List of Rosario + Vampire characters

List of Rosario + Vampire characters
The main cast of Rosario + Vampire. From front to back: Tsukune Aono (front row); Mizore Shirayuki, Yukari Sendo, Moka Akashiya (Outer (Pink Hair) and Inner (White Hair)), and Kurumu Kurono (middle row); Ginei Morioka, Kokoa Shuzen, and Ruby Tojo (back row).

The Japanese manga and anime series Rosario + Vampire features an extensive cast of characters by Akihisa Ikeda. The main character of the series is Tsukune Aono, a boy who mistakenly gets enrolled to Yokai Academy, a special school unknown to humans that teach various monsters to coexist with humans. He later meets and befriends Moka Akashiya, a vampire who soon takes a liking to the sweet taste of his blood, and throughout the series, befriends other girls who take an instant liking to him for various reasons: Kurumu Kurono, a succubus, Yukari Sendo, a witch, Ruby Tojo, another witch, and Mizore Shirayuki, a yuki-onna. The main characters are members of the school's newspaper club, the Yokai Times, run by Ginei Morioka.


Main characters (Newspaper Club)

Tsukune Aono

Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)[1]

Tsukune Aono (青野 月音 Aono Tsukune?) is the male protagonist of the series who is mistakenly enrolled in Yokai Academy. He almost immediately meets Moka Akashiya, a vampire who takes an interest in him due to the sweet taste of his blood (a running gag in the series involves her catching Tsukune off-guard and biting him on the neck). Fearful for his life and ready to leave the school, it is only his affection for Moka that gets him to continue attending Yokai Academy. Though he has no special powers of his own, he constantly risks his life to protect his friends. Later on, he acquires vampiric abilities, then ghoul-based powers (the latter of which puts his humanity in jeopardy), allowing him to fight toe-to-toe with almost any supernatural foe.

Though ordinary and often cowardly in the beginning, Tsukune's willingness to protect his friends without second thought earns him many new companions and the affection of the girls surrounding him. He is both gentle and understanding, and displays great courage when his friends are threatened. Later in the series, Tsukune is infused with Moka's blood and starts to undergo changes, such as gaining vampire fighting skills when he or one of his friends is threatened. At first, Moka feels responsible for this, but Tsukune says that he doesn't blame her for his transformation.

Moka Akashiya

Voiced by: Nana Mizuki (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (Outer), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Inner) (English)[1]

Moka Akashiya (赤夜 萌香 Akashiya Moka?) is the first person Tsukune meets when he sets foot in Yokai Academy. Exceptionally sweet and kind, Moka is a vampire, and takes a liking to Tsukune after ingesting his blood, becoming addicted in doing so. When the rosario around her neck is removed, the seal keeping her true nature is released. Cold and arrogant, "Inner" Moka is a completely different entity from the kind and loving "Outer" Moka, going so far as to specifically remind Tsukune to "be kind to the other Moka". Tsukune is the only one able to remove the rosario around Moka's neck. It was later revealed in the second serialization that Inner Moka is the real Moka, and the Outer Moka that mutually loves Tsukune is a fake personality.[2]

Revealed in an omake, she loves tomato juice, but prefers Tsukune's blood.[3] Her given name is perhaps a pun on the word "mocha", as well as reflecting her split personalities, as mocha is a combination of coffee (representing Inner Moka) and cocoa (representing Outer Moka, as well as being the namesake of her half-sister). Her family name is also perhaps a pun referring to Akasha, the Vampire Queen in Anne Rice's novel series The Vampire Chronicles (as well as being the namesake of her mother).

Kurumu Kurono

Voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)[1]

Kurumu Kurono (黒乃 胡夢 Kurono Kurumu?) is a busty succubus attending Yokai Academy. Her outfit consists of a tight-fitting yellow sweater-vest with a red bowtie over a long-sleeved dress shirt and baggy socks (though she switches to a short-sleeved version of her outfit with a red ribbon tied in a bow from the Witch's Knoll arc onwards). She was initially a rival to Moka, being jealous of her popularity surpassing her own, and attempted to seduce Tsukune and the male student body to find her "Mate of Fate", as her kind is near the brink of extinction. After she was badly beaten during a fight with Inner Moka, Tsukune persuades Inner Moka to spare her, and as a result, Kurumu not only became friends with the pair, but also becomes infatuated with Tsukune, and makes a decision that he will be her "Mate of Fate".

A running gag in both series is when she uses her characteristically large breasts (said to be a G-cup according to her in an omake[4]) to seduce Tsukune, which, more often than not, makes his nose bleed and causes him to suffocate. She also attempts to use baked sweets laced with love potions to secure his affections, though they never seem to reach him. Ironically, Kurumu has a serious weakness for sweets as revealed in an omake, where she once ate poisoned cookies she made and planned to give to Moka.[5] Kurumu's mother is Ageha Kurono, who appears during the start of the school festival under the belief that Tsukune is her daughter's fiancée. Mizore's nickname for Kurumu is "Bazooka Girl", and Kokoa refers to her as "Twin Peaks".

Throughout the series, it is clear that she possesses true and honest feelings for Tsukune, as she has been shown to be willing to risk her life for him numerous times. As mentioned by Kokoa in the second serialization, Kurumu is "pure of heart" compared to other succubi as she doesn't use her techniques to try to make Tsukune fall in love with her. Kurumu has also shown to be a kind and soft-hearted girl who loves her rivals for Tsukune's love like sisters, tenderly comforting and supporting them in their moments of sadness as well as defending them when they are in danger. This kind-hearted character-trait is downplayed in the anime in favor of a more typical "flirt" character, although the kind-heartedness is still present, and in reality, she is actually an innocent character. Her catchphrases throughout the anime series are "Yahoo-hoo!" and "Bow-wow!", and always somehow manages to interfere with any tender moment between Tsukune and Moka, often by appearing when least expected.

As a succubus, Kurumu possesses the power of "Charm" (called "Allure" in her introductory chapter), which she can use to hypnotize males. According to legend, if a succubus kisses a male while he is still allured, he will become her permanent slave.[6] In her true form, she sports a pair of bat wings, a tail, razor-sharp nails, and pointed ears, and has notable feats of superhuman strength (seen when carrying people during flight and slicing trees in half). Later on, Kurumu displays further powers employing the use of strong illusions, once doing so to wrap vines around a slug yōkai who was blackmailing to take pin-up pictures of her.[7] Despite being sealed, Inner Moka was stunned that Kurumu displayed such power, as the power of illusions is usually displayed by higher-ranked succubi.[8]

In the second manga serialization, she is learning basic witchcraft to help with the strength of her illusions along with Mizore, and was trained by Ginei during the summer break in hand-to-hand combat in an effort for the two to become strong enough to overcome Inner Moka in a fight.[9] As a result, she and Mizore also have a joint attack called the "Black and White" duet.[10] Some further abilities Kurumu later employed in the second serialization is the ability to enter the dreams of other people via her tail (though she claims she never used this ability), as with the case with Inner Moka,[11] but prolonged use of the ability will wear her body out.[12] It is later revealed in Chapter 40 that succubi gain their power from their loved ones, and a succubus who is not loved will eventually die (which explains why Kurumu's body feels weakened due to thinking that Tsukune will choose Moka over her).[13] So in an attempt to save her life as well as Tsukune's (while out of control in his demonic form), she kisses him while confessing her love to him in the following chapter.[14]

Ginei Morioka

Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)

Ginei Morioka (森丘 銀影 Morioka Gin'ei?), nicknamed "Gin" (?) for short, is a werewolf and the president of the Newspaper Club who speaks in an Osakan dialect. He is a second (later third)-year student at Yokai Academy and a shameless peeping tom who initially began as an antagonist to Tsukune, but becomes somewhat of a senior to him and his friends. Though he ceases his schemes (so other students will stop calling him a pervert, though he remains unchanged in the anime), his affections lie with Moka. He has no second thoughts about trying to impress other girls. While working in the club, he tends to leave all the work to his subordinates, including the distribution of the paper. Ginei has proven himself to be a loyal friend and has provided the group with helpful information, often acting as the pervert. In his first year at Yokai Academy, all he did was fight. Because of this, he was known as "Mad Dog" Morioka until San put him in his place by being his opponent.[15]

As a werewolf, when a full moon shines brightly, his abilities are heightened to the point where his speed exceeds even Moka in her super-vampire state. He is also the first enemy that Inner Moka hasn't outright beaten in a fight; in fact, that only reason he lost at all was simply because the moon was covered by clouds just as he was about to attack (mainly for comedic effect).[16] While werewolves in general are stated to have their power wax and wane with the lunar cycle, it is unknown if all werewolves receive this much of an increase. Regardless, Ginei is still exceptionally fast, even when the moon is not full, being able to land dozens of blows in a singe pass against Kuyo.[17] Although he is widely regarded as one of the strongest top-tier yōkai at the school by the other students, he doesn't really care about it, preferring to keep out of the limelight.

