Big Brother 6 (U.S.)

Big Brother 6 (U.S.)
Big Brother
Season 6 (2005)

The sixth season of CBS's American version of Big Brother consisted of thirty episodes which aired from July 7 to September 20, 2005. It was again hosted by Julie Chen.

This was the first season to be filmed in the newly remodeled Big Brother house, located in a CBS sound stage previously used to film the sitcom, Yes, Dear.[1]

This season's winner was Maggie Ausburn, who defeated her close ally and friend Ivette Corredero by a 4-3 jury vote.

Houseguests Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, Howie Gordon, and Kaysar Ridha returned to compete in Big Brother 7: All-Stars, where they placed 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 10th respectively.



The rules remaining mostly the same as in previous seasons, but this season contained twists that CBS dubbed the "Summer of Secrets".

The main twist that was each HouseGuest had a secret partner, who they already knew in the real world, a fact that they must keep a secret. Initially, each secret pair thought that they were the only secret pair. If both members of a secret pair reached the final two, the game's winner would receive a prize of $1 million, while the runner-up would receive $250,000.[2]

Originally, James was paired up with a friend, Mike, before Mike withdrew from the show.[citation needed] Mike was replaced by Sarah, resulting in eight women and only six men in the house.

The secret pairs were as follows:

Pair Relationship
April Jennifer Sorority sisters
Ashlea Janelle Former roommates
Beau Ivette Former co-workers
Eric Maggie Friends
Howie Rachel Friends
James Sarah Dating
Kaysar Michael Neighbors

Another twist occurred when the America's Choice Poll allowed the public to vote on which evicted HouseGuest would return back into the game. While Kaysar returned back into house after being evicted, he wasn't actually the first to do so as Amy from Big Brother 3 had also returned to the house (but not by a public vote).


The cast of the sixth season of Big Brother.

Top: Kaysar, Janelle, Michael, Sarah and James
Middle: Beau, April, Eric, Rachel, and Howie
Bottom: Maggie, Jennifer, Ivette and Ashlea


April Lewis[4] (born July 29, 1974), is a pharmaceutical sales representative from Dallas, Texas, and married her husband shortly before entering the house. Her secret partner was Jennifer. She finished in fourth place, being evicted in week 10 by Ivette who was the only HouseGuest eligible to vote.[5] Since leaving the house, April has given birth to a son.


Ashlea Evans[6] (born April 24, 1983), is a fashion design student from Plantation, Florida. Ashlea and Janelle were secret partners, being ex-roommates. She was the first HouseGuest evicted by a vote of 9-2.


Beau Beasley[7] (born December 11, 1979) is a personal shopper from Pembroke Pines, Florida. Beau and Ivette were secret partners, being former co-workers. Beau finished in sixth place when he was evicted in week 9 by a vote of 3-0.


Eric "Cappy" Littmann[8] (born April 29, 1969), is a firefighter from Boston, Massachusetts. He was known as "Cappy" by his alliance called The Friendship. Eric and Maggie were secret partners, as Eric worked with Maggie's boyfriend. He was the third houseguest evicted by a vote of 5-4.


Howie Gordon[9] (born January 7, 1971), is a meteorology student from Chicago, Illinois. Howie often referred to himself as "Jedi Howie" or "Hurricane Howie" during his time in the house. Howie and Rachel were secret partners, being best friends. Howie finished in fifth place, being evicted in a double eviction week by a vote of 2-1.

Howie was selected to return in 2006 as a contestant on Big Brother: All Stars.


Ivette Corredero[10] (born February 9, 1980) is a waitress from Miami, Florida. She is of Cuban and Dominican descent, and is the first openly lesbian contestant in Big Brother history. Ivette and Beau were secret partners, being former co-workers. Ivette made it to the final two, where she lost to Maggie in the final vote by a margin of 4-3, therefore winning the second place $50,000 prize.

