patel - Speaker of the House of Representatives

The Patel Family 2 (brothers)
* Navin Patel - Member of House of Representatives 1977 - 1987
* Vinod Patel - Member of House of Representatives 1994 - 1999

The Speight Family (father-sons)
*Sam Speight - Cabinet Minister (1990s)
*George Speight - coup leader
*Samisoni Tikoinasau - Member of Parliament

The Singh Family 1 (brothers-son)
* Parmanand Singh - Younger brother - one of the first Indo-Fijian members of the Legislative Council
* Chattur Singh - Elder brother - member of Legislative Council
** Anand Singh - Parmanand's son - member of House of Representatives and Senate

The Singh Family 2 (half-brothers - nephew)
* James Shankar Singh - elder half-brother of Uday - Alliance Minister, later joined the National Federation Party
* Uday Singh - younger half-brother of James - Alliance Party, one term member of Parliament
** Vijay R. Singh- Nephew of the brothers - Alliance Minister, later joined the National Federation Party

The Lakshman Family (father - son - grandson)
* B.D. Lakshman -Member of Legislative Council 1940-1944 and 1959-1963
** Prince Gopal Lakshman - son of B.D. Lakshman - Member of House of Representatives 1999-2006
*** Chaitanya Lakshman - grandson of B D Lakshman - Member of House of Representatives in 2006 and member of multi-party cabinet

The Maharaj Family (father - son)
* James Ramchandar Maharaj - Member of Legislative Council of Fiji in 1929.
**Navin Maharaj son of James Ramchandar Maharaj - Member of House of Representatives 1987

The Madhavan Family (father - son)
* James Madhavan - member of the Legislative Council of Fiji from 1947 to 1972
** Shiromaniam Madhavan - son of James was member of the House of Representatives of Fiji from 1992 to 1994.


The Kuusinen Family
*Otto Ville Kuusinen (communist leader, fled to the Soviet Union and became a prominent politician there)
**Hertta Kuusinen (daughter, MP for the Finnish People's Democratic League 1945-1971)

The Paasio Family (father-son)
*Rafael Paasio (social democratic party leader)
**Pertti Paasio (ditto)
***Heli Paasio (daughter, MP)

The Tuomioja Family
*Sakari Tuomioja
**Pertti Tuomioja
**Erkki Tuomioja (MP, foreign minister)

The Vennamo Family
*Veikko Vennamo (leader of populist agrarian splinter party)
**Pekka Vennamo (son and successor, postal industry leader)

The Erkko Family
*Eero Erkko
** Aatos Erkko

The Donner Family
*Otto Donner, Member of Finnish Parliament, and Minister of Education
**Patrick Donner, British Member of Parliament
**Jörn Donner, Member of Finnish Parliament, and a MEP.


The Debré Family
* Michel Debré, Prime Minister of France under de Gaulle;
** Jean-Louis Debré, son of Michel, president speaker of the French National Assembly since 2002;
** Bernard Debré, son of Michel and brother of Jean-Louis, former minister, professor of medicine.

The De Gaulle Family
*Charles de Gaulle - President of the Republic 1959-1969
** Philippe de Gaulle - French senator; son of Charles de Gaulle
***Charles de Gaulle, Jr. - Member of the European Parliament for the right-wing National Front; grandson of Charles de Gaulle

The Giscard d'Estaing Family
*Agénor Bardoux, (Minister of State Education)
**Jacques Bardoux, (French senator), son of Agénor Bardoux
***Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, (President of the Republic 1974-1981), grandson of Jacques Bardoux
****Louis Giscard d'Estaing, (Member of Parliament), son of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

The Le Pen Family (father-daughter)
*Jean-Marie Le Pen - founder of the right-wing National Front
**Marine Le Pen - party vice-president

The Villepin Family (father-son)
*Xavier de Villepin - Senator
**Dominique de Villepin (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State for the Interior, Prime Minister of France), son of Xavier de Villepin


The Sassou-Nguesso Family and Bongo Family
*Emmanuel Yoka (Congolese cabinet chief; uncle of Sassou-Nguesso)
**Denis Sassou-Nguesso (president of the Republic of Congo)
***Jean-Dominique Okemba (leader of national Security Council; nephew of Sassou-Nguesso)
***Edgar Nguesso (nephew of Sassou-Nguesso; director of estate)
***Hilaire Moko (director of government security; nephew of Sassou-Nguesso)
***Denis Christel Nguesso (nephew of Sassou-Nguesso; senior state oil company official)
***Wilfrid Nguesso (brother of Edgar; senior parastatal director)
**Gabriel Oba-Apounou (vice-president of National Assembly; cousin of Sassou-Nguesso)
***Claudia Lemboumba-Nguesso (Sassou's daughter; wife of M. Leboumba; communications director)
***Martin Lemboumba (husband of Lemboumba-Nguesso; son of J. Lemboumba)
**Jean-Pierre Lemboumba (finance minister; father of M. Leboumba)
***Sandrine Nguesso (Sassou's daughter; married to Kabila)
***Joseph Kabila (President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
**Antoinette Sassou-Nguesso (first lady of the Republic of Congo; married to Sassou-Nguesso)
***Edith Nguesso-Bongo (Sassou-Nguesso's daughter)
***Omar Bongo (president of Gabon and husband of Edith Sassou-Nguesso)
****Ali Bongo (defense minister of Gabon and son of Omar)
****Pascaline Mferri Bongo Ondimba (Former Gabonese Foreign Minister of Gabon, Current Presidential Cabinet Director, and daughter of Omar)


The Adenauer Family
*Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of Germany
**Max Adenauer, Oberstadtdirektor and Councillor in Cologne, son of Konrad
***Sven-Georg Adenauer, Landrat (District Director) in the Landkreis (district) of Gütersloh, grandson of Konrad

The Bismarck Family
*Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor (Prime Minister) of the German Empire, 1871 - 1890
**Herbert von Bismarck, (Minister from 1888 - 1890, Member of the Reichstag from 1893), son of Otto
***Otto von Bismarck, Jr., (1897 - 1975, Member of the Reichstag 1924 - 1928, Member of the Bundestag 1953 - 1965), son of Herbert
***Gottfried von Bismarck, (1901 - 1949, Member of the Reichstag 1933 - 1944), son of Herbert
*****Carl-Eduard von Bismarck, (Member of the Bundestag), great-great-grandson of Otto Sr.

The de Maizière Family
*Ulrich de Maizière, inspector general of the West German Army
**Lothar de Maizière, (Prime Minister of the German Democratic Republic March-October 1990), nephew of Ulrich
**Thomas de Maizière, (Minister of Justice of Saxony), cousin of Lothar

The Guttenberg Family
*Karl Ludwig von Guttenberg, Member of the resistance against Hitler (d 1945)
*Georg Enoch, Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg, (Hereditary Peer in Bavaria), brother of Karl Ludwig
**Karl Theodor, Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg, (co-founder of a Bavarian party, Member of the German Parliament), son of Georg Enoch
***Karl Theodor, Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg, (Member of the German Parliament), grandson of Karl Theodor

The Gysi Family (father and son)
*Klaus Gysi, (GDR Minister of Culture, Ambassador to Italy, State Secretary for Church Affairs) (d 1999)
**Gregor Gysi, (Human rights lawyer, chair of the Party of Democratic Socialism [PDS] , leader of PDS fraction in the Bundestag, Economics Senator in Berlin city government), son of Klaus

The Niklas / Ertl Family
*Wilhelm Niklas, (Minister for Agriculture) (d 1957)
**Josef Ertl, (Minister for Agriculture) (d 2000), son-in-law of Wilhelm

The Speer Family (father - daughter)
*Albert Speer, (Third Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production)
**Hildegard Schramm, (Vice-President of the Berlin House of Deputies), daughter of Albert

The Vogel Family (brothers)
*Bernhard Vogel, (Prime Minister of Rheinland-Pfalz, Prime Minister of Thuringia)
*Hans-Jochen Vogel, (Mayor of Munich, Mayor of Berlin), brother of Bernhard

The Weizsäcker Family (grandfather-father-son-nephew)
*Karl Hugo Weizsäcker, (Prime Minister of Württemberg)
**Ernst von Weizsäcker, (Diplomat, Head of the Political Department of the Foreign Office); son of Karl Hugo von Weizsäcker
***Richard von Weizsäcker, (President of Germany); son of Ernst Freiherr von Weizsäcker
****Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, (German Member of Parliament); nephew of Richard von Weizsäcker


The Karamanlis Family (two brothers, then their nephew)
*Constantine Karamanlis (three times Prime Minister of Greece)
*Achilleas Karamanlis (several times MP or Minister); brother of Constantine
**Kostas Karamanlis (leader of the New Democracy party; current Prime Minister); nephew of both Constantinos and Achilleas

The Papandreou Family (grandfather-father-son)
* Georgios Papandreou, senior (Prime Minister of Greece)
** Andreas Papandreou (Prime Minister of Greece); son of George
*** George Andreas Papandreou (leader of the PASOK party; Member of the Parliament, former Minister); son of Andreas

The Venizelos Family and Mitsotakis Family (father-son-nephew-sons and daughters-son in law)
*Eleftherios Venizelos (Prime Minister of Greece)
**Sophoklis Venizelos (Prime Minister of Greece); son of Eleftherios
***Nikitas Venizelos (Liberal MP); grandson of Eleftherios (by his son, Kyriakos Venizelos)
*Kostis Mitsotakis founder of Komma Fileleftheron; brother-in-law of Eleftherios Venizelos
**Aristomenis Mitsotakis (Liberal MP); son of Kostis, nephew of Eleftherios
**Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Senior) (Liberal MP); son of Kostis, nephew of Eleftherios
***Konstantinos Mitsotakis (Prime Minister of Greece); son of Kyriakos
****Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Member of the Parliament); son of Constantinos
****Dora Bakoyianni (Greek Foreign Affairs Minister, former Greek Minsiter for Culture, former Deputy Foreign Minister, former Mayor of Athens, and a member of parliament); daughter of Constantinos
****Pavlos Bakoyiannis (assassinated Member of the Parliament); husband of Dora


The Akufo-Addo Family (father-son)
*Edward Akufo-Addo (president, 1970-1972)
**Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (foreign minister, 2003- )


The Ydigoras Family -Morazan Family
*Francisco Morazán (Central American political leader)
*Miguel Ydígoras Fuentes (President of Guatemala)

The Cerezo Family
*Marco Vinicio Cerezo Sierra (Supreme Court judge)
*Vinicio Cerezo (President of Guatemala)
*Celso Cerezo (legislative deputy)


The Burnham Family
*Forbes Burnham (President of Guyana, 1980-1985; Prime Minister of Guyana, 1966-1980)
*Viola Burnham (wife of Forbes Burnham; Vice President, 1985-1991)

The Jagan Family
*Cheddi Jagan (President of Guyana, 1992-1997)
*Janet Jagan (wife of Cheddi Jagan; President of Guyana, 1997-1999)
*Derek Jagan (brother of Cheddi Jagan; Speaker of the National Assembly)


The Duvalier Family (father-son)
*François Duvalier (President of Haiti, 1957-1971)
**Jean-Claude Duvalier (son of François Duvalier; President of Haiti, 1971-1986)


The Melgar Family (spouses)
*Juan Alberto Melgar Castro (President of Honduras)
*Nora Gúnera de Melgar (Mayor and Presidential candidate)


The Antall Family (grandfather - father - son)
*József Antall (Government Commissioner for Refugees in the Second World War, Minister for Reconstruction after 1945)
**József Antall (Prime Minister 1990 - 1993), son of Jozsef Antall
***Péter Antall (Director of the Democratic Forum [MDF] 's Political Foundation), son of Jozsef Antall jr.

