Kennedy family

Kennedy family
The Kennedy family

The Kennedy family at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts (September 4, 1931). Seated left to right: Robert, John, Eunice, Jean (on lap of) Joe, Sr., Rose (behind) Patricia, Kathleen, Joe, Jr. (behind) Rosemary. Ted was not born yet. The dog in foreground is "Buddy".
Ethnicity Irish American
Current region Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
Place of origin United States United States
Notable members Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
John F. Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy
Edward M. Kennedy
Connected families Auchincloss, Bouvier, Cavendish, Fitzgerald, Hill, Lawford, Murphy, Onassis, Radziwill, Reggie, Schlossberg, Schwarzenegger, Shriver, Skakel, Smith, Townsend, et al.
Estate Kennedy Compound

In the United States, the phrase Kennedy family commonly refers to the family descending from the marriage of the Irish-Americans Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald that was prominent in American politics and government. Their political involvement has revolved around the Democratic Party. Harvard University educations have been common among them, and they have contributed heavily to that university's John F. Kennedy School of Government. The wealth, glamour and photogenic quality of the family members, as well as their extensive and continuing commitment to public service, has elevated them to iconic status over the past half-century and has led to their reputation as "America's Royal Family."[1][2][3]

Following the 1960 election of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, he and his two younger brothers, Robert F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy, soon all held prominent positions in the federal government, and received intensive publicity, often emphasizing their youth (relative to comparably influential politicians), allure, education and collective future in politics. From 1947, when John F. Kennedy was first elected to Congress, to 2011, when Patrick J. Kennedy departed Congress, there was a 64-year run of a Kennedy family member holding an elective office in Washington.[4] This spans more than a quarter of the nation's existence.[4]

The family has suffered numerous tragedies known as "the Kennedy curse". These include Rosemary's failed lobotomy, the assassinations of brothers John and Robert, the controversial Chappaquiddick incident, and four airplane crashes (Joe, Jr., Kathleen, Ted and John, Jr.; all but Ted's were fatal).


Family tree

[dated info]

James Kennedy
(c. 1770–c. 1840)
Maria Kennedy
(c. 1775–1835)
Patrick Kennedy
(c. 1823–1858)
Bridget Murphy
Mary L. Kennedy
Joanna L. Kennedy
John Kennedy
Margaret M. Kennedy
Patrick Joseph Kennedy
Mary Augusta Hickey
Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Rosemary Kennedy
Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Patricia Kennedy Lawford
Robert Francis Kennedy
Jean Kennedy Smith
(b. 1928)
Edward Moore Kennedy
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
William John Robert Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington
Joan Bennett Kennedy
(b. 1936)
1st m./div.
Victoria Reggie Kennedy
(b. 1955)
2nd m.
Arabella Kennedy
Caroline Kennedy
(b. 1957)
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy
Kara Kennedy Allen
Edward M. Kennedy, Jr.
(b. 1961)
Patrick J. Kennedy
(b. 1967)
Sargent Shriver
Stephen Edward Smith
Robert Sargent Shriver III
(b. 1954)
Maria Shriver
(b. 1955)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
(b. 1947)
Timothy Perry Shriver
(b. 1959)
Mark Kennedy Shriver
(b. 1964)
Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver
(b. 1965)
Peter Lawford
Stephen Edward Smith, Jr.
(b. 1957)
William Kennedy Smith
(b. 1960)
Amanda Mary Smith
(b. 1967)
Kym Maria Smith
(b. 1972)
Christopher Lawford
(b. 1955)
Sydney Maleia Lawford
(b. 1956)
Victoria Francis Lawford
(b. 1958)
Robin Elizabeth Lawford
(b. 1961)
Ethel Skakel Kennedy
(b. 1928)
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
(b. 1951)
Joseph Patrick Kennedy II
(b. 1952)
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
(b. 1954)
David Kennedy
Courtney Kennedy Hill
(b. 1956)
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy
(b. 1959)
Christopher George Kennedy
(b. 1963)
Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy
(b. 1965)
Douglas Harriman Kennedy
(b. 1967)
Rory Kennedy
(b. 1968)
Katherine Schwarzenegger
(b. 1989)
Christina Schwarzenegger
(b. 1991)
Patrick Schwarzenegger
(b. 1993)
Christopher Schwarzenegger
(b. 1997)

First generation

The family patriarch was Patrick J. Kennedy (1858–1929), a first-generation American who married Mary Augusta Hickey (1857–1923). He was a politician involved in the local Democratic Party.

Second generation

In 1914, their son, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (1888–1969) married Rose Fitzgerald (1890–1995), the daughter of Boston (Massachusetts) Mayor John F. Fitzgerald. Joseph served as the first chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and as the United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James in the years leading up to World War II.