Ivette became infamous for her remarks regarding Muslim HouseGuest Kaysar, reportedly calling him a "sand nigger" and a "fake Muslim." However, the comments were not broadcast. Big Brother producer, Arnold Shapiro, said: "I wouldn't want my name on a show that was having those kinds of things spoken."[11][12]


James Rhine[13] (born December 6, 1975) is a loss prevention manager from Miami, Florida (although he lied about his occupation to the HouseGuests). James and Sarah were secret partners, as they were dating. He finished in seventh place when he was evicted in week eight by a vote of 4-0. James returned in 2006 for Big Brother: All Stars, where he finished seventh once again.


Janelle Pierzina[14] (born January 10, 1980), is a VIP cocktail waitress from Miami Beach, Florida. Janelle and Ashlea were secret partners, being ex-roommates. She finished third, being evicted in the final week by Head of Household Ivette, who cast the only vote.[15]

Janelle returned the next year for Big Brother: All Stars, where she placed third once again. She also won the $25,000 jury prize at the BB7 finale. She returned to host a Power of Veto competition in Big Brother 8, The Janelle-O-Vision, and was Season 6's representative in a food competition celebrating 10 years of Big Brother in Season 10.


Jennifer Vasquez[16] (born April 8, 1978), is an Arena Football League dancer from Plano, Texas. Jennifer and April were secret partners, being labeled sorority sisters although they had only met once in line for another reality TV show before being on Big Brother together. She was evicted in week seven. In week 6, after enduring over 14 hours in the Pressure Cooker HOH competition and winning (longest competition in history), she was responsible for Kaysar being evicted the same week he was voted back in by America. In week 7, Janelle won HOH during a double eviction week and nominated Jennifer and Maggie for eviction. Jennifer was evicted 5-1 and was the first jury member.


Kaysar Ridha[17] (born August 10, 1980), is a graphic designer from Irvine, California. He was the first Muslim contestant on the show. Kaysar and Michael were secret partners, being neighbours and friends. He was first evicted in week four by a vote of 7-1. He was voted back into the house after 82% of voters in an "America's Choice" poll selected him over Eric and Michael to return.[18]

However, Kaysar was evicted again just two weeks later (the same week he returned to the house), by a vote of 7-0.[19]

He returned for Big Brother 7: All-Stars in 2006. He was coincidentally nominated and evicted during the same week as he was in Big Brother 6.


Maggie Ausburn[20] (born August 14, 1978), is an ER nurse from Las Vegas, Nevada. Maggie and Eric were secret partners, being friends. Maggie was voted as the champion of the show on Day 80, when the jury voted 4-3 to award her the $500,000 prize over Ivette.[21]

Maggie is now married with twins and still living in Las Vegas.


Michael Donnellan[22] (born November 5, 1976), is an artist from in Orange County, California. Michael and Kaysar were secret partners, being neighbors and friends. He had a brief relationship with Janelle on the show causing her to break up with her boyfriend back home on national television. He was evicted in week two by a vote of 9-1.


Rachel Plencner[23] (Born November 29, 1971) is a computer technician and horse breeder from Parker, Colorado. Rachel and Howie were secret partners, being long distance friends. She was evicted in week 7 (another double eviction week) by a vote of 5-0.


Sarah Hrejsa[24] (born July 24, 1982) is a retail manager from Chicago, Illinois. Sarah was the replacement secret partner of her boyfriend of 3 months, James, after his original secret partner backed out.[citation needed] She was voted out in week five by a vote of 6-1.

