Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth

name = Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth

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director = John Blanchard
producer = Doug Blake
Harold Bronson
Kai Ephron
Richard Foos
Joel Morrish
Stephen Nemeth
Andrew Ooi
Robert Shaw
eproducer =
aproducer =
writer = Sue Bailey
Joe Nelms
starring = Tiffani Amber Thiessen
Tom Arnold
Julie Benz
Harley Cross
Majandra Delfino
Simon Rex
Danny Strong
music = Tyler Bates
cinematography = David Miller
editing = Richard LaBrie
distributor =
released = 2000
runtime = 86 min.
country = USA
awards =
language = English
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"Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth" is a film directed by John Blanchard released directly to video in 2000. Several mid- and late-1990s, teen horror movies are parodied, as are the slasher films of the 1970s and 1980s, including the "Scream" trilogy (1996-2000), "Friday the 13th" (1980), "Halloween" (1978), "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984), and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (1997) as well as other non horror films. It is often compared to "Scary Movie", a more commercially successful horror spoof from the same year. Although there are many different movies that are parodied, this film follows the guidelines of the movie "Scream" very closely.

Plot summary

When Halloween and Friday the 13th fall on the same day, a killer known simply as "The Killer" takes begins a murder spree, starting with the character Screw Frombehind. After he asks her horror movie trivia with obvious double entendres and a ridiculous chase ensues in which The Killer fumbles repeatedly, Screw runs outside and accidentally runs into a bug zapper, electrocuting and killing her. The Killer, upset that he wasn't the cause of her death, decides to smoke a cigarette, but it causes his mask to burst into flames, melting its shape from that of Jason Voorhees' mask to that of Ghostface.

The next day, Dawson Deery, who has just moved to the town, enrolls in Bulimia Falls High School, and is bullied by Slab O'Beef (Simon Rex). He is shown around the school by Bonner (nicknamed "Boner"). Boner introduces Dawson to Barbara Primesuspekt and Martina, who experiences an awkward sexual attraction toward Dawson.

The group discusses Screw's murder, and sees a news reporter named Hagitha Utslay (Tiffani Thiessen), who immediately fingers Dawson as The Killer and writes a pop-up book called "Dawson is a Murderer" that becomes a best-seller. Dawson angrily punches Hagitha out, to the delight of his new friends and the dismay of Barbara's stepbrother, mall security guard Doughy (Tom Arnold), who is investigating the murders due to the fact that The Killer's costume was stolen from the mall.

The students then begin receiving notes from The Killer, each one bearing a message telling them that he knows what they did last summer. They each flashback to a time in which they struck a deer while joyriding and dumped its body at the docks. At lunch, Boner, Slab, Barbara, and Martina suspect Dawson of being The Killer, as he is the only one who didn't get a note. However, Dawson then finds an envelope telling him that he "may already be a victim". Dawson has a flashback in which a man in a cabin forced him to put on a deer suit. When the man passed out, Dawson ran away and was run down by a group of joyriding teens (the others) and thrown into the water near the docks. The gang fails to connect these two incidents.

They all agree that the only way to escape The Killer is to hide "someplace safe", "in the middle of nowhere", "in the dark woods and pouring rain", "without any adult supervision or police protection anywhere in the vicinity". Slab proposes his house in the abandoned woods after school. As they leave, Dawson tells the group to "watch their backs" until then. As they leave the table, various signs are stuck to their backs, including a target, and one reading "I ♥ Stab Wounds".

In the next few scenes, each character is attacked by The Killer, who fails in various ways, his motion at one point being stuck in a loop due to a technical error. He also attempts to murder "The Administrator Formerly Known as the Principal", who is in his jacuzzi. The Killer attempts to murder the administrator with Sock'em boppers, but his victim is electrocuted in the jacuzzi first.

That night, the students of Bulimia Falls have a party at Slab's house, while Doughy, Hagitha, and her cameraman have a stakeout, which involves looking at the stars, playing the drums, and playing strip poker. After Martina explains the rules of surviving a horror film parody, Boner dies of a shock-induced heart attack, when the Killer is about to use a chainsaw on him. The Killer attempts to shut a garage door on Barbara, who manages to escape by removing her breast implants, but is killed after having a fatal allergic reaction, having been stung by bees.

The other kids decide to leave the party after hearing that The Administrator Formerly Known As Principal was killed and try to get to the corpse before the coroner so they can play Weekend at Bernie's with it. Slab also leaves the room and Martina begins to seduce Dawson. They then discover Slab in the bathroom, injecting steroids. His head then explodes. The Killer comes after them and a Pop-up Video/Scooby-Doo style chase scene ensues.

