Mike Malin (Big Brother contestant)

Mike Malin (Big Brother contestant)
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Born Michael Robert Carri
July 16, 1970 (1970-07-16) (age 41)
Residence Los Angeles, CA
Television Big Brother 2,
Big Brother: All-Stars


Big Brother

Big Brother 2

HoH: "Wheel of First Impressions"; one person spins the wheel and tells which two HouseGuests best fit the descriptions it lands on (for example: "Smartest," "Sexiest," "Loudest"). The rest of the HouseGuests vote on which of these two they'd prefer to be the Head of Household. The votes go on until one HouseGuest remains. In the end, two HouseGuests remain. The other HouseGuests choose anonymously as to which of these two will be Head of Household. Food: "All Stuffed Up"; the HouseGuests have to stuff themselves and a hefty supply of groceries into a 2002 Buick Rendezvous SUV and remain there for a full sixty seconds. If successful, they keep the food and eat well. If they fail, then it's "PB and J" all week long. While still stuffed into the 2002 Buick Rendezvous, the HouseGuests are surprised to learn that whoever is the last to exit the SUV gets to keep it. To make it even more difficult, they cannot sleep, smoke or take bathroom breaks. Luxury: "The Dirty Dozen"; an inflatable pool in the backyard is filled with mud. 24 keys are mixed into the mess. 12 have a HouseGuest name on it. Starting with Mike, the HouseGuests have to find the 12 keys with their names on them. When a name key is found, that HouseGuest can help with the search. When all 12 keys are found, the HouseGuests have to get back to their starting point. If they accomplish their mission in under 6 minutes, the backyard hot tub will be unlocked for them. The house won the hot tub. Luxury: "Bird's Eye View"; while the Head of Household is isolated inside the house, the other HouseGuests have five minutes to decide what gourmet food they want to eat, then spell it out using their bodies to form the letters. From an elevated chair, the HoH has to read what they have written in order for them to get the meal. On Day 1, Twelve HouseGuests moved into the Big Brother house. On Day 2, Mike became the first Head of Household. On Day 6, Nicole and Sheryl were nominated for eviction. On Day 10, Justin was expelled from the house after he held a knife to fellow HouseGuest Krista's throat while they were both intoxicated. Autumn, Bunky, Hardy, Justin, Kent, Krista, Mike, Monica, Nicole, Shannon, Sheryl, and Will entered the House on Day 1. On Day 10, Justin was expelled from the House. On Day 12, Sheryl was evicted by a vote of 5-3.

On Day 26, Kent became the new Head of Household. On Day 28, Kent nominated Mike and Krista for eviction. On Day 33, Mike was evicted by a vote of 4-1.

Mike came in 8th place.

Big Brother 7

On Day 26, Janelle nominated Erika and Mike for eviction. Janelle said that Erika was only a pawn and that she just didn't like Mike. She later admitted to only wanting a floater out of the game, because there were so many floaters. On Day 27, starting at midnight, the HouseGuests were awakened by fans' wake-up calls every 15 minutes as the result of an America's Choice poll. On Day 29, after Mike vetoed himself, Janelle replaced Mike with Diane. This caused controversy among the members of Janelle's alliance, especially James. They had hoped that Will would be the replacement. They also caught Janelle in a lie: Janelle told her alliance she did not want Will and Mike to win the Power of Veto, but she had told Howie prior to the competition that she did not want Diane or Erika to win. This caused James to lash out at Janelle, saying in the DR that he was "done with Season Six". He then formed an alliance with Danielle, Will, and Mike called "Legion of Doom".

HoH: "Revenge of the Gnomes"; On Day 47, Mike became the second Head of Household for the week. PoV: "Voo Doo Dolls"; On Day 48, Janelle won the Power of Veto, despite James's complaints of unnecessary roughness on Janelle's part during the competition. On Day 48, after losing his Coup d'état power (it was only valid through three eviction ceremonies, and he was now HoH), Mike nominated James and Janelle, but told Janelle that they would help her win the veto. On Day 49, Janelle used the Power of Veto on herself, and Mike replaced her with George as a pawn in order to get James out. On Day 53, James was evicted by a vote of 3-1, with only Danielle voting to keep James. James became the third juror.

