George Fisher (New Zealand)

George Fisher (New Zealand)

George Fisher (1843 – 14 March 1905) was a four time Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand from 1882 to 1885, and in 1896. He had been a Wellington City Councillor from 1877 to 1881. He was nicknamed ‘Tarcoola George’.

He was a Liberal Member of Parliament: for the Wellington South electorate 1884 to 1887, then the Wellington East electorate 1887 to 1890.

He then represented the City of Wellington electorate from 1890 to 1893 when he was defeated, and from 1896 to 1905 when he died. He was Minister of Education in Prime Minister Harry Atkinson's ministry from 1887 to 1889.

He was born in Dublin on December 25 1843, the son of James Fisher, the Government printer in Dublin, and apprenticed as a compositor in London before moving with his family to Melbourne in 1857, where his father became a co-proprieter of "The Age" newspaper. George arrived in New Zealand in 1863 and worked first as a printer then as a journalist on Hansard (at Parliament). He married Laura Emma Tompkins in Christchurch in 1866 and they had four sons and two daughters.

His son Francis Marion Bates Fisher (1877-1960) was also a Member of Parliament for Wellington between 1905 and 1915, and was Minister of Trade and Customs under Prime Minister William Massey. As a top New Zealand's tennis player, both at home and abroad, FMB Fisher reached the final of the Australian Open in 1906 - one of only four New Zealanders to play in the final of a 'Grand Slam' event. FMB Fisher's eldest daughter, Esther Fisher (1900-1999) became a international pianist.

A brother of George's, " David Patrick Fisher "(1850-1912), also a printer by trade and resident in Wellington 1872-1906, was a leading New Zealand union founder and organiser.

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