Martina and Dawson run back into the house, where "The Killer" catches up to them. After he is defeated by Martina, they begin unmasking him, going through multiple masks. Doughy and Hagitha, hearing the sound effect they plays as each mask is removed, go to investigate. Eventually, the serial killer is revealed to be Doughy's evil twin cousin. He is promptly killed twice: once after Hagitha is shown applying make-up, using a revolver as the mirror before the revolver goes off (shortly afterward she kills her cameraman in a similar manner); the second time is when the killer's corpse is on a stretcher, and comes to life, but Doughy simply shoots him several times, explains how bad his day has been, and states that he loves his job.

In the end Martina and Dawson get together; Boner (who survived thanks to Viagra which kept his blood pumping through the heart attack) loses his virginity (albeit to a transsexual); and a new serial killer, in the same costume, chases Marina and Dawson. He is shown calling Dawson from a pay phone, but Dawson's cell phone reception breaks off.


*Barbara Primesuspekt: She's the "dumb, slutty blonde" stereotype. At the film's end, it is revealed that she is infected with various STDs such as: Clamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Crabs (that she "blames" on Starbucks toilet seats) and that she is a lesbian. She was molested by her gym teacher. Played by Julie Benz.
**What the Killer had on Her: During her last period, she ripped the "Do not remove under penalty of law" tag off her mattress.
*Dawson Deary: The new kid and the hero. His name is an obvious reference to Dawson Leery, the major character in the television series "Dawson's Creek". His family was hacked to bits while he was at camp. Played by Harley Cross.
**What the Killer Had on Him: Last Arbor Day, he performed pornographic acts with an inbred mountain man while dressed in a deer suit and eating salt lick before getting run down by the others and dumped in the sea.
*Martina Martinez: She's the punk girl who looks like Willow from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". While the film hints that she is a lesbian, she turns out to be a witch. Played by Majandra Delfino.
**What the Killer had on Her: Last summer, she forgot to give her grandmother her laxatives.
*Slab O'Beef: He's the dumb, illiterate jock and is addicted to steroids. Played by Simon Rex.
**What the Killer Had on Him: Last Chanukah, he smoked his uncle's ashes, thinking the urn was a bong.
*Bonner "Boner": The neurotic Jewish guy that is constantly trying to lose his virginity a la "American Pie". He had a heart attack near the end after overdosing on Viagra, but his blood kept pumping. People constantly call him Boner. Played by Danny Strong.
**What the Killer Had on Him: Last semester, he forgot to mail a letter to the governor that would save his imprisoned brother from the electric chair.
*Principal Interest or The Administrator-Formerely-Known-As-Principal: He's a reference to the artist Prince. He had sex with a plastic doll. Played by Coolio.
*Screw Frombehind: She is a very popular student. She is the first to be killed, dying in the first 4 minutes of the film. Played by Aimee Graham.
*Hagitha 'Hag' Utslay: Hagitha is a TV anchorwoman from "EMP-TV" and wrote the book "Dawson is a Killer", which wrongfully describes Dawson as killing kids at his camp in the form of a pop-up book. She goes through multiple camermen since they're all killed in the background by the Killer, or by her. Her last name, Utslay, is Pig Latin for slut. Played by Tiffani Thiessen.
*Deputy Doughy Primesuspekt: The bungling deputy. He's made fun of most of the time and given such names as Captain Caldors, Sergeant Sears, NYKiddy Gap, and Food Court Police. Played by Tom Arnold.
*Harding: Doughy's "evil twin cousin". He was revealed to be the Killer. He drew a mustache on his face to distinguish himself from Doughy. Played by Tom Arnold.
*Nurse Kevorkian: She's the "School Nurse/Funeral Director" and likes to hand out old suitcases as "Safe Sex" kits. She tells long stories about her own sexual history which has been described as a "dirty, filthy spank-fest in a bus station restroom shared by two anonymous consenting adults on a layover in Detroit and no one ever need know!" Played by Shirley Jones.
*Mrs. Tingle: A substitute teacher who delivers lectures tying the Holocaust with Frankenstein. The entire class seems to hate her so much that they all attempt to snipe her. The name is clearly a direct parody on the titular teacher in the film "Teaching Mrs. Tingle". Played by Rose Marie.
*Mr. Lowelle: A sex-education teacher who refuses to teach Southern Baptists and who makes comments on sex videos like "who does your wallpaper, Mussolini?" Played by David Herman.

The rules

At the climactic party scene, Martina breaks the fourth wall by explaining that they are in a parody situation. Much like in the "Scream" trilogy, she begins to explain the rules of a parody situation. Those rules are:
*1. Exaggerate everything.
*2. Accept that the ridiculous is logical.
*3. Sexual sight gags are always funny (especially with wacky sound effects)
*4. Unlimited absurdity
*5. Nothing is sacred (At this point, "The Killer" knocks down a cross off the headboard, killing a drunk girl who is passed out on the bed.)
*6. Point out the obvious
*7. Perpetuate painful stereotypes.
*8. You can't have a successful parody without mocking contrived, confusing endings.


