Frasier (season 6)

Frasier (season 6)
Frasier Season 6
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original channel NBC
Original run September 24, 1998 – May 29, 1999
Home video release
DVD release date September 13, 2005
Season chronology
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The sixth season of Frasier originally aired between September 1998 and May 1999, beginning on September 24, 1998.

List of episodes

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
121 1 "Good Grief" Pamela Fryman Christopher Lloyd September 24, 1998 (1998-09-24)
After losing his job at KACL, Frasier has taken up a number of projects (including painting, writing his memoirs and composing an operetta). Niles thinks that he is dealing with the loss of his job the way people deal with a death, and is currently stuck in denial. He progresses through anger after Gil steals a new job offer out from underneath him, and bargaining, but gets himself stalled in depression when he finds out that his fan club has only three members who humiliate him by holding a public rally to protest Frasier’s firing. Frasier starts drastically overeating and the family, worried about his food habits, stage an intervention and force Frasier to finally let out his grief and accept the loss of his job. 
122 2 "Frasier's Curse" Pamela Fryman Jay Kogen October 1, 1998 (1998-10-01)
Frasier believes reunions are cursed as they always happen when he is at a low point in his life, such as his divorce with Lilith and being left at the altar by Diane. He is thus not keen to go on a reunion of the Bryce Academy, where he expects to be humiliated for being unemployed, single and living with his father. Although Niles and Roz encourage him to go, a catastrophic job interview at another radio station on the same day makes Frasier change his mind, about which Roz is very cross. But Frasier reconsiders after a former classmate sees him walking outside the supermarket in shabby clothes pushing a shopping trolley and may spread rumors at the reunion that Frasier is homeless. 
123 3 "Dial M for Martin" Ken Lamkin Rob Greenberg October 8, 1998 (1998-10-08)
Frasier is out of work and single, and has been having numerous arguments with his father. Over coffee at Café Nervosa, Roz advises Martin to consider moving in with Niles for a spell, to give Frasier some space during this difficult time. Niles is initially hesitant, but as soon as Martin mentions that Daphne would come with him, he agrees instantly. However, Niles' place has several flights of stairs, and Daphne points out that if Martin can negotiate these by himself, he no longer needs a live-in physical therapist. She is sorry to bid farewell to the Cranes, but decides to look for a new position, and Niles panics. While moving Martin into his apartment, Niles “accidentally” kicks away his father's cane and he falls over. He claims to be fine, but Frasier suspects that this was the desperate action of Niles' unconscious mind, in an attempt to make Daphne stay. He shares this theory with Martin, although insists it is probably nonsense, but this heightens Martin's paranoia and he becomes increasingly afraid that Niles is unconsciously trying to harm him. 
124 4 "Hot Ticket" David Lee Jeffrey Richman October 15, 1998 (1998-10-15)
Frasier and Niles have tickets to “the theatrical event of the season”, in which the great actor Sir Trevor Aimsley will be making his final appearance before retirement. It is a prestigious event where people go to be seen. However, on the evening in question, the theatre usher refuses to let the brothers in, pointing out that their tickets were for the matinée performance. Frasier keeps Niles calm and suggests they try again the following evening, and he phones some contacts to obtain tickets, but without success. Swallowing their pride with great difficulty, they stand in the cancellation line, and are at the front of the queue when they are greeted by the Kendalls, a couple who regularly socialize with the Seattle elite. They cannot bear to admit that they are queuing for cancellations, and miss their opportunity for tickets by leaving the line. The evening only seems set to get worse when they are invited by the Kendalls to dinner with Sir Trevor after the performance, and face the prospect of making conversation about a play which they have not seen. 
125 5 "First Do No Harm" Sheldon Epps Jordan Hawley & William Schifrin October 29, 1998 (1998-10-29)
Martin has arranged for Frasier to meet up again with Duke's daughter, Marie (Teri Hatcher), whom he first met when they were both children. Frasier is pleasantly surprised at how beautiful she has become, and enjoys having dinner with her, but cannot help noticing that she has some neurotic tendencies. She meticulously arranges her cutlery and food, and avoids even looking at the balcony owing to acrophobia. Later on, she tells him in great detail about a recurring dream she has. When Frasier relates these idiosyncrasies to Niles, his brother posits the suggestion that Marie is attracted to him because of his psychiatric expertise. Frasier is indignant, but cannot get the idea out of his mind, and later finds his suspicions confirmed, causing him to break up with Marie. Martin is angry, fearing the possible repercussions on his friendship with Duke, and Niles suggests Frasier give the relationship another chance. This he does, but Marie's recurring dream is still exercising his mind, causing Niles to change his opinion about the source of the problem. 