In the second manga serialization, it is revealed he was Kurumu and Mizore's sparring instructor, groping them at every session which upsets them to no end.[9] When he was framed for ripping clothes at school, he took the blame in order to prevent another student from getting in trouble, and purposely insulted her so she could move on.[9] He is also good friends with San Otonashi, the original Newspaper Club president, and is shown to have feelings for her. He also has a past with Haiji Miyamoto, the Karate Club's leader, and is currently facing off with Fairy Tale, eventually beating the entire 7th Branch with Haiji's aid. He arrives in China right after Moka is taken into Fairy Tale by her eldest sister. When Kurumu begins to feel like she's dying (due to her Succubus nature), Gin tries to console her, but is unsuccessful.

Yukari Sendo

Voiced by: Kimiko Koyama (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)[1]

Yukari Sendo (仙童 紫 Sendō Yukari?) is the smartest student at Yokai Academy, and the youngest at age 11 (later 12). She is a witch who dons a typical witch costume (consisting of a hat and cape), which is considered by some students to be a violation of the school rules, and frequently ends her sentences with desu (ですぅ?), which roughly translates to "it is". However, it can also have the effect of raising the politeness of one's speech. As a witch, she has problems with her classmates discriminating against her (according to Kurumu, witches are viewed as "Beings of the Borderline", those that are something between humans and the supernatural, as it is impossible to tell their difference by appearance alone[18]). Despite ranking #1 on the examinations, she was a lonely prankster before meeting Tsukune and Moka. She initially hated Tsukune, claiming that she has fallen in love with Moka, and uses her magical powers to try to drive them apart. However, after both Tsukune and Moka save her from bullying classmates, she falls for him too, and her obsession with both has driven her to try to create a three-way relationship between them. Despite her genius IQ, Yukari is very childish in nature, and is often indecisive on whether or not she either loves Tsukune or Moka more than the other. Though it seems that despite her young age, Yukari might be bisexual, as she still has interest in Tsukune as well as Moka. This action was displayed in an omake when Kurumu asks Yukari a similar question to which Yukari answers both, only for her to choose Moka.[19] She often clashes with Kurumu, often teasing her about her large breasts, but they often team up on some occasions, such as the case in the Witch's Knoll arc, and are in reality friendly rivals. In the anime, she is the only girl of the group to actually kiss Tsukune.[20]

As a witch, Yukari can cast various spells through her heart-shaped magic wand, her motif usually revolving around tarot cards and washtubs. She can also use her wand to manipulate various objects and use them as weapons, as with the case where she uses brooms to drive away Tsukune in her introductory chapter.[21] A running gag throughout the series is where she often drops a washtub on someone who is annoying, usually Kurumu or Mizore (and Gin on rare occasions). Yukari is quite powerful as a witch and has great potential given the right motivation, one instance is when she defeats an army of monster plants by herself during the Witch's Knoll arc.[22] Yukari has, on occasion, developed some bizarre items, such as the Gro-Gro Drops for Kokoa, often leading to hilarious results or farfetched situations. Her parents, both highly skilled and adept in magic, appear during the start of the school festival seen in the anime adaptation, when they repair the torn-up academy.

Ruby Tojo

Voiced by: Saeko Chiba (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)

Ruby Tojo (橙条 瑠妃 Tōjō Rubi?) is a witch from the human world who was part of a plot to destroy mankind as a response to a large garbage dump polluting her mistress' sanctuary. Her hate for humans stems from a car accident caused by a human drunk driver that took her parents' lives while the family was vacationing in the human world.[23] Upon remembering the kind of love her parents had given her, she attempts to persuade her mistress to call off her plan but to no avail, as her mistress was bent on destroying the human world. She recuperated at Yokai Academy after her mistress is defeated and put to rest, and reappears when Tsukune becomes out of control as a ghoul, aiding Mikogami in sealing his abilities. She now resides at Yokai Academy as Mikogami's aide, and continues to work for him in the second manga serialization. Despite not being an official student, she receives permission to become a member of the Newspaper Club as its assistant advisor (though she prefers to take orders). Exclusively in the anime, a running gag involves her randomly switching positions to help the school. When asked why, she states "many many things" have happened, though it is believed these are orders from Mikogami as a debt of gratitude for providing her with a new magic wand. Her original outfit in the Witch's Knoll arc consists of a black sleeveless top with an exposed midriff and a long orange skirt, though she later switches to a gothic lolita outfit after she fully recovers from her injuries.

It is later revealed in an omake that the reason why Ruby works under Mikogami is because of her infatuation with Tsukune, and by working at the academy, she could be near him.[volume & issue needed] The anime omits the presence of her master or the inclusion of her parents, drastically changing the events surrounding her, including the reasons behind her return. Most of Ruby's magic revolves around a motif of ravens and flora, both as familiars and alternate forms for her to take, such as the ability to grow six raven wings on her back that allow her to fly. Ruby can use these wings as an offensive weapon using its razor-sharp feathers, and can restrain her opponents with them as well, such as the case when she restrains Inner Moka just when the latter was about to kill Tsukune when he becomes out of control as a ghoul.[24] Apparently, Ruby has shown that she is a masochist and the biggest pervert of them all during a training exercise for Tsukune to control his ghoul powers,[25] even admitting to Tsukune a desire to be his "toy".[26]

Mizore Shirayuki

Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Tia Ballard (English)[1]

Mizore Shirayuki (白雪 みぞれ Shirayuki Mizore?) is a Yuki-onna ("Abominable Snowgirl" or "Snow Fairy" in the English manga, primarily the latter) who is in the same homeroom class as Tsukune and Moka, frequently seen with a lollipop in her mouth (Yuki-onna are vulnerable to warm climates; doing so keeps their bodies cool). Her outfit consists of a white wide-necked sweater with blue sleeves over a black tank top, a short plaid yellow skirt which is part of the Yokai Academy's girls' uniform, pink and violet stockings (her right stocking slightly longer than her left), and a belt that is wrapped around her left thigh. Mizore returns to school after a delayed absence and was first portrayed as a lonely, somewhat depressed, and misunderstood girl. She becomes infatuated with Tsukune, going so far as to create her own journal/scrapbook with all of his newspaper articles. In the past, she confessed her love to a teacher until he began taking advantage of her, freezing him as a result.[27] With the incident and rumors spreading about her, Mizore made it hard for herself to trust anyone, but took a liking to Tsukune, believing he was just as miserable as she was. She eventually regains her sense of trust after Tsukune intervenes when the same teacher returns to kill her. Unfortunately, this leads Mizore to stalk Tsukune on a daily basis (from around 340 spying locations, according to her[volume & issue needed]). She initially sports long hair in her debut appearances, but cuts it short after the incident was cleared. Later in the second serialization, Mizore decides that even if Tsukune doesn't fall in love with her, she will follow him forever.

A running gag in the series is that Mizore always appears unexpectedly in the oddest locations (under tables, behind doors, the ceiling, bushes, and even in the bathroom), and freezes any girl to disrupt any sort of tender moment Tsukune is having with the latter. Mizore's mother is Tsurara Shirayuki, who appears during the start of the school festival under the belief that Tsukune is her daughter's boyfriend, while her unnamed father appears in the second anime adaptation. Her family name translates to "Snow White" and her given name translates to "Sleet", in reference to her yōkai species. Kurumu's nickname for Mizore is "Stalker Girl", which is used more frequently in the anime.

Keeping in line with her kind, Mizore has the ability to control snow and ice at will, and while doing so, shapes claws of ice around her hands (her hair becomes ice on rare occasions). She can also make almost perfect copies (if a bit fragile) of herself and others with it as well, each capable of independent thought. She is also very sensitive to flames, a common weakness for ice-affiliated creatures, which was shown in one episode of the anime when she got her hand burned while preparing curry, freezing the dish on instinct as a result.[28] In the second manga serialization, she along with Kurumu were trained by Ginei in hand-to-hand combat during the summer break in an effort for the two to become strong enough to overcome Inner Moka in a fight. As a result of their training, they have joint attacks such as the "Black and White" duet.[10] Her ice claws also have become more powerful after her training with Gin, and she now has the ability to freeze any body of water around her.

Kokoa Shuzen

Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō (Japanese), Trina Nishimura (English)

Kokoa Shuzen (朱染 心愛 Shuzen Kokoa?, English manga: "Koko") (pronounced Ko-ko-ah) is the younger half-sister of Moka Akashiya. Bearing a similar appearance to Moka with her green eyes, except for her orange hair and her "uncool" vampire attitude, she arrives as a first-year student at Yokai Academy during the second serialization and anime adaptation. Like her sister, Kokoa is also a vampire, but her powers are not sealed and does not carry the same level of supernatural strength that Moka possesses. To compensate for it, she has a pet bat named Kou that can transform into a variety of weapons and wields it with enough strength to make herself formidable.