  • Patrick Joseph Kennedy, I (1858–1929) and Mary Augusta Hickey (1857–1923) had four children:
  1. Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr. (1888–1969) married Rose Fitzgerald (1890–1995)
  2. Francis Benedict Kennedy (1891–1892)
  3. Mary Loretta Kennedy (1892–1971) married George William Connelly (1898–1971)
  4. Margaret Louise Kennedy (1898–1974) married Charles Joseph Burke, Sr. (1899–1967)

Third generation

Together Joseph and Rose Kennedy had nine children:

The American political dynasty, John, Robert and Edward Kennedy, July 1960.

Third-generation in-laws

Fourth generation

  • Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford had four children:
    1. Christopher Kennedy Lawford (b. 1955) — a professional actor. Divorced from Jeannie Olsson; has three children.
    2. Sydney Maleia McKelvy (b. 1956) - married to James McKelvy; has four children. Her godmother was also her aunt- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
    3. Victoria Francis Pender (b. 1958) - married to Robert Bebee Pender, Jr.; has three children.
    4. Robin Elizabeth Lawford (b. 1961) — an environmentalist and marine biologist.
  • Jean Ann Kennedy and Stephen Edward Smith, Sr. had four children:
    1. Stephen Edward Smith, Jr. (b. 1957) — attorney, crisis counselor and real estate developer.
    2. William Kennedy Smith (b. 1960) — a physician and activist against land mines. Married Anne Henry Smith. Acquitted in 1991 of rape charges.
    3. Amanda Mary Smith (b. 1967; adopted). Married attorney (Harmon) Carter Hood; has two children.
    4. Kym Maria Smith (b. 1972; adopted) — photographer. Divorced from Alfie Tucker; married to John Morgan.
  • Edward "Ted" Moore Kennedy (1932–2009) and Virginia Joan Bennett had three children:
    1. Kara Anne Kennedy (1960–2011) — board member, television producer. Married Michael Allen; had two children.
    2. Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1961) — a co-founder and the president of the Marwood Group, a Wall Street investment firm. Married Katharine ("Kiki") Anne Gershman; has two children.
    3. Patrick Joseph Kennedy II (b. 1967) — former U.S. Representative from Rhode Island. Married Amy Petitgout and is stepfather to her daughter, Harper.
  • Edward "Ted" Moore Kennedy (1932–2009) and Victoria Anne Reggie have raised her two children from her previous marriage:
    1. Curren Raclin (b. 1982)
    2. Caroline Raclin (b. 1985)

Fifth generation

  • Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (b. 1957) and Edwin Arthur Schlossberg (b. 1945) have three children:
    1. Rose Kennedy Schlossberg (b. 1988)
    2. Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg (b. 1990)
    3. John "Jack" Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg (b. 1993)
  • Robert Sargent Shriver III (b. 1954) and Melissa Ferzuzzi have two children:
    1. Natasha Hunt Lee (b. 1997) [Melissa's daughter from a previous marriage.
    2. Rosemary Scarlett Shriver (b. 2009)
  • Maria Shriver (b. 1955) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (b. 1947) have four children:
    1. Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger (b. 1989)
    2. Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger (b. 1991)
    3. Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger (b. 1993)
    4. Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger (b. 1997)
  • Timothy Perry Shriver (b. 1959) and Linda Sophia Potter (b. 1956) have five children:
    1. Sophia Rose Potter Shriver (b. 1987)
    2. Timothy Potter Shriver, Jr. (b. 1988)
    3. Samuel Kennedy Potter Shriver (b. 1992)
    4. Kathleen Potter Shriver (b. 1994)
    5. Caroline Potter Shriver (b. 1997)
  • Mark Kennedy Shriver (b. 1964) and Jeanne Eileen Ripp have three children:
    1. Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Shriver (b. 1998)
    2. Thomas Kennedy Shriver (b. 1999)
    3. Emma Rose Shriver (b. 2005)
  • Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver (b. 1965) and Alina Mojica (b. 1965) have five children:
    1. Jorge Eduard "Teddy" Nunez Shriver (b. 1988)[Alina's son from a previous marriage, whom Anthony adopted]
    2. Eunice Julia Shriver (b. 1994)
    3. Francesca Maria Shriver (b. 1994)
    4. Carolina Fitzgerald Shriver (b. 2001)
    5. John Joseph "Joey" Sargent Shriver (b. 2009)
  • Christopher Kennedy Lawford (b. 1955) and Jeanne Edith Olsson (b. 1955) have three children:
    1. David Christopher Kennedy Lawford (b. 1987)
    2. Savannah Rose Lawford (b. 1990)
    3. Matthew Peter Valentine Lawford (b. 1995)
  • Sydney Maleia Lawford (b. 1956) and James Peter McKelvy (b. 1955) have four children:
    1. James Peter McKelvy, Jr. (b. 1985)
    2. Christopher Kennedy McKelvy (b. 1987)
    3. Patrick Ryon McKelvy (b. 1989)
    4. Anthony Lawford McKelvy (b. 1992)
  • Victoria Francis Lawford (b. 1958) and Robert Beebe Pender, Jr. (b. 1953) have three children:
    1. Alexandra Lawford Pender (b. 1988)
    2. Caroline Patricia Pender (b. 1990)
    3. Victoria Rose Pender (b. 1993)
  • Kathleen Hartington Kennedy (b. 1951) and David Lee Townsend (b. 1947) have four children:
    1. Meaghan Anne Kennedy Townsend (b. 1977)
    2. Maeve Fahey Kennedy Townsend (b. 1979). Married to David McKean. Has a son.
    3. Rose Katherine Kennedy Townsend (b. 1983)
    4. Kerry Sophia Kennedy Townsend (b. 1991)
  • Joseph Patrick Kennedy, II (b. 1952) had two children with his first wife, Shelia Brewster Rauch (b. 1949). He has no children with his second wife, Anne Elizabeth Kelly (b. 1957):
    1. Matthew Rauch Kennedy (b. 1980)
    2. Joseph Patrick Kennedy, III (b. 1980)