126 6 "Secret Admirer" Pamela Fryman Lori Kirkland November 5, 1998 (1998-11-05)
Frasier has been dating Nancy, a former KACL worker, with whom flirting is persistently through her playful confession of having ESP, and things seem to be going well. Niles is also in a good mood, as he and Maris have reached a financial settlement. Then one day, after a squash game with Niles, Frasier discovers some Cartier cufflinks in his bag, with an unsigned note from someone who misses him. He is thrilled at the possibility that he has a secret admirer as well as Nancy, and Martin has to tolerate his gloating for some time. Soon afterwards, a waitress at Café Nervosa brings him a box containing a Patek Philippe pocket watch, saying it was delivered earlier by a woman. Frasier is even more thrilled, but then Niles discovers a card in the box, indicating that the gift was actually intended for him. This can only mean one thing: Maris wants him back. 
127 7 "How to Bury a Millionaire" Pamela Fryman Lori Kirkland November 12, 1998 (1998-11-12)
Driving to Niles' apartment at the Montana with the intention of taking him to dinner, Frasier and Martin are astonished to see Niles drive past them in a cheap hatchback. When Niles sees them, he makes haste to get away from them as quick as possible. Bewildered by his actions and incensed by his bare-faced claims that he is in his apartment when calling him on his car phone to question him, Frasier eventually gets Niles to admit that he has been forced by his on-going divorce from Maris to buy a cheaper car, as his Mercedes has been repossessed. Back in his apartment, Frasier suggests that they make a list of his expenses in order to enable him to economize; it soon becomes apparent that his apartment is by far his greatest expense. Although Niles insists that it is modest (despite having three floors and possessing a library, a study and a gift-wrapping room) and pleads that his ability to get into the Montana was a necessary ego-boost after his wife's abandonment, Frasier eventually convinces him that he has no choice but to move out in order to avoid bankruptcy. He allows Niles to stay with him, but after two weeks, his picky habits have started to wear on the nerves of everyone else present. Frasier vows to help Niles find an apartment. To that end, after a long day of apartment searching, both men find themselves at the Shangri-La, a cheap bachelor's apartment complex that falls well below their high standards; unfortunately for Niles, however, it is the best that he can afford, and upon learning that he has outstayed his welcome at Frasier's, Niles has no choice but to move in. 
128 8 "The Seal Who Came to Dinner" David Lee Joe Keenan November 19, 1998 (1998-11-19)
Niles' gourmet club will soon be awarding the annual Golden Apron Award, and the final leg of the contest requires the competitors to host a dinner party at their home. Since Niles is deeply ashamed to admit to the apartment he currently has, Frasier offers to let him use his place. This seems ideal, especially when Martin mentions that there is a meteor shower predicted on the evening in question, and Frasier's balcony would be useful as an observation deck. However, Niles discovers a crack in one of the windows, with tape over it, and promptly says the party will have to be somewhere else. He realizes that Maris has a beach house that would present a perfect setting, and she herself is in Antwerp so need never know. Frasier is offended at the rejection of his own apartment, but Niles says he can still attend the party. On first inspection of the house, everything seems fine, until they follow the trail of a horrendous smell and discover a dead seal lying on the beach outside. Desperate that this evening should go well, Niles and Frasier must then hurry to dispose of the creature before the party starts. 
129 9 "Roz, a Loan" Pamela Fryman Janis Hirsch December 10, 1998 (1998-12-10)
Roz is in a difficult financial situation, struggling to pay for her rent and baby clothes. KACL's ratings are suffering as a result of the new format, but the management still will not change it. Frasier does not expect this to last, and offers to lend Roz $1500 to help her along in the meantime. He is surprised afterwards to see that she seems to be spending rather extravagantly: spa treatment, expensive lunches, perfume. He wonders if he should talk to her about this, but Martin and Niles firmly advise him not to get involved, especially since he specifically said to Roz that the money was hers to use as she pleased. Niles is also suffering from reduced spending power, and when he discovers that Martin has not used a spa gift certificate that Niles gave him as a birthday present, he begs his father to use it now for the two of them. Martin is eventually persuaded to use the certificate, but the experience is not as relaxing as it should be for either of them. Fortunately, it is not long before KACL re-considers and gives Frasier and his colleagues their jobs back, although Frasier is still troubled. 
