List of social nudity organizations

List of social nudity organizations

The following is a list of major naturist organizations that operate within a family-friendly, non-sexualized context.


Major naturist organizations




  • Brazilian Naturist Federation (FBrN)



  • Dansk Naturist Union (DNU)


  • Estonian Naturist Society (EstNat - Eesti Naturistide Ühing)


  • Fédération Française de naturisme (French Naturist Association - FFN)


See also Freikörperkultur (FKK)


  • Israeli Naturist Society


  • Federazione Naturista Italiana is the major national organization
  • Unione Naturista Italiana (UNI)
  • Associazione Naturista Italiana (ANITA)


  • Latvian Naturist Association


  • NUDismo de MÉXico NUDMEX is the most organized and biggest Mexican nudist group. México is not very tolerant about nudism, and the few groups are in the stage of getting organized and fighting for official recognition. NUDMEX is primarily an internet forum in which Mexican nudists get to know each other on-line and organize nudist gatherings.


  • Naturisten Federatie Nederland (NFN)

New Zealand

  • New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZFN)

Northern European countries

  • Sveriges Naturistförbund (SNF)


  • Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo (FPN)



  • Swiss Naturist Union


  • Naturist Association of Thailand ([1])

United Kingdom

United States

Nudist Clubhouse - Social networking for nudists

Special interest organizations

Gay organizations


Topfree organizations

See also topfree equality
  • Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA)

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