The Göncz Family (father - daughter)
*Árpád Göncz (President)
**Kinga Göncz (foreign minister), daughter of Árpád


"See main article" Political families of India

The Abdullah Family
*Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Chief Minister of Kashmir
**Farooq Abdullah, Chief Minister of Kashmir (son of Sheikh Abdullah)
***Omar Abdullah, Union Minister, (son of Farooq)

The K. Karunakaran Family
*K. Karunakaran, Kerala chief minister
**K. Muralidharan, State Minister for Electricity and Member of parliament (Son of Karunakaran)
**Padmaja Venugopal, (Daughter of K. Karunakaran)

The Karunanidhi Family
*M. Karunanidhi, Tamil Nadu chief minister
**M.K. Stalin, State Minister for Rural Development and Municipal Administration (Son of Karunanidhi)
**M.K. Azhagiri Politician based in the southern temple city of Madurai
**Kanimozhi member of Parliament
**Murasoli Maran, Union Minister (nephew of Karunanidhi)
***Dayanidhi Maran, Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology (son of Murasoli)

The Kumaramangalam Family (father-son and daughter)
*P. Subbarayan (Chief Minister of Tamilnadu)
**Mohan Kumaramangalam (INC cabinet minister)
***Lalitha Kumaramangalam (BJP politician in Pondicherry)
***Rangarajan Kumaramangalam (BJP cabinet minister)

The Naidu Family
*Sarojini Naidu (freedom fighter and poetess) (Mother)
**Padmaja Naidu (Governor) (Daughter)

The Nehru Dynasty
*Motilal Nehru (1861-1931)(politician and lawyer) (Father)
**Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964)(Prime Minister, 1947-1964) (Son of Motilal)
**Kamala Nehru, (1899-1936) (wife of Jawaharlal, Congress leader)
***Indira Gandhi (1917-1984)(Prime Minister, 1966-1977 and 1980-1984) (Daughter of Jawaharlal)
****Rajiv Gandhi (1944-1991)(Prime Minister, 1984-1989) (Son of Indira)
****Sonia Gandhi, (1946-)(president of the Indian National Congress party) (Widow of Rajiv)
*****Rahul Gandhi (1970-)(politician) - (Son of Rajiv)
****Sanjay Gandhi (1946-1980)(politician) - (Son of Indira)
****Maneka Gandhi (1956-) (politician, ex-minister, environmentalist) - (Widow of Sanjay) - (not of Congress party)
*****Varun Gandhi (1980-)(politician) - (Son of Sanjay) - (not of Congress party)
**Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, (1900-1990) (MP and diplomat) (daughter of Motilal)
***Nayantara Sehgal, (novelist and political critic) (daughter of Mrs Pandit)
***Uma Nehru (Member of Parliament) - (Indira's cousin)
****Arun Nehru (politician, ex-minister) - (Nephew of Indira, son of Uma) - (not of Congress party)

The Mirdha Family of Rajasthan

* Baldev Ram Mirdha
** Ram Niwas Mirdha
** Nathuram Mirdha
*** Harendra Mirdha
*** Richpal Mirdha
**** Raghuvendra Mirdha

The Patnaik Family
*Biju Patnaik
**Naveen Patnaik, son of Biju
**Gita Mehta, daughter of Biju

The Pilot Family
*Rajesh Pilot
*Rama Pilot, wife of Rajesh Pilot
**Sachin Pilot, son of Rajesh Pilot
**Sara Abdullah Pilot, wife of Sachin Pilot and daughter of Farooq Abdullah

The Yadav Family
*Laloo Prasad Yadav, Bihar chief minister
**Rabri Devi, Bihar chief minister
**Sadhu Yadav, Rabri Devi's brother

The Ramachandran Family
*M.G. Ramachandran
*Janaki Ramachandran, wife of MGR

The Nandamuri Family
*Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao "NTR", chief minister of Andhra Pradesh
**Nara Chandrababu Naidu, son-in-law of NTR, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh
**Nandamuri Harikrishna, son of NTR
**Nandamuri Balakrishna, son of NTR
***Lokesh Nara, grandson of NTR and son of Nara Chandrababu Naidu
***N.T. Rama Rao, Junior, grandson of NTR

The Sayeed Family
*Mufti Mohammad Sayeed
**Mehbooba Mufti, daughter of Mufti Muhammed

The Scindia Family (former Maharajas) (mother-son and daughters-grandsons)
*Rajmata Vijayraje ScindiaBJP
**Madhavrao Scindia, son of Vijayaraje INC
***Jyotiraditya Scindia, son of Madhavrao
**Vasundhara Raje Scindia, daughter of Vijayaraje
***Dushyant Singh, son of Vasundhara Raje
**Yashodhara Raje Scindia, daughter of Vijayaraje

The Thackerary Family
*Balasaheb Thackeray
**Udhav Thackeray, son of Balasaheb
**Smitha Thackeray, daughter-in-law of Balasaheb
**Raj Thackeray, nephew of Balasaheb

The Pawar Family
*Sharad Pawar, Agriculture Minister, India
**Supriya Sule, daughter of Sharad Pawar, local politician
**Ajit Pawar, nephew of Sharad Pawar Irrigation Minister, Maharashtra


The Suharto Family
*Suharto (President of Indonesia, 1967-1998)
**Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana (daughter of Suharto)

The Sukarno Family
*Sukarno (President of Indonesia, 1945-1967)
**Megawati (daughter of Sukarno; President of Indonesia, 2001-2004)
**Rachmawati (daughter of Sukarno; leader, Partai Pelopor)
**Sukmawati (daughter of Sukarno)

The Wahid Family
*Abdurrahman Wahid (former President, 2000-2001)
*Solahuddin Wahid (vice-presidential candidate)
*Hasyim Wahid


The Khamenei Family (father in law-son in law)
*Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
**Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel, Speaker of the Parliament, actually not a political ally of Khamenei; married to Khamenei's daughter


The Allawi Family -Chalabi Family
*Iyad Allawi (Prime Minister)
*Ali Allawi (defense minister), cousin of Iyad Allawi
*Nouri al-Badran (interior minister), brother-in-law of Iyad Allawi
*Ahmed Chalabi (former Iraqi Governing Council president), uncle of Ali Allawi
*Salem Chalabi (head of judicial panel to try Saddam Hussein), nephew of Ahmed Chalabi

The Arif Family
*Abdul Salam Arif
*Abdul Rahman Arif

The Hussein Family
*Saddam Hussein (former president)
*Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein
*Qusay Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein
*Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti
*Sabawi Ibrahim al-Tikriti
*Watban Ibrahim al-Tikriti
*Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr


The Ahern Family
*Bertie Ahern (born 1951): FF Taoiseach, TD Dublin Central 1977–
**his brother Maurice Ahern (born 1938): FF Presently a Councillor and former Millennial Lord Mayor of Dublin and Leader of Fianna Fáil in Dublin City Council 1999–
**his brother Noel Ahern (born 1944): FF Minister of State (Housing & Drug Strategy) TD Dublin North West 1992–

The Cosgrave Family
*W. T. Cosgrave (member of the first Dáil Éireann, President of the Executive Council, 1922-1932, Cumann na nGaedhael leader, 1922-1934, Fine Gael leader, 1934-1944)
**Liam Cosgrave (son of W. T. Cosgrave; Fine Gael TD 1944-1981, Fine Gael leader 1965-1977, Taoiseach, 1973-1977)
***Liam T. Cosgrave (son of Liam Cosgrave, grandson of W. T. Cosgrave; Fine Gael TD 1981-1987, Senator 1993-2002)

The de Valera family
*Éamon de Valera (President of the Irish Republic, 1919-22, President of the Executive Council, 1927-32, Taoiseach, 1932-48, 1951-54, 1957-58 and President of Ireland, 1959-1973)
**Vivion de Valera (son of Éamon de Valera; Fianna Fáil TD 1945-81)
***Éamon Ó Cuív (grandson of Éamon de Valera; former member of Seanad Éireann, Galway West Fianna Fáil TD 1992-, the Minister for Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs, 2002-)
***Síle de Valera (granddaughter of Éamon de Valera; Clare Fianna Fáil TD 1977-, the Minister for Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs, 1997-2002)

The Kitt-Brady family
*Michael F. Kitt (Fianna Fáil TD at intervals, 1948-75)
**Michael P. Kitt (son of Michael F. Kitt; TD and Senator, 1975-present, now Minister of State (with special responsibility for Overseas Development and Human Rights)
**Tom Kitt (son of Michael F. Kitt; TD 1989-present, currently Chief Whip)
**Áine Brady (daughter of Michael F. Kitt; TD 2007-present)
**Gerry Brady (Áine Brady's husband; former TD)

The MacNeill family
*Eoin MacNeill (member of the first Dáil Éireann, Minister of Education 1922-1925)
**Michael McDowell (grandson of Eoin MacNeill; Progressive Democrats Dublin South-East TD, Attorney General of Ireland 1999-2002, president of the Progressive Democrats, Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform 2002-)

The FitzGerald family
*Desmond FitzGerald (member of the first Dáil Éireann, Cumann na nGaedhael TD 1922-32, Fine Gael TD 1932-38 and member of Seanad Éireann 1938-43)
**Garret FitzGerald (son of Desmond FitzGerald; Fine Gael TD 1965-1992, Fine Gael leader 1977-87, Taoiseach 1981-82, 1982-87)

The Lemass/Haughey family
*Seán Lemass (Fianna Fáil TD 1924-1969; Fianna Fáil Leader and Taoiseach 1959-1966)
**Noel Lemass, Jnr (son of Seán Lemass; Fianna Fáil TD 1956-1976)
***Eileen Lemass (daughter-in-law of Seán Lemass; Fianna Fáil TD 1977-1981)
**Charles Haughey (son-in-law of Seán Lemass; Fianna Fáil TD 1957-1992; Fianna Fáil Leader 1979-1992 and Taoiseach 1979-81, 1982, 1987-92)
***Sean Haughey (son of Charles Haughey; Fianna Fáil TD since 1992)

The Lenihan family
*Patrick Lenihan (TD 1965-1970)
**Brian Lenihan, Snr (son of Patrick Lenihan; Fianna Fáil TD 1961-1996)
**Mary O'Rourke (née Lenihan) (daughter of Patrick Lenihan; Fianna Fáil TD 1982-2002)
***Brian Lenihan, Jnr (son of Brian Lenihan; Fianna Fáil TD 1996-present)
***Conor Lenihan (son of Brian Lenihan; Fianna Fáil TD 2002-present)

The O'Malley family
*Donagh O'Malley (Fianna Fáil TD 1954-1968)
**Desmond O'Malley (nephew of Donagh O'Malley; TD 1968-2002, Fianna Fáil Cabinet Minister and first leader of the Progressive Democrats)
***Fiona O'Malley (daughter of Desmond O'Malley; Progressive Democrats TD 2002-2007)
****Tim O'Malley (cousin of Desmond O'Malley; Progressive Democrats TD 2002-2007)

The Andrews family
*David Andrews (Fianna Fáil TD 1965-2000)
*Niall Andrews (Fianna Fáil TD 1977-1987)
**Barry Andrews (Fianna Fáil TD 2002-present)


The Begin Family
*Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, 1977-1983
**Benny Begin, nationalist politician, son of Menachem Begin

The Burg Family
*Yosef Burg, party leader, National Religious Party; cabinet minister
**Avraham Burg, Speaker of the Knesset, 1999-2003, son of Josef Burg

The Dayan Family
*Shmuel Dayan, Zionist activist and member of the Knesset 1949-1959.
**Moshe Dayan, IDF Chief of the General Staff; cabinet minister, son of Shmuel Dayan
***Yael Dayan, Member of the Knesset 1992-2003, daughter of Moshe Dayan.

The Herzog Family
*Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, Ashkenazi chief rabbi
**Haim Herzog, President of Israel, 1983-1993, son of Yitzhak Herzog
***Isaac Herzog, Member of the Knesset, son of Haim Herzog

The Rabin Family
*Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel, 1974-1977 and 1992-1995
**Dalia Rabin-Pelossof, Member of the Knesset, daughter of Yitzhak Rabin

The Sharon Family
*Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, 2001-2006
**Omri Sharon, Member of the Knesset, 2003-2006

The Weizman Family
*Haim Weizman, President of Israel, 1949 - 1952
**Ezer Weizman, President of Israel, 1993 - 2000, nephew of Haim Weizman


The Craxi Family
*Bettino Craxi (Prime Minister of Italy, 1983-1987)
**Bobo Craxi (son of Bettino Craxi; leader, Italian New Socialist Party)

The Berlinguer-Cossiga Family
*Enrico Berlinguer, Sr. (politician)
**Mario Berlinguer (son of Enrico Berlinguer, Sr.; politician)
***Enrico Berlinguer (son of Mario Berlinguer; leader, Italian Communist Party)
***Giovanni Berlinguer (son of Mario Berlinguer; Member of the European Parliament)
***Francesco Cossiga (cousin of Enrico and Giovanni Berlinguer; President of the Italian Republic, 1985-1992; Prime Minister of Italy, 1979-1980)
*Antonio Segni (distant relative; President of the Italian Republic, 1962-1964; Prime Minister of Italy, 1955-1957 and 1959-1960)

The Mussolini Family
*Benito Mussolini (Prime Minister of Italy, 1922-1943)
**Alessandra Mussolini (granddaughter of Benito Mussolini; leader, Alternativa Sociale


The Manley-Bustamante Family
*Norman Manley (Prime Minister of Jamaica, 1959-1962)
*Edna Manley (wife of Norman Manley; political activist and writer)
**Douglas Manley (son of Norman and Edna Manley; Member of Parliament)
**Michael Manley (son of Norman and Edna Manley; Prime Minister of Jamaica, 1972-1980 and 1989-1992)
*Sir Alexander Bustamante (cousin of Norman Manley; Prime Minister of Jamaica, 1962-1967)
*Hugh Shearer (cousin of Michael Manley); Prime Minister of Jamaica, 1967-1972


The Fukuda Family (father-son)
*Takeo Fukuda (Prime Minister)
**Yasuo Fukuda (Prime Minister)