Kokoa despises Moka for sealing away her inner personality, whom she adores and loves. Before Moka left to study at the academy and prior to her receiving the rosario, the sisters often clashed with one another, although Kokoa could never defeat Moka in a duel.[29] She constantly attacks Moka, in hopes of drawing out the "Inner Moka", and feels angry that Tsukune has the ability to unlock Moka's true nature and begrudgingly accepts the presence of her sealed sister; though this softens to simply accepting both Mokas as her sister. Unlike Moka, Kokoa harbors a deep-seated fear of their older sister Kalua Shuzen. Known as the kindest amongst their family, Kalua continuously babies Kokoa and has a "smile of an angel", something Kokoa is frightened of as she is somewhat insane.[30] Also, in the final episode of Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Kokoa has started to have feelings for Tsukune when he was getting beaten up by her father and gradually accepts him as a friend.[31] In the manga, it appears that she is starting to be attracted to him, as she is shown to have similar reactions with the other girls when Tsukune starts training with Ruby and when he beats up the Yakuza that kidnapped Moka and San and saves them.[32] As a parallel to her sisters, Kokoa's name may be an intended pun on the word "cocoa".

Fang-Fang Huang

Fang-Fang Huang (黄 芳芳 Won Fanfan?) is an effiminate first-year student who first appears in Chapter 23 of the second serialization. Fang-Fang is a Chinese yōkai whose father is the leader of a major Triad organization, and entered Yokai Academy to recruit powerful subordinates. He is a Yasha, and can summon other monsters to fight on his behalf, though only one can be summoned at a time and a major drawback to it is that they are summoned at random. He is occasionally accompanied by a giant panda, which he claims is his servant. Fang-Fang is particularly interested in recruiting Tsukune, having heard of his taking out a human Yakuza group and mistakenly believing that he, not Gin and Haji, was responsible for destroying Fairy Tale's 7th Branch. When he first asked Tsukune to join, he accidentally painted himself as a homosexual. He has often had nosebleeds from the girls, suggesting he is not homosexual, but he may have a crush on Tsukune. [26] After witnessing Inner Moka's power, he decides that Tsukune and Moka are an "invincible partnership" (also assuming without basis that Inner Moka is Tsukune's wife), and wishes to recruit them both. Recently, he knows of Moka's rosario when he heard a "creak" from the seal.[33] In Chapter 28, he leaps for joy as he has friends over to his house for the first time. He later becomes more of a regular character as the series progresses, often serving as comic relief. He often shown to be insecure in the fact he is inferior to Gin, something the rest of the cast constantly remind him.

Yokai Academy

Staff and Alumni

Bus Driver (バスの運転手さん Basu no Untenju-san?)
Voiced by: Chō (drama CD), Norihiro Inoue (anime) (Japanese), Chuck Huber (English)
A mysterious, unnamed bus driver smoking a cigar who seems to know more than he reveals and constantly shows up to offer advice to Tsukune. He is the one who requests Mikogami to help keep Tsukune's ghoulish nature at bay.[34] It is unknown if the bus driver is human or a yōkai, but he does have an extensive knowledge in the supernatural, having identified the Lilith Mirror as the cause of the uproar during the school festival.[35] He happens to know Mikogami, one of the three Dark Lords, personally, and has the same creepy glowing orb eyes as the latter. He also knows that Tsukune is a human, and it can be assumed that he himself is a powerful monster.
Shizuka Nekonome (猫目 静 Nekonome Shizuka?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)
Shizuka Nekonome is a catgirl and Tsukune and Moka's homeroom teacher. She is also the advisor for the Newspaper Club. Nekonome is rather carefree in her attitude and somewhat oblivious to certain things. The manga reveals she likes to eat raw fish, but specifically, as shown in an omake, goldfish.[36] A running gag in the anime is when she is reminded by one of her students about her tail showing, which would always embarrass her. Her animated counterpart does not seem to show any hatred towards humans, unlike the rest of the teachers in the school. This is particularly shown prior to Tsukune's execution incident, when she worries about his fate and argues how the school was built to promote human relationships with yōkai and vice versa.[37] She is also said to own a villa in the human world. Despite her physical appearance being in her early thirties, she claims in the second serialization that her real age is 17 (This matches a running gag of her Japanese voice actress, who has been "17" for over 20 years.[38]).[39]
Nekonome's surname is phonetically similar to the Japanese phrase for cat's eye (猫の目 Neko no me?), in reference to her squinty eyes.
Hitomi Ishigami (石神 ひとみ Ishigami Hitomi?)
Ishigami is the art teacher at Yokai Academy and is the ultimate antagonist of the first season, revealing herself as the driving force behind the Safety Commission. She is the legendary gorgon Medusa with her braided hair standing in for the snakes of a gorgon. Her bite can instantly turn its victim into stone, but she lacks to ability to turn people into stone with a gaze. Ishigami has a desire to turn any attractive female student into stone to add her to collection of living art, but is stopped by Tsukune and Moka, resulting in her immediate sacking from the faculty. Ishigami later returns during the Protection Committee arc, secretly informing them of Tsukune's human nature as well as in an attempt of having her revenge, but immediately leaves the scene after Kuyo's defeat.[40]
In the final chapters of the first series, Ishigami reveals it was she who gave Kyoko, Tsukune's cousin, the Lilith Mirror with the intention of stealing his soul and the added bonus of releasing all the students into their monster forms through the powers of the artifact in order to create an uproar that will destroy the school, stating how death and destruction is the purest form of art.[35] Ishigami is defeated a second time and arrested. She also appears in Rosario + Vampire: Tanabata's Miss Yokai Academy as the final boss of the game.
Ririko Kagome (籠女 李々子 Kagome Ririko?)
Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa
Ririko Kagome is a bespectacled math teacher at Yokai Academy and a lamia appearing in chapter 12 of the first serialization. Seemingly innocent and deeply concerned for her students' grades, she offers private lessons to anyone willing, though at a price (according to Kurumu, Ririko tends to go overboard with her tutoring, and envies her for her large breasts[41]). As such, she uses her abilities to drain her students' emotions in exchange for knowledge, which is done through a flower-like appendage on her tail. Ririko is only lascivious to males; any girls that need lessons are made to dress up in maid outfits and serve her tea.[volume & issue needed] She also seems to have a fetish for S&M outfits, claiming that it makes students "work harder".[42]
In both the manga and anime series, Ririko tries to enslave Tsukune when he is forced to have tutoring by her in order to correct his failing grades in math, and believes that Moka is in the way of his studies. But when Moka attempts to rescue him, Tsukune snaps out of Ririko's control long enough to remove Moka's rosario, leading to her defeat by Moka's vampire form (she was given a two-week suspension according to Tsukune[43]). She reappears later in chapter 19, apparently not holding a grudge, to warn Tsukune and Moka about Okuto Kotsubo. While she no longer bears a grudge against Moka in the manga, her grudge against her remains in the anime, shown when she attempted to take Moka hostage only to be stopped by Nekonome in a catwoman costume.[44] Also, her anime incarnation is slightly more perverse than her manga counterpart. It is important to note that unlike other antagonists, she is not inherently evil, but rather very passionate about the education of the academy's students as well as the status between teachers and students.
Okuto Kotsubo (小壷 奥人 Kotsubo Okuto?)
Voiced by: Yasuyuki Kase
The physical education teacher at Yokai Academy and a kraken. He is also a much worse pervert than Gin, as he goes after the female students. Mizore once confessed to Kotsubo that she liked him and he tried to take advantage of her, resulting in the latter freezing him. When he returns, Kotsubo effortlessly attempts to pin the injuries of two students on Mizore to have her expelled and tries to kill her when the plan failed. With the help of Moka's blood infusion and the borrowed vampire power, Tsukune soundly defeats him and exposes the truth to the whole school.
Yutaka Yuji (由地 豊 Yuji Yutaka?)
The doctor at Yokai Academy's hospital. He was briefly put under control of Mako's hypnotic fluid, and attempted to inject Moka with the same fluid until he was quickly subdued when the latter smashed a flower vase on his head.
Mayumi Tsumugi (紡 繭美 Tsumugi Mayumi?)
The school's nurse and a mummy who appears in chapter 26 of the first serialization when Moka is taken to her office after fainting from a lack of blood consumption.
Tenmei Mikogami (御子神 典明 Mikogami Tenmei?)
Voiced by: Masaharu Sato
Mikogami is a mysterious exorcist who is an old friend of the bus driver (and having the same creepy eyes as the latter) and the headmaster of Yokai Academy. He is always seen hooded beneath his garments and possesses extremely strong, anti-demonic powers, having the ability to seal Tsukune's ghoul nature using a "Holy Lock".[45] He also has enough magic to create other dimensions sucha as the paradise he created for unstable and endangered beast-monsters.
Mikogami is, in fact, one of the Three Dark Lords (三大冥王 Sandai MeiŌ?, English manga: "Hell Kings"), the founders of Yokai Academy, and the ones who placed a barrier separating the human world from the supernatural world.[volume & issue needed] He carries the Rosary of Judgement, which is used to make barriers, and is also aware Tsukune is human, but allowed him to stay at the academy in exchange for helping force out Hokuto, the Anti-Schoolers' leader. He seems to also be immortal (or at least in possession of very strong regenerative abilities), having been severely wounded (impaled in the back by the leader of the Anti-Schoolers) but recovering after. He is also very dedicated to the cause of coexestence as he begs Tsukune to stop Hokuto from starting a slaughter between humans and monsters. Though a powerful Dark Lord, Mikogami's magic is weak in comparisson with his fellow Dark Lord that taught him his spells.
Hyakushiki (百式?)
A centipede monster and an alumnus of Yokai Academy who appeared in chapter 27 of the first serialization. He was ordered by Mikogami to kill Tsukune in order to test his vampiric abilities, which succeeded after he was quickly dispatched when he held Moka hostage. Unlike the other monsters that graduated, Hyakushiki loves to eat humans, but is forced to keep his hunger at bay no matter how crazed he gets.
Tsurara Shirayuki (白雪 つらら Shirayuki Tsurara?)
Voiced by: Yuko Minaguchi (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Tsurara is Mizore's mother. Like her daughter, she is very shy and serene, including the tendency to hide behind corners and having a lollipop in her mouth. She comes to the Academy's festival under the belief from her daughter's stories that Tsukune is Mizore's boyfriend, and has a bad habit of making sharp ice spears whenever she gets emotional. Tsurara is also an avid gun otaku with a wide variety of handguns and rifles stored in her home, once dreaming of becoming a spy.[46] She hopes Tsukune will marry Mizore and give her grandchildren, but this hope has been put to an end by her daughter late in the second serialization. Tsurara tried to force Tsukune to do so when he and the rest of the Newspaper Club arrived in the Land of the Snow Faries, but was stopped (ironically) by Mizore tossing an ice dagger into her head. She hopes Mizore will win Tsukune over and give her grandchildren, but as of late in the second serialization, her dreams have been unknowingly smashed as Mizore resolved to simply stalk Tsukune.
Exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Tsurara and Ageha hold a long grudge against one another, being rivals for the affection of a student during their days as students at Yokai Academy.[47] She also runs a ski resort in the human world.[48]
Ageha Kurono (黒乃 アゲハ Kurono Ageha?)
Voiced by: Chieko Honda (Japanese), Stephanie Young (English)
Ageha is Kurumu's mother who appears during the start of the school festival under the belief that Tsukune is her daughter's fiancé, going so far as to allow him to "jump" her daughter anytime he wants. She also sports large breasts like her daughter, and according to Tsukune, her breasts are softer than Kurumu's.[volume & issue needed] Exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Ageha and Tsurara hold a long grudge against one another, being rivals for the affection of a student during their days as students at Yokai Academy.[47] She also fights her daughter in the final episode when Tsukune heads to Issa's castle to retrieve a new rosario for Moka after she uses her own to restore the barrier. Later in the second serialzation, Kurumu reveals Ageha had told her that Succubi must be loved or they will eventually die.
Fujiko Sendo (仙童 不二子 Sendō Fujiko?)
Yukari's mother who appears in chapter 24 of the second serialization alongside Tsurara and Ageha to aid their daughters in an athletic carnival. She had a short appearance in the first series at the school festival. Because Fujiko does not have any lines of speech in the manga, the anime renders her as indefinitely mute, only using a wide array of expressions to communicate.
Taminori Sendo (仙童 珠範 Sendō Taminori?)
Yukari's father and Fujiko's husband. He was also not given dialouge in the manga, but was not dipicted as mute. Rather, he remained silent.
San Otonashi (音無 燦 Otonashi San?)
San is a graduate of Yokai Academy and the former president of the Newspaper Club who appears in the second serialization. She rarely speaks and carries around a sketchbook to write on instead of talking, and was the one who taught Ginei how to use a camera and stopped him from fighting everyone in his first year.[15] She lives with Marin, who found her after she had nowhere to go. She is a Siren who has a perfect song of protection. However, her true power lies in her offensive ultrasonic which slowly breaks her opponent's body internally. Gin has remarked that San's sketchbook is actually her power limiter.[49] San is also called the "Strongest Of The Generations" (可憐で強い女神?) in Yokai Academy, and is shown admiring Tsukune. Despite her young and petite appearance, she is actually older than the main cast.
San's surname translates to "no sound", which is a reference to her quiet demeanor and an irony to her yōkai species.
"Excellent" Maki (エクセレント・マキ Ekuserento Maki?)
The English teacher of Yokai Academy and a Gorgon much like Ishigami. His nickname originates from him using "Excellent" as his catchphrase.