130 10 "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz" Kelsey Grammer Jay Kogen December 17, 1998 (1998-12-17)
Christmas is approaching, and while out shopping with Roz and looking for a menorah for his son, Frasier makes a covert attempt to purchase a sweater for Roz. Just before she realises, another woman steps in and rescues Frasier by pretending that she is buying it. She recognises him from the radio, and when he offers his thanks and asks if he can return the kindness, she suggests a date with her daughter, Faye. Frasier accepts, and is pleasantly surprised when he meets her, although she is embarrassed at being fixed up by her mother. Things go well for a while between them, and Faye visits Frasier's apartment with Helen one day on their way to catch a plane to Florida. It is at this point that Frasier discovers that Faye was under the impression that he was Jewish, and although this is not a problem for her, she is worried what her mother will think. He agrees to hide the Christmas decorations and play along, also getting Niles and Martin on side. The deception proves tricky to sustain, as Eddie appears dressed in a Santa Claus costume, someone calls round trying to deliver a Christmas tree, and Daphne is busy organising a holiday revue downstairs (from which Niles appears dressed as Jesus). 
131 11 "Good Samaritan" Sheldon Epps Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck January 7, 1999 (1999-01-07)
Frasier has always believed that people are fundamentally decent and good, but he now finds his beliefs and patience tested when he attempts a series of acts of kindness and they all turn out badly. Firstly, he finds and returns a lost wallet in Café Nervosa, and the owner accuses him of stealing money from it; secondly, he helps a woman load a dog into her car at the airport, and she drives away without thanking him; thirdly, he stops to help a man with a flat tire, and the man calls in to KACL threatening to sue him for damage to his car. Later, driving home in the rain, he comes across a stranded woman and considers whether or not to give her a ride. Despite the events of the day, he decides to help her, only to discover that she is a prostitute (and also a transvestite), and that the police are watching everything. He is arrested and held at Martin's old precinct, where Martin and Niles must bail him out. Upon returning home Frasier has to explain what happened to Frederick since the incident gained media attention. When Frederick asks; "So are you saying you shouldn't help people?," we return to Frasier in the car contemplating whether or not to give the woman a ride. He decides to help her, the dialogue reveals that the preceding events had simply been "a bad daydream." He discovers that the woman, highly appreciative of his good deed, is not a prostitute but actually a fellow resident of his building. 
132 12 "Our Parents, Ourselves" Pamela Fryman Janis Hirsch January 21, 1999 (1999-01-21)
Roz's mother is visiting, and Frasier suggests fixing her up with Martin. They do their best to make it look accidental (Frasier and Niles go with their father to McGinty's, and Roz brings her mother soon afterwards), but Martin and Joanna see straight through them. They spend some time together that evening at a jazz club, and when they arrive back at Frasier's apartment later they both seem to be in a good mood. After Roz and Joanna have left, Martin privately admits to Frasier that he found her very boring company, but Roz reports that her mother had a wonderful evening and hopes to see Martin again before she leaves Seattle. Frasier does not have the heart to tell Roz the truth, and tries to engineer one more rendez-vous to spare Joanna's feelings, inviting them to watch the Super Bowl on television at his place. He chooses not to tell Martin that they are coming until the last minute, at which point he discovers that Martin has also invited someone along… 
133 13 "The Show Where Woody Shows Up" Pamela Fryman Rob Greenberg February 4, 1999 (1999-02-04)

Frasier receives a phonecall during his show at KACL from Woody Boyd, an old friend from Cheers, who has just arrived in Seattle for the week. Frasier suggests they have dinner and catch up, and decides to keep it simple: takeaway pizza and beer at his apartment. He and Woody have a most enjoyable evening exchanging stories from the old days, and at the end Frasier suggests lunch the next day at a Mexican place. When he returns from that, he privately admits to Martin that he is no longer enjoying spending time with Woody, since they have nothing in common except a few old stories. However, he cannot bring himself to hurt his friend's feelings, so continues to meet up with him. After one particularly grim evening spent with Woody, Gil and Noel at a karaoke bar, he decides that he can take no more, but his luck seems to have changed when Woody suddenly knocks on his door and says he is leaving town right away. Frasier bids him farewell, then goes out with Niles for a late supper to celebrate. Once at the cantina, he has a shock when he spots Woody hiding behind a menu at the bar...