Memorable Events

  • The season was known for having the most bitterly divided house in the show's history, with more animosity among the HouseGuests than ever before. The first alliance was known as "The Friendship" to its members but as the "Nerd Herd" to its enemies. Its members were Eric, Maggie, April, Jennifer, Beau and Ivette. They remained largely intact until the final days when Ivette finally expressed doubts at having stuck with them for so long. The other alliance in the house was the "Sovereign Six", whose members were Kaysar (the group's founder), Janelle, Rachel, Howie, James and Sarah. This alliance was not as firm in its solidarity, as the group fractured when they were convinced by members of the Friendship that James was planning on betraying them.
  • Among the most explosive moments occurred in the second week. Eric and Michael had to be physically restrained from fighting in the backyard after Eric accused Michael of insulting his family and Michael called Eric a "midget". The same day, Kaysar and Ivette were separated when Kaysar became furious after Ivette accused him of having no respect for women. Big Brother had to intervene over the loudspeakers and give warnings to the HouseGuests.
  • The Sovereign alliance was infuriated by Jennifer when Kaysar let go of the button which allowed her to win an endurance Head of Household competition after she had swore on her life that he would be safe from eviction and that both alliances would work together to evict James. However, when nominee Rachel won the POV and used it on herself, Jennifer broke her promise and not only nominated Kaysar for eviction, but successfully voted him out by a unanimous decision.
  • In the season's only actual physical confrontation, during week seven Janelle and Beau had a fight after getting drunk from cocktails provided from a food reward. The fight included scratches, pushing and poking, and after it was broken up it continued with name calling that included Janelle calling Beau a "gold-digging whore," and Beau labeling Janelle a "polyester hair bitch."
  • In week 6, Howie went on a 48-hour rampage against April, insulting her incessantly, calling her "Busto" (insulting her breast implants), and insulting her dog and husband.
  • In week 6, Janelle insulted and yelled at April, Maggie, and Jennifer in retaliation for them backdooring Kaysar.
  • At the beginning of week 7, Janelle won Head of Household going into a double eviction week. Janelle yelled "Give me the key bitch" at Jennifer. "After immediately nominating Jennifer and Maggie for eviction, she left them and taunted, on the live tv show, "Bye bye, bitches!", a phrase which has become wildly popular in the BB community. Janelle barely won the Veto that week and removed Maggie from the nomination seat replacing her with Ivette. Jennifer was evicted (April voting her to stay).