The two were twins.

  • Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1954) had two children with his first wife, Emily Ruth Black (b. 1957):
    1. Robert Francis Kennedy III (b. 1984)
    2. Kathleen Alexandra Kennedy (b. 1988)
  • Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1954) had four children with his second wife, Mary Nancy Richardson (b. 1960):
    1. Conor Richardson Kennedy (b. 1994)
    2. Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy (b. 1995)
    3. William Finbar Kennedy (b. 1997)
    4. Aidan Caohman Vieques Kennedy (b. 2001)
  • Mary Courtney Kennedy (b. 1956) had one child with her second husband, Paul Michael Hill (b. 1954):
    1. Saoirse Roisin Hill (b. 1997)
  • Michael LeMoyne Kennedy (1958-1997) and Victoria Denise Gifford (b. 1957) had three children:
    1. Michael LeMoyne Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1983)
    2. Kyle Francis Kennedy (b. 1984)
    3. Rory Gifford Kennedy (b. 1987)
  • Mary Kerry Kennedy (b. 1959) and Andrew Mark Cuomo (b. 1958) had three children:
    1. Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo (b. 1995)
    2. Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo (b. 1995)

The two are twins

    1. Michaela Andrea Kennedy Cuomo (b. 1998)
  • Christopher George Kennedy, Sr. (b. 1963) and Shelia Sinclair Berner (b. 1962) had four children:
    1. Katherine Berner Kennedy (b. 1990)
    2. Christopher George Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1992)
    3. Sarah Louise Kennedy (b. 1994)
    4. Claire Rose Kennedy (b. 1998)
  • Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, Sr. (b. 1965) and Victoria Anne Strauss (b. 1964) had three children:
    1. Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1993)
    2. Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy (b. 1994)
    3. Noah Isabella Rose Kennedy (b. 1998)
  • Douglas Harriman Kennedy (b. 1967) and Molly Elizabeth Stark (b. 1967) had three children:
    1. Riley Elizabeth Kennedy (b. 1999)
    2. Mary McCauley Kennedy (b. 2001)
    3. Rowen Francis Kennedy (b. 2004)
  • Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy (b. 1968) and Mark Bailey (b. 1968) had three children:
    1. Georgia Elizabeth Kennedy-Bailey (b. 2002)
    2. Bridget Katherine Kennedy-Bailey (b. 2004)
    3. Zachary Corkland Kennedy-Bailey (b. 2007)
  • Amanda Mary Smith (b. 1967) and Carter Harmon Hood have two children:
    1. Stephanie Smith Hood (b. 2002)
    2. Summer Amanda Hood (b.2005)
  • Kara Ann Kennedy (1960–2011) and Michael Dale Allen (b. 1958) had two children:
    1. Grace Kennedy Allen (b. 1994)
    2. Max Greathouse Allen (b. 1996)
  • Edward Moore Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1961) and Katherine Anne Gershman (b. 1959) had two children:
    1. Kiley Elizabeth Kennedy (b. 1994)
    2. Edward Moore Kennedy, III (b. 1998)
  • Patrick Joseph Kennedy, II (b. 1967) and Amy Petitgout (b. 1970) raise Amy's daughter from her previous marriage:
    1. Harper Petitgout(b. 2008)

Sixth Generation

  • Maeve and David had one child:
    1. Gideon McKean(b. 2011) Mentioned Above

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Malorie K. Kennedy


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