Big Brother 2 (U.S.)

Big Brother 2 (U.S.)
Big Brother
Season 2 (2001)

The second season of Big Brother, the American reality TV show aired thirty episodes during the summer of 2001 from July 5 to September 20. The show marked a major change in format and rules from the previous debut season.

Winner, Will Kirby and fellow Houseguest, Mike "Boogie" Malin returned to compete in Big Brother 7: All-Stars



Changes introduced in this season included:

  • Twelve contestants competed, an increase from ten on Big Brother 1.
  • The HouseGuests no longer gave nominations that were voted on by the public. Instead, they competed to become Head of Household (HoH). The winner of this position was given a separate bedroom and the right to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. With this format turnaround, contestants were highly encouraged to talk about gameplay, strategy, and especially nominations, making the American series the first to do such, unlike other international formats, where contestants are warned or severely punished for exposing their nominations to another.
  • The ultimate winner of the show was determined by a vote of the ousted HouseGuests rather than the public. During this season, and season three only, however, all ousted members of the house, became voting members of the jury while in future season only those HouseGuests who lasted until the final weeks became jury members. In addition, all HouseGuests were allowed to immediately return to their regular lives (and watch the show) upon being evicted, returning at the end to cast their jury votes. Beginning with season four, all jury members are now sequestered until the end of the show. HouseGuests who are eliminated due to reasons other than being evicted do not return for the finale nor play a part in the final vote.
  • In a special twist that was used only in this season, the two remaining HouseGuests got to decide which HouseGuest's vote they could void, in hopes that their vote was for their opponent, and that they would gain an advantage over the other player.
  • During this season, the food competitions were introduced. HouseGuests competed against each other for the right to win food, and the losers were put on a diet of only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all their meals for the week. The peanut butter and jelly punishment diet lasted through until Season 7 when it was replaced with the "Slop" punishment diet.
  • This season marked the end of the free internet feeds that the public had access to during the show's first season, and CBS introduced a paid user fee system.
  • The house itself was renovated. Evicted HouseGuests did not exit into the outside world as in Season One. Instead, they exited into a small courtyard connecting to a closed studio where they were interviewed by Julie Chen. After their interview with Julie, they would meet up with family members or friends in a feature that was dropped in later seasons.
  • The announcer from Season 1 returned to narrate the opening to episode 2 of Big Brother 2, but was thereafter replaced by another announcer.

Memorable events

  • About two weeks before the end of the second season, the September 11 attacks pre-empted television for an entire week. In a move away from the rule of not letting the HouseGuests in on information from the outside world, the three remaining HouseGuests were told of the news. Contestant Monica was told, in the diary room by executive producer Allison Grodner that her cousin Tamitha was presumed missing at the World Trade Center. The week after the attacks, the game continued as normal.
  • In week two, HouseGuest Justin Sebik placed a knife to the throat of fellow HouseGuest Krista, asking "Would you get mad if I killed you?" Both competitors were under the influence of alcohol, but Justin was disqualified from the show and evicted immediately. The HouseGuests were notified the following morning via the voice of executive producer Arnold Shapiro, who asked them to gather up Justin's belongings to be sent home.
  • The first true strategic alliance of any Big Brother season was formed when contestants Mike and Will formed the "Chilltown" alliance, which was later expanded to include Shannon.
  • Volatile HouseGuest Shannon became known for her temper. In one memorable moment, she was chastised by the producers when she angrily scrubbed the toilet with the toothbrush of HouseGuest Hardy, after they had had a fight. In another encounter, she placed a bag of potato chips on HouseGuest Autumn's pillow to insinuate that she was fat, causing her to sob uncontrollably.
  • The HouseGuests received a short visit from some contestants of the other CBS reality show Survivor. Gervase Peterson and Susan Hawk from Survivor: Borneo and Alicia Calaway and Jeff Varner from Survivor: The Australian Outback visited the house for a few hours in an episode that aired on September 5.
  • On finale night, the audience was updated that former HouseGuest Sheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to undergo chemotherapy, as well as the news that Monica's cousin Tamitha had died at the World Trade Center.
  • During the show's final episode, contestant Mike "Boogie" proposed marriage to fellow contestant Krista, with whom he had a romance on the show. They would later break up.


The cast of the second season of Big Brother.

Top: Mike Boogie, Monica, Sheryl, Krista, Nicole, Autumn, Bunky and Will
Bottom: Shannon, Hardy, Justin and Kent


Autumn Nicole Daly is a 28-year-old mother and aspiring singer from Irving, Texas.[1] She was evicted from the house in week two by a vote of 7 to 0. Autumn is best known for attaching herself to Hardy during the first few days of the show and making several remarks about wanting to hook up with some of the guys. During the live feeds of Big Brother 7 All-stars Mike "Boogie" Malin and Dr. Will Kirby were asked many questions about season two and loved to talk about it. Will admitted that during the two weeks that Autumn was in the Big Brother 2 house they never really shared a conversation. However, Mike had a very different relationship with Autumn as fans know the two had exchanged heated words in the house, but on Big Brother 7 Mike admitted that Autumn had, in fact, tried to hook up with him.