Public Safety Commission

The Public Safety Commission (公安委員会 Kōan'iinkai?, English manga: "Protection Committee" or "Security Enforcement Committee") is a group of enforcers on school grounds charged with protecting the academy. These members use their status to their advantage, similar to hall monitors, and anyone who opposes them is delivered swift punishment through methods of imprisonment and torture. They collect tribute and bribes from clubs, and if they do not pay, they will be shut down. The Public Safety Committee have a long-standing rivalry with the Newspaper Club for exploiting their true nature, and had decimated the previous Newspaper Club in the past, leaving Gin the only member.[50] According to Deshi in the anime, she, Kuyo, a bespectacled male who becomes a cerberus, and a tall, sadistic male who becomes a golem are referred to as the "Four Kings".[episode needed]

Kuyo (九曜 Kuyō?)
Voiced by: Shuichi Ikeda
Described as a megolomaniac, Kuyo is the first major antagonist and head of the PSC who enforces the group's rules with a tyrannical and sadistic iron fist, going so far to state if someone goes against him, they are against the school. He is a yōko (a fox demon) bearing four tails and has many fire-based abilities, including the abililty to take on a hybrid form, and has attacks such as the "Vortex of Flame" and the "Flame Wheel of Doom". In the anime, he believes yōkai and humans will always remain enemies, claiming friendship between the two only occurs in fairy tales.[51] Although he was easily able to overpower the Newspaper Club with his flame-based powers, he was swiftly defeated by Tsukune after the latter was injected with Moka's blood.
Keito (蛍糸?)
Voiced by: Yukana
Keito is a spider-woman ordered by Kuyo to keep an eye on the Newspaper Club (to make sure it wasn't doing anything the PSC considered "illegal"). She seems to have a past with Kurumu in the manga, calling her a "newspaper slut" during their initial meeting, and later caught Kurumu distributing the papers with Tsukune despite Gin's warnings. Although she manages to overpower Kurumu and Tsukune with ease, she was swiftly defeated by Inner Moka. In the anime, Keito is in charge of a rival "Super Newspaper Club" which would have replaced the current one, and had three underlings who were former leaders of clubs she and the PSC disbanded placed under her control by her venom. In both adaptations, this action would later spark a conflict between the Protection Committee and the Newspaper Club.
Deshiko Deshi (でし でし子 Deshi Deshiko?)
Voiced by: Saori Goto
Deshiko is a red-haired member of the PSC who ends her sentences with "deshi" and is always seen with a across her shoulders. She appears as a generic member in the manga, but her role is expanded in the anime and in the second season, where she becomes the first girl on campus to fall under Kou (as Kotaro)'s hypnosis. After the downfall of the PSC in the first season, she has apparently lost the fear and respect she was given as a leader of the PSC and, as seen in the second season, she had to endure regular verbal abuse by the students she once victimized. In the anime, Deshiko's true form is a Jiang Shi and her costume pays homage to Lei-Lei of Darkstalkers, as Capcom is one of the anime's sponsors.

