List of Toaru Majutsu no Index characters

List of Toaru Majutsu no Index characters

This is a list of characters from the light novel series Toaru Majutsu no Index as well as its manga adaptation, spin-off manga (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun), and both series' anime adaptations. The series primarily takes place in Academy City, a city filled with students who strive to become powerful espers, which is brought into conflict by the appearance of magicians.


Main characters

The main characters. From left to right: Tōma Kamijō, Index, Mikoto Misaka and Accelerator

Tōma Kamijō

Voiced by: Atsushi Abe
Tōma Kamijō (上条 当麻 Kamijō Tōma?) is the series' main protagonist. His parents are Tōya and Shiina Kamijō. He tends to stay away from trouble but possesses a strong sense of justice. He is a smart student and knowledgeable about certain subjects yet is a failure in his esper studies. While he is an idealist for the hopes of other people, ironically he is cynical about himself possibly because of his powers.
His right hand contains a power he calls Imagine Breaker (幻想殺し Gensō-Goroshi?, "Illusion/Fantasy Killer"), a power which negates all magic, psychic, or divine powers but also his own good luck ("divine providence" as defined by Index). Because this ability can not be detected through testing, he has been given the lowest psychic rank, Level 0. Due to the nature of his power, the founder of Academy City considers him neither a Psychic nor a Magician but rather a normal person with a unique ability.
Throughout the series, he tries to live his life normally while still facing against the many adversaries from the worlds of science and magic and the conflicts that follow. Despite his very bad luck, he has managed to get the interests and hearts of many ladies who are infatuated with him, which Aisa jokes about, that his life is like a dating sim where he is bound to unlock more paths to more girls.
In order to save Index from the need of a memory reset, he had activated her self-protection system and destroyed the spell responsible for her mind strain. However, he ends up having his memories destroyed when he comes into contact with the Feather of Light (光の羽 Hikari no Hane?). Though he no longer remembers the past, he claims his heart has not completely forgotten the people he cares about. His memories loss is kept a secret known only to himself and a few others, including his doctor (who unknown to Tōma, is Heaven Canceler, Aleister's personal physician), his parents (after telling them the truth during the Academy City Sports Festival), Terra of the Left (who manages to figure it out by himself), Mikoto (who learns about it from accidentally overhearing a conversation between Tōma and Terra, confronts Tōma about it), Fiamma of the Right (who, after learning about it, decides to toy with Tōma by sending this information to Index using the mental link he established with her using Johann's Pen mode) and finally, Index.
One of the series' main mysteries is the origin of Imagine Breaker, since it is neither an esper ability or a magical ability. Later in the series, it is hinted to be of Divine origin according to two members of God's Right Seat. Fiamma believes Imagine Breaker is the Holy Stone, which holds the power of miracles and Terra hints Imagine Breaker's full powers have yet to be unlock; if it does, its powers would extend to Tōma's whole body and beyond and the second about the meaning behind his surname 'Kamijō' as it means "The One Superior To God (神上)" for God's Right Seat and "The One Who Cleanses God (神浄)" for Kaori Kanzaki and Aleister.
Due to the troubles he faces with delinquents, Tōma is a skilled street fighter and is physically fit and manages to out run his opponents. As he faces espers and magicians, he combined his fighting skills including using his powers with his quick thinking to out maneuver his opponents. Mikoto considers him to be extremely strong, having never beaten him despite having repeatedly challenged him. However, his ability can only be effective when psychics use their power on him directly, which is why he had a tough time against Accelerator, who uses his ability on projectiles. He later develops a sixth sense for incoming magic and esper attacks based on their AIM fields and Telesma flow and uses his powers to minimize the damage taken.


Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi
Index (インデックス Indekkusu?), also known by her full name Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of Prohibited Books"), is one of the main heroines and the titular character of the series. She is a young nun from Necessarius (必要悪の教会 Hitsuyōaku no Kyōkai?, "Church of Necessary Evil"), a branch of the Church of England. Index is small in stature and has a petite build. About 12 or 13 years old, she has thigh-length, silvery-blue hair with very white skin and large green eyes. She also wears a white robe with golden embroidery sewed onto every edge of it, the Walking Church, that prevents any injury on her, but it is later destroyed by Tōma when he touched it with his right hand, which is why her uniform is stitched with golden pins. Her mind has been implanted with the 103,000 magical texts of the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum as she possesses Photographic memory, which makes magicians wonder if she really is human because just one grimoire is poisonous to the mind, and one is more than enough to kill a person without the proper preparative.
Her sorcery name is Dedicatus545, "The devoted lamb protects the knowledge of the strong" (献身的な子羊は強者の知識を守る Kenshinteki na Kohitsuji wa Kyōsha no Chishiki o Mamoru?). The Church says that the grimoires take up 85% of her mind, so she only has 15% of memory space left to use in daily activities, which allows her to live normally for less than a year. However, all of this is revealed to be a lie after Tōma begins to question how the Church even got to numbers like 15% and 85% and finds out from his teacher Komoe that the human mind can store an unlimited amount of memories. This was purposely done as the Church planned to make the grimoires harder to access by telling their underlings to perform "maintenance" on her mind in exactly one-year intervals once her memory has come to its "limit"; that way, she will not remember her close friends and accidentally and/or purposely reveal the contents of the grimoires.
When she is being invaded by outsiders or injured, her self-protection system personality, John's Pen (自動書記 (ヨハネのペン) Jidō Shoki?, "Automatic Writing"), will be activated to allow her to use magic to cast high-class magic attacks such as St. George's Sanctuary (聖ジョージの聖域 (セントじょーじのせいいき) Sei Jōji no Seīki?, "Sanctuary of St. George") and Dragon's Breath (竜王の殺息 (ドラゴンブレス) Ryūō no Satsu Iki?, "Killing Breath of the Dragon King"). Her self-protection system will use the Feather of Light (光の羽 Hikari no Hane?) to force a reset on Index's own memory should a manual reset fail to be performed. Although she does not know that she has magical powers, she can easily identify the types of magic by seeing it or somebody describing it to her and know how to counter them. Her vast knowledge of the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum within her mind makes her to be one of the most powerful characters so far and becomes very helpful to her friends in various situations using skills like Spell Intercept (強制詠唱 (スペルインターセプト) Kyōsei Eishō?, "Force Chant"), and Sheol Fear ((魔滅の声 (シェオールフィア) Mametsu no Koe?, "Voice of Destruction of Evil").
She is often elated by a variety of things and is slightly ignorant and curious of modern technology. She usually is gentle and polite with people and has a kind nature, but she is also easily irritated especially by Tōma who usually ends making her mad in some way as consequence of his bad luck which ends with her biting him. She also has a large appetite and uses any excuse to get food from anyone and likes watching an anime series called Magical Powered Kanamin. She has strong feelings towards Tōma and even confessed her love after hearing Tōma lost his memories because of her, however he avoided answering by changing the theme of the talk since he has no idea about what kind of feelings he used to have with Index.
When she returns to England, she is sought out by Fiamma who wants her knowledge and reactivates John's Pen mode through her remote control spiritual item. Later during her stay at Necessarius Headquarters at St. George Cathedral, she learns the bitter truth about Tōma when Fiamma reveals Tōma lied to her about his memories, which sends her on a rampage and grows angelic "Crimson Wings" and corners Stiyl with ease who tries to restrain her just by flapping her wings. She also has displayed the ability to summon legendary weapons and artifacts to attack, such as the "Sword of Freyr", the magic sword of the Harvest God from the Norse Mythology. After defeating Fiamma, Tōma releases Index's mind from Fiamma's control and both promises each other to meet again. At the end volume 22, she returns to St. George Cathedral with Stiyl to learn what happened to Tōma.
In New Testament volume 1, Accelerator briefly sees her in the crowd, and he notices that she does not seem to be her usual cheerful self.

Mikoto Misaka

Voiced by: Rina Satō
Mikoto Misaka (御坂 美琴 Misaka Mikoto?) is one of the series' main heroines, as well as the main protagonist of the side story, A Certain Scientific Railgun. Her parents are Tabigake and Misuzu Misaka, which her father is a prominent businessman and millionaire. Despite her rich background, she grew up in a normal typical childhood.
At a young age, she was discovered to be a Level 1 Electromaster, espers who have the ability to generate and control electricity, and see beyond the visible electromagnetic spectrum. She enrolled into Academy City to train her powers and worked very hard until her powers were ranked Level 5, the highest esper ranking, with her being the third strongest of the seven espers with this rank. As an electromaster, she can generate and manipulate electricity which she can use to shock opponents, hack into electronics like computer networks and security systems, and use electromagnetism to cling to surfaces or manipulate iron particles into a chain-sword whip. Mikoto's signature move is her ability to shoot metal projectiles such as coins at high destructive speeds, hence her nickname, "The Railgun". If she is in a bad mood, she will sometimes let out bursts of electricity describing her emotional stress, usually resulting in power failures or in worse cases, a thunder storm that causes citywide blackouts.
Mikoto attends Tokiwadai Middle School, a famous girls' school for the rich and elite psychics and one of the five elite schools of Academy City. To most people, she is considered a proper lady, but in reality, she has a short-tempered, prideful, and improper attitude with some tomboyish tendencies and insecurities, a fact few other characters know. She is fond of cute, childish things, such as flowery pajamas and Gekota, the popular frog mascot franchise. Contrary to what she claims, she has a strong sense of morals and hates injustice. Mikoto has a one-sided rivalry with Tōma, who nicknamed her "Biri Biri" (ビリビリ?, the Japanese onomatopoeia of electric shocks), ever since their first meeting before the events of the first novel when he first dissipated her electricity after he unsuccessfully tried to rescue her. Since that incident, she is always trying to have a proper match with Tōma and defeat him despite his many attempts to avoid conflict with her.
When Mikoto was young, she was tricked into giving the city's scientist her DNA under the pretense of finding the cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy; their actual goal to create military-grade combat clones of her. When it was discovered that the clones did not have the same power level as Mikoto, they were instead used in a Project called "Level 6 Shift", intended to make Accelerator the first level 6 esper by having him kill 20,000 clones. The events of how Mikoto tried to stop the project are briefly mentioned in the third novel and expanded upon in the Railgun manga. When all of her attempts failed, she contemplates letting herself be killed by Accelerator, as an unexpected variable to destroy Tree Diagram's calculations. However, it is not until Tōma intervenes and beats Accelerator, proving him to be really weak, that the project is canceled and the remaining 9969 surviving Sisters are spared.
After the events of the third novel, she eventually develops strong romantic feelings towards Tōma but is unable to express them due to her insecurities and the fact other girls are also interested in him. Even though she and Tōma tend to bicker and argue with each other, they share a somewhat friendly relationship. During the events of the 14th novel, she calls Tōma, who is on a trip to Avignon, France when he is attacked by Terra of the Left. Even though his cellphone is damaged, Mikoto is still able to listen and is shocked to hear from Terra that Tōma actually lost his memories and has been hiding this fact from his friends all this time. Confused, she confronts Tōma when he returns to Academy City in the 16th novel. After that, Mikoto overcomes her initial confusion regarding her concern for him and realizes she loves Tōma. She reappears in volume 20, when upon learning Russia might launch missiles against Academy City and seeing Tōma in a live TV report at Russia, Mikoto heads to Russia after hijacking a jet from the Academy City Invasion Force ordered to find and capture Tōma. After arriving in Russia, she and Misaka 10777 heads towards a nuclear military base to stop the missiles from launching. Near the end of volume 22, she tries to rescue Tōma from the falling Star of Bethlehem but he stays behind in order to stop an Archangel. After the Star's destruction, she tries to find him but only finds his cellphone strap.
After the Third World War, Mikoto returns to Academy City in a depressed state over failing to save Tōma but is relieved when she is reunited with Toma who survived after returning to Academy City.


Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Accelerator (一方通行 Akuserarēta?) is the most powerful Psychic in Academy City. His real name is unknown, though Accelerator recalls his surname was composed of two characters and his given name consisted of three characters. First appearing as an antagonist of the third light novel, he later becomes a main protagonist in the science side of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series in a notable number of volumes of the light novels.[1] His name is written as "Ippōtsūkō", meaning "One-Way Road".
A sadistic, albino boy about the same age as Tōma. His level 5 ability allows him to reflect or control any vector he touches including motion, heat, electricity, blood flow and wind.
Accelerator's unique ability make him the subject of an experiment attempting to create the first Level 6 psychic; according to the city's best supercomputer, Tree Diagram (which was unprecedentedly destroyed by Index's Dragon Breath), this feat could only be achieved by killing 128 skilled Level 5 psychics without a single failure. Since there are only six other known Level 5s in Academy City, an alternative plan was formed to "level up" Accelerator by having him kill 20,000 skilled Level 3 psychics: the Misaka clones. He willingly joins the experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared psychic that no one would be foolish enough to challenge and even killed many who got in his way. Mikoto tries to stop the experiment to save her sisters, but it is Tōma who finally does so and defeats Accelerator after discovering his weakness: Accelerator was physically weak because of his total reliance on his powers and his overconfidence in his psychic abilities resulted in his defeat as Tōma beat him with his Imagine Breaker and street-fighting skills.
After his defeat in volume three of the light novels, he reappears in the fifth novel where his past was also revealed. He was taken to Academy City at a young age when his powers were first discovered but due to a lack understanding of his powers, people fear him and in some cases tried to kill him. Due to the many attempts on his life and the numerous experiments perform on him, these events shaped Accelerator into a sadist and made him hard to trust anyone except for Kikyou Yoshikawa, the only scientist who ever cared about him and saved his life. He also takes a more heroic role by protecting a young girl named Last Order, the last Misaka clone who believes through the memories of the Sister clones who fought him, Accelerator is not bad person and actually never wanted to hurt the clones and tried frightening or telling them not to fight him, a theory Accelerator dismisses. In the aftermath of the incident, Accelerator is shot in the head by Ao Amai, damaging his brain. This forces him to use a cane and to compensate the lost parts of his brain with a choker-type electrode conected to the Misaka Network, but the battery of the electrode can only allow him to use his ability for 15 minutes. Toward the end of volume 13, Accelerator begins to "awaken" after nearly being killed by Amata Kihara and truly "awakens" in volume 15, gaining Black Wings and his lost brain functions, when fighting another "awakened" level 5, Teitoku Kakine showing he no longers needs to touch in order to use his powers. In the events of the 19th novel he meets Aiwass, a higher dimensional being, summoned to their plane of existence. Aiwass explains to him when AIM entities like him are manifested, Last Order is heavily strained and may die if left untreated. To help Last Order, who has collapsed from sustaining Aiwass, Accelerator follows Aiwass advice and heads to Russia during World War III in search of Index, unaware that he has met her before.
In Russia, after being ambushed by Russian mages, he acquires the "Goatskin", a mysterious document sought after by both Academy City and the Russian government that has the knowledge about the Archangels and Heaven, and later runs into a Misaka Worst clone, learning that Aleister intends to eliminate Last Order, now obsolete to create a new Misaka network. Despite being more powerful than Misaka Worst, Accelerator is unable to bring himself to harm another Sister clone after the Level 6 experiment and becomes mentally unstable after the clone attempts to kill Last Order and later tries to kill herself. Accelerator goes on a rampage until Tōma arrives where he turns his frustration regarding Last Order's condition onto Tōma and a fight ensues between the two. After Accelerator is defeated again, Tōma uses his Imagine Breaker to stabilize Last Order and leaves a note informing him of Index's true whereabouts. Later, he joins forces with Elizarinian soldiers and Misaka Worst to find spies in their country, and fought Archangel Gabriel along with Hyōka, where after studying the Goatskin, he learns to understand the angels language and turning himself into an angel as a side effect. With his new powers, he is able to decode one of Index's songs and was finally able to cure Last Order but is injured in the process.
After the Third World War, Accelerator is given his freedom with the help of Shiage, after he threatens the Academy City's administration to leave him, Last Order and Misaka Worst alone and orders them to stop all illegal black projects in the city. However, both he and Shiage actions anger a new group of espers called the "Freshmen" who are aware of the existences of Magic and sees them as an obstacle in Academy City's war against the Magic factions. After being helped by Tōma and Leivinia Bardway, the latter invites him to join the world of Magic.

Shiage Hamazura

Voiced by: Satoshi Hino
Shiage Hamazura (浜面 仕上 Hamazura Shiage?) is a former member of Skill-Out, a group of Level 0s who use various means to counter esper abilities, who accidentally gets caught up with the Dark side of Academy City. He is first introduced in the Side Story novels where he became the leader of his Skill-Out gang after Accelerator killed the former leader, his best friend Ritoku Komaba on the orders of the Board of Directors. On the same day he became the new leader, his gang was forced by the Board of Directors to kill Mikoto's mother, Misuzu or face extermination. However, he and his gang were defeated by Tōma and Accelerator and they failed to kill Misuzu. Humiliated, he left the gang to his friend Hattori Hanzo and became a chauffeur and informant for Team ITEM where he fell in love with one of their members, Rikō Takitsubo.
As a Skill-Out gangster, he follows the gangs rules of not hurting innocents. While not nice or idealistic, he is smart yet acts on his own desires. In battle, he prefers to avoid fighting or to finish the fight as quickly as possible. He gets very embarrassed on sex-related issues.
During the 15th novel, Team ITEM is involved in a war between the various underground organization where Shiage helps them by providing transport by stealing cars around the city. But when Team ITEM is defeated by Team SCHOOL led by its leader, Teitoku Kakine, Shizuri Mugino, the leader of Team ITEM, wants revenge for being humiliated no matter what and forces an injured Rikō to use her powers to find Teitoku despite the fact that repeated use of her powers will kill her. In order to save Rikō, Shiage fights against Shizuri and despite the odds, he manages to defeat Shizuri by using her pride and powers against her. However, this unexpected incident becomes a torn in Aleister's plans as there was no way Shiage could defeat Shizuri as she is a Level 5. Seeing him as a unpredictable anomaly that will disrupt his future plans, Aleister puts a bounty on Shiage and orders the forces of Academy City's dark side to kill him. Ironically, he is saved by Shizuri, who survived their battle and now has a sense of twisted love for him (declaring she will castrate him as her sign of affection). She lets him and Rikō escape Academy City by stealing a jet and shoots down his pursuers, declaring that he is her prey and her's alone.
Shiage and Rikō escapes to Russia only to find themselves in a war between Academy City and Russia. After being saved by Acqua of the Back, Shiage and Rikō heads to the nation of Elizarina where Rikō is partially healed by Accelerator and aids Acqua. In order to protect a document called the Kremlin Report, Shiage and Rikō heads towards the same nuclear military base that Mikoto went while they being chased by Academy City forces and later Shizuri. However Shizuri collapses from over-exhaustion as her fragile body is suffering from the effects of using too much Body Clear, a dangerous drug that Rikō uses to activate her powers. Unable to see her this way, Shiage begs Shizuri to let go of her pride and see reason and be the Shizuri that use to care for her teammates which strokes a cord within her and makes peace with him as she protects him and Rikō from the rest of the invading Academy City forces. After capturing a member of the Board of Directors who led the Academy City forces and torturing him, he reveals to Shiage a document called the Parameter List, which reveals that the Academy City administration has been secretly interfering with the Power Curriculum Program and preventing most of the city's students from gaining or raising their powers.
After the Third World War, Shiage is given amnesty and the assassination order on him removed thanks to Accelerator and makes a deal with the Academy City's administration, where he will not expose the truth about the Parameter List and he, along with Rikō and Shizuri are allowed to return to Academy City to reform Team ITEM. However, his and Accelerator's actions have made them enemies with a new group of espers called the "Freshmen" which is aware of the existence of Magic who sees both of them as an obstacle in Academy City's war against the Magic factions. After Tōma and Leivinia help him and Accelerator against the "Freshmen", Tōma introduces them to the world of Magic.

Academy City

Students and residents

A Certain Highschool

The unnamed high school that Tōma and his friends attend.

Motoharu Tsuchimikado (土御門 元春 Tsuchimikado Motoharu?)
Voiced by: Anri Katsu
A blonde teenager who is always seen with sunglasses and wearing an Aloha shirt. He is a friend and classmate of Tōma who just happens to be his next-door neighbor at the dormitory they're staying at. He unashamedly has a crush on his step-sister Maika and often ends his sentences with 'nya' (the Japanese equivalent of 'meow'.) While he seem like a normal, average teenager, there's more to him than meets the eye. Secretly, Tsuchimikado is actually a former agent of Necessarius who became a freelance spy for Necessarius, Academy City, and other unknown organizations; the leaders of both Necessarius and Academy City are both aware of this but have decided to let him be for the time being. His sorcery name is Fallere825, "The blade to stab the back" (背中刺す刃 Senaka Sasu Yaiba?).
He was formerly a skilled Onmyōji as his family are descendants of Abe no Seimei but gave up his abilities when he went under the ESP development curriculum. He has a younger step-sister named Maika, whom he is also in love with, and for this he is known as the Shisukon Gunsō (シスコン軍曹 "Sis-con Sergeant"?). He is also a member of one of Academy City's secret organizations, the "GROUP".
His ESP ability is the Level 0 Auto Regeneration (肉体再生 Nikutai Saisei?, lit. "Body Regeneration"). Due to this power, he can still use magic as he can repair the damage done to his body, making him the only successful psychic/magician hybrid. Despite these advantages, he avoids using magic except in the most desperate situations as he cannot avoid the extreme pain caused by using it.
Blue hair and piercings (青髪ピアス Aogami Piasu?)
Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara
Tōma's friend and classmate whose real name is unknown. A funny individual who tends to notice Tōma's bad luck, and has calls him "Kami-yan" in a different way. He is a self-confessed pervert, lolicon, and masochist who enjoys being punished by his teacher, Tsukuyomi. He is always seen with Motoharu. He, Motoharu, and Tōma are known as the three idiots in their class as not only do they have the lowest test scores, but they are also Level 0s (though the latter two have good reasons for being that way).
Seiri Fukiyose (吹寄 制理 Fukiyose Seiri?)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura
Tōma's classmate, Aisa's best friend, and their class representative. She hates people who give up on their life and blame their bad luck like Tōma yet she secretly has a crush on him. She is described as a girl who is "pretty but lacks sex appeal". A health-product freak, she is frequently ordering different health products from shopping channels. Her abilities have yet to be revealed.

Nagatenjōki Academy

One of the top five most prestigious schools in Academy City, supposedly the number one. Unlike Tokiwadai, entry is not restricted to just espers but normal students with no powers are allowed admittance as well. It was also stated to have beaten Tokiwadai in last year's Daihaisai Festival.

Shinobu Nunotaba (布束 砥信 Nunotaba Shinobu?)
Shinobu is a student from Nagatenjōki Academy, who worked on the Sisters' Radio Noise experiment before it was shut down. She was called again when the Sisters project was revived to be used for the Level 6 Shift program. However, when she noticed the Sisters clones had something of a conscience, she was unable to see them as objects anymore. She attempted to stop the experiments by using envelopes containing cash cards to lure in witnesses in the unwatched alleyways, where the Sisters would fight Accelerator.
She does not appear to have any powers, but uses good acting to invoke fear into people and make them believe she has a deadly one. It is through her that Mikoto learns about the Sisters experiment. She later infiltrates one of the remaining facilities involved with the Sisters project with the hope of installing fear emotions into the Sisters in order to cast doubt and question the morality of the experiment among the scientists involved. However, she was captured by Saiai Kinuhata and her program was apprehended by Last Order before it could spread through the Misaka Network. Her current fate is unknown.

