Croatian Righteous among the Nations

Croatian Righteous among the Nations

This is the list of Croatian Righteous among the Nations. 102 Croatians were honored with this title by the state of Israel for saving Jews during World War II.

  • Antunac, Ivan
  • Bartulović, Olga and Dragica (Split)
  • Bauer, Čedomir and Branko (Zagreb)
  • Bedrica, Mate
  • Belić, Jozefina
  • Belić-Peternel, Đurđa
  • Benčević, Antun and Mira
  • Beritić, Zina-Gertruda and Tihomil, (Zagreb)
  • Bjelajec, Ivana
  • Borić, Nevenka (posthumously)
  • Breskvar, Ivan
  • Buterin, Matej (Zadar)
  • Božić, Marko
  • Car, Marija and Karel
  • Carnelutti, Alfred, Vera and Mario (Zagreb)
  • Crndić, Anka (posthumously)
  • Deletis, Ratimir
  • Djerek, Agata (posthumously)
  • Dolinar, Žarko and Boris
  • Eberhard, Josip and Rozika
  • Ercegović, Miho and Velimir (Zagreb)
  • Filipović, Krista and Marijan (Zagreb) - Marijan was a writer, author of Bobi i Rudi'
  • Fuchs, Ruža
  • Fulgosi, Ante
  • Griner, Franjo and Lidija
  • Guina, Marija (Makarska)
  • Hocenski, Milica and Franjo (posthumously)
  • Horvat, Pavao (Karlovac) - he was the first Croatian Righteous Among the Nations in 1965
  • Janković, Stjepan - he was a Catholic priest in the village of Lukač near Čakovec
  • Jesih, Dragutin - a Catholic priest
  • Jurić, Andrija and Nikola (Pelješac)
  • Jurin, Cecilija and Karitas - Catholic nuns
  • Kalogjera, Ante (posthumously)
  • Kalogjera, Jakša
  • Kapetanović family
  • Kirec, Miroslav
  • Kovačević family (posthumously).
  • Kovačić, Hedviga and Vinko (posthumously)
  • Kraljević, Ada and Ivo
  • Krtić, Franjo
  • Kudlik, Bela and Katarina
  • Kumrić, Iva and Tomo
  • Lang, Ljubica (posthumously)
  • Lončar, Ankica (posthumously)
  • Lončar, Darko
  • Malčić, Juca
  • Milharčić-Vlahović, Lujza
  • Milošević, Ante
  • Milošević, Vid Andrija
  • Obradović, Olga and Ida
  • Oružec, Kata and Đuro
  • Oštrić, Anka (Zagreb)
  • Pavlović, Amadeja (posthumously) - Mother Superior of the Convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Djakovo.
  • Podolski, Štefanija
  • Poklepović, Andrija
  • Praschek, Bronislawa and Wladislaw
  • Pribilović, Josip
  • Radonić, Antica and Jakov
  • Roić, Boris
  • Roussal, Vera (Roušal Vera)
  • Saračević, Elza, Feris, Sead and Emira - Sead was a journalist from Zagreb
  • Silobrčić, Mihovil
  • Sopianac, Franjo and Lela
  • Šiljeg, Pera and Stanko (Metković) (posthumously)
  • Štefan, Lujo and Ljubica
  • Taborski, Emanuel and Mandica
  • Till, Adam
  • Ujević, Mate - he was the lexicographer who made the Croatian Encyclopedia (1938-1945)
  • Vranetić, Ivan (Zagreb)
  • Vuletić, Ante
  • Žagar, Ljuba or Ljubica

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