The Kishi Family and Sato Family and Abe Family (related by blood and marriage)
*Kishi Nobusuke, Prime Minister (1956–1960)
**Abe Shintaro, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1980s); son-in-law of Kishi
***Abe Shinzo, Prime Minister of Japan (2006–2007); son of Abe Shintaro
*Sato Eisaku, Prime Minister (1964–1972)

The Koizumi Family (related by blood and marriage)
*Matajiro Koizumi, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
**Junya Koizumi, Director General of the Japan Defense Agency; son-in-law of Matajiro
***Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister (2001–2006); son of Junya

The Tanaka Family (father-daughter)
*Kakuei Tanaka, Prime Minister of Japan (1972–1974)
**Makiko Tanaka, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001–2002); daughter of Kakuei Tanaka


The Badran Family
*Mudar Badran (Prime Minister of Jordan, 1976-1979, 1980-1984, and 1989-1991)
*Adnan Badran (brother of Mudar Badran; Prime Minister of Jordan, 2005- )

The Lawzi Family
* Ahmed Al-Lawzi, Prime Minister
** Nasir Al-Lawzi (Son), Minister of Transportation, Minister of Information

The Al-Fayez Family
* Akeff Al-Fayez, Tribal leader, several governmental positions
** Faisal al-Fayez (Son), Prime Minister (2003 - 2005)


The Nazarbayev Family (father-daughter)
*Nursultan Nazarbayev (President of Kazakhstan from 1990 - )
**Dariga Nazarbayeva (Kazakhstan's ambassador to Russia, business oligarch, wife of Deputy Foreign Minister Rakhat Aliyev and possible successor to her father)


The Kenyatta Family
*Jomo Kenyatta (President of Kenya, 1964-1978)
**Margaret Kenyatta (daughter of Jomo Kenyatta; Mayor of Nairobi)
**Uhuru Kenyatta (son of Jomo Kenyatta; leader, Kenya African National Union)

The Moi Family
*Daniel arap Moi (President of Kenya, 1978-2002)
**Gideon Moi (son of Daniel arap Moi; Member of Parliament)

The Odinga Family
*Oginga Odinga (Vice President of Kenya)
**Raila Odinga (son of Oginga Odinga; Member of Parliament)
**Oburu Odinga (son of Oginga Odinga, Member of Parliament)
**Gor Sunguh (Odinga's relative)

The Nyagah Family
*"'Jeremiah Nyagah (long time serving cabinet minister 1963 to 1993 and member of parliament from 1958 to 1992)
**Norman Nyagah (son of Jeremiah Nyagah Government Chief Whip and Member of Parliament)
***Jeremiah Jerry Mwaniki Nyagah son of Norman Nyagah, and President of the Kenya Youth Coalition Network International KYCNI, based in Atlanta Georgia USA.
**Joseph Nyagah (son of Jeremiah Nyagah and also member of parliament)
**Nahashon Nyagah( son of Jeremiah Nyagah and former Governor of the Cetral Bank of Kenya)
**Mary Khimulu (daughter of Jeremiah Nyagah and amabassador UNEP to France)


The Tong Family
*Anote Tong (President of Kiribati, 2003- )
*Harry Tong (brother of Anote Tong; leader, National Progressive Party)

Korea, North

The Kim Family
*Kim Il Sung (Chmn. of KWP, President, 1948-1994)
*Kim Jong Il (Chmn. of KWP, Chmn. of Nat'l Defense Commission 1994 - ), son of Kim Il Sung
*Ko Young-hee (first lady)
*Kim Jong-nam (possible successor to Kim Jong Il)
*Kim Jong-chul (possible successor to Kim Jong Il)
*Kim Jong Woong (possible successor to Kim Jong Il)
*Chang Song Taek (bureaucrat; "number-two man in North Korea" [] )

Korea, South

The Park Family
*Park Chung-hee (President of the Republic of Korea, 1962-1979)
**Park Geun-hye (daughter of Park Chung-hee; leader, Grand National Party)


The Akayev Family (father-daughter)
*Askar Akayev (President) 1990-2005
**Mariam Akayeva (politician)

The Bakiyev Family (brothers)
*Kurmanbek Bakiyev (President of Kyrgyzstan)
*Janysh Bakiyev (former First Deputy Chairman of the National Security Service)
*Marat Bakiyev (Kyrgyzstan's Ambassador to Germany)
*Adil Bakiyev (Kyrgyz government official within the Kyrgyz embassy in China)
*Akhmat Bakiyev (Kyrgyz politician and business oligarch)
*Kanybek Bakiev (Head of a village council)
*Jusupbek Bakiev (former Deputy Director of Kyrgyzstan's Agency for Community Development and Investment)


The Ulmanis Family
*Kārlis Ulmanis (President of Latvia, 1936-1940)
**Guntis Ulmanis (great-nephew of Kārlis Ulmanis; President of Latvia, 1993-1999)


The Chamoun Family (father-sons-granddaughter)
*Camille Chamoun - President, 1952-1958
**Dany Chamoun - Militia leader and political party leader; son of Camille
***Tracy Chamoun - Author and human rights activist; daughter of Dany
**Dory Chamoun - Political party leader; son of Camille

The Eddé Family
*Émile Eddé - President during the French Mandate
**Raymond Eddé - political party leader; son of Émile
***Carlos Eddé - opposition politician; son of Raymond
****Michel Eddé- Minister

The Frangieh (father-son-grandson)
*Suleiman Frangieh - President (1970-1976)
**Tony Frangieh - Cabinet Minister, Civil War militia leader; son of Suleiman
***Suleiman Frangieh, Jr. - legislator and ) Minister; son of Tony

The Gemayel Family (father-sons-grandsons)
*Pierre Gemayel - Kataeb Party founder
**Bachir Gemayel - President-elect, 1982; son of Pierre (assassinated before taking office)
***Nadim Gemayel - Political activist; son of Bachir
**Amine Gemayel - President, 1982-1988; son of Pierre
***Pierre Amine Gemayel - legislator; son of Amine

The Hariri Family
*Rafik Hariri - Prime Minister
**Saad Hariri - son of Rafiq al-Hariri
*Bahia Hariri - legislator; sister of Rafiq

The Helou Family
*Charles Helou - President (1964-1970)
*Pierre Helou - Cabinet Minister;
**Henry Helou - legislator; son of Pierre

The Jumblatt Family (father-son)
*Kamal Jumblatt - founder, Progressive Socialist Party, Cabinet Minister
**Walid Jumblatt - Civil War militia leader; Cabinet Minister; son of Kamal

The Karame Family (father-sons)
*Abdul Hamid Karami (Prime Minister of Lebanon
*Rashid Karami - Prime Minister older son of Abdul Hamid
*Omar Karami - Prime Minister younger son of Abdul Hamid.

The Lahoud Family
*Salim Lahoud - Member of Parliament (52,56,60,68), Minister (Defense, Foreign affairs).
**Nassib Lahoud - Member of Parliament (91,92,96,00), President of the Democratic Renewal Movement (son of Salim).
*Fouad Lahoud - Member Of Parliament (72) (cousin of Jamil, brother of Salim).
*Jamil Lahoud - Member of Parliament (64) and Chief of the Army (cousin of Salim, Fouad).
**Emile Lahoud - President of Lebanon and Chief of the Army (son of Jamil).
***Emile Emile Lahoud- Minister (Youth and Sports) and Member of Parliament 2000 (older son of Emile Jamil).
**Nasri Lahoud - Head of the High Legal Magistrate, Military Judge (son of Jamil).

The Moawad Family (husband-wife)
*René Moawad - President (1989)
*Nayla Moawad - legislator; widow of René


The Ratsiraka Family
*Didier Ratsiraka (President of Madagascar, 1975-1993 and 1997-2002)
**Roland Ratsiraka (nephew of Didier Ratsiraka; Mayor of Toamasina)

The Tsiranana Family
*Philibert Tsiranana (first president of Madagascar)
**Pierre Tsiranana (governor of Mahajanga)


The Chirwa Family
*Orton Chirwa (founder, Malawi Congress Party; political prisoner)
*Vera Chirwa (wife of Orton Chirwa; human rights advocate and former presidential candidate)


The Abdul Razak–Hussein Onn Family
*Tun Abdul Razak (Prime Minister, 1970-1976)
**Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister (2004-present)

*Jaafar bin Muhammad, first Menteri Besar of Johor
**Onn Jaafar, founder of UMNO and seventh Menteri Besar of Johor
** Abdullah Jaafar, third Menteri Besar of Johor
** Mustapha Jaafar, fourth Menteri Besar of Johor
***Tun Hussein Onn (Prime Minister, 1976-1981)
****Dato' Sri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, current Education Minister of Malaysia, son of Hussein Onn

The Tan family

*Tun Dato' Sir Tan Cheng Lock, founder of Malaysian Chinese Association
**Tun Tan Siew Sin, Finance Minister and Commerce and Industry Minister of Malaysia (1959-1974), President of Malaysian Chinese Association (1961-1974)

The Mahathir family

*Tun Mahathir bin Mohamed (Prime Minister, 1981-2003)
**Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir, former UMNO Youth treasurer, second son of Mahathir
**Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, UMNO Youth exco member, third son of Mahathir

The Abdullah family

* Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi (Prime Minister, 2003-)
** Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO deputy youth chief, son-in;law of Abdullah Badawi

Anwar Ibrahim
* Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (born 1947)
* Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
* Nurul Izzah Anwar


The Gayoom Family (husband-wife and their close relatives)
*Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (President of the Maldives since 1978)
*Nasreena Ibrahim (first lady)
*Abdulla Hameed (speaker of parliament and atoll administrator)
*Hamdhoon Hameed (minister of planning)
*Midhath Hilmy (minister of science and communications)
*Ilyas Ibrahim (minister of transportation and aviation)
*Abdullahi Majeed (deputy minister for the environment)
*Ibrahim Hussain Maniku (minister of information)
*Abdulla Yameen (minister of trade)


The Mizzi Family
*Fortunato Mizzi (leader, Nationalist Party)
**Enrico Mizzi (son of Fortunato Mizzi; Prime Minister of Malta, 1950)

Marshall Islands

The Kabua Family
*Amata Kabua (President of the Marshall Islands, 1979-1996)
*Imata Kabua (cousin of Amata Kabua; President of the Marshall Islands, 1997-2000)

The Note Family
*Nathan Note (anti-nuclear lobbyist in Bikini Atoll)
**Kessai Note (nephew of Nathan Note; President of the Marshall Islands, 2000- )
**Tomaki Juda (cousin of Kessai Note; Member of Parliament)


The Duval Family
*Sir Gaëtan Duval (Foreign Minister, 1969-1973)
**Xavier-Luc Duval (son of Sir Gaëtan Duval; leader, Mauritian Social Democratic Party)

The Jugnauth Family
*Sir Anerood Jugnauth (President of Mauritius, 2003-present; Prime Minister of Mauritius, 1982-1995 and 2000-2003)
**Pravind Jugnauth (son of Sir Anerood Jugnauth; Deputy Prime Minister, 2003- )

The Ramgoolam Family
*Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (Prime Minister of Mauritius, 1968-1982)
**Navin Ramgoolam (son of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam; Prime Minister of Mauritius, 1995-2000)


The Ávila Camacho Family
*Manuel Ávila Camacho (President of Mexico, 1940-1946)
*Maximino Ávila Camacho (brother of Manuel Ávila Camacho; Governor of Puebla, 1937-1941)
*Rafael Ávila Camacho (brother of Manuel Ávila Camacho; Governor of Puebla, 1951-1957)

The Calderón Hinojosa Family
*Luis Calderón Vega, a writer and founder of the National Action Party (PAN).
**Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, President of Mexico 2006-2012 (PAN), son of Calderón Vega.
**Margarita Zavala de Calderón, former PAN deputy, wife of Calderón Hinojosa.
**Luisa María Calderón Hinojosa, former PAN senator, daughter of Calderón Vega.
**Juan Luis Calderón Hinojosa, public servant in Michoacán, son of Calderón Vega.
**Carmen de Fátima Calderón Hinojosa, public servant in Michoacán, daughter of Calderón Vega.