HoH: "Battle of the Sexes"; On Day 60, Janelle answered 8 out of 8 questions correctly, becoming Head of Household. PoV: "I'm Knots About Veto"; Later that hour, Erika won the Power of Veto. Will was the first to undo all the knots, but could not remove the Veto symbol from his rope, and broke his left thumb in the attempt. Erika used the Power of Veto on herself, and Janelle replaced her with Mike. George was evicted by a vote of 2-0, becoming juror number five. On House Calls, Gretchen Massey told George that Kentucky Fried Chicken was giving him free chicken for a year, which of course he was very excited about.

HoH: "Big Brother Bowl"; On Day 60, Mike won the Head of Household competition. This was not shown on the live Thursday night show like it typically is because of the double eviction day, but was shown on Sunday's episode. PoV: "When the Stars Align"; On Day 62, Janelle won her fifth Power of Veto. Mike, Will, and Janelle discussed how to approach Erika about evicting her this week. Erika still believed that Janelle was going after Chilltown, and Chilltown wanted Erika to continue believing that these were Janelle's objectives. On Day 61, Mike put Janelle and Erika on the block for eviction. On Day 64, the night before the penultimate eviction, Janelle and Erika compared notes regarding Chilltown's deception. The girls made a deal for Janelle to vote out Will the next evening, and for one of them to win the final HoH and vote out Mike, in order to be the last two standing. On Day 65, Janelle used the final PoV on herself and Mike was forced to nominate Will in her place. On Day 65, Janelle, the only remaining person with a vote, chose to evict Will, who had never been evicted before. Will became the sixth juror. In Erika's goodbye video to Will she told him that the "jig was up" and that he and Mike were "found out" about "Operation Double Date" (Erika only found out about that Chilltown was playing both girls, not that they called the plan Operation Double Date). After evicting Will Kirby, Janelle high-fived Erika, telling her about how Will would always say he (Will) was the fox and she (Janelle) was the bunny, at which Janelle excitedly laughed, about evicting Will, "Who's the bunny now, Bitch?"

HoH Part I: "Mount HoH"; On Day 65, the HouseGuests had to hold onto keys above their heads with both hands while balancing on posts jutting out of a simulated volcano. Immediately after the contest began, Mike announced that Janelle and Erika had made the smartest move in Big Brother that night by evicting Will, but then asked Julie Chen whether she remembered Richard Hatch. Invoking the first Survivor winner caused a moment of confusion followed by the explanation that both of the women would need him in the final two to win since he is an unpopular player with his fellow competitors. Mike then intentionally let go of his key and jumped from the volcano, adding to the brief chaos. Moments later, Julie Chen noted that during the confusion Janelle had turned to see what Mike had done and had removed one of her hands from her key. Janelle was thus eliminated, and Erika won the endurance part of the three-part final HoH competition in less than five minutes, making this the shortest endurance HoH contest ever. This meant that Erika would advance to the final round. *This is the record for shortest HOH endurance competition in the history of the show. HoH Part II: "Fly By Night"; On Day 66, Mike won part two of the three-part HoH competition. Mike would also advance to the final round. As an additional prize, Mike won a new Pontiac Solstice convertible that he said he would give to his mother. HoH Part III: "Jury Statements"; On Day 67, Mike and Erika took part in the third and final part of the HoH competition on live TV, with Mike coming out as the victor, becoming the last HoH of the season and securing a spot in the Final Two. On Day 67, Erika made a deal with Mike to throw the last part of the 3-part HoH competition. Erika had previously made a promise to Janelle that if she won HoH she would evict Mike. Erika had been contemplating the idea that it might be best to let Mike win HoH and vote out Janelle. In her eyes, this meant she still kept her promise to Janelle. As the day went on, however, Erika was seen on the live feeds mumbling to herself that she "needs to win this final HoH and get [Mike] out." With Mike being the only eligible vote, Janelle was evicted from the Big Brother house and became the final member of the jury.