When Autumn was evicted it was revealed that she had a boyfriend, something she did not talk about to the other houseguests. Her first aired edit from the Diary room was, "I was scoping out the guys and checking out the competition for the girls." Before Justin's expulsion from the game Mike and Autumn had a conversation about who she thought should be nominated and she said, "Justin, let me put it this way out of all the guys that are here he is the one that I would want to hook up with the least." Mike was confused and shocked at the reasoning for wanting Justin evicted and he responded by saying, "Does that really matter?" and she reciprocated by saying, "To me yeah."


Bill "Bunky" Miller is a 36-year-old technical writer from Harrisburg, North Carolina.[2] He made it to the final five, but was evicted in week 8 in a week when Head of Household Hardy had to make a tie-breaker vote. Big Brother's first openly gay HouseGuest, he was also known for frequently crying.


Hardy Ames-Hill is a 31-year-old account executive from York, Pennsylvania.[3] He was Head of Household more than anyone else (3 times), made it to the final four before being evicted in week 9 when Will cast the sole vote against him. He now lives in Miami, Florida and starred in the reality show Miami Social on Bravo.


Justin Sebik is a 26-year-old bartender from Bayonne, New Jersey.[4] He was expelled from the House on Day 10 because of the "The Knife Incident", where he threatened others and held a knife to the throat of Krista after a night of heavy drinking (however, this was not his first incident, as he had threatened other houseguests before). Most HouseGuests were asleep at the time and only learned of the incident the next day.


Occupation: Business Owner

Motto: Make my family proud and be good to others Hero: Ronald Reagan Favorite Food: Steak Least Favorite Food: Pork Favorite TV Show: A&E Biography Favorite Movie: The Green Mile Least Favorite Movie: Runaway Bride Favorite Singer: Eddie Money Least Favorite Singer: P. Diddy Favorite Magazine: Time, Sports Illustrated, Golf Favorite Sport: Golf, football Favorite Color: Blue Least Favorite Color: Green


Krista Stegall is a 28-year-old divorced mother and waitress from Opelousas, Louisiana.[5] She was evicted in week 6 by a vote of 3-0. She was involved in a romance with Mike, who proposed to her during the show's finale. They would split up soon afterward, however. When Krista was evicted she had absolutely no idea that Justin, who was the first to be expelled from the game, had held a knife to her throat. (She was heavily intoxicated at the time and egged him on while he was doing it). She ended up suing CBS over the incident.


Mike "Boogie" Malin is a 30-year-old bar owner from Los Angeles, California.[6] Mike ruffled some feather's the first week when he was voted to be the first HOH in Big Brother History by his house-mates. There was no history to fall back on about what good strategic decisions would be. Nicole had come on very strongly in the beginning few days and subsequently he decided to nominate her. He also nominated Sheryl and thus created the 'theory of a pawn' though he did not use the term pawn in his reasonings he did inform Sherry beforehand of her eviction although nothing was ever aired to show that Sherry was actually fine with him nominating her. In a close eviction it was Sherry who would be the first to depart from the Big Brother house leaving Mike to feel a little vulnerable. In the early days of the game Mike, Shannon, and Will became really close and started the first alliance, named Chilltown. This alliance was not well received by the other houseguests. It caused them to become quick targets of the others who formed an alliance which they called T.O.P. [the other people]. Just before Sherry's eviction from the house Autumn made an effort to try and seduce Mike. This was something that was discussed on season 7 as well, Mike said that Autumn wanted to go all way but he had something else in mind. No sexual act of any kind was performed but Autumn then turned it around to try and shed Mike into bad light. This is what caused the fight that did make the air. Autumn said that he was trying to use her for a vote but Mike said she was the sexual aggressor in the relationship. In the following week it was Krista who had started to become close to the chilltown member who received the coveted head of household title (remember the veto did not come into play until season 3). The final question was a tie-breaker and it came down to Kent, Nicole, and Krista. It was how many times have the people in the house been married. Krista had withheld some personal information, and according to Mike and Will (who discussed this during season 7's live feeds) said that after the competition Krista said "I had a secret marriage y'all didn't even know about." Chilltown members Mike, Will, and Shannon were the only ones not upset by Krista withholding this information which was a strategic move on their part; because it caused an uproar of anger with the other houseguests especially Kent and Nicole. Mike and Will said during season 7 that when it came time for Krista to make her nominations she said, "I will pull the keys out of the bag in the HOH, so none of you have to worry about it." It was her decision to go against the house who wanted Will gone and instead nominate Kent and Autumn that ensured Mike and Will's safety that week. Mike and Krista became very close soon after the two shared in an America's Choice question for who America wanted to have a catered dinner for their birthday (they shared birthday's the same week), America chose Krista to win and since she got to bring a guest she chose Mike. This time alone from the rest of the houseguests made them bond. Unfortunately, week 4 it was Kent who beat out Mike in a tiebreaker question for HOH. Kent made quick targets of the pair. Will fought hard with Mike to try and get him to campaign to stay but a love-sick Mike said he could never campaign against Krista. He was evicted in week 4 by a vote of 4-1. Mike did leave a goodbye message for Krista. It was shown to all of the houseguests after they watched a boy-band like dance they had all done together. He left her a very touching heart-felt message and then during a luxury competition in which you could send 100 dollars of anything you wanted to anyone in the world Krista became one of the winners and she chose to send Mike a bouquet of flowers. Mike was one of the people who came to greet Krista after she had been eliminated from the game [ along with her brother ]. Mike ended up proposing to Krista during the finale; however, Mike and Krista's relationship did not work out they would break off their engagement three months later. Malin was a member of the Chilltown alliance, not only that he gained a life-long friend in his Chilltown running mate Will Kirby. Will is an investor in Mike's Dolce Group, a restaurant and club management company. Mike is an investor in Will's business Dr. Tattoff and Kirby Cosmeceuticals.

