Multi Media Interface

Multi Media Interface
the MMI controls (to the rear of the gear lever) on a left-hand drive Audi Q7

The Audi MMI system, is an in-car user interface media system developed by Audi, and implemented in most of its latest series of cars/automobiles since 2004.



MMI consists of a single interface, which controls a variety of devices and functions of the car, thus minimizing the vast array of buttons and dials normally found on a dashboard. The system consists of the MMI terminal and the MMI display screen.

The central element of the MMI terminal is the control dial. This dial can be rotated, to navigate up and down through menus, and pressed to activate a selected highlighted function. Four or eight function buttons surround the control dial (dependent on MMI specification installed in the car), which can be used to call up a corresponding on-screen menu. The MMI screen is available as a 5-inch monochrome black & red or 7-inch 16:9 full colour display, depending on the variation of MMI fitted in the car. MMI uses Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) technology to interconnect the various systems. Harman Becker manufactures the system, utilizing QNX Neutrino's Real Time Operating System (RTOS) software.


a right-hand drive 2005 Audi A6 (C6), showing the Multi Media Interface (MMI) controls
a left-hand drive 2007 Audi S6 (C6), showing the MMI controls, and the display screen in the dashboard

On the A6 and S6[1], MMI comes in a choice of 3 systems, MMI Basic, MMI Basic Plus and MMI . The features of the 3 varieties are as follows:

  • MMI basic plus - all features of MMI basic, plus:
    • DSP 10-speaker sound system
    • ability to store (TIM) RDS Traffic Announcement messages (TA)
  • MMI - the features of MMI basic plus, and the addition of:
    • 7-inch 16:9 full-colour display
    • 6 CD Changer
    • optional DVD-ROM based satellite navigation (with Europe-wide/United States-wide street-level maps, and TMC)
    • optional TV Tuner

For the current A8 and S8[2] and Q5[3], the MMI only comes as a complete "one size fits all" package.

On the current Q7, it is available in two specifications, the standard MMI (with 8 speakers, monochrome display, and radio/CD player, and 4 function keys), and the optional MMI High (7" hi-res colour monitor, double tuner extended radio, DSP sound system, and separate CD changer - but NO navigation, which is an extra option).

The latest version, due to appear in 2010 on the new A8, can recognize handwriting inputs for the phone and navigation system.

components, car electronics, and other functions.  The list below indicates the scope of systems controllable by MMI.  However, depending on the actual car model, along with which version was specified (MMI basic, MMI High, etc), only some, and not all functions will be applicable or available.
  • Satellite Navigation, including traffic management (TMC)
  • Radio tuner
  • CD Changer
  • TV Tuner
  • Telephone & Directory
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning / Climate Control, and seat heating
  • Car Setup (e.g. central locking and convenience function (coming home/leaving home, power sunroof and windows) options, global audio settings, suspension settings[4] etc.)
  • Driver Information (e.g. fuel economy statistics (often encompassed by "trip computer" functions), battery level, tire-pressure monitoring, etc.)
  • User Manual (full on-board car user manual, displayed on screen)


Audi models featuring MMI are:


While intuitive and user-friendly, MMI can be difficult to operate when driving. A sequence of menus may need to be accessed in order to change a particular setting, such as radio station, rather than having a dedicated button designated to such a function. This can make changing a setting both time-consuming and arguably hazardous under certain circumstances, where the driver is distracted from the road. It must be said, however, that this concern can also apply to other dashboard interfaces and even conventional dashboards.

  • MMI featuring DVD based navigation has a DVD disc drive located in the boot/trunk. This is used exclusively for navigation and contains the navigation software DVD.

Verify that the software level in 07 - Display control unit is 1070. If this is not the case, contact the Audi Technical Assistance Center for further instruction.

Version History

European / ROW (Rest of the World) versions:

  • 0890 (0.8.90) -
  • 1190 (1.1.90) -
  • 1200 (1.2.00) -
  • 2120 (2.1.20) - {Update CD p/n 4E0 906 961 L}
  • 3460 (3.4.60) - {Update CD p/n 4E0 906 961 T}
  • 4220 (4.2.20) - {Update CD p/n 4E0 906 961 AA}
  • 5150 (5.1.50) - {Update CD p/n 4F0 906 961 AB}
  • 5170 (5.1.79) -
  • 5570 (5.5.70) - {Update CD set p/n 4L0 998 961 (A6/A8/Q7) or p/n 8K0 998 961 (A4 B8/A5)}

North America versions:

  • 0600 (0.6.00) -
  • 1190 (1.1.90) -
  • 2750 (2.7.50) - version 2750 and below have to be upgraded to 3360 before upgrading to a higher version
  • 3310 (3.3.10) -
  • 3360 (3.3.60) - {Update CD p/n 4F0 906 961AB}
  • 4140 (4.1.40) - {Update CD p/n 4L0 906 961 H}
  • 4610 (4.6.10) - {Update CD set p/n 4F0 998 961}


Certain Audi cars have a "pseudo" type of MMI. These are the A3, A4 (B6 and B7), the TT and the R8 - when fitted with the RNS-E DVD based "Audi Navigation Plus" system. Whilst appearing to be a similar layout, and operating in a similar manner, these two systems are very different, are unable to share mapping discs or software, and are not able to control non-ICE functions (such as Climate, convenience or suspension settings).

Competing Technologies

Other car manufacturers use similar technologies in their car, including BMW with its iDrive system and Mercedes-Benz with its COMAND system; Lexus uses a mouse-based Remote Touch system; Ford uses a product called Sync.

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