Events Competitions
Week 1
  • All 14 HouseGuests entered the Big Brother house.
  • A majority alliance began to form and 4 people ended up as outcasts with no attachments: Ashlea, Michael, Janelle and Kaysar.
  • Rachel nominated Ashlea because she did not get to know her well, and Kaysar for being introverted and not interacting with all the HouseGuests.
  • On Day 12, Ashlea was the first contestant evicted in a 9-2 vote.
  • HoH: On Day 1, Rachel won the game "Wipe Out" by being the last one aboard a giant surfboard in a two hour endurance competition.
  • Food: On Day 1, April, Howie, James, Janelle, Maggie, Rachel and Sarah won the food competition "Wipe Out".
  • POV: On Day 7, Rachel won the POV in the competition "Rec-Tangled". Rachel chose not to use the POV.
Week 2
  • Eric, as a member of the majority alliance, nominated two more of the outcasts: Janelle and Michael.
  • On Day 19, and after a fight between Eric and Michael, the house decided to evict Michael in a 9-1 vote.
  • HoH: On Day 12, Eric won the HoH competition "Fast & Easy".
  • Food: On Day 13, all the contestants competed for various food items in "Snack Shack from Hell".
  • POV: On Day 14, James won the POV in the competition "High & Dry". James chose not to use the POV.
Week 3
  • Desperate for allies, Kaysar first recruited the person he had been becoming close friends with in the house, Janelle.
  • He then lured two sets of secret partners (Rachel & Howie and James & Sarah) away from the dominant alliance, forming a group he called the "Sovereign Six".
  • The Friendship alliance consisted of Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, April and Jennifer.
  • Kaysar nominated Maggie and James.
  • The Sovereign Six worked so that James would win the POV, which he did, and used the power on himself. Kaysar replaced James with Eric, Maggie's secret partner.
  • On Day 26, Eric, the leader of the Friendship, was evicted in a close 5-4 vote. The other members of the Friendship (Ivette, April, Beau, Jennifer) voted to evict Maggie so he could stay.
  • HoH: On Day 16, Kaysar won the HoH competition "Majority Rules".
  • Food: On Day 20, nobody won the food competition "Will Spell 4 Food" as the board landed on the PB&J sign.
  • POV: On Day 14, James won the POV in the competition "Knight Moves". James used the POV on himself.
Week 4
  • Maggie nominated James and Kaysar, in revenge for evicting Eric.
  • Sarah won the POV, and used it on her secret partner, James, forcing Maggie to replace him with Janelle.
  • On Day 33, Kaysar, the leader of the Sovereign Six, was evicted in a 7-1 vote.
  • HoH: On Day 26, Maggie won the HoH competition "Power Roller".
  • Food: On Day 27, everybody won the food competition "Matching Munchies".
  • POV: On Day 28, Sarah won the POV in the competition "Couch Potato". Sarah used the POV on her secret partner, James.
  • Luxury: On Day 29, Rachel, Jennifer, and Sarah all won a movie night in the luxury competition "Big Brother Movie Marquee". They watched a special screening of Four Brothers.
Week 5
  • The remaining HouseGuests learn that a previously evicted HouseGuest will return by a viewer vote.
  • Maggie was able to convince Howie (against his partner Rachel's better judgment) that James and Sarah were betraying their alliance and were immediate threats to everybody in the house.
  • Howie nominated James and Sarah.
  • James won the POV and used it on himself, forcing Howie to replace him with Ivette.
  • On Day 40, Sarah was evicted in a 6-1 vote. Her partner, James, voted to keep her.
  • HoH: On Day 33, Howie won the HoH competition "Eliminator".
  • Food: On Day 34, Howie, James, Jennifer, Rachel and Sarah won the food competition "Conveyor Belch".
  • POV: On Day 35, James won the POV in the competition "A Lotta Pinata". James used the POV on himself.
Week 6
  • Julie Chen announced that Kaysar won the public vote and would return to the house, after living in sequester.
  • Jennifer, as HoH, promised that she would nominate two of her own alliance members in order to backdoor James.
  • Jennifer ended up nominating Janelle and Rachel.
  • Rachel won the POV and used it on herself, forcing Jennifer to replace her with Kaysar.
  • Howie accused April pulling the strings in her alliance.
  • On Day 47, Kaysar was, again, evicted from the house by a vote of 7-0.
  • HoH: On Days 40-41, Jennifer won the HoH competition "Pressure Cooker" (in which the HouseGuests had to stand and press a button). Beau, Janelle, and April all won prizes during the competition. It was a record-breaking endurance competition, lasting 14 hours until Jennifer won HoH. All competing HouseGuests lasted at least six hours.
  • POV: On Day 42, Rachel won the POV in the competition "Coast for the Most". Rachel used the POV on herself.
Week 7