He would later return in 2006 for Big Brother: All Stars, where he became the eventual champion. During season 7 of Big Brother Mike tried to rally the other members of the cast to go against season 6. This proved to be rather difficult as for the first 4 weeks someone from season 6 always had HOH. During week 1 Mike had tried to rally the troops to get rid of Danielle in favor of keeping Alison. But a last minute change in plans left Nakomis and Diane (one of Mike Boogie's potential showmances according to him) the only 2 votes casted against season 3 runner up Danielle. When Kaysar won the coveted HOH position week 2 they had to act fast to strike a deal with Kaysar to ensure their safety inside the Big Brother house and it worked as Kaysar nominated the "floaters" from season 5 Diane and Nakomis. The most memorable event from that week was Nakomis decided to change her hair color to --- Yellow and Orange. Mike's reaction was, "Nakomis got nominated and she came out with the fire." Which was what he said in the diary room. His facial reaction when he first saw her change in hair-color was aired on the Veto Competition episode for that week. Before Nakomis's eviction Mike and Will did ruffle Kaysar's feathers calling him out to the hot tub saying they could not decide between evicting Diane and Nakomis. Then when James won he nominated Will and Chicken George and according to James... Will was the pawn. Mike was a little weary of his chill-town running mate being nominated and even said in the diary room, "In what world can the best player in Big Brother history be called a pawn." Neither Mike or Will won the veto that week, but instead it was Chicken George who came out victorious having to eat slop for the remainder of his stay in the house as a consequence. Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie convinced James to put up Jase who was not coming after James. Kaysar told Jase (for whatever reason) just before they had to go outside on lockdown while Chicken George prepared for the veto ceremony. Jase threw some things around and called people out—and Mike and Will who had high hopes of going far in the game with Jase made sure to keep their noses out of the fight and let Jase dig a whole for himself. Will went up in front of all the houseguests telling them he hated them all in an effort to wipe some of the target off of Chilltown's backs. And it worked Jase was evicted unanimously. But Season 6 kept their reign and Janelle became the next HOH. She nominated Boogie and Erika, but she secretly wanted Boogie to stay. During the Veto competition Will was eliminated because he got a phrase wrong but Mike emerged victorious and became the first Big Brother contestant to injure himself during a veto win celebration. He kicked a pair of goggles that were on the ground thinking they were plastic but they ended up being glass and it cut his foot. He used the veto on himself and Janelle put up Diane. Diane was evicted and Boogie then started his showmance with Erika. When Diane was nominated Danielle went to Boogie and Will saying James was done with season 6 and the Legion of Doom alliance was created. However, Boogie and Will quickly realized that keeping Janelle around would only benefit them and they quickly started throwing competitions so she would win them. They even threw a competition to Danielle when Janelle was HOH. But when Boogie got HOH Will shared his ongoing fears about James to Boogie. They decided that it was the ideal opportunity to keep Janelle around longer and get rid of James. This came at a price as they knew they could no longer rely on Danielle getting rid of her became necessary to further themselves in the game. When Will tried to get rid of Erika (Boogie's showmance) week 8 he ended up losing the veto to Erika and injuring himself the process. Mike and Will then had no other choice but to get rid of Chicken George as Boogie was chosen by Janelle as a replacement nominee. The two boys could never decide which of the two girls [Janelle & Erika] who they trusted more so during the entire time they kept telling them both the same things. Never telling one of the girls that they had to tell the other those thing to keep her believing that they would take her to the final 3. This indecisiveness caused them being in the final 3 maybe even 2 together. Janelle won the final veto and in a last ditch effort to save herself Erika convinced Janelle to use the veto and take out Will. This move shocked Boogie, but later he did commend Janelle saying it was a ballsy move and he himself would have never done it. Mike did end up evicting Janelle and beating out Erika [ the runner up of season 7 ] and taking home the 500,000 dollar prize. He also won an extra 10,000 dollars during an endurance HOH competition and a Plasma TV and a trip for 2 to Aruba during a veto competition, and a Pontiac Solstice during the second part of the HOH competition (Mike gave the car to his mother). This season Mike Boogie did not just make Big Brother history by being the first contestant to injure himself during a veto win celebration but he was also the very first winner of the Coup d'état, although he chose not to use it because the only person he could have used it on without making Chill Town a target was Janelle.


