List of cities in Tajikistan

List of cities in Tajikistan

This is a list of cities in Tajikistan.

The largest metropolitan area in Tajikistan is that of the capital Dushanbe, with 843,252. Thirteen percent of the population of the country lives in the region of the capital.


Cities of more than 10,000 people, listed by population

The following table includes all cities larger than 10,000 people, with their names in English, and the corresponding names in Cyrillic and Perso-Arabic script. Because of transliteration difficulties, some are known by more than one spelling. The population is from the censuses of 12 January 1989 and 20 January 2000, as well as an estimate for 1 January 2006. The population figures are for the city proper, and do not include adjacent communities. In addition, the administrative division in which the city lies is named, usually a province, or an autonomous province in the case of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO). There is also the capital district, and the Region of Republican Subordination (here abbreviated RRS), which do not belong to a province, and are directly under the central government. Finally, the district in which the city lies is given.

Map of Tajikistan
Dushanbe, Capital of Tajikistan
Cities in Tajikistan
Rank Name Population Administrative division District
Transcription Tajik 1989 census[1] 2000 census[2] 2007 estimate[3]
Cyrillic Persian
1. Dushanbe1* Душанбе دوشنبه 595,820 562,000 679,400 Dushanbe Capital district
2. Khujand2** Хуҷанд خجند 160,458 149,000 155,900 Sughd Khujand City
3. Kulob** Кӯлоб کولاب 74,456 78,000 93,900 Khatlon Kulob City
4. Qurghonteppa** Қӯрғонтеппа قرغان‌تپه 58,505 60,000 71,000 Khatlon Qurghonteppa City
5. Istaravshan** Истаравшан استروشن 45,763 51,000 60,200 Sughd Istaravshan City
6. Vahdat* Ваҳдат کافرنهان 45,731 44,000 49,100 RRS Vahdat City
7. Konibodom** Конибодом کانی‌بادام 37,841 45,000 47,100 Sughd Konibodom City
8. Tursunzoda* Турсунзoдa تورسون‌زاده 40,593 39,000 44,200 RRS Tursunzoda City
9. Isfara** Исфара اسفره 34,524 37,000 40,600 Sughd Isfara City
10. Panjakent** Панҷакент پنج‌کنت 27,903 33,000 35,900 Sughd Panjakent City
11. Khorugh** Хоруғ خاروغ 20,318 28,000 29,000 GBAO Khorugh City
12. Yovon Ёвон یاوان 20,148 20,000 25,800 Khatlon Yovon district
13. Hisor Ҳисор حصار 20,220 20,000 23,200 RRS Hisor district
14. Nurak** Нoрaк نورک 20,752 19,000 22,800 Khatlon Norak City
15. Parkhar Фархoр فرخار 17,915 20,000 22,400 Khatlon Farkhor district
16. Vose' Восеъ واسع 14,989 20,000 22,300 Khatlon Vose' district
17. Chkalovsk** Чкалов چکلاو 33,731 22,000 22,200 Sughd Chkalovsk Hukumat
18. Moskovskiy
Маскав 16,756 n/a 20,700 Khatlon Hamadoni district
19. Danghara Данғара دنغره 16,898 n/a 20,600 Khatlon Danghara district
20. Somoniyon Сомониён 16,623 n/a 18,600 RRS Rudaki district
21. Ghafurov Бобоҷон Ғафуров باباجان غفوروف 18,916 15,000 15,700 Sughd Ghafurov district
22. Zafarobod Зафаробод ظفرآباد 11,191 n/a 14,900 Sughd Zafarobod district
23. Kolkhozobod Колхозобод 13,354 n/a 14,900 Khatlon Rumi district
24. Nov (Nau) Нов ناو 13,863 13,000 14,300 Sughd Spitamen district
25. Proletarsk Пролетар 15,104 13,000 13,900 Sughd Rasulov district
26. Shaartuz Шаҳртуз شهر توز 11,618 12,000 13,500 Khatlon Shahrtuz district
27. Shaydon Шайдон اشت 9,605 11,000 13,100 Sughd Asht district
28. Taboshar** Табошар تباشر 20,166 12,000 12,800 Sughd Taboshar City
29. Adrasmon Адрасмoн ادرسمان 11,298 n/a 12,700 Sughd Qayraqqum Hukumat
30. Qayroqqum** Қайроққум 12,819 10,000 12,500 Sughd Qayraqqum Hukumat
31. Leningradskiy Ленинград مؤمن‌آباد 9,764 11,000 12,500 Khatlon Muminobod district
32. Vakhsh Вахш وخش 10,587 n/a 12,300 Khatlon Vakhsh district
33. Dusti Дусти 8,886 6,000 12,300 Khatlon Qumsangir district
34. Buston Бӯстон بوستان 12,178 n/a 11,600 Sughd Mastchoh district
35. Sarband** Сарбанд سربند 14,006 11,000 13,000 Khatlon Sarband City
36. Kuybyshevsk Куйбышевcк 9,704 9,000 10,600 Khatlon Jomi district
37. Sharora Шарора n/a 9,000 10,000 RRS Hisor district

1: Name from 1929 to 1961: Stalinabad
2: Name from 1939 to 1992: Leninabad
Cities not subordinated administratively to the district where they are located:
*Cities of republican subordination
**Cities of provincial subordination

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  1. ^ 1989 census results
  2. ^ О первых итогах всеобщей переписи населения 2000 года
  3. ^ Population of the Republic of Tajikistan as of 1 January 2008, State Committee of Statistics, Dushanbe, 2008 (Russian)

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