On Day 72, Jase and Diane admitted to the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance". Erika and Mike were shown a video of Mike and Will in the Diary Room trash talking about Erika. Erika thus responded that Mike was being played by her just as much as she was being played by Mike. A video was also shown to Janelle, featuring all the bad things that James said about her in the Diary Room. Janelle's response to this video was nonchalance, as she stated that James Rhine has always been a "whiner" and she was not surprised at all by his name-calling and backstabbing. Will also informed Erika that she may once again call him the "Puppet Master", implying that he once again manipulated the house guests in his favor, although after the season ended, several of the BB Allstars jury members indicated that Will had absolutely zero influence on their final votes. Janelle Pierzina won the $25,000 America's Choice Jury prize, voted on by the viewing public. Mike "Boogie" Malin, by a vote of 6-1, won Big Brother 7: All Stars and the $500,000 prize. Marcellas was the only one to vote for Erika, who won the runner-up prize of $50,000.

Along with Top Chef Canada judge and restauranteur Shereen Arazm, Malin is a co-owner of The Dolce Group, a restaurant and club management company, which operates several restaurants, bars and clubs in Los Angeles, Reno and Atlanta. Dolce originated in the Los Angeles area, where Malin is based.

Personal Life

Malin was born Michael Robert Carri on July 16, 1970 and raised in Concord, New Hampshire. He left New Hampshire to pursue his education, and enrolled in Bentley College, in Waltham, Massachusetts. At Bentley, Malin majored in finance and was active in the college's theater program.


In 1997 Malin was arrested under his real name, Michael Carri, and charged with trespassing at the lot of Warner Brothers Pictures and using false identification. He and friends had secretly filmed and taken pictures of Batman & Robin.[1]

On January 23, 1997, Carri pleaded no contest to carrying counterfeit government-issued ID, trespass and property damage, and malicious mischief. He was sentenced to three years' probation, fined $100, and ordered to do 400 hours of community service.[2]

Malin was arrested again in late October 2007 and charged with assault after attending the 2007 World Series between Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies in Denver. Malin spent 15 hours behind bars before he was released on bail.[3]

Television and Film Career

Malin has a number of television credits to his name, including guest roles in Seinfeld, Friends, where he also worked as a stand-in for Matthew Perry. Yes, Dear, Jack and Jill, Monk, The View, and The Parkers.

He also had small roles in the films Chump Change (2000), Psycho Beach Party (2000), Robbie's Brother (2001) and Fishes (2001).

In 2001, Malin appeared in television reality series Big Brother 2. He finished 8th out of 12 houseguests, and was part of the "Chilltown alliance" - the nickname "chilltown" was derived from the cold bedroom they shared in the Big Brother house - with Will Kirby and Shannon Dragoo. Malin was evicted in week 4, but returned to vote for the winner, Will Kirby in the season finale.

In the summer of 2006 it was announced that Malin was one of the top 20 houseguests eligible to compete in Big Brother 7: All Stars. Malin and Will Kirby deceived most of the house guests during the course of the season. Malin went home with $500,000 and the title of Big Brother All-Star Champion.

Malin appeared at the Fox Reality Really Awards, the All-Star Reality Re-union, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, and has appeared on Extra and Access Hollywood. In 2007 he appeared on Dr. 90210.

He appeared in the Enrique Iglesias music video for Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song). In 2010 he appeared in the action film Gun, starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer, in the role of Agent Monroe.

In 2011 Malin appeared with his business partner, Lonnie Moore, in the VH1 reality program Famous Food, where 7 celebrities compete for the chance to co-own and operate a new restaurant on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. Malin appeared as one of the two owners of the planned new restaurant whose planning and opening was the subject of the program. The new restaurant, named The Lemon Basket, is now open and operates as part of Malin's The Dolce Group.[4]

He is also a member of the National Basketball Association's Entertainment League, a celebrity basketball team.

Restaurant Operator

In 2001 Malin and a long-time friend Lonnie Moore opened a small tapas lounge on a strip of Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles in 2001. While the original bar, Belly, is no longer operating, it grew into The Dolce Group which maintains several restaurants varying in style and cuisine in the Los Angeles area, Reno, and Atlanta.

The company's restaurant and bar brands include the Italian restaurant Dolce, the "classic American" restaurant Ketchup, a modern Japanese restaurant Geisha House, the western tapas bar Johnny Smalls and the nightclub Les Deux, a club which was notably patronised between 2004 and 2006 by a number of LA's high-profile celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Ashton Kutcher. The Dolce Group is currently working with VH1 on their reality show, Famous Food.

Malin is also partners with Will Kirby in the laser tattoo removal clinic called "Dr. Tattoff."


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