Monica Bailey is a 40-year-old candy store manager and adult literacy teacher from Brooklyn, New York.[7] She placed 3rd overall in the competition, being voted out in the final eviction by Nicole. During the show, it was revealed that Monica's cousin was missing after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Monica was told of the incident but not in detail. During Big Brother 3's Where Are They Now segment Monica did reveal that her cousin who she considered a sister [Tamitha] was never found. She was a candidate for Big Brother: All Stars.


Nicole Nilson Schaffrich is a 31-year-old personal chef from Atlanta, Georgia.[8] During the first week she annoyed the other HouseGuests for being bossy, and she was immediately put up for eviction. But after surviving that vote, she gradually became an influential and powerful player, partly through her alliance with Hardy. She made it to the finals, where she lost to Will by a vote of 5-2.


Shannon Dragoo is a 29-year-old realtor from San Antonio, Texas.[9] She was a member of the Chilltown alliance, but was voted out in week 3 by a vote of 6-0. She is best known for her toilet scrubbing incident with Hardy's toothbrush. Shannon also professed to being a boat captain.


Sheryl Braxton is a 43-year-old divorced mother and interior decorator from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.[10] She was the first HouseGuest evicted by a vote of 5-3 in week 1, however she was not the 1st to leave the Big Brother House due to Justin being expelled. She had been dared to try out for the show by her then 17-year-old son. After she was evicted she found out that she had cancer, this was revealed on finale night and came as a shock to all of her former housemates. Sheryl was featured during one of the first two eviction shows of Big Brother 3. She revealed that she was cancer-free. Mike, Will, and Shannon were all shocked when the vote came in 5-3. On the couch in the studio with Julie, Sherry was asked about what she meant when she told Nicole that whichever of the two stay in the house has to get Mike. Julie asked what does that mean, "get Mike." She said because of the position he put her in, (being nominated for eviction). Her former Big Brother 2 housemates Mike "Boogie" Malin and Will Kirby did talk about Sheryl's eviction one night in the kitchen with the other Big Brother: (US) All Star housemates. Sheryl was the first ever pawn in Big Brother history. Mike and Will both said that Sherry knew she was going to go up on the block beside Nicole. They even said that she was ok with it when they went to her with the idea. Will said, "What did her in was she went against us and said I hate chill town, I hate chill town, I hate chill town. And I'm not really sure why." Basically saying, that if she had not turned against them in those first two days she could have secured the votes to stay. Because they felt as though they had the votes to evict Nicole, (it could have come down to a tie).

Will also said; during the kitchen discussion, that Nicole was shocked that Sheryl did not vote for her during the finale, since she befriended her week one to go against Chilltown's Will, Shannon, and Mike. (Justin was a member of Chilltown but only for a few days since he was expelled from the game due to his antics). He said that he said to Nicole, "I didn't vote her out, like I was totally cool will her. You're the one who voted her out."


William Terence Kirby is a 28-year-old physician from Miami, Florida.[11] Known as "Dr. Will" and a member of Chilltown alliance, his strategy was to combine charm with lies. Despite being nominated four times, his strategy worked and Will was crowned champion of Big Brother 2, defeating Nicole by a final vote of 5-2. The vote would have been 6 to 3 but Will and Nicole each got to veto a vote of one of the jury members (Justin was not asked back for the finale since he was expelled from the game week 1). Will was also known for his "showmance" with Shannon Dragoo. The two dated for some time after the show ended. During season two Will pioneered the strategy of being the least liked in order to get to the end. He told everyone that he was going to lie to them and during the first week he created the 24 hour fast which he designed to see if he could get people to do what he wanted them to do and to see how much will power his fellow house-mates had. During the second-to-last HOH competition he competed with Monica and Nicole. Hardy could not compete as he was the previous HOH winner. This was probably the most controversial HOH competition in Big Brother history. The night before the Big Brother houseguests all got in the hot tub. Nicole's husband had a banner fly over the Big Brother house to tell his wife how betrayed he felt. This made Nicole lose all focus and she went so far as to ask the producers if she could leave the show because she was concerned about her marriage. The producers said no, and Nicole made a public plea to Jeff (which was aired) telling him how much she loved him. Ultimately Nicole's lack of focus made her lose the endurance competition after several hours when her hand left the key. Nicole was angry with herself but counted on Will to win the competition. Will had other plans. When Hardy and Nicole left to go inside Will struck a deal with Monica, to ensure his safety for the week. When Hardy came out with an envelope trying to entice either Will or Monica to let go of their key, Will took the offer cementing his deal with Monica. The prize was—an over-sized novelty peanut butter jar. Nicole was enraged at Will's decision to take the offer and showed no qualms about letting him know it. Will kept telling her, "I didn't know what the prize was, I have no excuse. None that you want to hear." When nomination ceremony day came, Monica held to her end of the deal, leaving Will with the only vote. After much deliberation Will cast the vote and kicked Hardy out of the house. Will's fate was in doubt after that until Monica and Nicole got into a fight about race. Nicole won the final HOH and evicted Monica thinking she would be able to beat Will.