The Cárdenas Family
*Lázaro Cárdenas (President of Mexico, 1934-1940)
**Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (son of Lázaro Cárdenas; Head of Government of the Federal District, 1997-1999)
***Lázaro Cárdenas Batel (son of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas; Governor of Michoacán, 2002- )

The Madero Family
*Evaristo Madero (Governor of Coahuila)
**Francisco I. Madero (son of Evaristo Madero; President of Mexico, 1911-1913)
**Gustavo A. Madero (son of Evaristo Madero, parlementarian and revolutionary)

The Salinas Family
*Carlos Salinas (President of Mexico, 1988-1994)

The Fox-Sahagún Family
*Vicente Fox (President of Mexico, 2000-2006)


The Bramble Family
*William Henry Bramble (Chief Minister of Montserrat, 1960-1970)
**Percival Austin Bramble (son of William Henry Bramble; Chief Minister of Montserrat, 1970-1978)


The Mandela Family (South Africa) and Machel Family
*Samora Machel - President of Mozambique (1975-1983); first husband of Graça Machel
*Graça Machel - First Lady of Mozambique (1975-1983) and South Africa (1998-1999); widow of Samoa Machel; 3rd wife of Nelson Mandela
*Nelson Mandela - President of South Africa (1994-1999)
*Winnie Madikizela-Mandela - political activist; 2nd wife of Nelson Mandela


The Adeang Family
*Kennan Adeang (President of Nauru, 1986 and 1996)
**David Adeang (son of Kennan Adeang; Foreign Minister, 2004- )

The Detudamo Family
*Timothy Detudamo Head Chief of Nauru
**Buraro Detudamo (son of Timothy Detudamo, Chief and Island Councillor, Member of Parliament, 1968-1992)

The Dowiyogo Family
*Bernard Dowiyogo (President of Nauru, 1976-1978, 1989-1995, 1996, 1998-1999, 2000-2001, 2003, and 2003)
**Valdon Dowiyogo (son of Bernard Dowiyogo; Member of Parliament, Speaker of Parliament)

The Keke Family
*Ludwig Adowong Keke (Member of Parliament, 1968-1973, 1989-1992)
*Leo Adepagadogi Keke (Brother of Ludwig Keke; Member of Parliament, 1976-1980)
**Kieren Keke (son of Ludwig Keke; Member of Parliament, Minister for Health)

The Stephen Family
*Lawrence Stephen (Brother-in-Law to Ludwig and Leo Keke Member of Parliament, 1971-1977, 1980-1986)
*Sunshine Stephen (Wife of Lawrence, Sister of Ludwig Keke)
**Marcus Stephen (son of Lawrence Stephen, first cousin of Kieren Keke; Member of Parliament,2003-2007, President of Nauru, 2007-)

The Kun Family
*Ruben James Tullen KunFact|date=November 2007 (Member of Parliament, 1971-1992)
**Roland Kun (son of Ruben KunFact|date=November 2007; Member of Parliament,2003-, Minister for Justice)
**Russell Kun (cousin of Roland KunFact|date=November 2007; Member of Parliament, 2003-2004)


The Koirala Family
*Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala (Prime Minister of Nepal, 1959-1960)
*Girija Prasad Koirala (brother of Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala; Prime Minister of Nepal, 1991-1994, 1998-1999, and 2000-2001)
*Matrika Prasad Koirala (brother of Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala; Prime Minister of Nepal, 1951-1952 and 1953-1955)

The Rana Family
*Ruled as hereditary prime ministers until 1951


The Donner family
* Johannes Hendricus Donner (1824-1903, member of Tweede Kamer from 1880 to 1901)
** Jan Donner (1891-1981, Minister of Justice from 1926 to 1933), grandson of Johannes Hendricus Donner
*** André Donner (1918-1992, member of the state committee on revising the Constitution from 1950 to 1954, chairman of the state committee on revising the Constitution from 1967 to 1971), son of Jan Donner
**** Piet Hein Donner (born 1948, Minister of Justice from 2002 to 2006, current Minister of Social Affairs and Employment), son of André Donner

The Regout family
* Petrus Dominicus Regout (1801-1878, member of Eerste Kamer from 1849 to 1859)
** Hubert Gérard Louis Regout (1832-1905, member of Eerste Kamer from 1881 to 1904), son of Petrus Dominicus Regout
*** Louis Hubert Willem Regout (1861-1915, member of Eerste Kamer from 1904 to 1909 and from 1909 to 1913, Minister of Water from 1909 to 1913, Dutch delegate to the Holy See from July 1915 to his death in October 1915), son of Hubert Gérard Louis Regout, brother of Robert Regout
****Ludovicus Franciscus Hubertus Regout (1891-1966, member of Eerste Kamer from 1948 to 1963), son of Louis Hubert Willem Regout
*** Robert Regout (1863-1913, member of Tweede Kamer from 1905 to 1910, Minister of Justice from 1910 to 1913), son of Hubert Gérard Louis Regout

The van Nispen family

* Jhr. J.A.Ch.A. van Nispen van Sevenaer (1803- 1875, member of Tweede Kamer 1849-1875), brother of Jhr. Mr. C.E.J.F. van Nispen van Pannerden
** Jhr. R.A.J.B.M. van Nispen van Sevenaer (1835-1885, member of Tweede Kamer 1875), son of J.A.Ch.A. van Nispen van Sevenaer
** Jhr.Mr. L.C.Ch.O.M. van Nispen (1839-1901, member of Eerste Kamer 1887-1901), son of J.A.Ch.A. van Nispen van Sevenaer
** Jhr.Mr. C.J.Ch.H. van Nispen tot Sevenaar (1824-1884, member of Tweede Kamer 1871-1884), son of J.A.Ch.A. van Nispen van Sevenaer
*** Jhr. J.W.J.C.M. van Nispen tot Sevenaer (1861-1917, member of Tweede Kamer 1908-1917), son of C.J.Ch.H. van Nispen van Sevenaer
*** Jhr.Mr. O.F.A.M. van Nispen tot Sevenaer (1867-1956, member of Tweede Kamer 1901-1915, chairman of Tweede Kamer, Dutch delegate to the Holy See from December 1915 to 1926, Dutch delegate to Vienna from June 1926 to February 1928, Dutch delegate to Brussels from February 1928 to September 1933), grandson of Jhr.Mr. C.E.J.F. van Nispen van Pannerden and of Jhr. J.A.Ch.A. van Nispen van Sevenaer)
* Jhr.Mr. C.E.J.F. van Nispen van Pannerden (1807-1870, Burgomaster of Zevenaar 1841-1870, member of Eerste Kamer 1849-1870), brother of J.A.Ch.A. van Nispen van Sevenaer
** Jhr. F.X.J. van Nispen tot Pannerden (1830-1898, member of Eerste Kamer 1889-1898), son of Jhr.Mr. C.E.J.F. van Nispen van Pannerden

Netherlands Antilles

The Godett Family
*Wilson Godett (union leader and politician)
**Anthony Godett (son of Wilson Godett; former "de facto" Prime Minister)
**Mirna Louisa-Godett (daughter of Wilson Godett; Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, 2003-2004)
**Johnny Louisa (husband of Mirna Louisa-Godett; legislator)

New Zealand

The Armstrong Family (father-son)
*Hubert Thomas Armstrong - member of parliament 1922-42, for Christchurch East & Minister of Health 1935-41
**Tommy Armstrong - member of parliament 1943-51, for Napier

The Barclay Family (father-son)
*James Gillispie Barclay - member of parliament 1935-43, for Marsden and Minister of Agriculture 1941-43
**Bruce Barclay - member of parliament 1969-79, for Christchurch Central

The Connelly Family (father-son)
*Michael Connelly - member of legislative council 1936-50
**Mick Connelly - member of parliament 1956-84 and Cabinet Minister

The Douglas Family (father-sons)
*Norman Douglas - member of parliament 1960-1975; and son-in-law of member of parliament Bill Anderton
**Sir Roger Douglas - member of parliament 1969-1975, 1978-1990, Minister of Finance (1984-1988); founder of the ACT Party 1995, son of Norman Douglas
**Malcolm Douglas - member of parliament (1978), son of Norman Douglas

The Fisher Family (father-son)
*George Fisher - member of parliament for Wellington 1884 to 1890 and Mayor of Wellington
**Francis Fisher - member of parliament for Wellington 1905 to 1914

The Gerard Family (father-son)
*Richard Geoffrey Gerard - member of parliament 1943-69
**Jim Gerard - member of parliament 1984-1997, for Rangiora

The Graham Family (great-grandfather/great-grandson)
*Robert Graham - member of parliament 1855-1868
**Doug Graham - member of parliament (1984-99) and cabinet minister

The Grigg Family (husband-wife)
*Arthur Grigg member of parliament 1938-41
*Mary Grigg member of parliament 1942-43 for his seat after he was killed in WWII. Her grandfather was Premier Sir John Hall, MP 1855-60 & 1866-93. She married William Polson (member of parliament 1928-46) in 1943.

The Hanan Family (father-son)
*Josiah Hanan - member of parliament for Invercargill 1899-1925 and cabinet minister
**Ralph Hanan - member of parliament for Invercargill 1946-69 and cabinet minister

The Hay Family (father-son)
*Sir James Hay - Mayor of Christchurch
**Sir Hamish Hay - Mayor of Christchurch

The Henare Family (great-grandfather/great-grandson)
*Tau Henare - member of parliament (1914-1938)
**Tau Henare, Jr. - member of parliament (1993-1999); Cabinet Minister (1996-1999), great-grandson of Tau Henare

The Holland Family (father-son-grandson)
*Henry Holland - member of parliament 1925-1935, for Christchurch North and Mayor of Christchurch
**Sir Sidney Holland - leader of the New Zealand National Party; Prime Minister of New Zealand (1949-1957)
***Eric Holland - Cabinet Minister (1975-1978); son of Sir Sidney.

The Holyoake Family (father/son-in-law)
*Keith Holyoake member of parliament 1932-38 & 1943-77, Prime Minister
**Ken Comber member of parliament 1972-81, married Diane Holyoake

The Howard Family (father-daughter)
*Edwin Howard - member of parliament (1919-1939)
**Mabel Howard - member of parliament (1943-1969) and Cabinet Minister

The Hutchison Family (father-son)
*William Hutchison was Mayor of Wellington and a member of parliament from 1879 to 1884 & 1890 to 1896.
**George Hutchison - member of parliament from 1887 to 1901

The Kirk Family (father-son)
*Norman Kirk - member of parliament (1957-1974) and Prime Minister
**John Kirk - member of parliament (1974-1984)

The Lange Family and Bassett Family (Bassett was a cousin of Lange)
*David Lange - Prime Minister of New Zealand (1984-1989)
*Michael Bassett - member of parliament (1972-1990); Cabinet Minister (1984-1990)

The Luxton Family (father-son)
*Jack Luxton - member of parliament for Piako (seat renamed Matamata) 1966-1987
**John Luxton - member of parliament for Matamata 1987-1999 and Cabinet Minister 1990-1999

The McCombs Family (husband-wife-son)
*James McCombs - member of parliament (1913-1933)
*Elizabeth McCombs - first woman member of parliament (1933-1935)
**Terry McCombs - member of parliament (1935-1951) and Cabinet Minister

The Macky Family (mother-daughter)
*Janet Mackey - member of parliament for East Coast (1996-present)
**Moana Mackey - List member of parliament for the Labour Party (2002-present)

The Massey Family (father-two sons)
*William Massey - member of parliament 1894 to 1925, Prime Minister 1912-25
**Walter William Massey - member of parliament for Hauraki 1931 to 1935
**John Norman Massey - member of parliament for Franklin 1928 to 1935 & 1938 to 1957

The Moss Family (father-son)
*Frederick Joseph Moss - member of parliament for Parnell, 1876 to 1890
**Edward George Britton Moss - member of parliament for Ohinemuri, 1902 to 1905

The Myers & Baume Family: (cousins)
*Frederick Baume - member of parliament for Auckland East
*Arthur Myers - elected member of parliament for Auckland East after Baume died

The Peters Family (4 brothers, 1 sister)
*Ian Peters - National Party member of parliament for Tongariro (1990-1993)
*Jim Peters - New Zealand First party member of parliament (2002-present)
*Robyn Peters - one of the founders of the Liberal Party (1992) and of the Alliance (1992)
*Ron Peters - New Zealand First party candidate for the Bay of Islands (1993) and for Northland (1996)
*Winston Peters - the flamboyant and controversial founder of the New Zealand First party; Deputy Prime Minister (1996-1998).

