Big Brother 9 (U.S.)

Big Brother 9 (U.S.)

Big Brother endgame
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series = Season 9 (2008)
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imagebg = black
housemates = HouseGuests
hm1 = Adam
hm1-enter = Day 1
hm1-exit = Day 81
hm1-veto =
hm1-stat = winner
hm2 = Ryan
hm2-enter = Day 1
hm2-exit = Day 81
hm2-veto =
hm2-stat = runner
hm3 = Sheila
hm3-enter = Day 1
hm3-exit = Day 77
hm3-veto =
hm3-stat = evic
hm4 = Sharon
hm4-enter = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 1|Day 7
hm4-exit = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 3|Day 75
hm4-stat = evic
hm5 = Natalie
hm5-enter = Day 1
hm5-exit = Day 70
hm5-veto =
hm5-stat = evic
hm6 = James
hm6-enter = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 1|Day 35
hm6-exit = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 35|Day 63
hm6-stat = five
hm7 = Joshuah
hm7-enter = Day 1
hm7-exit = Day 56
hm7-stat = evic
hm8 = Chelsia
hm8-enter = Day 1
hm8-exit = Day 49
hm8-stat = evic
hm9 = Matt
hm9-enter = Day 1
hm9-exit = Day 42
hm9-stat = evic
hm10 = Allison
hm10-enter = Day 1
hm10-exit = Day 28
hm10-stat = evic
hm11 =Amanda
hm11-enter = Day 1
hm11-exit = Day 21
hm11-stat = evic
hm12 = Alex
hm12-enter = Day 1
hm12-exit = Day 21
hm12-stat = evic
hm13 = Parker
hm13-enter = Day 1
hm13-exit = Day 14
hm13-stat = evic
hm14 = Jen
hm14-enter = Day 1
hm14-exit = Day 14
hm14-stat = evic
hm15 = Neil
hm15-enter = Day 1
hm15-exit = Day 7
hm15-stat = walk
hm16 = Jacob
hm16-enter = Day 1
hm16-exit = Day 3
hm16-stat = evic
legendwinner = Winner $500,000
legendrunner = Runner Up $50,000
legendevic = Evicted
legendwalk = Walked
legend5 = America's Choice
Jury Prize $25,000

"Big Brother 9" (also known as "Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part") is the ninth edition of the American reality television series"Big Brother", that aired on the CBS television network on February 12, 2008 to April 27, 2008. Julie Chen returned as host, and Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan were the executive producers. The show was produced by Endemol USA and Alison Grodner Productions.

This is the first winter edition of "Big Brother" and the first to air during an official television season. It is also the first season to be simply called "Big Brother", without mention of the season number. There were sixteen HouseGuests competing for the grand prize, an increase over previous seasons. Two previous evicted HouseGuests returned to the game, Sharon returned on Day 7 to replace Neil who left earlier that day. James was given the opportunity to return on Day 35 by votes from the other HouseGuests. This is the first season to feature two previous evictees returning to the House and the third overall to have evicted HouseGuests return.


Following the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike, the trade magazine "Variety" reported that CBS, in response, was considering airing a winter edition of "Big Brother", and that the network was beginning to cast auditions.cite web|url=|title="CBS leans on 'Brother' during strike", by Josef Adalian|, November 6, 2007|accessdate=2007-12-03] Several sites speculated that the winter edition could have been an American version of "Celebrity Big Brother" [cite web|url =|title ="Will the WGA strike bring an early winter Big Brother 9?", by Jackie Schnoop|publisher =, November 6, 2007] [cite web|url =|title = "CBS readies early run of 'Big Brother'", by James Welsh|publisher = Digital Spy, November 7 2007] [cite web|url =|title = "New 'Big Brother' could air this winter" by Lynette Rice|publisher = "Entertainment Weekly", November 6, 2007] but this was untrue as CBS released a statement that the next edition of "Big Brother" would be a regular season following the format of past editions.cite web|url=,0,5007536.story|title="'Big Brother 9': The Hunt Is On"|, November 15, 2007|accessdate=2007-12-03] The season was announced on November 15, 2007 with open casting calls being held from November 17, 2007 to December 8, 2007. The finalists for the season were chosen on December 27, 2007. [cite web | title = Big Brother 9 Houseguest Casting Completed | date = 2007-12-30 | url = | accessdate = 2008-01-18 ]


