Deltoid tuberosity

Deltoid tuberosity
Bone: Deltoid tuberosity
Left humerus. Anterior view. (Deltoideus labeled at center right.)
Latin tuberositas deltoidea humeri
Gray's subject #51 211

In human anatomy, the deltoid tuberosity is a rough, triangular[1] area on the anterolateral (exterior-front) surface of the middle of the humerus to which the deltoid muscle attaches. [2]



It has been reported as very prominent in less than 10% of cases. [3]


The deltoid tuberosity develops through endochondral ossification in a two-phase process. The initiating signal is tendon-dependent, whilst the growth phase is muscle-dependent. [4]

Evolutionary variation

In mammals, the humerus displays a wide morphological variation. The size and orientation of its functionally important features, including the deltoid tubercle, greater tubercle, and medial epicondyle, are pivotal to an animal's style of locomotion and habitat. In cursorial (running) animals such as the Pronghorn Antelope, the deltoid tubercle is located about a quarter of the way down the shaft, which allows for rapid but relatively weak limb flexion and extension. In natatorial (swimming) animals such as the North American River Otter, the tubercle is located nearly half way down the shaft, which allows for powerful limb flexion and extension. The tuberosity can be very pronounced in fossorial (digging) animals, such as the Mountain Beaver. [5]

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