Reception: Woody Harrelson received a 1999 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance in this episode. 
134 14 "Three Valentines" Kelsey Grammer Rob Hanning February 11, 1999 (1999-02-11)

There are three main story lines in this episode, all centered around St. Valentine's Day: (1) In preparation for a date whom Niles has invited over to Frasier's apartment for dinner, Niles attempts to iron a crease out of his trousers, and disaster ensues when they catch fire and he loses control of the extinguisher. (2) Frasier is meeting with Cassandra Stone, the station's new marketing manager, but is unsure as to whether it is a romantic date or just a business meeting. Frasier consistently receives mixed signals, but things seem to be turning Frasier's way when she invites him up to her hotel room. (3) Both without dates, Martin and Daphne decide to have a meal together and discover what it is like to be dateless.

Reception: The first act consists of a silent performance by Niles Crane accidentally igniting his trousers to the accompaniment of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro overture. It is well-known that David Hyde Pierce took only six takes to get the scene and the final scene is the result of one continuous cut (directed by Kelsey Grammer). It has, on occasion, been called one of the funniest ten minutes in television history. 
135 15 "To Tell the Truth" David Lee Rob Hanning February 18, 1999 (1999-02-18)
Niles's divorce proceedings continue to go badly; the lawyers representing his wife, Maris, have motioned to postpone the trial date for eight months in order to drain money from him. Frasier recommends he find himself new lawyers, and Roz suggests an ex-boyfriend of hers: Donny Douglas, nicknamed "The Piranha" by the legal community. Niles is desperate enough to swallow his distaste and go along to meet Donny. At first, the cheery, uncouth, slobby lawyer seems to confirm his worst fears, but he is immediately impressed by the sheer steel and ultra-aggressive manner that Donny displays in dealing with Maris' high-brow lawyers, who are immediately cowed into submission, and this persuades him to allow Donny to represent him. Proceedings now having been brought forward, Donny begins preparing the family for deposition. In the process, it is revealed that Frasier is incapable of lying under oath. As it is soon revealed that one of the questions will revolve around Niles' feelings towards Daphne, this poses something of a problem; Maris' lawyers are claiming that Niles was in love with Daphne throughout the period that the marriage was breaking apart, and that this had a negative impact on the marriage. Daphne and Donny are unconcerned, but Niles panics and hides underneath Frasier's piano after he realises Frasier is having serious ethical concerns about lying under oath to help Niles. Fortunately, when Donny discovers the true source of Maris' family fortune, Niles' prospects improve drastically, at least for a while. 
136 16 "Decoys" Pamela Fryman David Lloyd February 25, 1999 (1999-02-25)
Donny is now going out with Daphne, which Niles is not happy about. On the plus side, Donny has managed to secure something for him out of the divorce settlement: Maris' lake-front cottage, Shady Glen. Frasier suggests he go with Niles and Martin to spend a weekend there, to take his brother's mind off his troubles. It turns out that Martin will have to arrive a day later because of a dental appointment, but Frasier does not mind driving him. Niles tries to persuade Daphne to join them, but she declines. He then devises a plan to split her up from Donny, by inviting him to the cottage, and also inviting Roz, whom he used to date. He hopes that they may re-connect. Things start to become more complicated when Frasier and Martin arrive ahead of schedule, and Niles pretends that Roz is there for his benefit; and then Daphne also appears, having changed her mind about coming. 
137 17 "Dinner Party" David Lee Jeffrey Richman March 11, 1999 (1999-03-11)
Frasier decides to hold a dinner party, and there is lots to plan. First, he and Niles have to find a date on which they are both available, and subsequently persuade Martin to reschedule his poker game. Next, they have to find a good caterer. Then they must finalize a guest list, and to save argument they choose using a blackballing system. Once all these are sorted, they can start inviting people. Unfortunately, when the Walburts ring back to accept the invitation, the answering machine takes the message, and Frasier and Niles hear the couple talking about them before they realize they are still connected. This leads the brothers to worry that their friends see them rather like a married couple themselves. Also, they hear Allison Walburt say to her husband, "You get the one [Dr Crane], you get that other one", and this leads them to wonder which one she is referring to as "that other one". And this is just the beginning of their problems. 