Other Students

Tamao Ichinose (一ノ瀬 珠魚 Ichinose Tamao?)
Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino
A mermaid in charge of the school's swim club appearing in chapter 3 of the first serialization. She has a crush on Tsukune because of his human scent, and tried to isolate him from Moka, taking advantage of the latter's weakness of water so she can devour him. She initially had the upper hand uring her fight with Inner Moka, but she was soon tricked into being separated from the water and was swiftly defeated by her. Her mermaid form consists of her having pirhana-like facial features and fins on her arms and ears, and she has the ability to drain the life force out of men by biting them. After being beaten up by Moka, it can be assumed that Tamao learned her lesson and does not try sucking the life force out of others any more or the Headmaster dealt with her before the Festival Arc.
Tadashi Wanibuchi (鰐淵 正 Wanibuchi Tadashi?)
Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao
A lizardman who is the class representative of Yukari's class. Bearing an intense hatred for witches, he and his cronies often bully Yukari for being one until they were momentarily stopped by Moka. He later plans to eat Yukari following a run-in, but he and his subordinates were all soundly defeated by Inner Moka. They do not cause trouble for Yukari again, possible out of fear of Inner Moka.
Nagare Kano (叶 流行 Kanō Nagare?)
Nagare is a slug yōkai who appears in chapter 7 of the first serialization. He has an obsessive crush on Kurumu, and threatened her to date him in exchange for taking pictures of her in embarrassing cosplay outfits, as she had promised to go on a date with him prior to the series' start. He even went as far as to steal the Newspaper Club's paper in order to make Kurumu do his bidding. However, he was incapacitated and defeated by Kurumu's newfound illusion powers. His powers as a slug yōkai allow him to slip through the slimmest crevasses and emit poisonous gases from his body that deprives the victim of their strength. He appeared in the Festival Arc, apparently having learned his lesson, but is turned back into his mosnter form with his inner desire released from the Lilith Mirror.
Chopper Rikishi (チョッパー力石 Choppā Rikiishi?)
An aggressive and egotistical troll who appeared in chapter 11 of the first serialization. A member of Yokai Academy's wrestling team and one of the strongest monsters on campus, he wanted to test Tsukune's vampire powers after hearing the rumor that he deafeated Kuyo with them, and briefly held Moka hostage in an attempt to force him to use them. He was swiftly defeated by Tsukune's vampire form via Moka's blood injection. He then learned to fear Tsukune and not to pick on his friends.
Junya Inui (乾 潤也 Inui Jun'ya?)
A second-year student who appears in the special chapter of the manga, Junya Inui claims to be a vampire and is particularly familiar with the rules of the species. He becomes interested in Moka and reminds her that vampires cannot have relationships with other races. Tsukune is able to deduce his nature, stating he lacks the strength and pride of a real vampire, after he takes a punch. In fact, he is an onimodoki, creatures who often pretend to be powerful monsters and intimidate other races, but in reality are weak and frail. However, he also did not know that the vampire laws for love are no longer followed. Also, he had hit on a lot of girls, much like Gin, only for more crueler plans.
Kokko Nakamoto (仲本 枯々 Nakamoto Kokko?, English manga: "Kohko")
Haiji Miyamoto (宮本 灰次 Miyamoto Haiji?)
The captain of the Yokai Academy Karate Club and a highly skilled fighter. He first appears in Chapter 8 of the second serialization and is a self-proclaimed lolicon. He may be obsessed with San as well since when he heard Gin had left to meet her when he got on the next bus. He and Gin have fought together in the past, and is currently fighting against Fairy Tale. He also has a Technique called "Empty Fist Thrust", similar to a Toate attack.[volume & issue needed] He and Gin beat the entire 7th Branch of Fairy Tale, and he also has feelings for San. He was brought to China to help fight Fairy Tale and rescue Moka; however, he is not seen when the News Club infiltrates the Sky Garden. It has yet to be revealed what kind of monster Haiji is.
Ling-Ling Huang (黄 鈴鈴 Won Rinrin?)
Ling-Ling is Fang-Fang's older sister who appears just a chapter after her brother's introduction. Ling-Ling is a Jiang Shi who commands an army of similar beings. Being a Jiang Shi, Ling-Ling is actually dead, as she died due to an illness, and makes this point so clear to others that it becomes her catchphrase.[52] She can also disembody herself without harm, as shown by her head being removed multiple times in her introductory chapter. She makes it known that unlike the other Jiang Shi she commands, she has free will. Ling-Ling wants to kill Tsukune so that she can make him into a Jiang Shi and add him to her army. Ling-Ling transfers to Yokai Academy as a third-year student, since no one knows her true age and thus no one can prove that she isn't a third-year student. She is the apprentice of Tohofuhai, and is proficient at his Hōgetsu Jigen-Tō (崩月次元刀?, "Moon-Crushing Dimensional Sword") technique.[53] Comically, when she walks off, she hops, sometimes losing her head.

Witch's Knoll

Witch's Knoll (魔女の丘 Majo no Oka?, "Witch Hill" in Funimation's subs) is a sunflower field located in the human world near Tsukune's hometown that is rumored by tourists to be inhabited by witches. Tsukune and the group stopped here on request from the bus driver, who wanted them to investigate the reason behind the tourists' disappearances.

Lady Oyakata

Voiced by: Toshiko Maeda

Lady Oyakata (お館様 Oyakata-sama?), referred to Ruby as "My Lady", is a century-old witch that lives on Witch's Knoll and Ruby's guardian. She bears a great contempt for humans, as she and her fellow witches of her time have suffered through a long period of humans expanding their terriitory, and seeks revenge against them by destroying the city nearby with her army of monster plants after land developers attempt to turn her home into a garbage dump. Despite Tsukune's pleas for him to help her, she refuses to allow anyone to further harm her home, and tried to kill Moka until Tsukune removes her rosario while going through an army of Hanabake plants. During her fight with Inner Moka, she uses a forbidden spell to merge herself with the Hanabake plants. Although she gains the upper hand in battle absorbing Moka's vampiric powers, she was in a brief state of shock when Ruby injures herself while blocking the finishing blow that was meant for the latter, and absorbed her to gain her powers. She was soon defeated in battle when Moka impales the crystal in her spellbook with Ruby's wand, and was killed in the following explosion. While she was being whisked away by Ruby in a dream, she admits her true feelings to her, saying that she did not want her to be taken away from the humans.

Much of Oyakata's magic revolves around flora, and she can extend vines from her fingers to use as an offensive weapon. Like Ruby, she can use ravens as familiars to serve as messengers. When fused with the Hanabake plants, she gains the ability of regeneration, rendering any physical attack useless. She can also absorb other living creatures and gain use of their abilities. However, the spell is considered to be a last resort; once transformed, she cannot revert to her former state.

Monster plants

Garigari Plant
A monstrous plant resembling a nepenthes with a bottomless appetite that sucks out a victim's life force using it's tendrils. Yukari encounters an army of them after witnessing one draining the life force of a tourist who came to the knoll on a dare by another person. She was nearly killed by them until she uses a powerful spell to defeat them after she was provoked by Kurumu's earlier comment.
Hanabake (花化け?, lit. Flower monster)
Humanoid plants that are hidden from plain sight as sunflowers. It was later revealed that all of the sunflowers growing on Witch's Knoll were in reality Hanabake plants. All of them later fused with Lady Oyakata in an attempt to defeat Inner Moka, but were all destroyed after Oyakata's defeat.


The Anti-Schoolers (反学派?) are a gang of hybrid yōkai (English manga: "Monstrels" or "Crossover Monsters"): half-breed monsters that take no definitive, physical form of anything classified as a supernatural creature (such as vampires and werewolves), who wish for nothing more than to destroy the current school system. They have an extreme hatred of pure-blooded yōkai, who they claim look down on half-breeds, forcing them to become subservient to their pure-blooded masters. They take winning fights very seriously, and any member who loses, especially to pure-blooded monsters, will be killed immediately. Following the defeat of Hokuto, the Anti-Schoolers were officially disbanded. Most of the Anti-Schoolers do not appear in the anime adaptation, as the anime focuses more on the romantic comedy aspect of the series.

Hokuto Kaneshiro

Hokuto Kaneshiro (金城 北都 Kaneshiro Hokuto?) is the main antagonist of the Anti-Schoolers arc and the current president of the Yokai Academy School Committee, and is a charismatic individual and strikes up a quick friendship with Tsukune after he is forced into the school committee. In actuality, Hokuto is the leader of the Anti-Schoolers and a hybrid yōkai, determined to bring a swath of destruction and chaos upon the academy. However, he intends to break the barrier separating the human and yōkai worlds, flooding the supernatural creatures into the human world and igniting a bloody war between them.

Hokuto was originally human, and following years of physical abuse from his father, he accidentally enrolls himself into Yokai Academy to escape from him. Unfortunately, all he found there was death and unlike Tsukune, and admits he never had anyone to protect him when he first arrived.[volume & issue needed] His true form is repressed by a Holy Lock similar to Tsukune's, with his monster form being a giant insect-like creature with massive blades for appendages that can cause massive damage. Even with his true form suppressed, Hokuto is intelligent and a powerful practitioner of martial arts, which, when combined with his ability to unwrap and extend his fingers to strike with rock-shattering force, makes him a deadly foe. Hokuto attacks Mikogami and claims his rosary, entering the basement of Yokai Academy where the mechanism controlling the barrier is located. Tsukune and Moka manage to bring him down, but it takes a combined effort from Tsukune, his friends and Hokuto to restore the barrier, with the hybrid recalling Tsukune's promise to bring some form of order back into the student body. Hokuto reconciles with Tsukune, but summarily leaves after the school festival begins. He is currently affiliated with Fairy Tale in the second serialization, uses a wheelchair, and his position is 1st Subdivision Staff Officer. After Moka was taken by Akua, Hokuto, alongside with Kiria, decide to offer his aid to Tsukune to rescue Moka from Fairy Tale.[54] Although Tsukune is glad to see him again, Hokuto has to constantly remind him they are not friends like before and that they are only members of an alliance. After being discovered by Gyokuro as a traitor, he leaves the alliance, his current fate unknown.