Tokiwadai Middle School

Tokiwadai Middle School (常盤台中学 Tokiwadai Chūgaku?) is one of the elite five schools of Academy City. This elite girls middle school is located within District 7, the School Garden. As one of the most renowned girl schools in the world, all of the students come from rich backgrounds and are at least Level 3 espers, a requirement to enroll there. The school has the honor of having two of the level 5's studying there.

Mikoto Misaka
Kuroko Shirai (白井 黒子 Shirai Kuroko?)
Voiced by: Satomi Arai
Mikoto's kōhai in Tokiwadai Middle School; a protagonist in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and main character in the eighth volume of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels. A Level 4 "Teleport" (空間移動 Kūkan Idō?, Spatial Movement), she is a member of Judgment, a special public committee group whose duty is to maintain peace and order in Academy City. She has an obsessive, perverted crush on Mikoto, who she calls "Onee-sama" (big sister) and is on the constant lookout for a chance to get physically intimate with her (which is rarely appreciated). She tends to get jealous towards other people who get Mikoto's attention; which usually ends up being Tōma.
Her powers are instant teleportation, which allows her to teleport herself and/or anything she touches under a total weight of around 130-137 kilograms to anywhere within a radius of around 81-85 meters. She generally carries a strap of nails around her leg that she can teleport to pin down enemies. Teleporting objects into other objects displaces them, allowing her to cut through hard objects like giant concrete pillars with just a sheet of glass. One disadvantage of her power is the concentration required to perform, for any disturbance in her concentration will make her powers useless.
Mitsuko Kongō (婚后 光子 Kongō Mitsuko?)
Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki
A Level 4, 2nd year transfer student of Tokiwadai Middle School. As Kuroko's rival, she is confident, boastful, and desires to become a Level 5. Although she if often boastful about her abilities, she usually finds herself the victim of several attacks. Like all Tokidawai students, she lives in one of the school's dormitories albeit her dormitory is located within the School Garden District.
Her ability is called "Aero Hand" (空力使い Kūriki Tsukai?, Aerodynamic Touch) which with any object she touches, a powerful gust of wind will take form, propelling it like a missile. She also owns a pet snake named Ekaterina. She originally appears in the eighth novel and makes her first animated appearance in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, though appears much later on in the manga.
Maaya Awatsuki (泡浮 万彬 Awatsuki Maaya?) and Kinuho Wannai (湾内 絹保 Wannai Kinuho?)
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjō and Haruka Tomatsu
Maaya and Kinuho are Kuroko's classmates who reside in the same dorms as Mitsuko. They are members of the swim club with Kinuho having the ability of aquakinesis, which gives her control over water. Kinuho was once saved from some thugs by Mikoto and is thankful to Mikoto on what she did. They are often seen hanging around Mitsuko.
Misaki Shokuhō (食蜂 操祈 Shokuhō Misaki?)
A mysterious Level 5 Tokiwadai student that goes under the alias "The Queen". Her ability is Mental Out (心理掌握 Shinri Shōaku?, Psychological Grip), the ultimate form of telepathy which includes reading other people's memories, changing a person's personality by means of brainwashing, telepathy, memory elimination, amplification of will, reproduction of thought and transplantation of emotions. She appears to activate this ability using a remote control-like device. However, this power does not work on people with electromagnetic properties, such as Mikoto. As one of the two Level 5s of Tokiwadai, her followers have a rivalry with Mikoto's fans. She never shows herself in public, instead using her followers or mind controlled people to act as her representatives when talking with individuals. While she has yet to appear in the novels, Misaki makes her official appearance in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga.

Kirigaoka Academy for Girls

Kirigaoka Academy for Girls (霧ヶ丘女学院 Kirigaoka Jyogakuin?) is one of the five elite schools of Academy City, this girls high school is unique as unlike other schools, only students with rare and unique powers are allowed to enrolled.

Aisa Himegami (姫神 秋沙 Himegami Aisa?)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
A quiet young girl with a rather blunt personality who wears miko attire. While she may seem normal, she is also known as Deep Blood (吸血殺し Kyūketsu Goroshi?, "Vampire Killer"), possessing the ability to kill vampires when they approach her, as her blood's smell attracts them. However, it made her miserable because it killed her family and friends that were turned into vampires. This prompts her to go to Academy City, hoping to find a way to get rid of her powers, until she meets the alchemist Aureolus Izzard. She cooperates with him because he told her that her blood can be used to save the life of a person he cared for (Index) in return for helping her get rid of her powers.
When Aureolus learns Index's life was already saved by Tōma and tries to kill him, Aisa attempts to defend Tōma, which prompts Aureolus to use his alchemy to try to kill her as she was now useless to him. Her life was saved by Tōma who dispelled the spell on her with his right hand. When she asks Tōma about why he saved her, he told her that he did not have a reason to rescue her. After the incident, she lives with Tōma and Index but later moves to Komoe's apartment and wears a magical power-blocking cross, which enables her to live what she had always wanted: a normal life. She initially attends Kirigaoka Academy, but transfers to Tōma's school when her sponsor, Aureolus, mysteriously disappears, thus ending her enrollment at Kirigaoka. Ever since Tōma saved her life, Aisa started to have feelings for him, which is ironic as she once joked that Tōma's life was like a dating sim. It is later revealed that Aisa is a Gemstone, a codename for espers who were born with unique powers.
Hyōka Kazakiri (風斬 氷華 Kazakiri Hyōka?)
Voiced by: Kana Asumi
She is Index's first "friend" in Academy City. Gentle but shy, not much is known about her aside from the fact that she was a top student at Kirigaoka, according to Aisa. Her ability is Counter Stop (正体不明 Shōtai Fumei?, "Unknown Identity"). Details about her level are unknown but it could be high, since it was mentioned that she was among Kirigaoka's top psychics. It is later revealed that she is not a human at all but instead an algorithm of the city's psychic's AIM with a conscious. The nature of her being leads her to be indestructible, as she can recreate any damage done to her body and lift objects several times her size, though she would cease to exist if Tōma were to ever touch her with Imagine Breaker. When not physically manifested, she exists in a realm called the Imaginary Number District which she calls 'the city of shimmers', a hidden dimension within the city. During the 12th novel, she returns but as "FUSE=Kazakiri", her artificial angel mode where she is summoned by the Academy City Board of Directors who forcefully control her to stop an attack by Vento of the Front. She reappears again in the 20th novel and flies to Russia in FUSE=Kazakiri mode to stop Fiamma plans and save Index albeit this time on her own accord. She, along with Accelerator, fights against Archangel Gabriel.
Awaki Musujime (結標 淡希 Musujime Awaki?)
Voiced by: Harumi Sakurai
A sophomore attending Kirigaoka Academy for Girls. She is a Level 4 esper with her teleport ability, Move Point (座標移動 Zahyō Idō?, "Move Target"). Her teleportation powers are more powerful than Kuroko as she can teleport anything weighing up to 4,500kg without even touching it by a distance up to 800 meters. However, due to a past trauma where she miscalculated and teleported her leg inside a wall, accidentally tearing her leg skin and muscles out from the wall and almost dying, she has a fear of using her powers on herself and feels physically ill whenever she is forced to teleport herself. This fear prevents her from becoming a Level 5. Awaki made a cameo appearance in the episode "Unknown Entity (Counter Stop)" in the first anime season but officially appeared in the 8th novel and the episode "Wreckage (Remnant)" in the second anime season where she steals a remnant of the destroyed Tree Diagram and confronts Kuroko and Mikoto. However, she is beaten by Accelerator and the remnant is destroyed. Awaki is one of the guides to the windowless building where Aleister Crowley resides. She is also living with Komoe Tsukuyomi. Later, she is blackmailed to join team GROUP.

Sakugawa Middle School

An ordinary middle school where two of the protagonists from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun are enrolled.

Kazari Uiharu (初春 飾利 Uiharu Kazari?)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
Kuroko's friend and colleague in Judgment and another protagonist in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, who also makes small appearances in Index. She is a Level 1 esper who goes to Sakugawa Middle school and is known for wearing a headband made of flowers on her head (and sometimes a surgical mask, as she constantly suffers the flu in the manga). Usually shy and humble, her personality will quickly change to overly excited especially if it concerns the life of the upper class, especially anything involving Tokiwadai. A running gag about her is that she has a sweet tooth for desserts but is often called away for Judgment duties before she can enjoy them. She displays various skills with the use of computers, such as repelling hackers and gathering intel. In several omake manga chapters, it is joked that her ability is to control plants, but in the anime, it is revealed that her ability is "Thermal Hand" (定温保存 Teion Hozon?, "Fixed Temperature Preservation"), which keeps anything she touches at a constant temperature. Since she cannot handle hot or cold things, she limits this ability to warm things.
Ruiko Saten (佐天 涙子 Saten Ruiko?)
Voiced by: Kanae Itō
A Level 0 classmate and friend of Kazari's and another protagonist in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Known for wearing a flower on the left side of her hair, she is rather shameless as she tends to flip Kazari's skirt in public and comment on her panties. She likes to read up on urban legends, most of which turn out to be true. Despite her cheeky personality, inside she is a bit disheartened about having no psychic potential. When rumors of a special tool that increases psychic powers called the "Level Upper" spread, she stumbles upon it by chance and uses it out of envy, consequently winding up in a coma. She gradually recovers thanks to the efforts of Mikoto, Kazari and Level Upper's creator. Whilst under Level Upper's power, her ability was shown to manipulate wind. Her experience during the Level Upper incident made her appreciated for who and what she is and has made her determined to work hard to achieve her powers. She first appears Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga and anime and makes a cameo appearance in the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series.
Erii Haruue (春上 衿衣 Haruue Erii?)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
A transfer student and a Level 2 telepath who becomes Kazari's roommate in the Railgun anime adaptation, able to receive thoughts, but not broadcast them. She is a "Child Error", a term for children whose parents stop paying for their children education at Academy City and abandoned them. She keeps a pendant with a photo of her childhood friend and fellow Child Error, Banri Edasaki, who was one of Harumi Kiyama's students who fell into a coma. Due to her telepathic nature, Erii can sometime hear Banri's voice, though this causes her to fall into a daze. Her telepathy is very unusual as under certain circumstances, her powers can rise higher to a level 4 power. Her unique powers was the reason later in the Railgun anime that she is kidnapped by the MAR as she has the potential to become a Level 6 under the Level 6 Ability Crystal Project. However, she is saved by Mikoto and her friends and is reunited with Banri.