When Will left Big Brother 2 he left with a lifelong friendship with Chilltown running mate Mike Boogie Malin. Will is a business investor in Mike's Dolce Group and Mike invests in Will's businesses Dr. Tattoff and Kirby Cosmeceuticals. In 2006, he appeared on Big Brother: All Stars, where he finished in fourth place. During the all-star season Will quickly jumped back into the Villain role he had in season 2. With the help of Mike, Will was able to fracture the season 6 alliance. Starting at week 2 when Kaysar was HOH, they struck a deal to put up who Kaysar considered be floaters for safety in the event that Chilltown were to get HOH in the following weeks to come. Of course, they agreed with no real intent on keeping the deal. Will was able to befriend Janelle in the following weeks; they had what they both called a 'flirtmance'. In Week 4, when Janelle targeted Diane after James went against what would have helped him in the game and nominated Jase and back-doored him the week prior, James turned his back on the season 6 alliance. James went to Danielle (season 3's runner up) and she went to Chilltown and thus the 'Legion of Doom' was created. Will and Mike did help Danielle the week Janelle was HOH when Diane was evicted by throwing the veto competition to her so she could take herself off the nomination block. They stayed true to their Legion of Doom alliance until Mike won HOH. Mike nominated Janelle and James. Will, who was always skeptical of James, told Boogie to seize the opportunity to get rid of James. So they decided to throw the competition to Janelle. Janelle won the veto competition and James was eliminated. Danielle felt betrayed by the Chilltown boys. As much as they would have loved to keep her on their side they knew that keeping her would be a huge liability. As soon as they got the opportunity to eliminate her they took it. Ultimately, Mike and Will did not make it to the final two together because they could never decide on who they should trust more between Janelle and Erika. Mike always pushed that they should trust Erika more and Will always pushed for Janelle. Will tried to eliminate Erika by winning a POV. Had he won it would have been his first win in Big Brother history. But Erika beat him by just a few seconds. Will broke his thumb during the competition. Chicken George was eliminated from the game that week. This left Will, Mike, Janelle, and Erika in the house. After Janelle won the final Veto, Erika, in a last ditch effort to save herself, went to Janelle and they compared notes. The Chilltown boys could not make a decision about which girl to trust or, at least, separate them so they could not talk and then came back to bite them in the butt(s). Janelle took herself off the block and evicted Will.

Will along with other former Big Brother 1-4 houseguests Amy Crews, Alison Irwin, Michelle Maradie, Marcellas Reynolds, Roddy Mancuso, Lisa Donahue, Nathan Marlow, Jun Song, Hardy Ames-Hill, and Justin Giovinco all appeared on episode of Yes Dear where the character Jimmy got selected to be on Big Brother.


A weekly summary table of tasks, evictions, major events, and other notable moments in the Big Brother house follows.