  • Julie Chen announced that this week would be a double eviction week. Meaning that less than 48 hours after the live Thursday night broadcast, another HouseGuest would be evicted.
  • As part of the double-eviction week twist, Janelle had to make her nominations on the live show minutes after winning HoH. She chose Jennifer because she broke her promise to Kaysar, and Maggie, the figurehead of the Friendship.
  • Janelle used the PoV on Maggie and put up Ivette, thinking that Jennifer, her target, would more likely be evicted over Ivette than Maggie.
  • On Day 49, Jennifer was evicted by a vote of 5-1, and became the first jury member. April, her partner, was the only one that voted to keep her.
  • After winning the accelerated week's HoH, Beau nominated Howie and Rachel, who were secret partners.
  • On Day 54, Rachel was evicted unanimously and became the second juror.
  • HoH: On Day 47, Janelle won the HoH competition "Face the Facts".
  • POV: On Day 48, Janelle also won the POV in the competition "Goal for It". Janelle used the POV on Maggie.
  • HoH: As part of a Double Eviction week, on Day 48, Beau won the HoH competition "On the House".
  • POV: On Day 50, James won the POV in the competition "Get Your Pairings Straight". James chose not to use the POV.
Week 8
  • April nominated Howie and Janelle, but as pawns to get James evicted.
  • After winning the veto, April used the POV on Janelle, and replacing her with James.
  • On Day 61, James was evicted by a vote of 4-0, and became the third juror.
  • HoH: On Day 54, April won the HoH competition "High/Low".
  • POV: On Day 56, April also won the POV in the competition "Playing Dirty". April used the POV on Janelle.
Week 9
  • In an America's Choice poll, Janelle received a phone call from former HouseGuest Michael. The Friendship alliance were angry with America's choice, with April calling viewers "pieces of shit". April also accused the producers of rigging the vote.
  • Julie Chen announced that there would be another double eviction week.
  • Howie's HoH status would only last 48 hours, and nominated the last "secret" pair in the house, Ivette and Beau.
  • Maggie chose not to use the Veto.
  • On Day 62, Beau was evicted by a vote of 3-0, becoming the fourth juror.
  • After winning the second HoH competition of that week, Ivette nominated Howie and Janelle.
  • Janelle used the Veto on herself. Ivette nominated April as a replacement.
  • On Day 68, Ivette evicted Howie after a 1-1 tie vote. He became the fifth jury member.
  • HoH: "Playing it Straight"; the houseguests rolled two bowling balls each down a narrow lane. The closer the ball got to the 10-point ring, the more points gained, but the section nearest to the ring was worth zero points. With a score of 12 points, Howie became the first person to win HoH twice in the season.
  • POV: On Day 62, Maggie won the POV in the competition "Roll Me a Veto". Maggie did not use the POV.
  • HoH: "Magnetic Attraction"; Julie asked eight questions based on the form every contestant filled out before entering the house. The houseguests had to guess which person in a secret partner pair gave the answer. Maggie and Ivette both had 7 points. Maggie threw the tiebreaker, leaving Ivette as Head of Household.
  • POV: "Morph-O-Matic"; Morphs of the original 14 houseguests' faces appeared on a screen. The players had to correctly identify which three contestants were in each face. Janelle had the shortest time and won the Veto.
Week 10
  • Janelle nominated Ivette and Maggie.
  • Ivette used the POV on herself, forcing April to be nominated.
  • On Day 73, April was evicted by a vote of 1-0, becoming the sixth juror.
  • HoH: "Before or After"; Questions were asked concerning whether an event during the season happened before or after another event. With a perfect score of 7 points, Janelle became Head of Household for the second time.
  • POV: On Day 70, Ivette won the POV in the competition "The Missing Link". Ivette used the POV on herself.
Week 11
  • Since there were only three HouseGuests left in the house, Janelle and Maggie were automatically nominated.
  • Ivette was told earlier by her alliance that if she did not vote to evict Janelle, they would not vote for her to win the money.
  • On Day 76, Ivette evicted Janelle by a vote of 1-0, making Janelle the seventh and final juror.
  • HoH Part I: On Day 73, Ivette won round one of three in the HoH competition "The Key to Being Safe". This win allowed Ivette to compete in round 3 of the final HoH competition. Ivette also won two Vespas by winning round one.
  • HoH Part II: On Day 74, Janelle beat Maggie and won round two of the final HoH competition "Pad-Locked". This win advanced Janelle to compete in the final round against Ivette.
  • HoH Part III: On Day 76, Ivette won the HoH competition "Jury Statements" in a tiebreaker round against Janelle, and became the final Head of Household.