On December 3, 2007 CBS announced "Big Brother 9" would return on February 12, 2008 with three episodes airing on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.cite web|url =,0,6366796.story|title ="CBS Sets 'Jericho,' 'Big Brother' Returns: |publisher =, December 3, 2007] cite web|url =|title =""; Announces "Big Brother" 9 to air in February |publisher = |accessdate=2007-12-04] Showtime and CBS announced on January 8, 2008 that ' would also return and air seven nights a week during the hours of 12 AM and end at 3 AM ET.cite web | last = Donohue | first = Steve | title = Big Brother: After Dark Returns to Showtime | publisher = Multichannel News | date = 2008-01-08 | url = | accessdate = 2008-01-08 ] On February 11, 2008 CBS announced that the live Internet feeds would return for the season with certain events in the House being blocked out to preserve drama of the television broadcasts. The Internet talk show ' would also return with host Gretchen Massey. A new feature for "Big Brother 9" was the addition of watching the live Internet feeds and new episode of "Big Brother" live on MediaFLO enabled cell phones.cite web|url =|title ="BIG BROTHER: 'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART" HERE...THERE..EVERYWHERE |accessdate = 2008-03-09 |date= 2008-02-11 |publisher = CBS press release via The Futon Critic] "Big Brother 9" was broadcasted in the United Kingdom on E4 airing two one-hour episodes on Thursday nights and one one-hour episode on Tuesday nights, the first episode was shown on February 14 with the finale shown on April 29, 2008. [ [] E4 picks up US 'Big Brother' "Digital Spy"]


For the first time in "Big Brother" history, 16 HouseGuests entered the House to compete for the grand prize. This is the first time since "Big Brother 5" that there has been an increase in the number of HouseGuests over the previous season.

One of two twists this season was that each HouseGuest was paired with a soulmate and the pairs shared Head of Household and Power of Veto wins and was evicted together until the end of Week 3.cite web | last = Logan | first = Michael | title = Winter Edition of Big Brother Turns Up the Heat | publisher = | date = 2008-02-06 | url = | accessdate = 2008-02-06] A second twist was that an evicted HouseGuest from Weeks 1-4 would return to the House on Day 35. This is the first season to see two previous evictees re-enter the House after being evicted.


Each week in the "Big Brother" House is summarized in the table on the main page. A typical week began with the Head of Household competition during the live Wednesday episode and ended with the eviction of a HouseGuest during the following Wednesday's episode. The next "week" immediately started after the eviction with the next Head of Household competition. Evictions, competitions, and other noteworthy events for a particular week are noted. Some of the events listed may not be in order of sequence.

"Big Brother" House

House pictures were released on February 6, 2008. The House has an outdoors theme due to this being the first season to air during the winter season. Throughout the House, there are numerous love quotes written by Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In the dining room and kitchen, the furniture are in bright red and yellow colors, and logs stacked against each other fill up a wall. [ [] "" Retrieved 2008-04-22] The walkway to the Head of Household room evokes a giant library. The Head of Household room is an exotic island oasis. The headboard is made from a surfboard, there are Hula girl table lamps, rattan carpet and Polynesian knickknacks. [ [ House Pictures] "" Retrieved 2008-04-22] The boat bedroom features shelves and chests designed to resemble small rowboats with rowboat shaped beds. Two large beds made of actual unfinished tree branches with pink bedspreads fill another room. [ [ House Pictures] "" Retrieved 2008-04-22] The living room features a giant green semi-circular sofa, and a stone wall fireplace. A red colored room connected directly to the living room by a short hallway, with no doors, has a pair of pullout couches rather than actual beds. [ [ House Pictures] "" Retrieved 2008-04-22] New this season is a Spa room complete with a massage table, two-person sauna and lounge. [ [ House Pictures] "" Retrieved 2008-04-22]

Outside, there is a hot tub and pool, a billiards table and lounge area. The lounge area features a fire pit and heated lamps. [ [ House Pictures] "" Retrieved 2008-04-22] Along with work-out equipment, there are lawn chairs to lay out in the sun.