138 18 "Taps at the Montana" David Lee David Lloyd March 25, 1999 (1999-03-25)
Niles returns from a miserable meal with Frasier; both Daphne and Maris were seated at the tables next to them in romantic dates with their new boyfriends. He reveals that he still has not moved back into the Montana, as his apartment is currently occupied by a sub-tenant, Dr. MacLowery. Frasier decides to help him, and asks MacLowery to move out early. Unfortunately, they discover too late that MacLowery is an avid tap dancer, and the noise from his enthusiastic routines have infuriated the other residents of the building. As a result, representatives from the building's board of tenants arrive to tell Niles that the board is seriously considering terminating his lease. In order to get the board back on his side, Niles and Frasier organise a drinks gathering for the next meeting in order to persuade them to change their minds, with Roz present to stand-in for the caterers, who cancelled. The party does not start off well; the guests are hostile, the hors d'oeuvres are slow to appear and Niles' attempts at wit impress no one. And much worse, Niles' pet cockatoo suddenly drops dead. When someone suggests that they play a party game of "Murder", in which one guest pretends to murder another, Mr. Probst's heart condition catches up with him, and suddenly Niles has two fatalities to cope with. 
139 19 "IQ" David Lee Rob Hanning & Jay Kogen April 8, 1999 (1999-04-08)
Niles, Frasier, Martin and Roz attend a silent auction for the Kelly Anne Grunther Foundation. Martin puts into place a scheme to allow him to acquire a gas barbecue for the lowest bid possible; he claims it was recalled due to dangerous design flaws. Roz attempts to prevent Noel Shempsky from winning the "day behind the scenes of the Dr. Frasier Crane Show", by flirting with a young woman who is bidding because she's attracted to Roz. Niles stumbles upon an auction for a luncheon with three Nobel Laureates, and soon finds himself bidding against Frasier. When the auction closes, Niles has the highest bid, but a second seat at the table is opened up as long as Frasier can match him. The two brothers are aghast to realise that they have paid over $8,000 for a lunch. Later that night, over sherry in Frasier's apartment, Niles and Frasier ask themselves where their harsh sibling rivalry originated, and reminisce about how they once took IQ Tests while they were younger. Their mother never told them the answers; only that they were 2 points apart. In an effort to bring closure to their rivalry once and for all, Martin reluctantly agrees to show them the results, and it soon transpires that whilst Frasier has an IQ level of 129, Niles has the larger IQ: 156. At first, their responses are mature and non-competitive, but their true feelings cannot be concealed for long. The brothers attempt to outdo each other by studying all night in a university library. Frasier drinks a great deal of coffee to stay awake, and Niles takes some allergy medicine to deal with his dust mite and parchment allergy problem. The medicine makes him dopey, and he proceeds to pass out at the luncheon table, destroying everything, just as the Nobel Laureates walk into the room. 
140 20 "Dr. Nora" Katy Garretson Joe Keenan April 29, 1999 (1999-04-29)
Frasier is in Café Nervosa interviewing candidates for a new radio psychiatrist at KACL, whose show will run alongside his own. He thinks he has found an unbeatable contender (Dr. Gordon Edelstein), and Niles, who knows his work, expects him to be right. In the end, however, he recommends Dr. Nora Fairchild, who spends most of her interview paying him compliments, even pretending to think Niles is the older brother. Frasier feels proud to have a protégé, until he actually hears her in action. She turns out to be an advocate of old-fashioned values, condemning pre-marital sex, divorce, single parenthood and the like, and her approach to therapy is not so much constructive criticism as outright abuse. Frasier is embarrassed and angry, and threatens to withdraw his recommendation, but the station manager has other ideas; she attracts so much attention (positive and negative) that he wants to keep her on. When she openly criticises Frasier's advice to one particular caller on air, he and Roz decide on a declaration of war. Fortunately, Niles has been listening to this caller and the way Dr. Nora dealt with her, and he has a more subtle way of approaching the problem. 