Other schools

Maika Tsuchimikado (土御門 舞夏 Tsuchimikado Maika?)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen
Motoharu's younger step-sister. She wears a maid attire as a student of Ryoran Maid School and rides on top of a cleaning bot. She has a friendly relationship with Tōma and knows that he has two girls (Index and Aisa) living with him but keeps the secret between her and Tōma and is a good friend of Mikoto and Kuroko as she works at their dormitory. Even though she lives in her school's dormitory, she sometimes goes to live at her brother's apartment; for instance she once stays at said residence because her dormitory's air conditioner breaks down. She is openly interested in manga and stories with Yaoi or brother-sister romance.
Mitsuki Unabara (海原 光貴 Unabara Mitsuki?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio
The grandson of the principal of Tokiwadai and is a Level 4 Telekinetic. He first appears in the 5th novel and the anime episode "Fake (Replica)." He attempts to ask Mikoto out on a date and follows her wherever she goes, unnerving her to the point of asking Tōma to pretend to be her boyfriend so Mitsuki will give up. In reality, this "Mitsuki" is actually an impostor named Etzali who kidnapped the real Mitsuki and took his appearance. The real Mitsuki manages to escape and warns Mikoto. Kuroko reveals to Tōma that the real Mitsuki is not terribly intelligent, having obtained his grades by using his telekinetic esper abilities to reverse engineer answers from a computer's radiation and heat emissions.
Mii Konori (固法 美偉 Konori Mii?)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
A high school student and Chief of the 177th Branch of Judgment where Kazari and Kuroko work. As their sempai before becoming chief, she tries to make sure both girls do their work at Judgment seriously and at the same time wants them to be safe. She is a Level 3 esper with a power called "Clairvoyance" (透視系能力 (クレアボイアンス) Tōshi Kei Nōryoku?, "X-Ray System Ability") which gives her X-ray vision, allowing her to spot concealed weapons. In the past, she used to be a member of a Skill-Out gang called Big Spider to find a purpose in her life. It was there where she met and fell in love with Wataru Kurozuma, the leader of the Big Spider's. But after his supposed "death" two years ago, the incident made her change her ways and become the Judgment member she is now.
Miho Jūfuku (重福 省帆 Jūfuku Miho?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura
Miho is a student of Sekishi Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. Her ability is "Dummy check" (視覚阻害 (ダミーチェック) Shikaku Sogai?, "Visual Inhibition"), which allows her to become invisible to the human eye, but not objects like cameras and mirrors. After being dumped by her boyfriend for a Tokiwadai student because of her weird eyebrows, she uses the Level Upper to enhance her ability to attack Tokiwadai students and draw huge eyebrows on their forehead. Following the Level Upper incident, she later has a crush on Ruiko and is usually shy around her and has since been exchanging letters with her.
Banri Edasaki (枝先 絆理 Edasaki Banri?)
Voiced by: Satomi Satō
A Child Error who was one of Harumi Kiyama's students. Harumi was very fond of her, and she was one of the ten participants in the experiment that led to her and her classmates falling into a coma. This incident was the reason that Harumi created the Level Upper Network in order to find a way to cure them. In the anime, she is still be able to telepathically communicate her childhood friend Erii, whose also telepathic. After the Level Upper incident, Harumi along with the help of Heavens Canceler, was able to gather all of her students in order to find a way to cure them but were later taken under the MAR's jurisdiction who unknown to both of them, the organization was planning to use the children in the Level 6 Ability Crystal Project as the head of the project was the grandchild of the man who put Banri and her classmates into a coma in the first place. The children are saved from the MAR by Mikoto and her friends and are finally awaken from their coma and reunited with their teacher Harumi. Banri (with Erii) and the children were last seen in an hospital recuperating while they watch a "Happy Birthday" message by them on an Information Blimp to Harumi who is also recovering.
Nayuta Kihara (木原 那由他 Kihara Nayuta?)
Introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun mini novel written by Ryohgo Narita. She is a member of Judgment who has an ability to control another person AIM fields. She is related to the Kihara family as she is Gensei's granddaughter and Amata's niece. While looking like an ordinary girl, Nayuta is actually a cyborg due to her grandfather's experiments.


Skill-Outs are Level 0 gangs who often use various means to fight espers to compensate for their lack of powers.

Shiage Hamazura

Wataru Kurozuma (黒妻 綿流 Kurozuma Wataru?)
Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi
The former leader of "Big Spider", a Skill-out gang, in the Railgun anime. He is notable for having a large spider tattoo on his back and enjoys drinking milk. Two years ago, he meet Mii when his gang protected a little boy from another gang and had her join Big Spider, even when he found out later that Mii was an esper. He supposedly died in a fire when he tried to rescue his friend Hebitani but in reality, he was actually hospitalized and detained until recently. When he learns that the Big Spider's have abandoned their Skill-Out ideals and become a ruthless gang harassing innocents, he decides to end the gang for good by himself. With the help of Mii, Kuroko and Mikoto, they were able to defeat the gang and stop the new leader of Big Spider, Hebitani. After all the Big Spider members are arrested, he decides to turn himself in to Mii. He is a highly skilled brawler, capable of fighting against large number of armed opponents.

Academy City's Level 5s

Within Academy City, the Level 5s are the most powerful psychics in the city. The following are the currently known Level 5s, starting from the strongest:
  1. Accelerator
  2. Teitoku Kakine
  3. Mikoto Misaka
  4. Shizuri Mugino
  5. Misaki Shokuhō
  6. Not yet revealed.
  7. Gunha Sogiita (削板 軍覇 Sogiita Gunha?)
One of the Level 5s in the city. Also known as "Attack Crash", he is commonly shown wearing a white headband, a white coat, and a white shirt with the Japanese sun on it. Having his powers since birth, he is considered Academy City's strongest Gemstone. No one has a clear understanding of his ability, not even himself. However, his powers allow him to create a strange explosion around himself that pushes people away, endure normally fatal damage, perform physical combat with double the speed of sound, cover his whole body with an unknown forcefield, and use a projectile-force which he calls "Amazing Punch". Due to a misunderstanding involving nine Misaka Sister clones, he fights against a powerful magician named Ollerus, but is defeated.


Introduced in the third story arc of the series, they are Mikoto Misaka's clones, which Tōma refers to as Misaka's little sisters (御坂妹 Misaka imōto?). Unlike Mikoto, they seem rather quiet and emotionless, their voice is rather monotonous and computer-like and they talk in third person by adding a description of themselves after they finish talking. Also, they wear a special set of goggles that enables them to see electron beams and magnetic field lines for the reason that, unlike Mikoto, they do not have that ability.
Even though they have a weaker variant of Mikoto's electric abilities (Level 3), the Sisters' minds are connected by a special psychic ability called Radio Noise (欠陥電気 Kekkan Denki?, "Flawed Electric"), which enables their brainwaves to become electric signals; this allows them to share their thoughts and memories within their communication network, also known as the Misaka Network. Being rapidly manufactured clones, the Sisters rarely change their facial expression because they have not learned how to. Due to minds having connected to the Misaka Network, most of the Sisters never considered themselves human, yet some of them had slight difference in personalities.
Originally, it was intended that the Sisters were created as efficient Level 5 combat clones for the Military under Project Radio Noise, but the project was halted when the Sisters were revealed to be weaker and were only Level 2 and 3. The Sisters were later used in another project called "Level 6 Shift", where about 20,000 clones were created in total and were used to be killed by the participant who might become the first Level 6 psychic, Accelerator. By the time of third novel, 10,031 were killed in the experiment before it was finally stopped by Tōma and Mikoto. After the Level 6 Shift experiment fails, all 9969 surviving Sisters are ordered back to research centers around the world to have "readjustments" so that they will have normal life spans. The Sisters later began showing their own unique personalities to differentiate themselves after learning how to 'disconnect' from the Network and keeping their own private memories inaccessible to the others in the Network.
The following Sisters have the most prominence in the series:
Misaka 10032 (ミサカ10032号?)
Voiced by: Nozomi Sasaki
Misaka 10032, also known as Misaka Imōto, is the most prominent clone that is most featured in the series. She is known for having a soft spot for cats, while she herself has a pet black kitten. She was the second sister clone that Tōma met. Due to the many interactions she had with him, 10032 wonder why she thought about him so much. Misaka 10032 was Accelerator's latest target in the Level 6 experiment, but Tōma managed to stop him. Confused, she asks why he did it since she was a clone, to which he replied that even though she was a clone, she was still an individual with a life. His words (along with Mikoto's) affect her so much that she and the Sisters decide to help Tōma during his fight against Accelerator.
After the Level 6 experiment was canceled, she was one of ten Sisters to stay in Academy City while the rest went overseas around the world for treatment. She later falls in love with Tōma and receives a heart necklace from him (so he will not mistake her for the original Mikoto), which she treasures.
Last Order (打ち止め Rasuto Ōdā?)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
Misaka clone No. 20001. She is the administrator of the Misaka Network and the fail-safe mechanism in case the Sisters got out of control. She is not designed to function independently and survive for long outside a culture container and appears to be only about ten years old. Due to intercepting an emotion program Shinobu Nunotaba intended to install into all of the clones, she is capable of showing emotions unlike the other sisters and has a close relationship with Mikoto, Misaka Imōto, Accelerator and her adult guardians, Aiho and Kikyō. Like her older clone sisters, she speaks in third person with a description, except she says "Misaka" twice. She has all of the memories of the Misaka clones and has observed Accelerator through this method, posing a theory that Accelerator did not actually want to do the Level 6 Shift experiment. Her name is written as "Uchidome", meaning "The End".
Accelerator meets Last Order when she follows him home one day after he fends off a bunch of street thugs hearing of his defeat against a Level 0. Though Accelerator tries to dissuade her from hanging around him, she persists in following him around because she wants someone to keep her company. She is later kidnapped by Ao Amai so he can infect the Misaka clones to possibly go on a rampage and attack people. Accelerator manages to stop him but gets injured in the process. Last Order and Accelerator are put under the care of Aiho after the incident. Accelerator does all he can to protect her since she is the first person in his life who requested his help. Throughout the story, she remains with Accelerator and has been involved in situations relating to him. After Accelerator's confrontation with Aiwass, she is left in critical condition. However, Accelerator brings Last Order with him to Russia in hopes of finding Index, who may have the knowledge to cure her.
Misaka 9982 (ミサカ9982号?)
Introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, she was the first Sister clone Mikoto met. While she was similar to the other clones, 9982 had a rather unusual personalty, as she was very interested in the outside world. She was very snarky to people, often giving long detailed critiques on their taste in food. The one thing that she desired was to meet her older "sister", Mikoto, the girl whom she was cloned from. Upon their first meeting, the two had an awful start due 9982's refusal to reveal to Mikoto what the Sisters were involved in, but they both later bonded somewhat after Mikoto gave her a Gekota badge.
Sadly, the meeting would be their last as 9982 was scheduled to fight Accelerator that day. Despite being horribly beaten, including having her leg ripped off, 9982 appreciated the time she spent with Mikoto in her last moments. She died, crushed by a passenger car thrown by Accelerator, still clutching the first and only gift she received from Mikoto.
Full-Tuning (00000号 Furu Chūningu?)
Serial-number 00000 of "The Sisters", designed by Ao Amai. As her serial number suggests, she is a prototype clone and the "first" Sister clone. Her details and whereabouts are unknown.
Misaka Worst (番外個体 Misaka Wāsuto?)
The Misaka Worst are a group of specially designed 2nd generation clones of Mikoto that appear in volume 20. Unlike the 1st generation Sister clones who were Level 3 espers and were designed as combat units, these new clones are higher, Level 4 espers and were specially created for special operations; as such, they are well-equipped with battle gear, gliders, and combat masks. Their appearance is that of a slightly older Mikoto with a darker appearance and personality in contrast to the 1st generation clones, whom show little emotion. Academy City deploys one of the Misaka Worst in their war against Russia, where she attempts to assassinate Last Order. Accelerator tries to stop her without killing her as he does not want to harm another Sister again. After finally subduing the Misaka Worst assassin, he tries to eliminate her programming to make her harmless but she almost kills herself to prevent that, sending Accelerator into an emotional breakdown. Later in volume 21 novel, she makes peace with Accelerator by assisting him. Their names are written down as "Bangai Misaka" ("Extra Misaka").

Staff and administration


Komoe Tsukuyomi (月詠 小萌 Tsukuyomi Komoe?)
Voiced by: Kimiko Koyama
Tōma's homeroom teacher, whose house often becomes home to various others. Despite her childish and very short (135 cm) appearance, she is actually an adult whose apartment is littered with beer cans and cigarette packs, though she often contradicts her age by acting childish to her students and ending her sentences with desu, something a child usually does.[2] This irony means that she is often regarded as one of the seven great mysteries of Academy City. As a teacher, she doesn't have any esper abilities and is capable of assisting in magic spells, assisting Index when healing herself and assisting Stiyl when Aisa gets injured by Oriana. Her name is an aptronym as the character "" means "small" and the character "" means "moe".
Aiho Yomikawa (黄泉川 愛穂 Yomikawa Aiho?)
Voiced by: Yūko Kaida
A teacher at Tōma's school and a friend of Komoe. A beautiful, woman with glamorous proportions, she is always seen with a green jersey and is known to end her sentences with "Jan". As a member of the Anti-Skills, she is an active peacekeeper and cares deeply for the students of Academy City. As a favor to her old friend, Yomikawa is asked by Kikyō to take care of Accelerator and Last Order after they are released from the hospital.
Tsuzuri Tessō (鉄装 綴里 Tessō Tsuzuri?)
Voiced by: Aya Endo
A grade school teacher who wears glasses with a rather panicky personality and also a member of the Anti-Skills, where she normally partners with Yomikawa. Her lack of confidence makes her prone to messing up on the field. She enjoys beat-em-up games.
Suama Oyafune (親船 素甘 Oyafune Suama?)
One of the teachers at Tōma's school and also the daughter of Director Oyafune.