Kiria Yoshi

Kiria Yoshi (吉井 霧亜 Yoshii Kiria?) is the second-in-command of the Anti-Schoolers. He is a calm and collected member who is occasionally seen carrying and reading a copy of Osamu Dazai's novel No Longer Human. He appears to be interested only in seeing how the events surrounding his superior will work out, and shares his view of releasing violence acted out on the students. Like Hokuto, Kiria is a hybrid, where his right arm becomes a scythe. It is revealed that Kiria injected his blood to Hokuto, transforming him into a monster so that he could "survive" the dangers of the academy.[volume & issue needed] Ironically, he also appears grateful to Tsukune for changing Hokuto after his foiled attempt in destroying the barrier separating the human and yōkai worlds. He leaves Yokai Academy with Hokuto after the school festival begins. Like Hokuto, Kiria is currently affiliated with the Fairy Tale organization in the second serialization, his position being 1st Subdivison Deputy Leader. He is last seen airlifting Miyabi and Kalua Shuzen to safety, and made another failed attempt of killing Tsukune by crashing the plane Tsukune and the girls were on. However, he later reappears after Moka is taken by Akua, still loyal to Hokuto's wishes, and offeres assistance to the News Club.

Mizuki Ueshiba

Mizuki Ueshiba (植芝 蚓希 Ueshiba Mizuki?) is a member of the School Committee who approaches Tsukune after he is nominated to participate with the School Festival Committee. Unfortunately, he accidentally reveals himself to be the mole Tsukune is looking for in the Student Committee, alerting him to the presence of the Anti-Schoolers. Ironically, his own abilities and true form reflect that of a mole, able to bury his victims underground.

Mako Yakumaru

Voiced by: Mariko Kouda

Known as the "Cleaner", Mako Yakumaru (薬丸 麻子 Yakumaru Mako?) is a member of the Anti-Schoolers first sent to assassinate Kusabi Mido after he fails to kill Tsukune. She later disguises herself as the school nurse at the school's hospital, and in order to sow dissesion among Tsukune and his friends, Mako controlled and manipulated Moka's body after injecting her with a hypnotic fluid, forcing her to try to kill him. When this tactic fails, Mako injects her fluid into a multitude of bystanders, all forced to attack Tsukune. She was later defeated by Inner Moka just when her Outer half attempted to kill Tsukune after being injected a second time.

Mako appears later in an episode of Rosario + Vampire Capu2, designated as the actual school nurse rather than in disguise as one. In this adaptation, Mako helps a distraught Yukari fulfill her wish of growing up by injecting her in a similar fashion. However, this was done so she can feed on Yukari's negative emotions, and later puts her to sleep again to do so. However, she was stopped by Tsukune and company upon her discovery, with the finishing blow dealt by Inner Moka.[20]


Moroha (緒葉?) is a member of the Anti-Schoolers with the ability to turn his hands into sword-like weapons. He and an unnamed member aided Saizo in attacking Tsukune, with him dealing a blow from behind. However he was beaten by Tsukune's vampire form.

Kusabi Mido

Kusabi Mido (御堂 楔 Midō Kusabi?) is one of the Anti-Schoolers' many enforcers. He takes it upon himself to kill Tsukune after witnessing his temporary vampiric powers, but faces Inner Moka instead. Despite being thoroughly outclassed, he manages to disable her and deal a fatal blow to Tsukune, forcing Moka to inject too much of her blood into Tsukune, causing him to succumb and transform into a ghoul. Mido is brutally pummelled within an inch of his life by the berserk Tsukune but was spared when Mikogami and Ruby intervened and sealed the latter's powers away, only to be dispatched later by Mako while he was recovering.

Graffiti Demon

The Graffiti Demon (ラクガキ魔 Rakugaki-ma?) is an unnamed member of the Anti-Schoolers in a newsboy cap who was causing trouble by grafitiing posters throughout the school and later framing the Newspaper Club into disbanding. His legs are enhanced in a manner that resembles roller skates, granting him great leg strength and speed. After he was defeated by Tsukune's vampire powers, he was last seen being 'treated' by Mako.

Saizo Komiya

Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama

Saizo Komiya (小宮 砕蔵 Komiya Saizō?) is a typical class bully with a playboy persona who is in the same class as Tsukune and Moka. It was stated in the manga that he was sent to Yokai Academy after causing trouble in the human world, and that he was always chasing girls.[55] He is infatuated with Moka and attempted to rape her, but is quickly knocked out by her super-vampire form and disappears from Yokai Academy for a while. The anime classifies him as an orc, while in the manga he was left unclassified. He reappears later on when Tsukune is elected class president, and joins the Anti-Schoolers in hopes of exacting revenge, but ends up defeated when Tsukune temporarily transforms into a vampire. For hastily rushing ahead and bringing other members of the Anti-Schoolers without consent, Saizo is killed for insubordination.

Saizo's anime incarnation is portrayed with less brutality and is actually on amicable terms with Tsukune after his first appearance. When his parents come to the academy for a visit, his father Gonzo Komiya (小宮 権蔵 Komiya Gonzo?, Named after animation studio Gonzo for which the anime was produced) is revealed to be a past object of affection Tsurara and Ageha had fought over, only now he has become bald and overweight. He is also shown to be childish while in the presence of his parents, referring to them as "mommy" and "daddy", respectively.[47]

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale (フェアリー・テイル Fearī Teiru?, Written as Fairytale[56]) is an organization dedicated to throwing harmony into chaos and ruling over the human world, appearing in the second serialization of the manga series as the primary antagonists. Their base of operations is the Sky Garden (空中庭園 Kūchū Teien?), a gigantic, inpregnable sky fortress floating 4000 meters above Japan. Similar to Yokai Academy, it is protected by a magical barrier that hides it from human sight. Notable members of Fairy Tale include Moka's sisters Kalua and Akua, as well as Hokuto and Kiria, the co-founders of the Anti-Schoolers in the first serialization. Their leader is Gyokuro Shuzen, the matriarch of the Shuzen Family.

Miyabi Fujisaki

Miyabi Fujisaki (藤咲 雅 Fujisaki Miyabi?) is the leader of Fairy Tale's 1st Subdivision and was in charge of the operations in the Snow Village. Miyabi was arranged by the Snow Priestess to marry Mizore, and forcibly kissed her before she was rescued by Tsukune and company. He seems to have an obsession with the concept of perfection, and is quite strong physically, though apparently less so than Tsukune when using his vampire powers. He can also heal quite quickly as he recovered form Tsukune's punch in no time flat. Miyabi stops the fight between Kalua and Moka, cancelling Kalua's orders to kill everyone present because Kalua would have been at risk of dying from her injuries even if she won had the fight continued. He is later seen conversing with Kalua in their main base and later talking to his boss, Gyokuro Shuzen - the leader of Fairy Tale.

Kalua Shuzen

Kalua Shuzen (朱染 刈愛 Shuzen Karua?) is the older sister of Moka and Kokoa with a kogal persona and the second oldest in the Shuzen Family. Carrying a child-like personality, Kokoa is deeply afraid of her and claims Kalua is the best assassin in the Shuzen Family, but ironically hates to hurt others, the reason why she cries whenever she kills.[30] Her earrings acts as limiters, akin to Moka's rosario; once taken off, Kalua has access to further transformations that allows her arms to develop razor-sharp bat wings. According to Yukari, all vampires were able to take forms of other animals, but due to a vampire's vanity of beauty over form, this is considered a forbidden technique.[30] She is also "Charmed", meaning that she feels no pain and can ignore injuries easily, but in the end could die once it wears off.[57] Kalua could have easily killed Moka in their battle, but tried to hold back because of the love for her sister. She is one of the most powerful yōkai encountered by Tsukune in the series, even surpassing the power of Kuyo and Hokuto.

Kalua first appears in the Land of the Snow Fairies, hired by the Fairy Tale organization to assist Miyabi and kill everyone, and fought against the Newspaper Club, decimating them until Inner Moka showed up. She removed her one of her two rosarios and fought her using her awakened form, only stopping when Miyabi stepped in. Kalua later appears in the Land of the Snow Fairies again, but this time to inform Kokoa and Ruby of Fairy Tale's motives. She is then later seen at the main base of Fairy Tale, happily watching Moka's arrival. However, she still fears having to attack her sister again on orders. Similar to her sisters, Kalua's name is a pun on the Kahlúa drink.

Akua Shuzen

Akua Shuzen (朱染 亞愛 Shuzen Akua?) is the oldest sister in the Shuzen Family and the stepsister of Moka.[58] Being Alucard's granddaughter as well, Akua seems to possess comflicting personality values. She has a deep sister complex for Inner Moka and loves her very much, but her promise to Akasha to keep Inner Moka safe prevents her from being with Outer Moka.[59] However, she also wishes for the desturction of humanity and is willing to allow Gyokuro to use Moka to awaken Alucard. The reason she became a member of the Shuzen family was to try and steal the power of Akasha Bloodriver, one of the strongest vampires in existence and the sealer of Alucard, an ancient vampire who once aspired to destroy the world.[11] Akua's mother died when she was young, and she had lived with a relative in China prior to living with the Shuzen family (explaining why she often speaks Chinese).