The HouseGuests compete for a grand prize of $500,000 and a runner-up prize of $50,000. In addition to the grand prize and the runner-up prize, various smaller prizes were offered throughout the game. Most of the time the prizes were given out during Power of Veto competitions or Luxury competitions.

In week one, during the Power Couple competition "Falling for You"; Jen & Parker won $10,000. [ One Heart=$10K] "CBS official site" Retrieved 2008-02-13] During the Power of Veto competition "Color of Veto" on Day 30; Adam won a motorcycle and Ryan won $10,000. [ Behind the 8-Ball] "CBS official site" Retrieved 2008-03-12] On Day 43 during a Luxury competition, Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon and Sheila won an advanced screening of the Columbia Pictures film "21". [ Double Down!] "CBS official site" Retrieved 2008-03-23] On Day 45, Chelsia won a $21,000 VIP trip to Las Vegas before the screening of the "21", in which her popcorn bucket had a golden ticket for the prize. [ Hitting the Movie Jackpot!] "CBS official site" Retrieved 2008-03-25] On Day 44, when "Big Brother 8" contestant "Evel Dick" Donato returned to the "Big Brother" House to host the Power of Veto competition "Club Evel", if a player scored more than Dick's score of 33 from last season, he or she would have also won a classic Gibson Les Paul guitar and amplifier. Since no one beat his score, Dick won the guitar for himself. [ Hitting the Movie Jackpot!] "CBS official site" Retrieved 2008-03-25] During the second Luxury competition of the season on Day 71, Ryan and Sharon won an in-house screening of the 20th Century Fox film "What Happens in Vegas...", a VIP experience that includes a shopping spree and tickets to the May 1st premiere of the film in Hollywood, and a chance to meet the cast at an after party. [ What Happens In Veagas...] "CBS official site" Retrieved 2008-04-20] . On the season finale, James won $25,000 by America's choice.


Autism United, a national autism group, is demanding an apology from CBS over controversial remarks made by HouseGuest Adam Jasinski.cite web | last = Associated Press | title = Autism group demands apology from CBS | publisher = Yahoo! News | date = 2008-02-18 | url =;_ylt=Agd89VOE9Gei8BmihuxDXzIE1vAI | accessdate = 2008-02-18 ] During the Wednesday episode, Adam stated he worked for an autism foundation and would spend his winnings on a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities "so retards can get it together and get their hair done." His partner in the House, Sheila, told him not to "call them that," to which he said he "can call them whatever I want" because he "work [s] with them all day."cite web | last = Associated Press | title = Autism Group Demands Apology From CBS | publisher = TV | date = 2008-02-18 | url = | accessdate = 2008-02-18 ] cite web | last = Associated Press | title = Autism Group Demands Apology From CBS | publisher = iWon News | date = 2008-02-18 | url = | accessdate = 2008-02-18 ] In a letter obtained by TMZ from John Gilmore, Executive Director of Autism United to Sumner Redstone, Chairman of CBS Corporation, Gilmore demanded action be taken after the Wednesday episode. Gilmore claimed that the network chose to air the segment for "their own personal goals." The organization also called for the show to be canceled and the organization has contacted advertisers over the issue.cite web | last = TMZ Staff | title = Autism Group to CBS: Fire That Retard! | publisher = | date = 2008-02-18 | url = | accessdate = 2008-02-18 ] Due to the controversy, Lowe's has decided not to advertise during future "Big Brother" episodes, but it was unclear whether or not they were currently advertising during the program. Autism United has also contacted other advertisers, such as Campbell's Soup, Claritin, Geico, McDonald's and Taco Bell.cite web | last = Hein | first= Kenneth | title = Lowe's Pulls Ads From 'Big Brother' | publisher = Adweek | date = 2008-02-22 | url = | accessdate = 2008-02-22 ] Autism United and various parents in South Florida are calling for an investigation into Adam Jasinski and the United Autism Foundation. The organization claims to be a 501 c3 charity (deductions made to the organization would be considered tax deductible under current IRS regulations.)cite web | last = Scouten | first= Ted | title = Big Brother Controversy May Lead To Investigation | publisher = WFOR-TV | date = 2008-02-22 | url = | accessdate = 2008-02-22 ] The website for United Autism Foundation has an apology regarding Adam's behavior and states he will no longer be working for the company.cite web | last = Post staff writer | title = 'BIG BROTHER' STAR FIRED FOR 'RETARD' COMMENT | publisher = New York Post | date = 2008-02-27 | url = | accessdate = 2008-04-07 ] cite web | last = Angus | first = Kat | title = Big Brother Contestant Fired From Real-Life Job | publisher = | date = 2008-02-29 | url = | accessdate = 2008-04-07 ]