Week 1 Events
  • On Day 1, Twelve HouseGuests moved into the Big Brother house.
  • On Day 2, Mike became the first Head of Household.
  • On Day 6, Nicole and Sheryl were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 10, Justin was expelled from the house after he held a knife to fellow HouseGuest Krista's throat while they were both intoxicated.
  • HoH: "Wheel of First Impressions"; one person spins the wheel and tells which two HouseGuests best fit the descriptions it lands on (for example: "Smartest," "Sexiest," "Loudest"). The rest of the HouseGuests vote on which of these two they'd prefer to be the Head of Household. The votes go on until one HouseGuest remains. In the end, two HouseGuests remain. The other HouseGuests choose anonymously as to which of these two will be Head of Household.
  • Food: "All Stuffed Up"; the HouseGuests have to stuff themselves and a hefty supply of groceries into a 2002 Buick Rendezvous SUV and remain there for a full sixty seconds. If successful, they keep the food and eat well. If they fail, then it's "PB and J" all week long. While still stuffed into the 2002 Buick Rendezvous, the HouseGuests are surprised to learn that whoever is the last to exit the SUV gets to keep it. To make it even more difficult, they cannot sleep, smoke or take bathroom breaks.
  • Luxury: "The Dirty Dozen"; an inflatable pool in the backyard is filled with mud. 24 keys are mixed into the mess. 12 have a HouseGuest name on it. Starting with Mike, the HouseGuests have to find the 12 keys with their names on them. When a name key is found, that HouseGuest can help with the search. When all 12 keys are found, the HouseGuests have to get back to their starting point. If they accomplish their mission in under 6 minutes, the backyard hot tub will be unlocked for them. The house won the hot tub.
  • Luxury: "Bird's Eye View"; while the Head of Household is isolated inside the house, the other HouseGuests have five minutes to decide what gourmet food they want to eat, then spell it out using their bodies to form the letters. From an elevated chair, the HoH has to read what they have written in order for them to get the meal.
  • Autumn, Bunky, Hardy, Justin, Kent, Krista, Mike, Monica, Nicole, Shannon, Sheryl, and Will entered the House on Day 1.
  • On Day 10, Justin was expelled from the House. On Day 12, Sheryl was evicted by a vote of 5-3.
Week 2 Events
  • Due to Justin's expulsion the live Head of Household competition was held on Saturday instead of Thursday.
  • On Day 14, Krista became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 14, Krista nominated Autumn and Kent for eviction.
  • HoH: "To The Mat"; each of the HouseGuests stand blindfolded on mats in the backyard. Julie Chen asks questions about their housemates, instructing the HouseGuests to take a step forward to give one answer, stay in place for another.
  • Food: "A Pound of Flesh"; the HouseGuests split along gender lines, men vs. women. Everyone writes their own estimated body weight on a dry erase board. Brought outside, they are weighed on a scale. Their estimated and actual weights are added. Whichever side's estimated weight comes closest to their actual weight gets food for the week. The boys won over the girls by one point.
  • Luxury: "Ride The Bull"; the HouseGuests face off, male vs. female, in a mechanical bull riding competition. Three guys (Will, Hardy and Bunky) and three girls (Autumn, Shannon and Nicole) have to ride the bull for thirty seconds to move into round two. In round two, with the speed of the bull increased, at least one team member has to stay on the bull for thirty seconds to qualify for victory.
  • On Day 19, Autumn was evicted by a unanimous vote of 7-0.
Week 3 Events
  • On Day 19, Hardy became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 21, Hardy nominated Shannon and Will for eviction.
  • HoH: "By The Numbers"; in a single elimination format, the HouseGuests are asked a series of number based questions that they silently answer by raising paddles, each branded with a number 0-9, with all of the questions pertaining to the HouseGuests themselves.
  • Food: "Catch of The Day"; the HouseGuests request three food items, which are written onto yellow balls. One hundred balls, all with groceries written on them, including the 27, are thrown over the walls of the Big Brother compound. The HouseGuests will be given the items they catch. If a ball touches the ground, that item is eliminated. If a HouseGuest picks a ball up from the ground, that HouseGuest is disqualified and anything they caught goes with them. There are no supplemental groceries for the week, meaning meals can be made only from these items.
  • Luxury: "Cross-Dressing"; the House splits into two teams. (Team One: Monica, Will, Krista and Mike. Team Two: Bunky, Shannon, Nicole and Kent.) Each team has two members wearing blue and two members wearing red. The teammates stand on opposite sides of a clothesline. The object is for the reds to pass their clothes across the line to the blue team (and vice versa), then get dressed in the new clothes. The winning team will be the one that gets dressed first. Bunky, Shannon, Nicole, and Kent won a special laundry service.
  • On Day 26, Shannon was evicted by a unanimous vote of 6-0.
Week 4 Events
  • On Day 26, Kent became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 28, Kent nominated Mike and Krista for eviction.
  • HoH: "Higher/Lower"; the HouseGuests are questions that come with a suggested answer and the HouseGuests have to decide if they think the real answer is higher or lower than the one given. If they think it's higher, they step up on the podium; if they think it's lower, they take a step down. The HouseGuests are eliminated with one wrong answer until only one remains. In the tie-breaker round, Kent beat out Mike and won the competition.
  • Food: "Food Pyramid"; each HouseGuest is assigned a food group and must answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly in order to have those items for the week.
  • Luxury: "Spinning Discs"; each HouseGuest selects one CD he or she would most like to listen to. Given 10 blank CDs, the HouseGuest who tosses the most CDs into a bowl floating in the pool wins his or her chosen CD plus a personal stereo. Monica wins with 5 CDs in the bowl.
  • On Day 33, Mike was evicted by a vote of 4-1.
Week 5 Events
  • On Day 33, Hardy became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 35, Hardy nominated Kent and Will for eviction.
  • HoH: "Face The Facts"; the HouseGuests answer a series of questions about the evicted HouseGuests and the outgoing HoH using a cube had the faces of those HouseGuests and a blank for none of the above. If a player was incorrect, the they were eliminated. Hardy was the last remaining player and became HoH for the second time in a row.
  • Food: "The Perfect Meal"; each HouseGuest tells Big Brother his or her favorite meal, with all the trimmings. Then, each HouseGuest is assigned a day of the week that he or she will be responsible for. The object is for each HouseGuest to eat their favorite meal in under five minutes after it has been liquefied in a blender, then keep the food down for three minutes. If someone fails, the group eats PB & J that day.
  • Luxury: "Rescue 911"; each HouseGuest dresses a dummy in his or her likeness. With everyone out back, the dummies are hidden in various places in the House. The HouseGuests, split into teams of men vs. women, are blindfolded and have to enter the House, find a dummy and bring it back out to the safety of the basketball court. The first team to find three dummies and rescue them wins the luxury of their choice, for up to $100.
  • On Day 40, Kent was evicted by a unanimous vote of 4-0
Week 6 Events
  • On Day 40, Nicole became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 42, Nicole nominated Krista and Monica for eviction.
