Calcifying odontogenic cyst

Calcifying odontogenic cyst
Calcifying odontogenic cyst
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The calcifying odotogenic cyst, also known as the Gorlin cyst, is a cyst most likely to affect the anterior areas of the jaws. It is most common in people in their second to third decades but can be seen at almost any age. On radiographs, the calcifying odontogenic cyst appears as a unilocular radiolucency (dark area). In one-third of cases, an impacted tooth is involved. Microscopically, there are many cells that are described as "ghost cells", enlarged eosinophilic epithelial cells without nuclei.

Clinical features

It can occur at any age,mostly between 2nd and 3rd decade of life. Diameter is 2 to 4 cm


In general, the epithelium seen is of stratified squamous type and is 2–3 cells thick. Additionally, focal areas of stellate reticulum like cells are seen and near the basement membrane ameloblast-like cells may be seen. Each type of COC shows special features:

Of three types: 1)Type 1A Ghost cells plus dentinoid are seen

2)Type 1B Formation of calcified tissues in the lumen of the cyst wall --> Dystrophic Calcification. Proliferation of tissue similar to an Ameloblastic Fibroma.

3)Type 1C Ameloblast like proliferation in the connective tissue and lumen of the cyst may be seen.

Radiographic features

Unilocular radiolucency may be seen. irregular calcifications may be seen in some cases.

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