After winning Big Brother 9 on April 27th 2008, Adam declared he will donate $100,000 to the Autism Foundation.

On Day 31, Matt used the word "nigga" when referring to another (white) HouseGuest. The incident in question was aired on both the live Internet feeds and the spin-off show "" on Showtime 2.cite web | last = TMZ Staff | title = "Big Brother" Keeps Churning Out the Idiots | publisher = | date = 2008-03-09 | url = | accessdate = 2008-03-09 ]

On Day 70, there was a controversial Head of Household competition where the HouseGuests were to determine if certain statements were "fact" or "fiction." Many fans of the show, including "" co-host Dick Donato, were displeased with the final "fact or fiction" statement, which dealt with how many preexisting relationships there were in the house. The correct answer was three, which counted two relationships between HouseGuests and also the relationships between the guinea pigs. Some fans considered this question unfair. Sharon missed the question, leading to her losing the HoH competition and being evicted. cite episode |title= Big Brother 9 - House Calls 4.17.08 |url= |series= House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show |serieslink= House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show|credits= Gretchen Massey|network= |airdate= 2008-04-17]

Voting history

A record of the votes cast, stored in a voting-table, shows how each HouseGuest voted to evict throughout his or her time in the House. The Head of Household and the nominees were not allowed to vote, but in the event of a tie, the Head of Household broke it. Twists to the normal nominations process are noted, such as immunity from nomination and eviction (referred to as "exempt") and double evictions. The last seven evictees of the season are expected to be part of the Jury of "Big Brother 9", who will vote for the winner during the Finale.

For the first three weeks the HouseGuests played as couples, each couple counted as one. Each pair can be identified by the color beside their name. Both Jacob and Neil do not have a specific color because Neil, who left the game, was Joshuah's original partner, and Jacob, who has been evicted, was Sharon's original partner. Each couple for the first three weeks shared Head of Household and Power of Veto wins together and were evicted together. In the event the Head of Household couple could not agree on who to nominate they would have been nominated and the runner-up couple in the competition would become the new HoH. If the Power of Veto couple could not agree on what to do with the PoV then it could not be used. If a couple could not agree on who to evict from the House that couple would instead be evicted.

*"n/a" = No information available.
*Due to NCAA Basketball on March 20, 2008, the March 19 eviction episode aired at 9:00 PM due to "" being shown at 8:00 PM.
*Due to NCAA Basketball on March 23, 2008, the March 23 nomination episode was delayed from its normal start time.
*Due to NCAA Basketball on March 30, 2008, the March 30 nomination episode was delayed from its normal start time.
*Due to Golf on April 13, 2008, the April 13 nomination episode was delayed from its normal start time.

UK television ratings

This is ratings information for the season that broadcasts in the United Kingdom on E4. Ratings below are overnight figures from [ Channel4Sales]


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