Kikyō Yoshikawa (芳川 桔梗 Yoshikawa Kikyō?)
Voiced by: Yumi Tōma
Academy City's researcher. She was in charge of the "Level 6 Shift" project. Even after the project was put to a stop, she kept herself in the laboratory, creating a vaccine for the virus program that Ao put in Last Order. She is shot by Ao while trying to protect Accelerator and Last Order but recovers and is later released from the hospital along with Accelerator and Last Order. Kikyō is the first adult Accelerator has ever respected due to a fact years ago, he was almost killed in an illegal experiment along with other children but was saved by the Anti-Skills led by Kikyō who raided the lab that perform the experiment. Since that incident, Accelerator owes his life to Kikyō.
Ao Amai (天井 亜雄 Amai Ao?)
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
A former researcher for "The Sisters" project. His specialty is creating personality data with self-learning capabilities. During the "Level 6 Shift" project, he was assigned to direct the experiments. Ao hoped the project was a success as he invested a lot of money into it but the project fails due to Tōma and Mikoto's intervention which left him with a large debt. In desperation, he agrees to join a rival organization outside of Academy City by giving them top secret data and as an act loyalty to his new benefactors, he plants a virus upon Last Order. However he plans are foiled by Accelerator but manages to shoot the esper in the head while the latter was busy saving Last Order. Before he gets the chance to finish Accelerator, he is shot by Kikyō. His fate remains unknown.
Harumi Kiyama (木山 春生 Kiyama Harumi?)
Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka
A scientist with disheveled hair and poor common sense, which is demonstrated when she stripped in front of others without thinking about it, a result of her years being a researcher. In Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, she is revealed to be the creator of the Level Upper, which functions as a network to connect the minds of psychics who use it. This is also revealed to be the source of her powers, because as the administrator of the Level Upper, she is able to access and control the powers of all the psychics linked to the network. Kiyama's intention is to use the network to save her students, a group of Child Errors that were used in an inhumane experiment that left them in a coma; she has resorted to such extreme measures because the city's administration refuses to allow her to use Tree Diagram to find a cure. However, when the network goes out of control, it creates a fetus-like creature known as AIM Burst; feeling responsible for creating it, she decide to sacrifice herself to stop it. Uiharu and Mikoto manages to convince her not to for the sake of her students and Mikoto defeats AIM Burst. After Kiyama is arrested by the Anti-skills, she promises Mikoto to find another way to saved her students but gives Mikoto a hint regarding the existence of the Sisters. She reappears later in the Railgun anime where she works with Heaven Canceler to find a cure for her students. However, whenever they are close to waking up, their powers overload and cause Poltergeist attacks throughout the city. With the help of Mikoto and her friends, she eventually finds a cure and reawakens her students.
Gensei Kihara (木原 幻生 Kihara Gensei?)
Voiced by: Binbin Takaoka
A senior scientist in neurology introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. He may look like a kind old man, but beneath this facade lies a heartless personality which has no problem of using the lives of innocent children, all in the name of science. As Harumi's former boss, he tricked her and her students into participating in an experiment intended to examine conditions where an Esper's AIM fields would go out of control and as a result, her students were left comatose. In the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, it is revealed that this experiment was part of a larger plan, the Level 6 Ability Crystal project, which aims to create a Level 6 Esper. Gensei theorizes those potential to be Level 6 Espers will reach that level when given Ability Crystals, a byproduct made from the essences and proteins of comatose espers as result of their AIM fields going out of control. His current whereabouts are unknown. As his surname suggest, he is the father of Amata Kihara.

Administration officials

Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor (常盤台の寮監 Tokiwadai no Ryōkan?)
Voiced by: Shizuka Okohira (Index), Hitomi Nabatame (Railgun)
The unnamed supervisor of the Tokiwadai Dorms who is very strict with the girls of the Tokiwadai dorms who in turn fear her greatly. She often punishes Mikoto and Kuroko for breaking the dorm rules (usually by snapping Kuroko's neck) and shows herself as a scary and fearsome women who does not tolerate rule breakers. Outside of the dorms, however, she helps Child Errors at an orphanage home, where she shows a much more friendly face.
Therestina Kihara Lifeline (テレスティーナ・木原・ライフライン Teresutīna Kihara Raifurain?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara
The director and team captain of the Multi Active Rescue or MAR, Academy City's SAR unit who appears in the anime adaptation of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. A kind and helpful woman, she generally carries around a tube of sweets that she enjoys eating and uses it to play guessing games with others. She and her MAR team work with the Anti-Skill's to investigate a series of earthquakes happening in Academy City which in reality are Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis incidents also called "The Poltergeists Incidents" while her team helps with the casualties cause by these incidents.
It is later revealed that she is Gensei Kihara's granddaughter and the first test subject in her grandfather's Ability Crystal experiment. Her kind personality is a facade and as she is actually a manipulative woman who enjoys insulting people. She tricks Mikoto into helping her hand over Kiyama's students to MAR to complete her grandfather's experiment. Like the rest of the MAR team, she uses a HsPS-15 Power Armor created by Academy City scientists with hers in Pink Camo paint, but later switches to a smaller and faster, purple colored variant of the HsPS-15 which is equipped with a Milkor MGL and a lance that also doubles as a Railgun. Therestina is the creator of the Capacity Down Sound System, which prevent Espers from using their powers properly, and was the one who gave out prototypes of the device to the Skill Out gang, Big Spider. Therestina's goal was to use Kiyama's students in the Ability Crystal experiment to make Erii into a Level 6 esper at the price of the destruction of Academy City. However, her plans are thwarted thanks to the combined efforts of Mikoto and her friends and is finally defeated by Mikoto. She is currently under the custody of the Anti-Skills.
Amata Kihara (木原 数多 Kihara Amata?)
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara
Introduced in Volume 12 of the novels, he is a former scientist who is now the Commander of the Hound Dogs, Academy City's Black Ops force. He was Accelerator's former guardian and teacher, however he constantly abused Accelerator with training that subjected him to various extreme experiments designed to kill him, all which left other participants dead, for the sake of teaching Accerlator how to use his powers properly. He reunites with his former student when the Hounds Dogs are ordered to kidnap Last Order from Accelerator. Amata proves to be a difficult opponent for Accelerator because of his thorough understanding of Accelerator's powers and is able to physically hit Accelerator repeatedly and even turn the Esper's power against him.
Heaven Canceler (冥土帰し Hevun Kyanserā?)
Voiced by: Yutaka Nakano
Often called "the Frog-Faced Doctor" by Tōma, he is an exceptionally gifted and benevolent physician who can cure any illness and heal any injury, even if it is terminal. He is only unable to heal specific brain-related injuries, such as the Tōma's destroyed memories and Accelerator's computation ability; however, in the latter case, he was able to configure Accelerator to control his powers with support from the Misaka Network. While he may seem just like any other normal doctor, this medical genius has influences in Academy City politics as he happens to be an acquaintance of the General Director of Academy City, Aleister Crowley as he manages the machines that extends Aleister's life span, while still supporting the foundation of the city itself. The doctor has followed the Hippocratic Oath faithfully and helps anyone no matter who they are and which side they come from. His name is written as "Meido-Gaeshi", meaning "Afterlife Returner".

Board of directors

The Board of Directors consists of twelve people who hold absolute authority in Academy City, with only the thirteenth director, the General Superintendent, above them. Under their administration, they govern the city's everyday activities from funding scientific projects and research to the welfare of its citizens.

Tsugutoshi Kaizumi (貝積 継敏 Kaizumi Tsugutoshi?)
An old scientist who is interested and the head of researching Gemstones espers. He wishes to bring all Gemstone espers to Academy City for research, yet at the same time believes their rights should be respected.
Monaka Oyafune (親船 最中 Oyafune Monaka?)
An elderly kind woman, Monaka is well respected by the student populace as she cares about the their welfare and has no interest in the political in-fighting between the other directors. Her daughter Suama, happens to be one of Tōma's teachers.
Shiokishi (潮岸?)
The director responsible for the city's military, including its armed forces and its Research and development of newer military technologies.
Thomas Platinaburg (トマス・プラチナバーグ Tomasu Purachinabāgu?)
One of the city's directors who secretly funds Team ITEM.
Aleister Crowley (アレイスター・クロウリー Areisutā Kurourī?)
Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki
Based on the late Aleister Crowley. He was once the greatest magician in modern magic history, where more than half of all modern magicians are affected by this man's established theories, and two-fifths of them are direct followers of his ways. Aleister stretched the boundaries of sorcery farther than the advances made in the last few millenia alone and written many top-class spellbooks like The Book of the Law. His death in 1947 shocked many but it was not the last the world had heard of him. In reality he faked his death to stop his obsessed fanatics following him and secretly went to Japan where during his journey, he met a doctor who he would later call Heaven Canceler. Years later, Aleister, Heaven Canceler and several powerful individuals combined their resources and influences to create one of the most technologically advanced city on Earth at western Tokyo, Academy City. By this time, rumors of Aleister still being alive led some mages to discover the truth. At first they were happy to see that he was alive but were immediately shocked as that not only Aleister abandoned using magic but was more interested in the study and development of Espers.
To this day, only a few magicians know Aleister is still alive who are mostly the leaders of powerful magical organizations and their trusted followers and those that do know him view him with skepticism, curiosity on what he's doing or outraged for abandoning magic and supporting science especially esper studies. Not making things any better is the fact Aleister was responsible for the creation of the truce between Science and Magic where neither side is allowed to interfere in each other affairs which has irked both sides. As the General Superintendent of Academy City, Aleister has the final say of the city affairs but usually leaves the city's welfare to the 12 Directors of the board. He resides within a tall, gray building called The Windowless building, known for not having any exterior windows where access to the building is a secret to a few. In there, Aleister's body which has now become younger lies inside a giant glass tube, supported by machines made by Heaven Canceler that extended his lifespan where he plots his mysterious plans.

Underground organizations


Motoharu Tsuchimikado
Awaki Musujime
Etzali (エツァリ Etsari?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio
Etzali is a magician and doppelganger who disguises himself as Mitsuki Unabara. Etzali is from the "Return of the Winged One" a Latin American magical organization whom sent him to Academy City as a spy to stop and undermined the "Kamijō Faction", a group of Espers and Mages who were acquaintances of Tōma who are supposedly under his leadership as they see the group as threat to the truce between Science and Magic. Borrowing the appearance of Mitsuki, Etzali attempts to become close to Mikoto and kill her, but he ends up falling in love with her instead. After he tries to kill Tōma but fails and is defeated by him, Etzali makes him promise to protect Mikoto and the world around her. He uses a copy of the obsidian spear of the god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, which reflects light from Venus which destroys anything the light falls upon. He later betrays his organization and joins team GROUP to protect Mikoto from the shadows.