  • HoH: "Pushing It To The Limit"; the HouseGuests slide keys down a two-lane board towards a series of markers, each representing a different room in the house. Whoever lands their key closest to the Head of Household marker will be the next HoH. Nicole was the closest and won HoH.
  • Food: "A Is For Apple"; in the backyard the HouseGuests find a giant bowl of alphabet cereal, a large spoon and a 7-foot-tall (2.1 m) milk carton. Each HouseGuest has 60 seconds to climb into the cereal bowl and find two plastic letters, then name as many foods as they can that start with that letter. Their weekly food supply will be made up of foods that they were able to name.
  • Luxury: "All The News That Fits"; he HouseGuests break into three teams of two people and are asked a series of questions about what may have happened in the outside world while they were in the Big Brother House. The team with the most correct answers after three questions would win three minutes in the Diary Room with current magazines, newspapers and a newsreel playing on a television. Will and Bunky won.
  • On Day 47, Krista was evicted unanimously by a vote of 3-0.
Week 7 Events
  • Due to Justin's expulsion in week 1, no Head of Household competition or nomination ceremony took place.
  • Instead the HouseGuests competed in a food competition and luxury competition for the duration of the week until week 8.
  • Food: "An Offer Almost Too Good to Refuse"; the HouseGuests are dispatched by Julie Chen to find jars of peanut butter hidden throughout the House. They are brought into the Diary Room one by one. Julie offers each $2500 against the HouseGuests having to eat PB&J for five days, with the understanding that Big Brother would not reveal anyone's decision to the group. Bunky holds out for $5000 and four days of PB&J, for the house, before accepting the offer and winning the competition.
  • Luxury: "Blockbuster"; each HouseGuest has to free a movie ticket frozen into the center of a block of ice. The first one to remove the ticket and drop it into a ticket bin, wins a special screening of the blockbuster movie American Pie 2 in the Head of Household room. Bunky won the competition and chose to take Monica with him.
Week 8 Events
  • On Day 54, Hardy became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 56, Hardy nominated Bunky and Will for eviction.
  • HoH: "Big Brother Road Trip"; the HouseGuests are asked a series of questions about evicted HouseGuests, to which the answer was one of the 50 states. In order to gain a point, the HouseGuests had to be the first to strike a pole with a remote-control car. The two with the most points would go on to round two. In the second round, the two HouseGuests had to drive their remote controlled cars around an obstacle course set up across the entire backyard. Each obstacle is based on the home state of an evicted HouseGuest and they had to approach each obstacle in the order that the HouseGuests were evicted.
  • Food: "Big Brother Jenga"; the HouseGuests have to create a tower out of color-coded blocks and get a food item from each one that they successfully use. After all the blocks are used, they can remove blocks from the bottom and move them to the top, until the tower topples over.
  • Luxury: "The Great Escape"; the HouseGuests make their likenesses out of dolls provided by Big Brother. The HouseGuests are given balloons, string and helium tanks to fasten to baskets containing their dolls. The first two HouseGuests to fly their basket above the Big Brother fence line win a one-hour helicopter tour of Los Angeles. Will and Bunky won the competition.
  • On Day 61, Bunky was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 2-1. Hardy as Head of Household had to cast the tie-breaker vote.
Week 9 Events
  • On Day 61, Monica became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 63, Monica nominated Nicole and Hardy for eviction.
  • On Day 65, Susan Hawk, Gervase Peterson of Survivor: Borneo, Alicia Calaway and Jeff Varner of Survivor: The Australian Outback visited the House to play against the HouseGuests in a special luxury competition.
  • HoH: "Strange Bedfellows"; Monica, Nicole and Will, the eligible three HouseGuests, find a replica of the HoH room on the basketball court. Getting on to the bed, the three put their keys inside the nomination box. The HouseGuest who holds onto their key the longest will be the new HoH. Monica won the competition after Will stepped down from the competition.
  • Food: "Shop 'til You Drop"; each HouseGuest is given four minutes to gather food from the stocked shelves of the food triangle, then navigate a backyard obstacle course. Whatever food they are still carrying at the end and can drop into a shopping cart, they get to keep.
  • Luxury: "Fire and Ice"; in the snowed-over backyard, lettered blocks are scattered randomly, with enough letters to spell Big Brother and Survivor. Bound together at the wrists, the teams move around the backyard getting the letters they need to make a tower spelling out their show name. Once finished, the players must untie themselves and dive, one at a time, into the pool to retrieve keys which they hang on torches at the end of the pool. the first team to hang all 4 keys wins $15,000. The Survivors win the competition.
  • Luxury: "Crack the Code"; paired up with a Survivor, the HouseGuests are given a scrambled message on the plasma screen in the living room. The first team to unscramble the code, which describes a location in the House, and retrieve a computer mouse from that location wins a chance to surf the Internet to look at fan Web sites that have sprung up in their honor. Sue and Hardy unscramble their message first and win the competition.
  • On Day 68, Hardy was evicted by a vote of 1-0.
Weeks 10 & 11 Events
  • On Day 73, the HouseGuests were notified of the September 11th attacks.
  • On Day 75, Nicole and Will accumulated the most points combined in part one and two of the final Head of Household competition, thus advancing to the part three of the Final HoH household.
  • On Day 77, Nicole won part three of the final Head of Household competition.
  • HoH Pt.1 "Part One"; Big Brother asks the seven evicted HouseGuests for one positive and one negative word to describe the three remaining competitors. Julie Chen reads these descriptions to the final three, without telling them who is being described by each term. Their challenge is to figure out which one of them is being described by the last word from the evictees, with one point gained for every correct answer.
  • HoH Pt.2 "Part Two"; the HouseGuests are given a time limit to complete various household tasks. The players with the most points move on to Round Three. Nicole and Will had the most points from both rounds, which meant they would face off in round three.
  • HoH Pt.3 "Part Three"; The last part of the HoH Competition consists of 7 questions about the HouseGuests experiences during their time in the Big Brother House. One point is awarded for each correct answer. Nicole had the most points in the end and became the final Head of Household of the season.
  • On Day 77, Monica was evicted by a vote of 1-0 and Nicole and Will became the final two.
Finale Events
  • On Day 80, the final two went up against the jury of nine to discuss why they should be given the $500,000 grand prize.
  • On Day 82, the nine evicted HouseGuests returned on finale night to cast their vote for the winner of Big Brother 2.
  • Nicole and Will were given a chance to nullify one of the jury member's votes. Nicole nullified Shannon's vote, while Will nullified Bunky's vote.
  • By a vote of 5-2, Will Kirby was named the winner of Big Brother 2.
  • On Day 82, Will and Nicole left the house after being named the winner and runner-up of Big Brother 2, respectively.

