On Leong Chinese Merchants Association

On Leong Chinese Merchants Association
The Chicago landmark On Leong Merchants Association Building, now Pui Tak Center.

The On Leong Chinese Merchants Association (Chinese: 安良工商會; pinyin: Ānliáng Gōngshāng Huì) or simply Chinese Merchants Association, formerly known as the On Leong Tong (Chinese: 安良堂; pinyin: Ānliáng Táng), was a tong society operating out of its territory in Mott Street in New York's Chinatown. Established in November, 1893, the tong fought a violent war for control of Chinatown's rackets and businesses with the Hip Sing Tong. In recent years the Tong has been linked to the Ghost Shadows street gang led by Wing Yeung Chan. Currently, there are over 30,000 registered On Leong members, the majority of them with a commercial or industrial background.[1]



On Leong Chinese Merchants Association building in Baltimore

The On Leong Chinese Merchants Association has 23 branches in the United States including in:


Further reading

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