Treponema denticola

Treponema denticola

color = lightgrey
name = "Treponema denticola"
regnum = Eubacteria
phylum = Spirochaetes
classis = Spirochaetes
ordo = Spirochaetales
familia = Treponemataceae
genus = "Treponema"
species = "T. denticola"

"Treponema denticola" is a motile and highly proteolytic bacterium. The Gram-negative oral spirochete is associated with the incidence and severity of human periodontal disease. "Treponema denticola" levels in the mouth are elevated in patients with periodontal diseases and the species is considered one of the main etiological agents of periodontitis. cite book |chapterurl=|author=Jobin M-C et al|year=2008|chapter=The Molecular Biology of the Survival and Virulence of Treponema denticola |title=Molecular Oral Microbiology|publisher=Caister Academic Press|id= [ ISBN 978-1-904455-24-0] ]

"T. denticola" dwells in a complex and diverse microbial community in the oral cavity and is highly specialized to survive in this environment.

"T. denticola" is related to the syphilis-causing obligate human pathogen, "Treponema pallidum" subsp. "pallidum".

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is an infection and inflammation of the gingiva and occurs in 100% of the adults at some time in their lives. Severe forms include refractory periodontitis and acute necrotizing gingivitis which can cause bone resorption and tooth loss. Treatment involves extensive antibiotic treatment and complex surgery.

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* Oral microbiology
* Periodontitis


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