It is also shown Akua is extremely skilled in Chinese kung-fu, as her Yōho Saishusui ("Twist Step, Plucking Hand Strike") would knock a person out for at least three days.[60] In addition, she has also mastered the Hōgetsu Jigen-Tō (崩月次元刀?, "Moon-Crushing Dimensional Sword"), a technique used by Tohofuhai, and her skill at the technique is superior to that of Tohofuhai's apprentice Ling-Ling Huang, allowing Akua to use the technique defensively as well as offensively by rendering her body intangible.[59] Akua has amazing insight in battle, as she was able to see the truth behind Kalua's "tears". It has been noted by Tohofuhai that her body has not aged at all ever since he first saw her in Moka's flashback, suggesting she is immortal.[59] She is known to the Chinese mob scene even as a child, and is called the Black Devil (黒い悪魔 Kuroi Akuma?) because of her black clothes and lethal kung-fu; even Moka was in awe when Akua saves her from Chinese mobsters in her introductory chapter. Akua's name is a pun on "aqua", the Latin word for water.

Kanade Kamiya

Kanade Kamiya (神谷 奏 Kamiya Kanade?), nicknamed "God", is a siren who is the Section Chief of Fairy Tale's 7th Branch, appearing in chapter 20 of the second serialization. He killed Marin's husband along with several others 4 years ago simply to clear his head after being transferred out to the area. His song can kill humans and blind other yōkai, and can only be stopped by another Siren. By changing his song tune, he can open a water mirror transfer space and summon Mermen.[15] He was defeated by San, who broke his body apart slowly (although not fatally) throughout his battle with the Newspaper Club with her ultimate attack, a high-pitched song that he couldn't hear (she described the attack as like an ultrasound).

Rokuro Tsubaki

Rokuro Tsubaki (椿 六郎 Tsubaki Rokurō?) is a member of Fairy Tale's 7th Branch who uses a recording of Kamiya's death song to kill people, and is a scout for the group. He tried to put the snack bar out of business to get San to join them and also kidnaps Ginei but was beaten afterward by the latter, who allowed himself to be caught.

Hokuto Kaneshiro

Kiria Yoshi

Gyokuro Shuzen

Gyokuro Shuzen (朱染 玉露 Shuzen Gyokuro?) is the matriarch of the Shuzen family, the leader of Fairy Tale, and the ultimate antagonist of the second serialization. Gyokuro is shown to be an incredibly powerful vampire, being able to throw an enormous pillar several times her size towards Tsukune with one hand. She also has extraordinary sensing powers (Hokuto claims her ability is the best among her kind), being able to sense Tsukune and the gang within the huge crowd during her meeting.[56] Her sensing powers can also extend to the entire fortress, up to several thousand meters in diameter. She apparently hates Akasha Bloodriver and Moka, but plans to use Moka to awaken Alucard just like she had done in the past. Her name comes from gyokuro, a fine Japanese green tea, keeping the trend of naming female members of the Shuzen Family after types of drinks. Gyokuro's overall appearance vaguely resembles that of her first daughter Kalua.


Raika is a Raijū who is the leader of the 5th Subdivision of Fairy Tale and the first leader Tsukune and the gang confronts in Fairy Tale's headquarters. He has the ability to generate and control lightning at will. He faces Ruby and easily manages to subdue her with his lightning, but Ruby was able to withstand it due to her masochist nature. However, despite Ruby beating him, Raika merely sheds his human form to allow his full power to be used. Despite gaining the upper hand in battle and critically wounding Ruby, he was ultimately defeated by the latter's Iron Maiden spell.

Video game and anime characters

Kozo Kasahara (笠原 浩蔵 Kasahara Kōzō?), Bozaburo Taira (平 坊三郎 Taira Bōzaburō?), and Kubisaku Nagai (長井 首作 Nagai Kubisaku?)
Kasahara Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi
Taira Voiced by: Takashi Onozuka
Nagai Voiced by: Chihiro Suzuki (Japanese), Christopher Bevins (English)
Kasahara, Taira, and Nagai are three fanboys exclusive to the anime series whose true (albeit comical) forms are a karakasa, a noppera-bo, and a rokurokubi. They are obsessed with Moka, Kurumu and Yukari, espectively, and they each head a fan club devoted to the said girl of their obsession. Jealous of seeing Tsukune with them all the time, they decided to get rid of him so they can have the girls to themselves. It is later revealed that they started the fanclubs because of their weak forms, and decided to latch on the girls of their dreams so they will not be laughed at ever again. Although they are not quite strong as monsters, but when transformed, they can merge their true forms into a giant monster known as "Daidarabotchi". However, this does not stop them to be defeated (to their awe) by Inner Moka. Ironically, their defeat also causes them to form a new fan club: the Vampire Fan Club. They were later severely beaten by the Protection Committee for not paying their club tribute not before they revealed Tsukune's human identity to Kuyo, originally done by Ishigami in the manga. Kasahara ends his sentences with "umbrella" (〜カサ kasa?), Taira ends his sentences with "blob" (〜ペラ pera?), and Nagai ends his sentences with "neck" (〜クビ kubi?).
Tonko Oniyama (鬼山 とん子 Oniyama Tonko?), Shijimi Chono (蝶野 しじみ Chōno Shijimi?), and Sumae Mizuno (水野 すまえ Mizuno Sumae?)
Oniyama Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
Chono Voiced by: Kei Shindō
Mizuno Voiced by: Kana Asumi
Appearing exclusively in the anime series, they are a trio of girls whose true forms are insect monsters (Oniyama is an Japanese dragonfly, Chono is a Lycaenidae, and Mizuno is a whirligig beetle). They were former leaders of the Literary Club, Japanese Tea Ceremony Club, and the Yaoi Manga Club, respectively, and were made servants by Keito's venom after their clubs were disbanded by her and the Protection Committee. They reappear in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, free from Keito's control after the latter's defeat by Inner Moka in the first season.
Kotori Ginryu (夕凪 琴織 Ginryu Kotori?) and Natsuhiko Omaji (天路 夏彦 Omaji Natsuhiko?)
Voiced by: Aya Endo (Kotori), Takatoshi Kuwano (Natsuhiko)
Two characters exclusive to the Nintendo DS video game Rosario + Vampire: Tanabata's Miss Yokai Academy. They made a cameo appearance in Chapter 7 of the second serialization, promoting the Academy's Game Club with Natsuhiko holding a flyer for the DS game.
The Four Kings (四天王?)
Tengu Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi
Shiranui Voiced by: Kazuma Horie
Zashiki-warashi Voiced by: Kazayuki Okitsu
Umibōzu Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Four monsters who lead a Tokyo street gang called "Monster Business" (馬獣工業?), appearing exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2. They consist of Iyo the Zashiki-warashi (伊予の座敷童 Iyo no Zashiki-warashi?), a very short boy with a bowl haircut; Awa the Umibōzu (阿波の海坊主 Awa no Umibōzu?), a humongous overwieght man; and Sanuki the Shiranui (讃岐の不知火 Sankui no Shiranui?), a young man with long grey hair that conceals half of his face. Their leader is Tosa the Tengu (土佐の天狗 Tōsa no Tengu?), a man in a tengu mask. They attack Tsukune and the girls on a class trip, kidnapping Tsukune in the process, but are swiftly defeated. Their last names are the names of what yōkai they are.
Apsara (亜婦皿 Apusara?)
Voiced by: Kyoko Hikami
Apsara is the Indian cooking teacher of Yokai Academy and, as her name implies, an apsara. Appearing exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, her favorite dish is curry and is very passionate about the dish. Unfortunately, her curry takes a side-effect of turning anyone who eats it into a "curry zombie". She is later defeated by Inner Moka.
Ran Otonashi (音無 蘭 Otonashi Ran?), Rin Otonashi (音無 凛 Otonashi Rin?), and Ren Otonashi (音無 蓮 Otonashi Ren?)
Voiced by: Megumi Takamoto
Ran, Rin, and Ren are first-year students at Yokai Academy. Appearing exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2: The Rhapsody of Love and Dreams, they are sirens attempting to gain the affection of all the boys in the school with their abilities. Ran, the oldest of the three, is revealed to be very shy around boys and is also an otaku, as it is mentioned that she reads BL and Shōjo manga. Rin, the middle sister, is the most active and energetic one out of the three sisters, but is revealed to have incredibly bad memory and is always seen with headphones; if she does not have them on, she cannot remember anything. Ren, the youngest sister, seems to be the one with the most common sense, but she has a habit of only seeing the negative side of things and rarely the positive side. They are not related to San Otonashi despite having the same last name.