The Ratana Family (brothers, wife)
*Haami Tokouru Ratana - member of parliament 1935-44, succeeded by his younger brother:
*Matiu Ratana - member of parliament 1944-49, succeeded by his wife:
*Iriaka Matiu Ratana - member of parliament 1949-69 (all for Western Māori)

The Reeves Family (father-son)
*William Reeves - member of parliament 1867-68 & 1871-75
**William Pember Reeves - member of parliament 1887-1896 & Minister of Labour 1891-1896 The Rhodes Family (brothers, father-son)
*William Barnard Rhodes - member of parliament 1853-55 & 1858-66
*Robert Heaton Rhodes - member of parliament 1871 to 1874, William's brother
**Sir Heaton Rhodes member of parliament 1899 to 1925 and a Minister

The Richardson and Pearce Family (Richardson was Pearce's great-granddaughter)
*George Pearce - member of parliament for Patea 1908 to 1919
**Ruth Richardson - member of parliament for Selwyn 1981 to 1994 and Minister of Finance, see Ruthanasia

The Richmond – Atkinson Family (brothers, relation by marriage)
*James Crowe Richmond member of parliament 1860 – 1870 and a Minister, and his brother
*William Richmond member of parliament 1855 – 1862 and a Minister
*Harry Atkinson member of parliament 1861 – 1891 and Premier several times, related by marriage

The Seddon Family (father-son)
*Richard Seddon - Prime Minister (1893-1906)
**Tom Seddon - member of parliament, his son

The Smith Family (father-son)
*Edward Metcalf Smith member of parliament 1890-1896 & 1899-1907
**Sydney George Smith member of parliament 1918-1925 & 1928-1938

The Stewart Family (father-son)
*William Downie Stewart (snr) member of parliament Dunedin West 19th century
**William Downie Stewart member of parliament 1914-1935 Dunedin West; Minister of Finance 1931-1933 & Mayor of Dunedin 1913-1914

The Sutton Family (brothers)
*Jim Sutton - member of parliament (1984-1990, 1993-present); Cabinet Minister (1999-present)
*Bill Sutton - member of parliament (1984-1990)

The Tirikatene Family (father-daughter)
*Sir Eruera Tirikatene - long-time Member of Parliament
**Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan - legislator (1967-1996) and Cabinet Minister (1972-1975)

The Tizard Family (husband-wife; parents-daughter)
*Bob Tizard - Legislator (1957-1960; 1963-1990); Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance (1974-1975)
*Dame Catherine Tizard - Mayor of Auckland (1983-1990), Governor-General of New Zealand (1990-1995), ex-wife of Bob
**Judith Tizard - member of parliament (1993-present) and Cabinet Minister, daughter of Bob and Dame Catherine

The Wakefield Family (father-son-nephew)
*Edward Gibbon Wakefield (1796-1862) member of parliament
**Edward Jerningham Wakefield (1820-1879) son, member of parliament
**Edward Wakefield (1845-1924) nephew, son of brother Felix Wakefield, member of parliament
*Edward Stafford (1819-1901) member of parliament & Premier, married niece Emily, daughter of brother William Wakefield

The Ward Family (father-son)
*Sir Joseph Ward - (1887-1930) member of parliament and Prime Minister
**Vincent Ward - (1930-1931) member of parliament


The Argüello Family
*Juan Argüello del Castillo, Deputy Head of State, 1826-7; Head of State 1827-9
*José Argüello Arce, Pres. of Congress, 1865-6, 1877-79
*Leonardo Argüello Barreto, Interior, Education and Foreign Minister; President of Nicaragua, 1947
*Guillermo Argüello Vargas, grandson of José Argüello Arce; Education Minister, 1929-31, Finance Minister, 1931-32, 1947
*Mariano Argüello Vargas, grandson of José Argüello Arce; President of Congress 1937, 1950, 1965,1970; Foreign Minister 1939-41, and 1943-46; Vice-President, 1947-49
*Alejandro Montiel Argüello, great-grandson of José Argüello Arce, Foreign Minister, 1959-63 and 1971-8
*Silvio Argüello Cardenal, Vice-President, 1963-7
*Mariángeles Argüello Robelo, great-grand niece of Pres. Leonardo Argüello, Health Minister, 2000-02
*Guillermo Argüello Poessy, great-grandson of José Argüello Arce; Pres. GAO, Comptroller, 2001-
*Alejandro Argüello Choisell, Minister of Public Works, Industry & Commerce, 2005-

The Chamorro Family

The Sacasa Family
*Roberto Sacasa Sarria, President of Nicaragua, 1889-91 and 1891-93
*Juan Bautista Sacasa Sacasa, son of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria, President of Nicaragua, 1933-36
*Crisanto Sacasa Sacasa, nephew of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria, Education Minister, 1933 and 1955
*Oscar Sevilla-Sacasa, grandson of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria, Foreign Minister
*Guillermo Sevilla-Sacasa, grandson of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria, Acting President of Nicaragua, 1936
*Benjamín Lacayo Sacasa, Pres. of Nicaragua, 1947
*Ramiro Sacasa Guerrero, Secretary of the Presidency, Labour Minister, 1953-5; Education Minister, 1966-8
*Noel Sacasa Cruz, great-grandson of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria, Economy, Industry & Commerce Minister, 1999-2001
*Esteban Duque-Estrada Sacasa, great-grandson of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria, Minister of Finance, 1999-2001
*Francisco Xavier Aguirre Sacasa, great-grandson of Roberto Sacasa Sarria, Foreign Minister, 2000-2002

The Somoza Family
*Anastasio Somoza García President of Nicaragua, Head of State, 1934-56
*Luis Somoza Debayle, son of Pres. Anastasio Somoza García, grandson of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria (see Sacasa family); President of Nicaragua, 1956-63
*Anastasio Somoza Debayle, son of Pres. Anastasio Somoza García, grandson of Pres. Roberto Sacasa Sarria (see Sacasa family); President of Nicaragua, 1967-72 and 1974-79


The Diori Family (cousins)
*Diori Hamani (President)
*Djibo Bakary (independence leader)

The Kountché Family (cousins)
*Seyni Kountché (former military President)
*Ali Saibou (former military President)


The Stoltenberg FamilyAll members of the family is associated with the Norwegian Labour Party
*Thorvald Stoltenberg (1998-present President of the Norwegian Red Cross, 1987-1989 and 1990-1993 Minister of Foreign Affairs)

*Karin Stoltenberg (wife of Thorvald Stoltenberg) 1986-1987 Junior minister of Trade and Shipping, 1987-1988 Junior minister of Business Affairs.

*Jens Stoltenberg (son of Thorvald Stoltenberg and Karin Stoltenberg) (2000-2001, 2005-present Prime Minister 1993–1996 Minister of Trade and Energy 1996–1997 Minister Finance and Customs)

*Ingrid Schulerud (married to Jens Stoltenberg) (has a high profile diplomatic position in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

*Johan Jørgen Holst (Thorvald Stoltenbergs brother in Law, (married to Karins sister)) (1993-1994 Minister of Foreign Affairs and known for leading peace negotiations in the Middle East)

*Anne-cath vestly (Ingrid Schulerud aunt) (Writer of literature for children with a left wing and feministic political message, and political advocate for less secrecy about sex toward children)

The Gerhardsen FamilyAll members of the family is associated with the Norwegian Labour Party
*Einar Gerhardsen (1945-1951, 1955 - 1963 and 1963 - 1965 Prime Minister)
*Rune Gerhardsen (son of Einar Gerhardsen) (1991-1996 Leader of the city government in Oslo)
*Tove Strand (divorced from Rune Gerhardsen and mother of Mina Gerhardsen) (1986–1989 Minister of Social Affairs 1990–1992 Minister of Employment and Administration)
*Mina Gerhardsen (daughter of Rune Gerhardsen and Tove Strand and granddaughter of Einar Gerhardsen) (2005-present Political advisor for Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg)
*Eirik Øwre Thorshaug (Married to Mina Gerhardsen) (2007-present political advisor for Minister of Justice Knut Storberget)

The Bondevik FamilyAll members of the family is associated with the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party
*Kjell Bondevik (Uncle of Kjell Magne Bondevik) (1963 Minister of Social Affairs, 1965-1971 Minister of Education and Church Affairs)
*Kjell Magne Bondevik (nephew of Kjell Bondevik) (1997-2000 and 2000-2005 Prime Minister, 1989-1990 Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1983–1986 Minister of Education and Church Affairs)


The Bhutto Family
*Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto,Feudal Lord Larkana, Sindh
**Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (President (1970-1973); Prime Minister (1973-1977); son of Sir Shahnawaz
**Nusrat Bhutto (former minister without portfolio, party leader, and Deputy Prime Minister); wife of Zulfikar
***Benazir Bhutto (Prime Minister, 1988-1990 and 1993-1996); daughter of Zulfikar Ali
***Asif Ali Zardari (former Minister); husband of Benazir
****Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party); son of Benazir and Asif Ali
***Murtaza Bhutto; son of Zulfikar Ali
***Ghinwa Bhutto; widow of Murtaza
****Fatima Bhutto; daughter of Murtaza
***Sanam Bhutto; daughter of Zulfikar Ali
***Shahnawaz Bhutto; son Zulfikar Ali
**Mumtaz Bhutto (Governor of Sindh, Chief Minister of Sindh); cousin of Zulfikar Ali
***Ameer Bux Bhutto (Vice-President of Sindh National Front); son of Mumtaz

The Jinnah Family
*Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Governor-General of Pakistan, 1947-1948)
*Fatima Jinnah (sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah; presidential candidate)

The Sharif Family
*Nawaz Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan, 1990-1993 and 1997-1999)
*Shahbaz Sharif (brother of Nawaz Sharif; Chief Minister of Punjab, 1997-1999)

The Zia-ul-Haq Family
*Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (President of Pakistan, 1978-1988)
**Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq (son of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq; cabinet minister)

The Elahi Family
*Zahoor Elahi
*Pervaiz Ellahi
*Mohnis Ekkahi


The Remengesau Family
*Thomas Remengesau, Sr. (President of Palau, 1988-1989)
**Tommy Remengesau (son of Thomas Remengesau, Sr.; President of Palau, 2001- )


The Arias Family
*Arnulfo Arias Madrid (President of Panama, 1940-1941, 1949-1951, and 1968)
*Mireya Moscoso (wife of Arnulfo Arias Madrid; President of Panama, 1999-2004)
*Harmodio Arias Madrid (brother of Arnulfo Arias Madrid; President of Panama, 1932-1936)

The Arosemena Family
*Florencio Harmodio Arosemena (President of Panama, 1928-1931)
*Juan Demóstenes Arosemena (NOT the brother of Florencio Harmodio Arosemena (a widespread mistake); President of Panama, 1936-1939)
*Alcibíades Arosemena (brother-in-law of Juan Demóstenes Arosemena; President of Panama, 1951-1952)

The Chiari Family
*Rodolfo Chiari (President of Panama, 1924-1928)
**Roberto Chiari (son of Rodolfo Chiari; President of Panama, 1960-1964)

The Delvalle Family
*Max Delvalle (politician)
**Eric Arturo Delvalle (nephew of Max Delvalle; President of Panama, 1985-1988)

The Lewis Family
*Gabriel Lewis Galindo (Foreign Minister, 1994-1996)
**Samuel Lewis Navarro (son of Gabriel Lewis Galindo; Foreign Minister, 2004- )

The Torrijos Family
*Omar Torrijos (Panamanian leader, 1968-1981)
**Martín Torrijos (son of Omar Torrijos; President of Panama, 2004- )

Papua New Guinea

The Chan Family (father-son)

* Sir Julius Chan, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, 1980-1982 and 1994-1997
** Byron Chan, member of the National Parliament, 2002-present

The Somare Family (father-son)

* Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, 1975-1980, 1982-1985 and 2002-present
** Arthur Somare, member of the National Parliament, 1997-present


The Argaña Family
*Luis María Argaña (Vice President, 1998-1999)
**Félix Argaña (son of Luis María Argaña; vice presidential candidate)
**Nelson Argaña (son of Luis María Argaña; cabinet minister)

The Cubas Family
*Raúl Cubas Grau (President of Paraguay, 1998-1999)
*Carlos Cubas Grau (brother of Raúl Cubas Grau; cabinet minister)

The López Family
*José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia (Supreme Dictator of Paraguay, 1814-1840)
**Carlos Antonio López (nephew of José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia; President of Paraguay, 1844-1862)
***Francisco Solano López (son of Carlos Antonio López; President of Paraguay, 1862-1869)


The Andrade Family
* Alberto Andrade, Mayor of Lima (1996-2002) and Congressman (2006-2011)
* Fernando Andrade, Mayor of Miraflores (1997-2006)

The Belaúnde/Diez Canseco Family
* Pedro Diez Canseco (President of Peru, 1863, 1865, and 1868)
** Rafael Belaúnde y Diez Canseco (Pres. of the Council of Ministers, 1945-1946), grandson of Pres. Pedro Diez Canseco
*** Fernando Belaúnde Terry (President of Peru, 1963-1968 and 1980-1985), son of Rafael Belaúnde y Diez Canseco, nephew of Victor Andrés Belaunde y Diez Canseco
**** José García Belaúnde (Foreign Minister, 2006-), nephew of Pres. Fernando Beláunde Terry
**** Víctor Andrés García Belaúnde (Deputy, 1980-1992, and Congressman, 2006-2011), nephew of Pres. Fernando Belaúnde Terry
** Víctor Andrés Belaúnde y Diez Canseco (Foreign Minister 1958; Pres. of the United Nations General Assembly, 1959), grandson of Pres. Pedro Diez Canseco
* Francisco Diez Canseco (President of Peru, 1872), brother of Pres. Pedro Diez Canseco
** Manuel Yrigoyen Diez Canseco, grandnephew of Pres. Pedro Diez Canseco and Pres. Francisco Diez Canseco
*** Raul Diez Canseco Terry (First Vice President of Peru; resigned in 2004), great-great-grandnephew of Pres. Pedro Diez Canseco and Pres. Francisco Diez Canseco, fisrt cousins twice removed of Manuel Yrigoyen Diez Canseco
*** Javier Diez Canseco (former congressman), great-great-grandnephew of Pres. Pedro Diez Canseco and Pres. Francisco Diez Canseco, fisrt cousins twice removed of Manuel Yrigoyen Diez Canseco, first cousin of Raul Diez Canseco Terry
* Ana Elena Townsend Diez Canseco Member of Congress