Teitoku Kakine (垣根 帝督 Kakine Teitoku?)
One of the seven Level 5 espers, ranking second after Accelerator; he is the leader of SCHOOL. He was the "spare plan" for Aleister Crowley's secret project in the event that Accelerator would not meet Crowley's expectations. He did not like the idea and tried to eliminate Accelerator but failed. Later, he learns the true capability of his power and "awakens" and materializes six angelic wings, giving him an appearance similar to a Seraph's. He is able to corner Accelerator, but Accelerator also "awakens" and defeats him. His ability is called Dark Matter (未元物質 Migen Busshitsu?, "Unknown Matter") (not related to the real Dark Matter) which allows him to create an unknown matter that defies the laws of physics and uses it to attack in anyway he wants.
Chimitsu Sunazara (砂皿 緻密 Sunazara Chimitsu?)
A mercenary employed by the SCHOOL. Uses an Academy City-made magnetic sniper rifle. He is defeated by Saiai Kinuhata, a member of ITEM, in Volume 15.
Girl in a dress
A mysterious beautiful girl who has an ability called "Measure Heart" which allows her to modify the "distance between people's hearts". After SCHOOL's dissolution following Kakine's defeat at Accelerator's hands in Volume 15, she joins ITEM in Volume 19 and leads the remains of the Hound Dogs to hunt Hamazura. She is the most significant unnamed character in Volume 15, and the only still-active member of SCHOOL at the end of the volume.
Goggle boy
A member of SCHOOL whose real name is unknown. Wears a peculiar head equipment hence his nickname.


Shizuri Mugino (麦野 沈利 Mugino Shizuri?)
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
One of the seven Level 5 espers, ranking fourth after Mikoto Misaka, she is the leader of ITEM, which is at odds with SCHOOL. She looks down upon lower-level espers and does not mind eliminating people who get in her way or go against her, regardless of whether they are enemies or allies. Yet in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, she is shown to be kind to her teammates and even protecting them when they are in danger. Her ability is Meltdowner (原子崩し Genshi Kuzushi?, "Atom Breaker"), which converts electrons into an unstable destructive matter. Her power can create multiple beams that can sear through objects, or she can defend herself by creating a shield of energy. She can also use silicon cards to split her attacks into multiple blasts. Before the events of the 3rd novel, she and her group are hired to stop Mikoto from destroying the facilities involving the Level 6 Shift project, though is defeated when Mikoto uses the tools that Frenda left against her. Her overconfidence eventually results in her defeat against Shiage. After the events of volume 15, she was treated by Aleister Crowley, using Heaven Canceler's "Dark Legacy", a tool he discarded a long time ago, for her injuries where she loses her left arm and right eye but is able create a new left arm made of energy. Due to trauma and psychological breakdown, she develops a disturbing sense of twisted love for the man who scarred her and helps him escape Academy City but not before declaring to castrate Shiage as her sign of affection. She later becomes part of the Academy City Invasion force against Russia where she manages to intercept Shiage on his way to a nuclear military base.
Saiai Kinuhata (絹旗 最愛 Kinuhata Saiai?)
Member of ITEM. According to Teitoku Kakine, Saiai was a former subject of Project Mayday of Darkness (暗闇の五月計画 Ankoku no Satsuki Keikaku?), whose aim was to create a personal version of Accelerator's ability by using a similar pattern of ability operation. Though the details are not mentioned, she only succeeded in creating a low-level self-defense capability. Her ability is the Level 4 Offense Armour (窒素装甲 Chisso Soukou?, "Nitrogen Armour"), which she uses to control the nitrogen in the atmosphere and create a few centimeters barrier of nitrogen that she can use to attack and defend.
Frenda Seivelun (フレンダ セイヴェルン Furenda?)
Member of ITEM with blonde hair and wears a cap. She feels bossed around by her leader a lot yet in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, she is shown lovingly worshiping Shizuri just like how Kuroko worships Mikoto. The change in treatment is mostly due to how Mikoto used Frenda's tools to defeat Shizuri. She is skilled in close combat and has hidden knives in her shoes. She and the rest of ITEM are hired to stop Mikoto from destroying the last two facilities and is the first line of defense. She makes use of a tape of explosive material and an electronic device to create a fuse that can cut through various objects. Usually the fuses are connected to dolls with explosives within them. She betrays ITEM and tries to go to SCHOOL, but Shizuri Mugino catches her and she is executed.
Rikō Takitsubo (滝壺 理后 Takitsubo Rikō?)
Member of ITEM. Her ability is called AIM Stalker (能力追跡 Nouryoku Tsuiseki?, "ability tracker") which she uses to track down espers by memorizing their AIM fields. Her ability also allows her to steal other espers' abilities by memorizing their AIM, potentially allowing her to become the eighth Level 5 esper in Academy City. The downside of her powers is that she cannot activate it by herself therefore she takes a special drug in order to activate her powers. However, using too much of the drugs can cause a strain on her body and even kill her. She suffers from brain damage after fighting Teitoku Kakine; as a result, she can not use her esper abilities for a while. She accompanies Shiage in Russia as he searches for a treatment for her condition. When they arrive in Elizarina after escaping from Academy City's mercenaries, Rikō is partially healed and can use her ability again thanks to the efforts of Accelerator and some Elizarinian magicians. However, it is soon reveal that not only can she steal espers' abilities but give them to others. Not only do her powers have the potential to achieve the pinnacle of Academy City's Esper Development program, she could even take control of Academy City herself.


Professor (博士 Hakase?)
Real name unknown. Leader of the organization MEMBER. He loves numerical expressions and finds beauty within it. He fights against Teitoku Kakine but is defeated. Aleister Crowley's loyal dog.
Yoshio Baba (馬場 芳郎 Baba Yoshio?)
Operative of MEMBER. He supports Professor from afar by using remote-controlled animal robots from an emergency shelter.
Saraku (査楽 Saraku?)
Operative of MEMBER. His ability is the Level 4 Kill Point (死角移動 Shikaku Idou?, "Blind-spot Movement"). He can teleport behind his opponent- thus the name "Blind-spot Movement"- but he cannot calculate the theoretical value of the 11th dimension, so he needs to know the current location of his opponent in order to activate his ability.


Tatsuhiko Saku (佐久 辰彦 Saku Tatsuhiko?)
Leader of the organization, BLOCK. The main role of this organization is the observation of the interaction with organizations outside Academy City.
Megumi Teshio (手塩 恵未 Teshio Megumi?)
Member of BLOCK. A muscled woman also working as an Anti-skill. She plans to assassinate Aleister Crowley and is after Awaki Musujime, the guide to the Windowless Building.
Tetsumō (鉄網?)
Member of BLOCK. She uses her ability, the Skill Polygraph (意見解析 Iken Kaiseki?, "Opinion Analysis"), to check out spies and traitors among BLOCK.
Yamate (山手?)
Member of BLOCK.

European magical organizations

British organizations

In the United Kingdom, three organizations rule Britain's magical affairs. Each three represent a part of Britain's Magical community. Due the joint ruling between the three organizations, they have made Britain one of the most powerful magical organization in the world, rivaling the Catholic Church.


The secret magical branch of the Church of England. Officially name the "Church of Necessary Evil", the organization was started by Puritans who despise the use of magic in England and sought to destroy it by using magic themselves but now the organization no longer has an anti-magic stance and supports magic. Officially, Necessarius is under the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury but the current leader and Archbishop of Necessarius secretly controls the Archbishop of Canterbury thus Necessarius is the true power behind the Anglican Church. As one of the three magic powers of Britain, Necessarius represent the religious magic community. Necessarius is currently led by Archbishop Laura Stuart.

Stiyl Magnus (ステイル=マグヌス Suteiru Magunusu?)
Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama
A heavy smoker and sorcerer from Necessarius. His sorcery name is Fortis931, "I prove why my name is the strongest here" (我が名が最強である理由をここに証明する Waga Na ga Saikyō de aru Riyū o Koko ni Shōmei suru?). He specializes in using runes to invoke his power over fire, which includes being able to use a flame sword and summon a 3000-degree-Celsius fire elemental called Innocentius (魔女狩りの王 Majokari no Ō?, "King of Witch Hunters") to battle his enemies. Styl appears as a man wearing a black robe and has long red hair, and a bar code tattooed on his cheek. Despite his looks, he is actually fourteen years old and is physically weak as casting Innocentius weakens him. While he has a short temper, he is actually kind, as he cares about Index very much and his failure to save her life without losing her memories was his greatest regret. When he learns the Church lied to him and Kaori about Index's condition, Stiyl decides to disobey orders to capture Index and allow her to live her life. Despite the lies, he remains with Necessarius and becomes the assistant to the Archbishop of Necessarius herself.
Currently he acts as a diplomat to Academy City on behalf of the Anglican Church and is usually sent into missions which happen to end up involving Index and Touma.
Kaori Kanzaki (神裂 火織 Kanzaki Kaori?)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō
An eighteen-year-old Japanese sorceress from Necessarius. Unlike her partner Stiyl, she uses magic to magically strengthen her body. Her sorcery name is Salvare000, "Be the salvation of those who cannot be saved" (救われぬ者に救いの手を Sukuwarenu Mono ni Sukui no Te o?). She uses a two-meter-long nodachi called "Seven Heavens Seven Swords" as her weapon. She has a special attack called Nanasen (七閃?, "Seven Flash") that uses her sword and some wires. She used to be a kind woman who treated Index like a sister, but when Index's memories were deleted by Necessarius, Kaori changed into a cold and silent woman as Index no longer remembered her and consequentially did not trust her. After Tōma saves Index's life and her current memories, she decides to let Index stay at Academy City as she feels Tōma can protect her.
Later in the novels, more of her past is revealed. Not only is Kaori a skilled swordswoman, but she is a Catholic Saint possessing the "Stigma" — the ability to call upon God's power — and the former leader of the Amakusa Catholics; however, Kaori left the group as she resented that she had been fated since birth to become its leader, which led her to despise the concept of luck and fortune. Though she is Catholic, she joined Necessarius in hopes of changing her fate and befriended Index, developing a sisterly relationship with her. The repeated failed attempts to make Index remember her after each memory erasure resulted in her cold personality as Kaori began to accept that no matter how much a person tries, no one can change their destiny. She begins to show a kinder side to herself after Tōma saves Index (thus giving her hope that anyone can defy their destiny) and gradually falls in love with him after he helps her face her past with the Amakusa Catholics, becoming more prone to showing emotion and sometimes showing a little embarrassment if she is with him. She is the protagonist of her own spin-off mini light novel bundled with the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun DVDs.
Sherry Cromwell (シェリー=クロムウェル Sherī Kuromuweru?)
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe
Her sorcery name Intimus115, "Everything I offer to my lost friend". A member of Necessarius and a talented "Decoder", she has dark skin and wears a black Gothic Lolita dress. Her blonde hair is unkempt and according to Tsuchimikado, she has the silhouette of a lion. She is a master of Kabbalah Statue art and utilizes oil pastel or chalk to draw a spell to summon a golem Sherry refers to as "Ellis".
Sherry appears in Academy City with the intention of attacking a person of importance to either Academy City or Necessarius in order to cause a conflict and eventually, war between the two factions. During her assault, she reveals to Tōma that she seeks to keep science and magic divided as revenge for her late friend Ellis, an esper from Academy City. Ellis was involved in a secret experiment 20 years ago between Academy City and a faction of Necessarius in an attempt to create the first magician-esper hybrid. But it failed as not only did the espers participants suffered major injuries from magic but were killed by the Knights of England as the experiment was illegal under the truce between Science and Magic. Blaming both sides for letting Ellis suffer and be killed, Sherry swore revenge against them by making them suffered like she did. After she was defeated by Tōma, she was returned to Necessarius and was placed under house arrest where she became an unlikely friend of Orsola.
Laura Stuart (ローラ=スチュアート Rōra Suchuāto?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi
The Archbishop of Necessarius. Despite being the Archbishop, she looks like an eighteen-year-old girl with long blonde hair; other than that, any other details about her are unknown. She speaks funny Japanese, courtesy of Tsuchimikado teaching her. She might sound simple and irresponsible, but behind her smile lies a cold and calculating personality which Stiyl remarks that the number good and evil deeds she has done are equal. She loves baths and has a collection of the latest bath accessories from Academy City. Later, it is hinted that Laura is immortal as her appearance has not changed since the disbandment of the British Parliament ten years ago and she may be the most powerful magician in Britain.
Orsola Aquinas (オルソラ=アクィナス Orusora Akwinasu?)
Voiced by: Aya Endō
A blond, blue eye Necessarius nun from Italy and a skilled decoder. She was originally a famous Roman Catholic nun, but was marked for death when it was revealed she was able to decrypt the Liber AL vel Legis, a grimoire containing dangerous magic. Unknown to the Church, Orsola's attempt to decrypt the grimoire was in order to destroy the book itself. Fearing for her life, she sought the protection of the Amakusa Catholics, but ran away from them as well as she didn't trust them and feared they wanted the knowledge of the grimoire. After meeting Tōma, she learns that both he and Amakusas were genuinely want to help her and rejoins them as battle nuns from the Catholic Church arrive to assassinate her. However, when they discover Orsola was never capable of deciphering the grimoire at all, the Catholic Church calls off the order to eliminate her and Necessarius grants her sanctuary. A common joke about her is her absentmindedness.

