List of Lord Chancellors and Lord Keepers

List of Lord Chancellors and Lord Keepers

The following is a list of Lord Chancellors and Lord Keepers of the Great Seal of England and Great Britain.


Lord Chancellors and Lord Keepers of England, 1068–1707

Lord High Chancellors and Lord Keepers of Great Britain, 1707–present

Name Term (From - To)
The Lord Cowper 1707–1710[1]
In Commission: 1710
The Lord Harcourt (Lord Keeper to 1713) 1710–1714
The Lord Cowper 1714–1718
In Commission: 1718
The Earl of Macclesfield 1718–1725
In Commission: 1725
The Lord King 1725–1733
The Lord Talbot 1733–1737
The Earl of Hardwicke 1737–1756
In Commission: 1756–1757
The Earl of Northington (Lord Keeper to 1761) 1757–1766
The Lord Camden 1766–1770
Charles Yorke1 1770
In Commission: 1770–1771
The Lord Apsley 1771–1778
The Lord Thurlow 1778–1783
In Commission: 1783
The Lord Thurlow 1783–1792
In Commission: 1792–1793
The Lord Loughborough 1793–1801
The Lord Eldon (later Earl of Eldon) 1801–1806
The Lord Erskine 1806–1807
The Earl of Eldon 1807–1827
The Lord Lyndhurst 1827–1830
The Lord Brougham and Vaux 1830–1834
The Lord Lyndhurst 1834–1835
In Commission: 1835–1836
The Lord Cottenham 1836–1841
The Lord Lyndhurst 1841–1846
The Lord Cottenham 1846–1850
In Commission: 1850
The Lord Truro 1850–1852
The Lord St Leonards 1852
The Lord Cranworth 1852–1858
The Lord Chelmsford 1858–1859
The Lord Campbell 1859–1861
The Lord Westbury 1861–1865
The Lord Cranworth 1865–1866
The Lord Chelmsford 1866–1868
The Lord Cairns (later Earl Cairns) 1868
The Lord Hatherley 1868–1872
The Lord Selborne (later Earl of Selborne) 1872–1874
The Earl Cairns 1874–1880
The Earl of Selborne 1880–1885
The Lord Halsbury (later Earl of Halsbury) 1885–1886
The Lord Herschell 1886
The Lord Halsbury 1886–1892
The Lord Herschell 1892–1895
The Earl of Halsbury 1895–1905
The Earl of Loreburn 1905–1912
The Viscount Haldane 1912–1915
The Lord Buckmaster 1915–1916
The Lord Finlay 1916–1919
The Earl of Birkenhead 1919–1922
The Viscount Cave 1922–1924
The Viscount Haldane 1924
The Viscount Cave 1924–1928
The Lord Hailsham (later Viscount Hailsham) 1928–1929
The Viscount Sankey 1929–1935
The Viscount Hailsham 1935–1938
The Lord Maugham 1938–1939
The Viscount Caldecote 1939–1940
The Viscount Simon 1940–1945
The Viscount Jowitt 1945–1951
The Lord Simonds 1951–1954
The Viscount Kilmuir 1954–1962
The Lord Dilhorne 1962–1964
The Lord Gardiner 1964–1970
The Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone 1970–1974
The Lord Elwyn-Jones 1974–1979
The Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone 1979–1987
The Lord Havers 1987
The Lord Mackay of Clashfern 1987–1997
The Lord Irvine of Lairg 1997–2003
The Lord Falconer of Thoroton 2003–2007
The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP2 2007–2010
The Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP 2010–-


1: Yorke, who had been associated with the opposition, was persuaded to accept appointment as Lord Chancellor and was to have been created Baron Morden. However on meeting with his erstwhile opposition colleagues he became ashamed of his action. He refused to sign the patent conferring the peerage on himself and then committed suicide.

2: Jack Straw was the first person to have been a Member of Parliament for the whole of his tenure of the post of Lord Chancellor, although a few previous Lord Chancellors had been MPs when appointed.

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