The de la Riva-Agüero Family
* José de la Riva Agüero (President of Peru, 1823)
* José de la Riva-Agüero y Looz Corswaren (Pres. of the Council of Ministers, 1873-1874)
* Enrique de la Riva-Agüero y Looz Corswaren (Pres. of the Council of Ministers, 1899-1900 and 1915-1917)
* José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma (Pres. of the Council of Ministers, 1933-1934)

The Fujimori Family
* Alberto Fujimori (President of Peru, 1990-2000)
* Susana Higuchi (First Lady 1990-1994, Congresswoman 1995-2006), former wife of President Alberto Fujimori
** Keiko Fujimori (First Lady 1994-2000, Congresswoman 2006-2011), daughter of President Alberto Fujimori and Susana Higuchi
* Santiago Fujimori (Congressman 2006-2011), brother of President Alberto Fujimori

The García Family
* Carlos García Ronceros, Secretary General of the APRA
* Nytha Pérez of García, Founding member of the APRA, wife of President Alan Garcia
* Alan García, President of Peru (1985-1990 and 2006-2011), Pres. of Constitutional Assembly (1978-1980), Deputy-President (1980-1985) and memeber of Congress (1990-1992)

The Morales-Bermudez Family
* Remigio Morales Bermúdez (President of Peru, 1890-1894)
** Francisco Morales Bermúdez (President of Peru, 1975-1980), grandson of Pres. Remigio Morales Bermúdez

The Pardo Family
* Manuel Pardo Ribadeneyra (Regent for King Fernando VII's, Cuzco, 1816-1819)
** Felipe Pardo y Aliaga (Foreign Minister, 1855), son of Manuel Pardo Ribadeneyra
*** Manuel Pardo y Lavalle, President of Peru, (1872-1876), son of Felipe Pardo y Aliaga
**** José Pardo y Barreda, President of Peru,(1904-1908 and 1915-1919), Foreign Minister, son of Pres. Manuel Pardo y Lavalle
***** Juan Pardo Heeren (Finance Minister, 1963), son of Pres. Jose Pardo y Barreda
**** José Antonio de Lavalle y Pardo (Foreign Minister, 1882-83), nephew of Pres. Manuel Pardo y Lavalle and grandson of Felipe Pardo y Aliaga
**** Felipe de Osma y Pardo (Foreign Minister, 1891), nephew of Pres. Manuel Pardo y Lavalle and grandson of Felipe Pardo y Aliaga The Prado Family
* Mariano Ignacio Prado Ochoa (President of Peru, 1865, 1865-1868 and 1876-1879)
** Javier Prado y Ugarteche (Foreign Minister, 1905-1906), son of Pres. Mariano Ignacio Prado
** Jorge Prado y Ugarteche (President of the Council of Ministers, 1933), son of Pres. Mariano Ignacio Prado
** Manuel Prado y Ugarteche (President of Peru, 1939-1945 and 1956-1962), son of Pres. Mariano Ignacio Prado


The Family (father, 2 sons, 3 grandchildren, granddaughter-in-law, great-grandson)
* Servillano Aquino
** Benigno Aquino Sr. (assemblyman), son of Servillano
*** Benigno Aquino, Jr. (former senator and political prisoner), son of Benigno Sr.
*** Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino (former president), wife of Benigno Jr.
**** Benigno Aquino III (congressman and senator), son of Benigno Jr. and Corazon
*** Agapito Aquino (former senator), son of Benigno Sr.
*** Teresa Aquino-Oreta (former senator), daughter of Benigno Sr.
** Herminio Aquino (former congressman), son of Servillano

The Caparroso Family
* Luis Caparroso (President, Kasayahan HOA)
* Myrna Caparroso (Director, Kasayahan HOA), wife of Luis
** Luis Antonio Caparroso II (Youth PRO, Kasayahan HOA), son of Luis
* Elecerio Caparroso (Vice-President, Kasayahan HOA), brother of Luis
* Clarita Caparroso (Director, Kasayahan HOA), sister in-law of Luis
** Elecerio Miguel Caparroso III (Youth PRO, Kasayahan HOA), son of Elecerio
* Myrna Cepeda (Director, Kasayahan HOA)
** Flor Dela Cruz (Auditor, Kasayahan HOA), niece of Luis & Elecerio

The Cojuangco Family
* Melecio Cojuangco (former Representative, 1st Philippine Assembly)
* Jose "Pepe" Cojuangco Sr. (former Representative, 10th Philippine Assembly; father of Corazon Aquino)
* Eduardo Cojuangco Sr. (former provincial governor)
* Jose "Peping" Cojuangco Jr. (Presidential adviser on Food Security; former Representative, House of Representatives; brother of Corazon Aquino)
* Margarita "Ting-Ting" Cojuangco (Undersecretary for Interior and Local Government; former provincial governor; wife of Jose Jr.)
* Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino (former President of the Philippines, 1986-1992)
* Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. (former 1992 Presidential candidate; former Representative, House of Representatives)
* Mercedes Cojuangco-Teodoro (former Assemblywoman, Batasang Pambansa)
* Marcos Cojuangco (Representative, House of Representatives)
* Carlos Cojuangco (Representative, House of Representatives; former town Mayor)

The Escudero Family
* Manuel Escudero (former Representative, 4th Philippine Assembly)
* Salvador Escudero Sr. (former provincial governor, provincial legislative member, town mayor and councilor)
* Salvador Escudero Jr. (former town mayor and provincial legislative member)
* Ramon Escudero (town councilor)
* Antonio Escudero Jr. (provincial vice governor)
* Salvador Escudero III (former Secretary of Agriculture; former Representative, House of Representatives; former Assemblyman, Batasang Pambansa; former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food)
* Oscar Escudero (town mayor)
* Francis Escudero (Representative, House of Representatives; son of Salvador III; current senator)

The Family (husband, wife, 2 sons, nephew)
* Joseph Estrada (born Jose M. Ejercito) (former President)
* Luisa Pimintel Estrada (senator), wife of Joseph
** Jinggoy Estrada (born Jose P. Ejercito, Jr.) (senator), son of Joseph and Luisa
** JV Ejercito (mayor), out-of-wedlock son of Joseph
** Emilio Ramon "ER" Ejercito III, nephew of Joseph

The Lacson Family
* Aniceto Lacson (former President of the Republic Negros 1898)
* Arsenio Lacson (former congressman and Mayor of Manila)
* Daniel Lacson (former Governor of Negros Occidental)
* Isaac Lacson (former congressman and senator), son of Aniceto Lacson
* Rafael Lacson (former Governor of Negros Occidental and Mayor of Talisay City)
* Eusebio Lacson (former Mayor of Tibiao)
* Jose Carlos Lacson (congressman)
* Panfilo Lacson (senator and presidential candidate)
* Karl-Romeo Lacson ( Landesschriftführer April, 2004 - June, 2005 der Offensive D in Baden-Württemberg )

The Family (father, son, 2 grandchildren, granddaughter-in-law, 5 great-grandchildren and somebody-in-law)
* Fabian Marcos (appointed Mayor of Batac during the American occupation)
** Mariano Marcos (assemblyman), son of Fabian
*** Ferdinand Marcos (President, 1965-1986), son of Mariano
*** Imelda Marcos (Governor of Metro Manila, Minister of Human Settlements, Congresswoman), wife of Ferdinand
**** Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. (provincial governor), son Ferdinand and Imelda
**** Imee Marcos (congresswoman), daughter of Ferdinand and Imelda
**** Mariano Marcos II (provincial board member), nephew of Ferdinand
*** Elizabeth Marcos-Keon (former provincial governor), sister of Ferdinand
**** Michael Marcos Keon (provincial board member), son of Elizabeth
**** Angelo Marcos Barba (provincial board member), nephew of Ferdinand
*** Fidel Ramos (President, 1992-1998), cousin of Ferdinand Marcos

The Macapagal-Arroyo Family (father, 2 daughters, grandson and somebody-in-law)
* Diosdado Macapagal (former President)
** Cielo Macapagal-Salgado (former provincial vice governor), daughter of Diosdado and elder sister of Gloria
** Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (current President), daughter of Diosdado
*** Juan Miguel Macapagal-Arroyo (provincial vice-governor), eldest son of Gloria
** Ignacio Arroyo (congressman), brother-in-law of Gloria

The Rama Family
* Vicente Rama (Senator / Mayor / Congressman)
* Osmundo Rama (Governor - Cebu)
* Napoleon Rama (Constitutional Commission Floor Leader)
* Eduardo L. Rama, Sr. (Governor / Congressman - Agusan del Norte)
* Enrique Rama (Vice Governor - Cebu)
* Michael L. Rama (Vice Mayor / City Councilor - Cebu)
* Eduardo R. Rama, Jr. (City Councilor - Cebu)
* George Rama (City Councilor / Barangay Chairman - Cebu)
* Fernando Rama (City Councilor - Cebu)
* Haley Rama Sy (Barangay Councilor - Cebu)
* Pancreasus Rama (Barangay Councilor - Cebu)
* Emundito N. Rama (Vice Mayor - Kiblawan, Davao del Sur)
* Edgar Rama (Mayor - Poro, Cebu)

The Ty Family (mother. children and grandchilren)
* Doña Adela Serra-Ty (Mayor / Governor)
** Don Mario Serra-Ty (Mayor / Assemblyman / Congressman / Secretary of the Dept. of Health in the house of representatives / Author of Republic Act No. 7901 which created Caraga Region on February 25, 1995), son of Adela
** Felicidad Ty-Pimentel (Vice-Governor / Governor), daughter of Adela
*** Marybeth Ty-Delgado (Vice-Mayor / Mayor)
*** Vicente Ty-Pimentel (Mayor / Governor), son of Felicidad
*** Johnny Ty-Pimentel (Vice-Governor), son of Felicidad
*** Alexander Ty-Pimentel (Vice-Mayor / Mayor), son of Felicidad
*** Larry Ty-Montesclaros (provincial board member)

The Villarreal Family
* Cornelio T. Villareal Sr. (House Speaker of the Philippines)
* Cornelio Villareal Jr. (Governor)
* Raoul Villareal (Congressman)
* Juelita Villareal (Congressman)
* Christopher Villareal (Provincial Board Member; Mayor)
* Roy Villareal - Señeres (former ambassador; NLRC Chairman)

Pitcairn Islands

The Christian Family
* Fletcher Christian - founding "chief" (1789-1793)
** Steve Christian - Mayor (1999-2004); 7th generation descendant of Fletcher Christian; brother of Brenda Christian.
** Brenda Christian - Mayor since 2004; 7th generation descendant of Fletcher Christian; sister of Steve Christian.


"Poland is probably the only country in the world where identical twins were head of the government (Prime Minister) and head of state (President) at the same time."

The Gierek Family (father-son)
* Edward Gierek - First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' Party (ruling party) 1970-1980
** Adam Gierek - Member of the European Parliament, former Senator

The Giertych Family (father-son-grandson)
* Jędrzej Giertych - political leader before WW2
** Maciej Giertych - Member of the European Parliament, earlier deputy to Sejm
*** Roman Giertych - Deputy Prime Minister, leader of Liga Polskich Rodzin (coalition party)

The Grabski Family (brothers)

* Stanisław Grabski - politician leader before and after WW2
* Władysław Grabski - nationalist politician before WW2, Prime Minister of Poland (1920 and 1923-1925)

The Kaczyński Family (identical twins)

* Jarosław Kaczyński - Prime Minister of Poland 2006-2007, leader of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (then ruling party)
* Lech Kaczyński - President of Poland since 2005, former President of Warsaw (capital city)

The Wałęsa Family (father-son)
* Lech Wałęsa - President of Poland 1990-1995
** Jarosław Wałęsa - deputy to Sejm since 2005, former candidate for EP seat


The Carmona and Carmona Rodrigues Family (grand-uncle-grand-nephew)
*Óscar Carmona - President (1926-1951)
**António Carmona Rodrigues - Minister of the Public Works, Transportation and Habitation (2003-2004); Mayor of Lisbon (interim) (2004-2005); Mayor of Lisbon (2005-2007)

The Soares Family (father-son)
*Mário Soares - Prime Minister (1976 - 1978; 1983 - 1985); President (1986 - 1996)
**João Soares - Mayor of Lisbon (1995 - 2001)

The Portas Family (father-brothers)
*Nuno Portas - Minister (1970s)
**Paulo Portas - Minister of State and National Defense (2002 - 2005); President of Popular Party (1998 - 2005)
**Miguel Portas - European Parliament Member, elected by the Leftwing Block (2004 - )

Puerto Rico

The Calderón Family
*Sila María Calderón Serra (Governor, 2001-2005)
*Sila Marí González Calderón, member of the Puerto Rican Senate

The Hernandez Family
*José Alfredo Hernández Mayoral (former governor candidate)
* Juan Eugenio Hernández Mayoral(member of Puerto Rico's Senate)
*Rafael Hernández Colón (Governor, 1973-1977, 1985-1993)