141 21 "When a Man Loves Two Women" David Lee Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck May 6, 1999 (1999-05-06)
Frasier announces at breakfast that he had a date the previous evening, and Martin and Daphne immediately offer their sympathies. They change their tune when Cassandra appears from the bedroom. Martin takes a shine to her when she greets him with a hug and compliments him on his eyes; she barely acknowledges Daphne, and then forgets her name. Niles arrives to play squash with Frasier, and has to cancel when he learns about the date. Frasier has good feelings about this new relationship, until he runs into Faye at Café Nervosa. She has been in Paris for a month, and has no idea that Frasier has a new girlfriend, and he finds himself unable to tell her. She is still with him the next morning, so the rest of the family realise that he is dating two women. Frasier soon comes to the decision that he cannot juggle two women, and must choose between them. Martin advocates choosing Cassandra; Daphne prefers Faye, who noticed and admired her new haircut. Niles turns up, and discovers he has to re-schedule the squash game again, but he has a trick for compelling Frasier to make his choice. Unfortunately, even when the choice is made, Frasier still has to end one relationship, and this proves more difficult than he expected. 
142 22 "Visions of Daphne" Robert H. Egan Janis Hirsch & Lori Kirkland May 13, 1999 (1999-05-13)
Martin has news for Frasier: he has just seen Donny buying an engagement ring. They first plan to keep this from Daphne, but she walks in halfway through their conversation. When she hears the news, she is thrilled and excited. Martin and Frasier then plan not to tell Niles, but again he walks in at the wrong moment, and after initially pretending that Daphne's mother is dying, the real story comes out and Niles is crushed. Soon after this, Daphne visits Niles unexpectedly at his office, and asks for advice. She tells him that she had a psychic vision in which a mysterious figure in a red bow tie appeared at her wedding, and said he was "the true love of her life". Niles betrays his professional integrity and advises her not to marry Donny. Frasier, when he hears about this later, reckons that psychologically the vision means she is having second thoughts. Additionally, of course, he knows exactly why Niles gave the advice he did, and loses patience with his brother when he arrives a few moments later wearing a red bow tie. Later that evening, Daphne decides to go through with marrying Donny, claiming that perhaps her visions are false. She suddenly has another, however, and this one contains her true love holding a dragon. Martin laughs, and Daphne agrees that it is probably false. Back at home, however, Niles opens a present that Roz had offered him earlier. It contains a dragon statue; it acts as a beacon of hope that Niles could still have a chance yet. 
143 23 "Shutout in Seattle (Part 1)" Pamela Fryman David Isaacs May 20, 1999 (1999-05-20)
Part One of Two. Niles has been having a difficult time recently, being surrounded by happy couples: Frasier and Faye; Daphne and Donny; and now Martin and Bonnie, a woman from McGinty's (previously seen in Our Parents, Ourselves). He meets Roz late one Saturday in Café Nervosa, and she has also had a bad day; her date cancelled earlier, and she resents the waitress serving them, whom she knows from the gym. The next day, Frasier is surprised to discover that she gave into her loneliness and slept with Bulldog, and is now mortified with embarrassment. Later on, Daphne confides in him the awful truth that she has lost her engagement ring, and is trying to conceal the fact from Donny. Niles apparently goes missing, not answering any phone calls, and Frasier and Martin suddenly panic in case he, also driven by loneliness, has gone back to Maris. They hasten to the Montana, only to discover that he is with Kit, the waitress from Café Nervosa whom Roz dislikes. 
144 24 "Shutout in Seattle (Part 2)" Pamela Fryman David Isaacs May 20, 1999 (1999-05-20)
Part Two of Two. Roz, incidentally, seems unable to resist the temptation to sleep with Bulldog again, but when he refers to her as his girlfriend, she is repulsed by the idea. However, she cannot bear to tell him this after he announces that KACL have fired him. The Crane couples start to have problems: Frasier keeps calling Faye Cassandra by mistake; Martin is annoyed by the way Bonnie's poodle, Lady, dominates Eddie. Niles seems happy with Kit, even if his uncharacteristic new leather jacket and use of youthful slang terms like "buzz-kill" mystify his brother. In reality, the lifestyle does not suit him. 

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