*Scream - The Killer in the film is identical to Ghostface as well as numerous scenes from it and references to the series.
*I Know What You Did Last Summer - The gang all receive notes and have flashbacks relating to the main plot line of the film. Also, Julie Benz parodies Sarah Michelle Gellar's character from the film.
* Halloween - The film is set over the course of Halloween, which is an obvious reference to the film and its setting.
*Friday the 13th series - The beginning of the movie features the Killer wearing Jason Voorhees' trademark hockey mask (which becomes the Ghostface mask after the killer lights a cigarette, which catches on fire, causing the hockey mask to "melt"). The pool part is similar to Jason's Crystal Lake home.
*Deliverance - The banjo music playing while Barbara Primesuspekt is in the garage door is similar to "Dueling Banjos."
*Mötley Crüe - The Pam and Tommy sextape is called "Motley Screw".
* - The scene where the Killer tries to kill a student with dental floss is similar to the scene where Angela kills Demi with a guitar string in the second Sleepaway Camp film.
*There's Something About Mary - At one point, a girl walks by with her hair sticking up like Cameron Diaz in that movie.
*Baywatch - When Bonner is in swimming class, two lifeguards attempt to save him from drowning in a "Baywatch style". Also, the swim teacher is named Mr. Hasselhof.
*Dawson's Creek - The character Dawson, who has sex with his teacher, is taken from the show.
*Home Alone - The killer slides down the stairways using a sledge. A simillar scene is seen in the film Home Alone.
*A Nightmare on Elm Street - The group mention running away and hiding in a boiler room, similar to the one in which Freddy Krueger was killed. Also, girls are seen in the school hallways with nails similar to the razors on Freddy Krueger's gloves.
*Child's Play - A student in the film named "Chucky" resembles the doll from the film.
*A Streetcar Named Desire - During the sex-ed class the teacher uses puppets and quotes the film with "I always rely on the kindness of strangers."
* - Dawson uses The Killer's voice altering fan to sound like Darth Vader and say "Luke, I am your father".
*The Phantom of the Opera - A guy and later the Killer play an organ like the Phantom.
*Batman - In one scene, "The Administrator Formerly Known As Principal" gets hit with things causing sounds and sound effects are spelled out on screen like in the Batman TV series.
*Teaching Mrs. Tingle - A teacher in the film has the same name as that of Helen Mirren's character.
*Satan's School for Girls - In the first scene with Julie Benz, she mentions something about witches and Shannen Doherty. This is a reference to the movie "Satan's School For Girls" that starred both Shannen and Julie.
*Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Moesha, Daria - "Mrs. Tingle" calls on random female students sharing the names of popular fictional teen females of the late-1990's.
*Pure Luck - After Barbara is stung by bees, her face swells up like Eugene Proctor's (Martin Short) face after being stung.
*Pretty in Pink - The song "Pretty in Pink" performed by the Grown-Ups.
* - The jack-o-lantern mask that is pulled off the Killer at the end is similar to those in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
*Grease - Slab does the "Greased Lightning" dance.
*The Omen - The scene where the Killer, after Bonner dies from a heart attack, kicks the bed and a church cross hits the girls head parodies the scene in The Omen where a flash of lightning hits a church cross and the cross falls on the priest.
*Ferris Bueller's Day Off - When one of the teachers asks for a volunteer to fuel the projecter, he repeats "Fueller, Fueller", in a monotone voice. This is a reference to the scene in Ferris Bueller in which a teacher also repeats, in a monotone voice, "Bueller? Bueller?"
*Mentos commercials - When the Killer attacks Barbara in the bathroom, she takes a Mentos and a song similar to the Mentos theme tune is played.
*Pop-up Video - Towards the end of the film, "Chop-up Video" is featured, with pop-up "facts" about the film displayed on screen.
*Chariots of Fire - When Martina and the killer are racing on the field the announcer says "And Martina is in the lead; no the Killer is in the lead". At a certain point, even the theme song of this movie can be heard.
*American Pie - Bonner makes a pact to lose his virginity much like the teens in "American Pie" did.
*The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - The scene where Bonner tries to seduce a girl but is threatened by the Killer with a chainsaw before dying of a heart attack, is similar to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Also when the killer is unmasked, it turns out he has about 120 more masks under the Ghostface one. Among those masks is Leatherface's mask.
*Hannibal Lecter - One of the masks that is pulled off the Killer when he's unmasked is Lecter's famous mouth mask.
*Reservoir Dogs - When all the main students are walking together in slow motion (it turns out they walk slow since every one in the background walks normally) the song Little Green Bag plays on the background, exactly like in the iconic "hero walk" scene of Reservoir Dogs.
*Charmed - Barbara calls out "Charmed my ass", to a girl named Shannon Doherty. Shannen Doherty stars as the witch Prue Halliwell in the series Charmed.
*The Blair Witch Project- When Hagitha and her filmer Kenny are running from the Killer, Kenny is killed and Hagitha gives an apology speak similar to Heather's speech in the movie. The only difference is Hagitha has mucus bubbles blowing out her nose.

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