The Muñoz Family
*Victoria Melo Muñoz (former governor candidate)
*Luis Muñoz Marín (Governor, 1948-1964)
*Luis Muñoz Rivera, (father of Muñoz Marín, Governor)

The Rivera Family
*Ramón Luis Rivera Jr. (mayor of Bayamón)
*Ramón Luis Rivera Sr. (former mayor of Bayamón)

The Pesquera Family
*Carlos Ignacio Pesquera Morales (former governor candidate)
*Farrique Pesquera Morales (former vicepresidente of a Puerto Rican Independence Party municipal party committee, )
*José Lorenzo Pesquera (Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico)
*Santiago Mari Pesquera (a assassinated pro independence activist)
*Paquita Pesquera Cantellops (activist, mother of Santiago Mari and founder of Puerto Rican Independence Party)

*Héctor Luis Pesquera Sevillano (co-president of [Hostosian National Independence Movement)

The Romero Family
*Melinda Romero Donnelly (ex member of Puerto Rico's Senate] )
*Carlos Romero Barceló (Governor, )

Puerto Rico, USA

Rossello Gonzalez Family
* Hon. Don Pedro Rosello M.D. PhD"Pediatric Neurosurgeon"' (Governor of Puerto Rico for to consecutive two terms (1993 y 2001)

Russia / Soviet Union

The Brezhnev-Churbanov Family (father-in-law and son-in-law)
* Leonid Brezhnev (1906-1982) (leader of the Soviet Union, 1964-1982)
** Yuri Churbanov (b.1936) (Deputy of Ministers of Interior of the USSR), son-in-law of Leonid Brezhnev)

The Gorbachev Family
* Mikhail Gorbachev (b.1931) (Communist Party General Secretary, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, and President of the Soviet Union)
* Raisa Gorbacheva (1932-1999) (First Lady of the Soviet Union who took on a large political and public role, unlike her virtually invisible predecessors), wife of Mikhail Gorbachev

The Kosygin-Primakov Family (somebodies-in-law via 2 marriages)
* Alexey Kosygin (1904-1980) (Premier of the Soviet Union)
** Germen Gvishiani (1928-2003) (Professor), son of a former NKVD Lieutenant General, son-in-law of Alexey Kosygin
** Yevgeny Primakov (b.1929) (Prime Minister of Russia in 1998–1999), brother-in-law of Germen Gvishiani

The Sobchak-Narusova Family (spouses)
* Anatoly Sobchak (1937-2000) (mayor of Saint Petersburg)
* Lyudmila Narusova (b.1951) (senator and MP), widow of Anatoly Sobchak

The Stalin-Zhdanov Family (fathers of spouses)
* Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) (Soviet leader)
* Andrey Zhdanov (1896-1948) (member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union)
** Svetlana Alliluyeva (b.1926), daughter of Joseph Stalin, daughter-in-law of Andrey Zhdanov

The Trotsky-Kamenev Family (brothers-in-law)
* Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) (People's Comissar for Foreign Affairs, People's Commissar for Army and Navy Affairs)
* Lev Kamenev (1883-1936) (Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the All-Russian Congress of Soviets), brother-in-law of Trotsky

The Yeltsin Family (father-in-law and son-in-law)
* Boris Yeltsin, President of Russia (1991-1999)
** Tatyana Yeltsin-Yumashev (b.1960), daughter of Boris Yeltsin
** Valentin Yumashev (b.1957), chief of the Presidential administration of Russia, husband of Tatyana
*** Oleg Deripaska (b.1968) (the richest of Russian citizens), son-in-law of Valentin Yumashev (by the former marriage)

The Zubkov-Serdyukov Family (father-in-law and son-in-law)
* Viktor Zubkov (b.1941) (Prime Minister of Russia from September 2007 to May 2008)
** Anatoliy Serdyukov (b.1962) (Defence Minister of the Russian Federation from February 2007), son-in-law of Viktor Zubkov


The Habyarimana Family and Kayibanda Family Family
*Grégoire Kayibanda (former President)
*Juvénal Habyarimana (former President)
*Agathe Habyarimana (wife of Juvénal Habyarimana and partner-in-power)

Saint Lucia

The Cenac Family
*Winston Cenac (Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, 1981-1982)
*Neville Cenac (brother of Winston Cenac; Foreign Minister, 1987-1992)

The Lewis Family
*Sir Allen Lewis (Governor-General of Saint Lucia, 1979-1980 and 1982-1987)
**Vaughan Lewis (son of Sir Allen Lewis; Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, 1996-1997)

São Tomé and Príncipe

The Costa Alegre Family
*Norberto Costa Alegre (Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe, 1992-1994)
*Alda Bandeira (wife of Norberto Costa Alegre; Foreign Minister, 1991-1993 and 2002)

The Trovoada Family
*Miguel Trovoada (President of São Tomé and Príncipe, 1991-2001)
**Patrice Trovoada (Foreign Minister, 2001-2002)

Saudi Arabia

The Al-Sulaim Family
*Prince Yahia Al-SulaimHe is the first Prince in Al-Sulaim dynasty. He became at the thorn of Unaizah in 1817 after killing the ruler appointed by the Ottoman emperor. He was killed in Baq’a betel between Al-Sulaim and Bin Rashed of Hail.
*Prince Zamil A.Al-Sulaim


The Ferrari Family
*Maxime Ferrari (opposition leader)
**Jean-François Ferrari (son of Maxime Ferrari; Seychelles National Party activist)
**Pauline Ferrari (daughter of Maxime Ferrari)


The Lee Family
*Lee Kuan Yew (Prime Minister of Singapore, 1965-1990)
**Lee Hsien Loong (son of Lee Kuan Yew; Prime Minister of Singapore, 2004- )

Solomon Islands

The Chan Family"'
*Tommy Chan (Member of Parliament and businessman)
**Laurie Chan (son of Tommy Chan; Foreign Minister, 2002- )

The Kemakeza Family
*Sir Allan Kemakeza (Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, 2001- )
*Ataban Tonezepo (brother of Sir Allan Kemakeza; Premier of Central province)


* Muhammad Farah Aydid (1936–1996)
* Hussein Aydid (born 1962)

* Muhammad Siad Barre (1919?–1995)
* Abdirahman Jama Barre

South Africa

The de Klerk Family
*Frederik Willem de Klerk
*Jan de KlerkThe Mandela Family and Machel Family
*Nelson Mandela - President (1994-1999)
*Winnie Madikizela-Mandela - political activist; 2nd wife of Nelson Mandela
*Graça Machel - First Lady of Mozambique (1975-1983) and South Africa (1998-1999); widow of Samoa Machel; 3rd wife of Nelson Mandela
*Samora Machel - President of Mozambique (1975-1983); first husband of Graça Machel

The Marte Family (father-daughter)
* Otto-Carl Marte
* Laure-Marie Marte

The Mbeki Family (father-son)
*Govan Mbeki
*Thabo Mbeki

The Ngcuka Family (husband-wife)
*Bulelani Ngcuka
*Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

The Sisulu Family
* Walter Sisulu
* Albertina Sisulu
* Lindiwe Sisulu

The Slovo Family and First Families (husband-wife)
*Joe Slovo - Communist leader
*Ruth First

The Tambo Family
* Oliver Tambo
* Dali Tambo

The Zuma Family (ex-spouses)
*Jacob Zuma, Deputy President of South Africa
*Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Foreign Minister of South Africa


The Arana Family
*Sabino Arana
*Luis Arana Goiri

The Aznar Family
*Manuel Aznar
*José María Aznar - Prime Minister (1996-2004)
*Ana Botella
*Alejandro Agag

The Benegas Family
*Doris Benegas
*Txiki Benegas

The Calvo-Sotelo Family
*José Calvo Sotelo - Minister of Economy (1920s)
*Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo - Prime Minister (1981-1982)
*Mercedes Cabrera Calvo Sotelo - Former Minister of Education (2006-...)

The Oreja Family
*Marcelino Oreja
*Jaime Mayor Oreja

"'The Primo de Rivera Family
*Miguel Primo de Rivera
*José Antonio Primo de Rivera

The Redondo Family
*Nicolás Redondo
*Nicolás Redondo Terreros

Sri Lanka

The Senanayake Family
*Don Stephen Senanayake (Prime Minister of Ceylon and National Hero, 1947-1952)
**Dudley Shelton Senanayake (son of Don Stephen Senanayake;Prime Minister of Ceylon, 1952-1953, 1960, and 1965-1970)
***Rukman Senanayake (grandson of Don Stephen Senanayake;Chairman of United National Party, former Cabinet Minister and current Member of Parliament)
*Fredrick Richard Senanayake (brother of Don Stephen Senanayake;Member of Legislative Council and Independence activist)
**Richard Gotabhaya Senanayake (son of Fredrick Richard Senanayake;Member of Parliament)(also related to Sir John Lionel Kotelawala, Junius Richard Jayewardene, and Ranil Wickremesinghe)

The Bandaranaike-Kumaratunga Family
*Solomon Bandaranaike (Prime Minister of Ceylon, 1956-1959)
*Sirimavo Bandaranaike (wife of Solomon Bandaranaike; Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, 1960-1965, 1970-1977, and 1994-2000)
**Sunethra Bandaranaike (daughter of Solomon and Sirimavo Bandaranaike;politician and socialite)
**Chandrika Kumaratunga (daughter of Solomon and Sirimavo Bandaranaike; President of Sri Lanka, 1994-2005 )
**Vijaya Kumaratunga (husband of Chandrika Kumaratunga; actor and politician)
**Anura Bandaranaike (son of Solomon and Sirimavo Bandaranaike; former Cabinet Minister, Speaker and Member of Parliament)(also related to Felix Dias Bandaranaike, Anuruddha Ratwatte, Hector Kobbekaduwa)

The Gopallawa Family (also related to Bandaranaike)
*William Gopallawa (President of Sri Lanka, 1972-1978)
**Monty Gopallawa (son of William Gopallawa; Governor of Central province, 2002-2005)

The Wijeyeratne Family
*Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne (former Cabinet Minister and Senator, 1947 - 1951)
**Dr Nissanka Wijeyeratne (second son of Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne; former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament 1977 - 1988)
***Mano Wijeyeratne (son of Dr Nissanka Wijeyeratne; current Minister & Member of Parliament, 1989 - 2001, 2004 - )
***Neranjan Wijeyeratne (eldest son of Dr Nissanka Wijeyeratne) Politician

The Rajapaksa Family
* Don M. Rajapaksa(Member of State Council and Senator)
* Lakshman Rajapaksa (Member of Parliament)
* George Rajapaksa (Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament)
** Nirupama Rajapaksa (Daughter of George Rajapaksa; current Member of Parliament, 2006 -)
* Don Alwin Rajapaksa(former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament)
** Chamal Rajapaksa (son of Don Alwin Rajapaksa; Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister, Cabinet Minister)
** Mahinda Rajapaksa (son of Don Alwin Rajapaksa; President of Sri Lanka, 2005 - )
** Basil Rajapaksa (son of Don Alwin Rajapaksa; Member of Parliament, 2007 - and Senior Presidential adviser)


The Assad Family
*Hafez al-Assad (President of Syria, 1971-2000)
**Bashar al-Assad (son of Hafez al-Assad; President of Syria, 2000- )
**Basil al-Assad (son of Hafez al-Assad)
*Rifaat al-Assad (brother of Hafez al-Assad)The Atassi family
*Hashim al-AtassiThe al Azem family
*Khaled al azem


House of Bernadotte

*Folke Bernadotte diplomat and politician and he is noted for his negotiation for the release of prisoners from the German concentration camps in World War II, grandson of King Oscar II and nephew of King Gustaf V.

