Newspaper of record

Newspaper of record

Newspaper of record is a term that may refer either to any publicly available newspaper that has been authorized by a government to publish public or legal notices (often known as a newspaper of public record), or any major newspaper that has a large circulation and whose editorial and news-gathering functions are considered professional and typically authoritative.


Newspapers of public record

The first type of newspaper of record is often formally defined by a statute or other official action of a governing body. Such a newspaper is supposed to be available to the public, and publication of notices in that newspaper is considered sufficient to comply with legal requirements for public notice. In some jurisdictions, these newspapers are referred to as gazettes (for example, the Canada Gazette,[1] the London Gazette[2] and The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette[3]).

In some jurisdictions, privately-owned newspapers may register with the public authorities in order to publish public and legal notices.[4]

Newspapers of record (by reputation)

The second type of "newspaper of record" (also known by the French terms Presse de référence, or simply de référence) is not defined by any formal criteria and its characteristics can be variable. The category typically consists of those newspapers that are considered to meet higher standards of journalism than most print media and are usually renowned internationally.[5] Notwithstanding changes in society, such newspapers have historically tended to maintain the same tone, coverage, style and traditions.[5]


Country Logo Newspaper City of publication Founded Language Source(s)
Argentina La Nación La Nación Buenos Aires 1870 Spanish [6]
Belgium De Standaard De Standaard Groot-Bijgaarden, near Brussels 1918 Dutch [7]
Canada The Globe and Mail The Globe and Mail Toronto 1844 English [8][9][10][11][12]
Canada La Presse La Presse Montreal 1884 French [13][14]
Chile El Mercurio El Mercurio Santiago 1827 (Valparaíso ed.)
1900 (Santiago ed.)
Spanish [15]
France Le Monde Paris 1944 French [16]
Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Frankfurt 1949 German [17][18]
Hungary Népszabadság Népszabadság Budapest 1956 Hungarian [19]
India The Times of India The Times of India New Delhi 1838 English [20]
Ireland The Irish Times The Irish Times Dublin 1859 English [21][22]
Italy Corriere della Sera Corriere della Sera Milan 1876 Italian [23][24]
Netherlands NRC Handelsblad NRC Handelsblad Rotterdam 1970 Dutch [25]
Portugal Diário de Notícias Diário de Notícias Lisbon 1864 Portuguese [26]
Serbia Politika Politika Belgrade 1904 Serbo-Croatian (Serbian Cyrillic) [27]
Spain El País El País Madrid 1976 Spanish [28]
United Kingdom The Times London 1785 English [29]
United Kingdom The Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph London 1855 English [29]
United States The New York Times The New York Times New York City 1851 English [30]


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