Other characters

Nazo Komori (謎こうもり Nazo Kōmori?)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Jerry Jewell (English)[1]
Known as "Kou-chan" (こーちゃん Kō-chan?, "Batty" in the English manga), Nazo Komori is Kokoa's shapeshifting bat possessing the ability to transform itself into a variety of blunt weapons for Kokoa to use (in one instance, he transformed into a rapier). Weighing in at 100 kilograms, he was originally a birthday gift from Moka, but since Moka did not have superhuman strength when she was 10 years old, Nazo ended up with Kokoa.[volume & issue needed] In the anime, he acts as the narrator and occasionally covers up various shots of fanservice (done in the television broadcast, while the DVD version is uncensored), and also appears to state the exact duration of a fight. In the manga, various bats of similar design are used to give information on the various yōkai encountered at the academy. He does not have any lines of speech in the manga, but in the anime, he frequently ends his sentences with dechū (でちゅー?, translated as "Squee" in Funimation's subs).
In Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Nazo takes a more active part in the story as Kokoa's pet (much to the characters' surprise, since all believed he was simply a narrator), and in one episode, assumed the guise of a student named Kotaro Ijuin (伊集院 光太郎 Ijūin Kōtarō?). His powers as Kotaro allow him to use hypnosis through the uttering of a specific word (Je t'aime, the French phrase for "I love you"), specifically to that of an incubus. He intended to use his abilities to enslave the entire female student body (including Gin and Nekonome), even to the extent of enslaving Kokoa and Moka, who atttempted to resist his powers. He was swiftly defeated by the two vampires and reverted to his bat form, returning the female student body to normal after one of his teeth (the source of his incubus powers) fell out.[61]
Kyoko Aono (青野 響子 Aono Kyōko?)
Voiced by: Sachiko Kojima (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)
Kyoko is Tsukune's tomboyish 17 year-old cousin with a stubborn streak. She is overprotective of Tsukune, whom she refers to as "Tsukkie" (つっきー Tsukkī?) (Tsukune refers to her as "Kyō-chan" (響ちゃん?) in return), and makes her appearance on the second day of the school festival while searching for Yokai Academy. Tsukune and his friends attempt to keep her from finding out about the academy's nature and its students, as well as prevent the authorities from discovering she is human. It is later revealed that Kyoko entered the yōkai world to deliver a package that contains the Lilith Mirror under Ishigami's direction. Later on in the second serialization, Kyoko is led to believe Tsukune is involved with the Yakuza. In the anime, she was briefly mentioned in the first series, but makes a full appearance in the second season.
Kasumi Aono (青野 かすみ Aono Kasumi?) and Koji Aono (青野 光司 Aono Kōji?)
Kasumi Voiced by: Haruha Terada (Japanese), Lydia Mackay (English)
Tsukune's parents and Kyoko's aunt and uncle, respectively.
Lilith (リリス Ririsu?)
Voiced by: Maria Kawamura
Lilith is a small fairy who carries the Lilith Mirror (リリスの鏡 Ririsu no Kagami?), an object allowing whoever holds it to see a monster's true form as well as their hidden desires, but at the cost of the user's soul. The mirror was given to Kyoko by Ishigami with the intention to create a schoolwide uproar by revealing the students' true forms, but it eventually failed following Ishigami's defeat. In the anime, Kyoko accidentally obtains Lilith and the Lilith Mirror following a run-in with Kokoa, who was intending to use it to split Inner Moka from Outer Moka and keep Inner Moka for herself.[62] Lilith was eventually defeated by the teamwork of Mizore, Ruby, Yukari and Kurumu. In the manga's second serialization, Lilith appears in Chapter 15 with Mikogami, suggesting she is now working for him.
Doppleganger (ドッペルゲンガー Dopperugengā?)
An unnamed thief who specializes in transforming into a person close to his targets and then killing them. When he transforms into a monster, he gains all of their abilities, but also gains all of their weaknesses. To compensate for his weak powers, he has learned all basic marital arts.[10] His minions are a Minotaur and a spider-man. Despite his ruthlessness, he has an intense fear of women.[63]
Snow Priestess (雪の巫女 Yuki no Miko?, English manga: "Snow Oracle")
The leader of the Land of Snow Fairies and elder of the Snow Village. She possesses a familiar spirit named Jack Frost (ジャックフロスト Jakku Furosuto?), who is responsible for telling the village's predictions.
Issa Shuzen (朱染 一茶 Shuzen Issa?)
Voiced by: Katsuji Mori
Issa Shuzen is Moka's father and the head of the Shuzen Family, which is well-known and respected as far as China for its reputation of dealing with "problems" in the underground. It is also the only location in Japan that houses vampires. Upon Akua's arrival to the mansion from China, he orders her and Kalua to kill each other so that he may test his eldest daughter's strength, though stops the fight before either one becomes badly injured, having measured her ability to his satisfaction.
Issa makes a full appearance in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, where he is the third Dark Lord. In this adaptation, he created Moka's rosario and the one used for the school barrier. His contempt for humans knows no bounds and according to Komori, his powers exceed that of a standard S-class yōkai, able to throw anyone with just a wave of his hand.
Marin Kawamoto (川本 まりん Kawamoto Marin?)
Marin is an owner of a beachside snack bar and a mother figure to San. She knows about yōkai since her husband was killed by Kanade 4 years ago. She accepts San's monster nature after it is revealed to her when Kanade returns.
Tohofuhai (東方不敗 Tōhōfuhai?)
Tohofuhai is the second Dark Lord introduced in chapter 27 of the second serialization, and according to Ling-Ling, responsible for teaching Mikogami his sealing techniques. He is also the founder of the Huang Crime Family in China and Fei-Fong's great-grandfather, and the original user of the Hōgetsu Jigen-Tō (崩月次元刀?, "Moon-Crushing Dimensional Sword") technique that was later passed on to Ling-Ling and Akua. It is revealed that he's an otaku and cosplay fanatic when he tricks Inner Moka into dressing up as Lum Invader from Urusei Yatsura before repairing her rosario. He claims that since he's gotten older, women aren't drawn to him anymore, and in order to cope, he's turned to manga. He further displays this when he shouts that "2D girls last forever", and they would never betray him. He is also an old friend of Akasha Bloodriver, Moka's mother. He reveals his true and young form in chapter 36, his elderly form having been used to conserve energy.
His name translates as "Eastern Direction Invincibility", or, more loosely, "Undefeated of the East", perhaps as homage to the G Gundam character Master Asia who had the same title, which is subsequently derived from Dongfang Bubai (東方不敗/东方不败?) of the Chinese Wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.
Fei-Fong Huang (黄 飛鴻 Won Feifon?) and Ten-Ten Huang (黄 恬恬 Won Tenten?)
Ling-Ling and Fang-Fang's parents. Fei-Fong is head of the Huang Crime family and the great-grandson of Tohofuhai who fell in love with Ten-Ten, the daughter of the Miu family and a master martial artist. Both families are intense rivals, but were able to put their feud aside to allow them to get married. Like Fang-Fang, Fei-Fong is a highly adept summoner, while Ten-Ten is a highly-skilled and powerful fighter. Fang-Fang describes his parents as Romeo and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, and claims Ten-Ten is stronger than Fei-Fong.[volume & issue needed]
Alucard (アルカード Arukādo?)
The Vampire Lord and one of the most powerful vampires who attempted to take over mankind. However, he was defeated and sealed by Akasha using a blood seal that synchronizes his blood with her own, putting Akasha at risk of reviving him should she use her full power, with his corpse hidden in the Shuzen Mansion. When Akasha was seemingly killed by Akua during a fight at which Moka was a witness, Moka's Shinso Blood that was given to her by her mother at birth was activated, causing Alucard to awaken once more until Akasha used a rosario seal to seal the Shinso Blood within Moka, sealing him once more. His body (as of chapter 42) is currently held in Fairy Tale's main headquarters. Alucard's name is an analgram of the legendary vampire Dracula, which is written backwards.
Akasha Bloodriver (アカーシャ ブラッドリバー Akāsha Buraddoribā?)
Akasha Bloodriver is Moka's mother, whose appearance closely resembles Outer Moka's. Tohofuhai, the second Dark Lord, is a good friend of Akasha and describes her as a strong yet sad woman who carried a heavy burden. Despite being kind and gentle, Akasha is one of the true ancestors of the Vampire race and managed to defeat the most powerful Vampire Lord of her time, thus making her a Dark Lord and leader of the three. However, when she defeated the Vampire Lord Alucard, her blood was synchronized with his blood while sealing him, meaning that if Akasha unleashed her full power, it could cause Alucard to awaken once more.
This caused even more trouble for her when she gave birth to Moka. Because Moka was on the verge of death when she was born, Akasha injected much of her blood into Moka to keep her alive. Therefore, Moka also possesses the "Shinso Blood" and could also awaken Alucard from his slumber. After Moka discovered the corpse of the Vampire Lord, Akasha forced Moka to leave her home in order to protect her. However, when Akasha was seemingly killed by Akua, it awakened Moka's Shinso Blood, causing Alucard to awaken once more. To save her daughter, Akasha used a rosary seal to create a fake personality–Outer Moka–to seal her blood away, and states that it can only be removed by someone who truly cares for her, in this case, Tsukune.[2] She later destroyed all of her photos and diaries, leaving behind no connections except the rosario seal, and left Moka in temporary care with Mikogami. It is later revealed by Akua in chapter 42 that she has fused with Alucard to prevent him from awakening. She is the original user of the quote "Know your place" (身の程を知れ Minohodo wo shire?), a quote later taken up by her daughter. Her given name is direct reference to Akasha, the Vampire Queen in Anne Rice's novel The Queen of the Damned, while her family name may be a pun to the word "Blood bank".


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