Voting history

A record of the votes cast, stored in a voting-table, shows how each HouseGuest voted to evict throughout his or her time in the house. The Head of Household and the nominees are not allowed to vote, but in the event of a tie, the Head of Household will break it. Twists to the normal nominations process are noted, such as immunity from nomination and eviction (referred to as "exempt") and double evictions. The last seven evictees of the season are part of the Jury of Big Brother 6, who will then vote for the winner during the Finale.

Each houseguest entered the house with a "secret partner," whom he or she knew prior to the show. These pairs are indicated by matching colors in the chart. If both members of a pair made the final two, the winner would receive a prize of $1 million, while the runner-up would receive $250,000. Unlike Big Brother 9, the members of each pair played as individuals throughout the entirety of the game.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Eviction votes received
Day 47 Day 49 Day 61 Day 62 Day 76 Finale
Head of Household Rachel Eric Kaysar Maggie Howie Jennifer Janelle Beau April Howie Ivette Janelle Ivette (none)
Veto Winner Rachel James James Sarah James Rachel Janelle James April Maggie Janelle Ivette (none)
Maggie Ashlea Michael Nominated Head of Household Sarah Kaysar Jennifer Rachel James Beau Howie Nominated Nominated Winner
Ivette Ashlea Michael Maggie Kaysar Nominated Kaysar Nominated Rachel James Nominated Howie April Janelle Runner-Up
Janelle Kaysar Nominated Eric Nominated Sarah Nominated Head of Household Rachel James Beau April Head of Household Evicted
(Day 76)
Ivette 3
April Ashlea Michael Maggie Kaysar Sarah Kaysar Ivette Rachel Head of Household Beau Nominated Nominated Evicted
(Day 73)
Maggie 2
Howie Ashlea Michael Eric Kaysar Head of Household Kaysar Jennifer Nominated Nominated Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 68)
Maggie 2
Beau Ashlea Michael Maggie Kaysar Sarah Kaysar Jennifer Head of Household James Nominated Evicted
(Day 63)
Ivette 3
James Kaysar Michael Eric Janelle Ivette Kaysar Jennifer Rachel Nominated Evicted
(Day 61)
Ivette 4
Rachel Head of Household Michael Eric Kaysar Sarah Kaysar Jennifer Nominated Evicted
(Day 54)
Maggie 5
Jennifer Ashlea Michael Maggie Kaysar Sarah Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 49)
Maggie 5
Kaysar Nominated Janelle Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 33)
Nominated Re-evicted
(Day 47)
Sarah Ashlea Michael Eric Kaysar Nominated Evicted
(Day 40)
Eric Ashlea Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 26)
Michael Ashlea Nominated Evicted
(Day 19)
Ashlea Nominated Evicted
(Day 12)
Notes None Note 1 Note 2 None See notes
3, 4
None Note 5 Note 6
Evicted Ashlea

9 of 11 votes
to evict


9 of 10 votes
to evict


5 of 9 votes
to evict


7 of 8 votes
to evict


6 of 7 votes
to evict


to return


5 of 6 votes
to evict


5 of 5 votes
to evict


4 of 4 votes
to evict


3 of 3 votes
to evict


2 of 3 votes
to evict


to evict


to evict

3 votes
to win


7 of 7 votes
to evict

4 votes
to win

^Note 1 : Kaysar was evicted for the first time on Day 33 and re-entered the house after Day 40. He received 82% of the public vote to return.
^Note 2 : Double eviction, less than 48 hours after the live Thursday night broadcast, another HouseGuest would be evicted. Within 48 hours a HoH competition, nominations, Power of Veto competition, Veto ceremony and eviction was held.
^Note 3 : Another double eviction took place, within 48 hours a HoH competition, nominations, Power of Veto competition and Veto ceremony and eviction was held.
^Note 4 : During the second eviction of Week 9, Ivette as the HoH had to vote to break a tie.
^Note 5 : In the final week, the HoH is the only HouseGuest eligible to vote for eviction since the other two HouseGuests are nominated for eviction by default.
^Note 6 : Votes in the finale are cast for the HouseGuests choice to win, not for who to evict. Only the last seven HouseGuests evicted can vote.

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