Voting history

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Eviction votes received
Day 77 Finale
Head of Household Mike Krista Hardy Kent Hardy Nicole None Hardy Monica None Nicole None
Nominations Nicole
Will Nicole Autumn Nominated Krista Nominated Krista No vote Nominated Hardy No vote Nominated Winner
Nicole Nominated Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Head of Household Bunky Nominated Monica Runner-Up
Monica Nicole Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Nominated Will Head of Household Evicted
(Day 77)
Will 1
Hardy Sheryl Autumn Head of Household Mike Head of Household Krista Bunky Nominated Evicted
(Day 68)
Nicole 1
Bunky Sheryl Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Krista Nominated Evicted
(Day 61)
Nicole 2
Krista Sheryl Head of Household Shannon Nominated Kent Nominated Evicted
(Day 47)
Will 4
Kent Sheryl Nominated Shannon Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 40)
Will 4
Mike Head of Household Autumn Shannon Nominated Evicted
(Day 33)
Will 4
Shannon Nicole Autumn Nominated Evicted
(Day 26)
Will 6
Autumn Sheryl Nominated Evicted
(Day 19)
Nicole 7
Sheryl Nominated Evicted
(Day 12)
Will 5
Justin Expelled
(Day 10)
Notes See
note 1
None See
note 1
note 2
None See
note 3
note 4
note 5
Expelled Justin none
Evicted Sheryl

5 of 8 votes
to evict


7 of 7 votes
to evict


6 of 6 votes
to evict


4 of 5 votes
to evict


4 of 4 votes
to evict


3 of 3 votes
to evict

No Eviction Bunky

2 of 3 votes
to evict


Will's choice
to evict

No Eviction Monica

Nicole's choice
to evict

2 votes
to win

5 votes
to win

^Note 1 : Justin was expelled from the game after constant rule breaking. Due to this, there was no Head of Household, nominations or evictions in Week 7. Eviction continued as normal.
^Note 2 : During the eviction of Week 8, Hardy as the HoH had to vote to break a tie.
^Note 3 : Due to the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, the game was postponed for a week.
^Note 4 : In the final week, the HoH is the only HouseGuest eligible to vote for eviction since the other two HouseGuests are up for eviction by default.
^Note 5 : Votes in the finale are cast for the HouseGuest's choice to win, not for who to evict. Both finalists were permitted to nullify one of the HouseGuest's final vote without knowing for whom the vote was cast. Nicole nullified Shannon's vote, and Will nullified Bunky's vote.


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