British Royal Family

Britain is ruled by the British Royal Family albeit in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series, the current monarch is Queen Elizard, in contrast to Queen Elizabeth II. In the series, members of the Royal family have been skilled magic users for generations. As one of the three magic powers of Britain, the royal family represents the magic nobility. Ten years prior to the events of the novels, Queen Elizard had Parliament disbanded after a faction within Parliament tried to sacrifice her daughter Villain for a spell to destroy all of France’s military forces. Since that incident, Britain has become an Absolute monarchy under her rule.

Elizard (エリザード Erizādo?)
The Queen of England. She carries a replica of the Sword of Mercy, Curtana, which allows her to send telesma to knighthood and the people within the soil of England.
Riméa (リメエア Rimeea?)
The first princess of the British Royal Family and the eldest of Queen Elizard's daughters. She has black hair and uses a monocle to see. While she is notably very intelligent, she is extremely cautious and does not trust anyone who knows that she is a princess. She does not ally herself with her sister Carissa during the civil war, having gone into hiding before the war begins.
Carissa (キャーリサ Kyārisa?)
The second princess of the Royal Family and the second eldest of Queen Elizard's daughters, Carissa possesses an impressive understanding of military strategy and tactics. She launches a rebellion and overthrows her mother, but faces opposition against her younger sister and her allies. Her forces and her allies, the Knights of England, fight against Viliane's forces and her allies, the Church of Necessarius, for the throne, which sparks the English Magic Civil War. During the civil war, it is revealed she carries the original Curtana sword, which grants to the wielder the overwhelming power of the Archangel Michael.
Villian (ヴィリアン Virian?)
The third princess of the Royal Family and the youngest of Queen Elizard's daughters, an apparently timid but virtuous young woman. When her older sister Carissa launches a rebellion and overthrows their mother, Villian was almost executed by her sister's followers. She reluctantly becomes the leader of the opposing force against her sister during the English Magic Civil War along with her allies and the Church of Necessarius.

Knights of England

An order of magic knights in England. Led by the Knight Commander, the knights have served England since the Crusades and have become the basis of all magic knights over Europe, including the 13th Knights of the Catholic Church and the France's Orléans Knights. As one of the three magic powers of Britain, the Knights represent the magic community within the country's military. The organization has a grudge against Necessarius, whose power has grown equal to the Knights of England, as the Knights find the foundation of Necessarius to be unacceptable.

Knight Leader (騎士団長 (ナイトリーダー) Kishidanchō?, "Knight Commander")
A British noble whose real name is unknown, he is a skilled swordsman and a powerful magician capable of defeating Saints. As the Knight Commander of the Knights of England, he leads one of the three organizations in charge of Britain's magical affairs along with the Royal Family and Necessarius. He and the Knights are allied with Princess Carissa forces during the English magic civil war against her sister Villian. The Grand Master is friends with Kaori and Acqua of the Back, both whom he respects for their skills.

Roman Catholic Church

Aureolus Izzard (アウレオルス=イザード Aureorusu Izādo?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita
An 18 year old alchemist and former Catholic Church magician who turned traitor. His sorcery name is Honos628, "My honor is for the world" (我が名誉は世界のために Waga Meiyo wa Sekai no Tame ni?). He possesses an ability called "Ars Magna", a skill produced by alchemy that turns his thoughts into reality through his words. This ability is heavily reliant on his belief and state of mind; the more he doubts, the weaker his spell becomes until it does not activate at all. Three years before the story began, he was Index's former partner and was devastated when the young nun was forced to have her memories erased in order to save her life. In order to spare Index from repeatably losing her memories, he works with Aisa, using her powers to attract vampires to catch one and use them to turn Index into a vampire to overcome her life expectancy. When he learns that Index has already been saved, he angrily turns on everyone including Aisa, though Tōma stops Aureolus by using his own powers against him and driving him mad. Out of pity, Stiyl changes Aureolus' appearance so that the Catholic Church is unable to capture and punish him.
Lidvia Lorenzetti (リドヴィア=ロレンツェッティ Ridovia Rorentsetti?)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma
A Catholic nun who first appears in the 9th and 10th novels. She has the 'ability' to convert people to Christianity regardless of who they are, criminals, non-believers, or other magicians that share no connection with the Church. She attempts to convert the Academy City populace into Catholics with the help of an artifact called 'Pietro's Cross' but fails and is captured by Necessarius. She reappears in the 14th novel, being interrogated by Stiyl over God's Right Seat goals.
Biagio Busoni (ビアージオ=ブゾーニ Biājio Busōni?)
Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto
Biagio is an elderly Catholic bishop who is introduced in the 11 volume. He is in charge of overseeing the remodeling of a powerful magical weapon known as the, 'Queen of the Adriatic Sea'.
The Pope (ローマ教皇 Rōma Kyōkō?)
Voiced by: Masafumi Kimura
The head of the Catholic Church in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. His name is Matthai Reese (マタイ=リース Matai Rīsu?) and was a friend and a former disciple of Fiamma of the Right before becoming Pope. When the magic world learns of the existence of Tōma and his powers, Fiamma convinces the Pope that Tōma and his powers are a threat to the world, where the Pope declares Tōma is a heretic that must be eliminated. When the Pope later learns that Fiamma had manipulated him all this time, Fiamma casts a powerful spell to destroy the Vatican, but the Pope manages to divert the spell onto himself to save the city. After his hospitalization and quelling a succession crisis at the Vatican, he heads to Russia in order to stop Fiamma's plans.

Agnese Forces

A group of over 250 Catholic Battle Nuns who are proficient in magic and combat.

Agnese Sanctis (アニェーゼ=サンクティス Anyēze Sankutisu?)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Agnese is the former leader of the Agnese Forces, a group of Battle Nuns under the Catholic Church. She has long red braided hair strands and wears platform shoes to compensate for her small stature. She is first introduced in the 7th novel and the episode The Book of the Law where she and her forces help Necessarius search for Orsola and the Book of the Law grimoire. In reality, the battle nuns' true mission was to kill Orsola out of fear that Orsola would decipher and expose the secrets contained in the grimoire. Agnese wields a staff called Lotus Wand, which any damage she does to the staff also happens to her opponent.
Lucia (ルチア Ruchia?)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise
Lucia is a member of the Agnese Forces, a tall woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a serious nature and dislikes non-Catholics very much. Lucia uses a large carriage wheel called the Catherine Wheel, based on the legend of Catherine of Alexandria. When she throws the wheel, she can make it explode into many pieces of shrapnel which injures her opponents and have those broken pieces returns to its original form.
Angelene (アンジェレネ Anjerene?)
Voiced by: Azusa Kataoka
Angelene is a nun of the Agnese Forces and Lucia's partner. She is slightly shorter than her partner with longer, braided hair. She seems to be quite shy in contrast to her partner, though her personality at times can be childish, and she does get angry. She has a real sweet tooth for various deserts and sweet drinks. Her magic revolves around four bags she carries around, which are based on the Apostle Matthew. Each bag is based on the four elements of Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth which she uses them to locked on her targets.

God's Right Seat

Vento of the Front (前方のヴェント Zenpō no Vento?)
Voiced by: Akiko Hiramatsu
Member of God's Right seat. Blessed with the nature of "The Flame of God" (Uriel). Her face is heavily pierced and at its top, she puts on heavy make-up. When she was a child, she went with her brother to an amusement park, and an accident occurred in which her brother died; thus, she grew up with a deep hatred against science and technology. She uses the spell "Divine Punishment", which takes away the consciousness of anyone who has any evil intentions towards her. She also utilizes hammers made of air to bludgeon her opponent. Appearing first in the 11th novel, later in the 12th novel, she invades Academy City and causing havoc there in order to kill Tōma but fails due to Hyōka in FUSE=Kazakiri mode and Amata Kihara's intervention. She is defeated by Tōma but was rescued by Acqua. Vento later returns during the Third World War to hunt down Fiamma for betraying the Vatican.
Terra of the Left (左方のテッラ Sahō no Terra?)
Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka
Member of God's Right Seat. Blessed with the nature of "God's Medicine" (Raphael). A small, menacing-looking old man wearing a green robe. Tōma and Itsuwa encounters him when they he went to France. He uses the spell "Execution of Light", which can manipulate the hierarchy of everything around him. He also uses a guillotine made of flour, a byproduct of the "Execution of Light" spell. It seems that he knew something about Tōma's Imagine Breaker, but it was never revealed. He also learns of his memory loss during a fight with him. He is later killed by Acqua near the end of the 14th novel.
Acqua of the Back (後方のアックア Kōhō no Akkua?)
Voiced by: Hiroki Tōchi
Member of God's Right Seat. A former mercenary for the Anglican Church and an old friend of the current Grand Master of the Knights of England, Acqua's true name is William Orwell. His sorcery name is Flere210, "The one who changes the reason of tears". Blessed with the nature of "The Power of God" (Gabriel), Acqua converted to Catholicism and joined God's Right Seat after leaving the Anglican Church. Unlike the other members of God's Right Seat, he is not corrupt and does not ignore the opinions of the Pope. As a sorcercer, he cannot use spells that are used by normal sorcerers, but has been blessed with the spell "Divine Mother's Mercy", which nullifies the liabilities of certain special spells, allowing him to perform powerful spells under unfit conditions. He is a Saint, which endows him with super-human capabilities, including the strength to carry weapons twice as large as him; with "Divine Mother's Mercy" nullifies the limitations of his body, he is able to use 100% of the capabilities offered to him as a Saint. As such, he demonstrates a considerable gap between his abilities and that of Kaori who is also a Saint. After his defeat in hands of the Amakusa Catholics and Tōma in the volume 16, where he loses the "Divine Mother's Mercy", he returns in volume 17 in England wielding a replica of the dragon slayer sword, Ascalon, during the Magic Civil War as an ally of Princess Villian and Necessarius and fights his former friend and comrade, the Grand Master of the Knights of England. Acqua later heads to Russia, in order to stop Fiamma's plans; on the way meets and saves Shiage and Rikō from a group of mercenaries. He ends up helping Accelerator and Hyōka against Archangel Gabriel and weakens Gabriel by absorbing its powers.
Fiamma of the Right (右方のフィアンマ Uhō no Fianma?)
Leader of God's Right Seat. Blessed with the nature of "The Regard of God" (The One Alike to God, Michael). He is a tall, slim man wearing a red suit. According to him, he holds the symbol of miracles, "The Holy Right", which when his power is used, a mirage and bird-like claw appears from his shoulder, which is his main form of attack. However, he cannot use its full potential and believes that Index, Tōma and Sasha Kruezchev hold the answer to his dilemma.
To achieve his goal, Fiamma takes Queen Elizard's spiritual artifact to remotely control Index and heads to Russia during the Third World War to capture Sasha, the key to invoking the Archangel Gabriel, and acquiring the Star of Bethlehem to fix the elemental balance that affects the creation and gains full control of the Holy Right. Knowing that Tōma is aboard the Star of Bethlehem, Fiamma fights Tōma and tries absorbing the flesh of Tōma's Right Hand, but fearfully notices that Tōma's arm is gathering not one but two massive and overwhelming powers. Tōma challenges Fiamma by remarking that if Fiamma is the most powerful existence, he would have no reason to steal the power of various churches; furthermore, Fiamma's powers always adjusts to match his opponent's so he triggered the war to cause enough 'ill will' in the world to set it as 'the enemy that's needs to be defeated' as a result of fearing that he does not the 'power enough to save the world'.
With his conviction lost and defeated, Fiamma is saved by Toma, who convinces him to live to change the future. However, Aleister comes to see Fiamma as a threat for knowing too much about the true purpose of Imagine Breaker and personally attempts to kill him. However, Silvia and Ollerus finds the dying Fiamma and question him about his Aeon of Osiris powers and Aleister's Aeon of Horus powers.