Bodström family
*Lennart Bodström, social democratic Minister for Foreign Affairs 1982-1985
**Thomas Bodström, social democratic Minister for Justice since 2000, son of Lennart Bodström

Cederschiöld family
*Carl Cederschiöld, conservative mayor of Stockholm 1991–1994 and 1998–2002
*Charlotte Cederschiöld, conservative member of parliament 1988-1995 and Member of the European Parliament since 1995, married to Carl Cederschiöld
**Sebastian Cederschiöld, conservative member of parliament since 2006, son of Charlotte and Carl Cederschiöld

De Geer family
*Louis De Geer the elder (1818-1896), Justice Prime Minister 1858-1870, Prime Minister of Sweden 1876-1880
**Louis De Geer the younger (1854-1935), Prime Minister of Sweden 1920–1921, son of Louis De Geer the elder
**Gerard De Geer (1858-1943), Member of Parliament 1900-1905, son of Louis De Geer the older
***Gerard De Geer (1889-1980), liberal Member of Parliament 1937-1943 and 1951-1958, grandson of a brother to Louis De Geer the elder
****Lars De Geer (1922-2002), liberal Minister of Defence 1978-1979, son of Gerard De Geer (1889-1980)

Douglas family
*Gustaf Douglas, Moderate Party
*Walburga Douglas Moderate Party

Hammarskjöld family
*Hjalmar Hammarskjöld, Prime Minister of Sweden 1914-1917
**Dag Hammarskjöld, cabinet minister without portfolio 1951-1953, UN Secretary General 1953-1961, son of Hjalmar Hammarskjöld

Heckscher family
*Gunnar Heckscher, conservative party leader 1961-1965
**Sten Heckscher, social democratic Minister of Industry and Employment 1994-1996, son of Gunnar Heckscher

Leijon family
*Anna-Greta Leijon, social democratic cabinet minister 1973-1976 and 1982-1988
**Britta Lejon, social democratic cabinet minister 1998-2002, member of parliament since 2002, daughter of Anna-Greta Leijon

Myrdal family
*Gunnar Myrdal, social democratic cabinet minister 1945-1947
*Alva Myrdal, social democratic cabinet minister 1966-1973, wife of Gunnar Myrdal
**Jan Myrdal, author and independent communist political writer and columnist, son of Alva and Gunnar Myrdal

Ohlin family
*Bertil Ohlin, party leader of the liberal Folkpartiet 1944-1967, minister of commerce in the wartime government 1944-1945.
**Anne Wibble, representing the same party, Minister of Finance in 1991-1994, daughter of Bertil Ohlin.

Wallenberg family

*Knut Wallenberg (1853–1938), banker, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs 1914-1917
**Raoul Wallenberg (1912-unknown) businessman and diplomat, he helped many Hungarian Jews during the later stages of World War II, by issuing temporary Swedish "protective passports", grand-nephew of Knut Wallenberg.


The Eyadéma Family
*Gnassingbé Eyadema (President of Togo, 1967-2005)
**Faure Gnassingbé (son of Gnassingbé Eyadema; President of Togo, 2005)
**Kpatcha Gnassingbé (son of Gnassingbé Eyadema; minister of defence)

The Olympio Family
*Sylvanus Olympio (President of Togo, 1960-1963)
**Gilchrist Olympio (son of Sylvanus Olympio; leader, Union of Forces for Change)
**Harry Olympio (distant cousin of Gilchrist Olympio; opposition party leader)

Trinidad and Tobago

The Capildeo family
*Simbhoonath Capildeo (1914-1990)
*Rudranath Capildeo (1920-1970)The Fitzpatrick family
*George F. Fitzpatrick (1875-1920)
*Hon. George Fitzpatrick IIThe Sinanan family


The Bourguiba Family
*Habib Bourguiba (President of Tunisia, 1957-1987)
**Habib Bourguiba, Jr. (son of Habib Bourguiba; Foreign Minister, 1964-1970)


* Bülent Ecevit (1925–2006)
* Rahşan Ecevit


The Latasi Family
* Sir Kamuta Latasi (Prime Minister of Tuvalu, 1993-1996)
** Lady Naama Maheu Latasi (wife of Kamuta Latasi; Member of Parliament)


* Milton Obote (1924–2005)
* Miria Obote

United Kingdom

"See List of political families in the United Kingdom "

United States


The Arismendi Family (father and daughter)
* Rodney Arismendi (leader of Communist Party of Uruguay)
** Marina Arismendi (leader of Communist Party of Uruguay), daughter of Rodney Arismendi

The Batlle Family (grandfather, son, grandsons and great-grandson)
* Lorenzo Batlle y Grau (President of Uruguay, 1868-1872)
** José Batlle y Ordóñez (President of Uruguay, 1899, 1903-1907 and 1911-1915), son of Lorenzo Batlle
*** César Batlle Pacheco (Deputy and Senator), son of José Batlle y Ordóñez, grandnephew of Duncan Stewart
**** Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco (Deputy and Senator), son of José Batlle y Ordóñez, grandnephew of Duncan Stewart
***** Luis Batlle Berres (President of Uruguay, 1947-1951), nephew of José Batlle y Ordóñez
****** Jorge Batlle Ibáñez (President of Uruguay, 2000-2005), son of Luis Batlle Berres

The Bauzá Family (father and son)
* Rufino Bauzá (Uruguayan independence fighter and military figure)
** Francisco Bauzá (Political figure and historian), son of Rufino Bauzá

The Beltrán Family (father and son)
* Washington Beltrán Barbat (Blanco Party Deputy, killed by José Batlle y Ordóñez)
** Washington Beltrán (President of Uruguay, 1965-1966), son of Washington Beltrán Barbat

The Blanco Family (grandfather, sons and grandson)
* Juan Carlos Blanco Fernández (Foreign Minister of Uruguay)
** Juan Carlos Blanco Acevedo (Foreign Minister of Uruguay), son of Juan Carlos Blanco Fernández
*** Daniel Blanco Acevedo (Deputy for Montevideo), son of Juan Carlos Blanco Fernández
**** Juan Carlos Blanco Estradé (Foreign Minister of Uruguay, UN Ambassador, and Senator), son of Daniel Blanco Acevedo

The Bordaberry Family (grandfather, son and grandsons)
* Domingo Bordaberry (Senator, and Ruralist leader)
** Juan María Bordaberry (President of Uruguay, 1972-1976), son of Domingo Bordaberry
*** Pedro Bordaberry (Former Industry and Tourism Minister), son of Juan María Bordaberry
**** Santiago Bordaberry (Rural Affairs Activist), son of Juan María Bordaberry

The Brum Family (brothers)
* Baltasar Brum (President of Uruguay, 1919-1923)
** Alfeo Brum (Vice President of Uruguay, 1947-1955), brother of Baltasar Brum

The Cuestas Family (father and son)
* Juan Lindolfo Cuestas (President of Uruguay, 1897-1899 and 1899-1903)
** Juan Cuestas (Diplomat and political activist), son of Juan Lindolfo Cuestas

The Demicheli Family (spouses)
* Alberto Demicheli (President of Uruguay, 1976)
** Sofía Álvarez Vignoli de Demicheli (Senator and diplomat), wife of Alberto Demicheli

The Ellauri Family (father and son)
* José Longinos Ellauri (Foreign Minister of Uruguay, 1830)
** José Eugenio Ellauri (President of Uruguay, 1873-1875), son of José Longinos Ellauri

The Fernández Family (father and son)
* Hugo Fernández Artucio (Former Socialist leader; subsequent Colorado trade union organizer)
** Hugo Fernández Faingold (Vice President of Uruguay, 1998-2000), son of Hugo Fernández Artucio

The Forteza Family (father and son)
* Francisco Forteza (Deputy, Senator; Defence Minister 1947-1951)
** Francisco Forteza (son) (Deputy, Senator, Economy Minister 1972), son of Francisco Forteza

The Grauert Family (brothers)
* Julio César Grauert (Deputy)
* Héctor Grauert (Senator), brother of Julio César Grauert

The Héber Family (brothers and son of one of them)
* Alberto Héber Usher (President of Uruguay, 1966-1967)
** Mario Héber Usher (Deputy and Senator), brother of Alberto Héber Usher
*** Luis Alberto Héber (Deputy and Senator), son of Mario Héber Usher

The Hierro Family (grandfather, son and grandson)
* Luis Hierro (Deputy)
** Luis Hierro Gambardella (Minister, Deputy and Senator), son of Luis Hierro
*** Luis Antonio Hierro López (Vice President of Uruguay 2000-2005), son of Luis Hierro Gambardella

The Jude Family (father and son)
* Raúl Jude (Deputy, Justice and Interior Minister, and Senator)
** Raumar Jude, (Deputy and Senator), son of Raúl Jude

The Lacalle Family (father and son)
* Luis Alberto Lacalle (President of Uruguay, 1990-1995) and grandson of political leader Luis Alberto de Herrera
** Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou (Parliamentary Deputy), son of Luis Alberto Lacalle

The Mujica Family (spouses)
* José Mujica Cordano (Senator, former Agriculture Minister)
** Lucía Topolansky de Mujica (Senator, former Deputy), wife of José Mujica

The Nin Family (brothers)
* Rodolfo Nin Novoa (Vice President of Uruguay, 2005-)
** Gonzalo Nin Novoa (Vice Presidential administrator), brother of Rodolfo Nin Novoa

The Pacheco Family (father and son)
* Jorge Pacheco Areco (President of Uruguay, 1967-1972)
** Jorge Pacheco Klein (Colorado Party deputy), son of Jorge Pacheco Areco

The Ramírez Family (cousins)
* Juan Andrés Ramírez (Former Interior Minister)
** Gonzalo Aguirre Ramírez (Vice President of Uruguay, 1990-1995)

The Saravia Family (brothers and descendant of one of them)
* Gumercindo Saravia (Civil War leader in Rio Grande, Brazil)
* Aparicio Saravia (National (Blanco) Party and Uruguayan Civil War leader, killed 1904), younger brother of Gumercindo Saravia
** Villanueva Saravia, (National (Blanco) Party regional government leader), great-great-grandson of Aparicio Saravia

The Sendic Family (father and son)
* Raúl Sendic (leader of Tupamaros)
** Raúl F. Sendic (Leader of 26 March Movement), son of Raúl Sendic

The Stewart Family (uncle, niece, grand-nephews)
* Duncan Stewart (President of Uruguay, 1894)
** Matilde Pacheco Stewart de Batlle y Ordóñez (First Lady of Uruguay, 1899, 1903-1907, 1911-1915), niece of Duncan Stewart, wife of José Batlle y Ordóñez
*** César Batlle Pacheco (Deputy and Senator), son of José Batlle y Ordóñez, grandnephew of Duncan Stewart
**** Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco (Deputy and Senator), son of José Batlle y Ordóñez, grandnephew of Duncan Stewart

The Terra Family (uncle, nephew and grandnephew)
* Gabriel Terra (President of Uruguay 1931-1938)
** Horacio Terra Arocena (Senator), nephew of Gabriel Terra
*** Juan Pablo Terra (Deputy and Senator), son of Horacio Terra Arocena

The Wílliman Family (grandfather and grandson)
* Claudio Wílliman (President of Uruguay 1907-1911)
** José Claudio Wílliman (Served in Uruguayan Senate 1985-1990), grandson of Claudio Wílliman

The Végh Family (father and son)
* Carlos Végh Garzón (Economy minister 1967)
** Alejandro Végh Villegas (Economy minister, 1970s and 1980s), son of Carlos Végh Garzón

The Zorilla de San Martín Family (grandfather and grandson)
* Juan Zorrilla de San Martín (Poet and Deputy)
** Alejandro Zorrilla de San Martín, (Deputy, Foreign Affairs Minister, and Senator), grandson of Juan Zorrilla de San Martín


The Karimov Family
*Islom Karimov (President of Uzbekistan, 1991- )
**Gulnora Karimova (daughter of Islom Karimov; businesswoman and politician)


The Lini Family
*Walter Lini (Prime Minister of Vanuatu, 1980-1991)
*Ham Lini (brother of Walter Lini; Prime Minister of Vanuatu, 2004- )
*Hilda Lini (sister of Walter Lini; Member of Parliament)

The Sokomanu-Sopé Family
*Ati George Sokomanu (President of Vanuatu, 1980-1989)
**Barak Sopé (nephew of Ati George Sokomanu; Prime Minister of Vanuatu, 1999-2001)


The Sucre Family
*Antonio José de Sucre (President of Bolivia, South American Independence War Hero)
*Juan Manuel Sucre (Commander-in-Chief of Army 1974)
*Leopoldo Sucre (Public Works Minister; Senator)
*José Francisco Sucre (Ambassador; Senator)


* Ngô Đình Diệm (1901–1963)
* Ngô Đình Nhu
* Madame Ngô Đình Nhu


* Abdul Rahman al-Iryani (1908?–1998)
* Abdul Karim al-Iryani (born 1934)

The Saleh Family
*Ali Abdullah Saleh (President of North Yemen, 1978-1990; President of Yemen, 1990- )
**Col. Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh (son of Ali Abdullah Saleh; Member of Parliament)


The Chiluba Family
*Frederick Chiluba (President of Zambia, 1991-2002)
*Benjamin Mwila (cousin of Frederick Chiluba; leader of Zambia Republican Party)

The Kaunda Family
*Kenneth Kaunda (President of Zambia, 1964-1991)
**Tilyenji Kaunda (son of Kenneth Kaunda; secretary-general, United National Independence Party)


The Mujuru Family
* Gen. Solomon 'Rex Nhongo' Mujuru
* Vice President Joyce "Teurai Ropa" Mujuru

The Mugabe-Chiyangwa Family
*Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe, 1987-present; Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, 1980-1987)
*Sabina Mugabe (sister of Robert Mugabe; Member of Parliament)
**Innocent Mugabe (son of Sabina Mugabe; Director of the Central Intelligence Organisation)
**Leo Mugabe (son of Sabina Mugabe; businessman and Member of Parliament)
**Patrick Zhuwawo (son of Sabina Mugabe; businessman and Member of Parliament)
*Philip Chiyangwa (cousin of Robert Mugabe; businessman and ZANU-PF regional leader)

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