Annihilatus (Russia)

A secret magical organization within the Russian Orthodox Church that fights demons.

Sasha Kruezhev (サーシャ=クロイツェフ Sāsha Kuroitsefu?)
Voiced by: Yuka Terasaki
Sasha is a battle nun of Annihilatus, who first appears in the 4th novel and in the episode "Angel Fall". She carries around a bunch of unique weapons, from hammers to saws. During the events of the Angel Fall spell, her body was accidentally switched to the Archangel Gabriel, which prompted the archangel to find the caster of the spell using Sasha's body under the alias "Misha Kruezhev". Sasha later appears as herself in the later novels. She is currently under observation in Moscow due to unusual effects her body suffered when the Archangel used her body. She becomes the target of Fiamma, who succeeds in capturing her during the Third World War and plans to use her as a vessel for an angel as part of his "Bethlehem Plan".
Vassilisa (ワシリーサ Washirīsa?)
Voiced by: Yōko Honna
Sasha's superior and the leader of Annihilatus. Named after a heroine of Russian folklore, Sasha does not like her due to Vassilisa's sometimes childish behavior, her vanity relating to skin health care, and her weird interest in Japanese otaku culture, which she unsuccessfully tries to get Sasha interested. During the Third World War between Russia and Academy City, she betrays Annihilatus to prevent them from using Sasha and hands her over to Vento, while she stays behinds to hold off Annihilatus and Fiamma's subordinates.
Nikolai Tolstoy (ニコライ=トルストイ Nikorai Torusutoi?)
A Russian Bishop and Vassilisa's superior within the Russian Orthodox Church. During the Third World War, he allies Annihilatus with Fiamma to capture Sasha for him in exchange that Nikolai becomes the next Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

New Light (Scandinavian)

Bayloupe (ベイロープ Beirōpu?)
Leader of the New Light. She is the eldest of the group with silvery hair. Like all members in her group they have spear-like weapons and dragon-like accessories. She wears metallic dragon ears. Like the other members of her team she wears the spiritual artifact called "Steel Gloves" which was created to simulate the weapons that Thor, the God of Thunder, used. It gives the holder a great power, physically and magically. Only she can use the power to summon thunder, which is a simulation of Thor's short-handled hammer, Mjöllnir.
Lessar (レッサー Ressā?)
A member of the New Light with black hair and a dragon-like tail accessory. During her introduction she was being chased by Tōma and Oriana, both whom managed to defeat her. After being captured she revealed that the New Light were hired as couriers for an artifact for one of the British Princesses but before she finished to explain more, she was almost killed by the Knights of England. Tōma managed to save her life in time by bringing her to Orsola. She then took a liking to Tōma and often tries to seduce him. After the end of the English Magic Civil War, she accompanies Tōma on his trip to Russia and fights alongside him against Fiamma.
Floris (フロリス Furorisu?)
A member of the New Light with blonde hair who wears a pair of small dragon wings on her back.
Lancis (ランシス Ranshisu?)
A member of the New Light with brown hair armed with long dragon talons.

Other magical organizations

Amakusa Catholic Church (Japan)

The Amakusa Catholics are a secret order of Japanese warriors. The order was formed during the Edo period when Japan banned Christianity. In order to escape persecution, they merge Shintoism and Buddhism into their Catholic beliefs to hide their religion which led the Amakusa's creating a unique fusion of magic. While skilled magicians, the Amakusa's are also skilled with martial arts and fighting in groups.

Kaori Kanzaki
Saiji Tatemiya (建宮 斎字 Tatemiya Saiji?)
Voiced by: Toriumi Kousuke
The substitute-Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Catholics, who saves people for the sake of saving them rather than for any ulterior motive. A capable leader, he strives to rebuild the group so that Kaori, who left the group and rejected the position of Pontiff in order to protect them from any incidents that would occur as a result of her status as a Saint, would feel welcome to return to them some day. He has impressionable pitch-black hair and a unique sense of fashion, which includes an over-sized shirt and one meter long shoe laces. Saiji is an expert in Amakusa-style combat and is equipped with a 180-centimeter-long Flamberge.
Itsuwa (五和?)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano
An Amakusa Catholic girl. Originally introduced in the 11th novel, she makes an earlier appearance in the anime episode "The Book of the Law" which is based on the beginning of the 7th novel. In the 11th novel, she fell in love with Tōma after their first meeting, claiming it was Love at first sight but the anime suggests she fell for him much earlier during the Orsola incident in the 7th novel. However due to her shyness, she is unable to properly tell him how she feels. Yet she hopes to get Tōma's attention, even when knowing her senpai and superior Kaori is also in love with him. She has accompanied Tōma and his friends on more than one occasion, including traveling with him to Italy, France, and Britain. In the events of the 16th novel she becomes his bodyguard and caretaker. When Acqua first attacks Academy City, she fails to protect him and tries to heal Tōma with magic but unsuccessfully due to his Imagine Breaker. After Tōma is sent to the hospital she goes into despair for failing to protect him but Saiji rebukes her and tells her to snap out of it as she focus on fighting with Acqua if she wants to protect him. During the Amakusas rematch against Aqua, Itsuwa suddenly displays a change of personality, becomes full of tranquil fury that even the way she spoke changed. She performed a "Saint Destroyer" spell in that battle, harming Acqua and causing him to lose the "Divine Mother's Mercy" spell which allows them to defeat him.
Her weapon is a Friulian Spear which by adding layers of reinforcement magic, turns it into a symbol of a 'Thousand Years Tree', which symbolizes the growth of plants and makes certain magic spells to be more potent over time. She also can perform Nanasen (七閃?, "Seven Flash") by manipulating her spear and steel wires just like Kaori.
Isahaya (諫早?)
An member of the Amakusa Catholics, Isahaya is old man who wields a sword and mace.
Ushibuka (牛深?)
An Amakusa Catholic member, a physically enormous man whose main weapon is a battle axe.
Tsushima (対馬?)
A female Amakusa Catholic member, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her main weapon is a short sword.
Nomozaki (野母崎?)
A member of Amakusa Catholics who is married and wields a long sword.
Kōyagi (香焼?)
A young Amakusa Catholic member. His main weapon is a dagger.

Return of the Winged One (Latin America)

Return of the Winged One (翼ある者の帰還 Tsubasa Aru Mono no Kikan?) is a magic organization based in Latin America. This organization has almost complete control over Latin America, though not to the extent like the Christian churches where they could influence the government.

Xochitl (ショチトル Shochitoru?)
A South American woman that Ruiko meets during her summer vacation with Mikoto, Kuroko and Kazari in the Railgun mini novels. She is part of MEMBER, one of the underground factions in Academy City.

Dawn-colored Sunlight

Dawn-colored Sunlight (明け色の陽射し Akeiro no Hizashi?) is a magical order led by Leivinia Bardway. Their goal is to eliminate the distinction and separation between Science and Magic and rule over both of these factions.

Leivinia Bardway (レイヴィニア バードウェイ Bādowei?)
Leader of the 'Dawn-colored Sunlight' organization. Though she is only twelve years old, she is an extremely powerful magician with abilities that can match the Saints. Her actions and personality are described as merciless, unreasonable and overwhelming. She appears in Dengeki Bunko special stories and in the Kanzaki Kaori spin-off mini light novel featured with the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun's DVDs.

Independent and mercenary magicians

Oriana Thomson (オリアナ=トムソン Oriana Tomuson?)
Voiced by: Ryoka Yuzuki
A blond English sorceress who works as a mercenary. Her sorcery name is Basis104, "The one who carry the basis." (礎を担いし者 Ishizue o Ninaishi Mono?). Her physical appearance is that of a beauty with a rather attractive figure, which makes most women around her jealous. She first appears during the Academy City Sports festival, where she was hired by Lidvia for a special mission to take over the city. She is later hired by Necessarius to help them investigate the source of the Euro Tunnel explosion.
Ōma Yamisaka (闇咲 逢魔 Yamisaka Ōma?)
Voiced by: Jōji Nakata
A Japanese spell caster, who wears a black suit. He uses a magical crossbow, an azusayumi, which amplify the power of his spells. He appears in the 5th novel and the episode "August 31st (The Last Day)" where he tries to capture Index as he seeks the contents of a Chinese spell book in her mind to save a woman he loves, who has been cursed to die.
Ollerus (オッレルス Orrerusu?)
Ollerus is a mage who closes to become a "maijin", a "God of Magic". He is a mysterious fellow whose name is based on the God Ullr, and by far one of the strongest characters in the series. Ollerus wields the power of the Northern Throne, and his power Hliðskjálf has been described as "imcomprehenisble and inexplicable". He is currently being pursued by various magical organizations seeking his power, but he has managed to elude all of them. His powers are so considerable that when seventh ranked Level 5 esper Gunha fought him seriously, Ollerus only toys with Gunha during the fight. He is in the company of the British Royal Family's Saint, Silvia, who is cruel to him on the surface but still cares for him deeply.
Elizarina (エリザリーナ Erizarīna?)
A blond, blue eye sorceress who rules Elizarina, a country named after herself that has recently gained independence from Russia. She is well-loved by her citizens who they revered as a "Saint" for fighting against the Russians to gain Elizarina's independence. During the Third World War, she agrees to help Tōma and Lessar against Fiamma until they escort Sasha out from her country, as she does not want Elizarina to become involved in the war between Academy City and Russia. However, her palace is attacked by Fiamma and Sasha is captured after her guards, Tōma, and Lessar are defeated. She is the twin sister of the Maiden of Versailles.
"The Maiden of Versailles" (ヴェルサイユの聖女 Verusaiyu no Seijō?)
The twin sister of Elizarina, a mysterious blond blue-eyed sorceress whose name is unknown and is one of the most powerful magicians in Europe. She resides within Versailles, France under house arrest; while it appears that she has lost all political power to the French government, in truth it is a ruse to fool her enemies and she continues to rule the country from the shadows. During the Third World War, she decides to take advantage of the war by leading a French Invasion force to invade England. Both she and her sister descend from both the British and French Royal families and the Maiden of Versailles wields the magical sword Durendal.


Saints are powerful magicians, with only fewer than 20 of them exist in the world. They are also called the 'Child of God', and are marked with a Stigma. Their powers is based on Idol Worship Theory, where a replica of a more powerful being/item can also gain a tiny portion of the original's strength. Humans are said to be made in the image of God, and Saints are said to be a higher replica that can bring out more strength. Saints have superhuman physical strength, speed, senses and are capable of channeling larger amount of mana compared to normal magicians. So far four of them have been revealed.

Kanzaki Kaori
Acqua of the Back
Silvia (シルビア Shirubia?)
Silvia is the head maid of the British Royal Family and also the priestess who passes down the divine right to rule from God to the Royal Family. She left Britain to hone her skills as a maid, and met Ollerus on her travels. While she calls him an idiot and often becomes angry at him for his overly casual attitude and punishes him, she stays with him because she believes that he is an idiot who needs to be cared for. After she completed her training as a maid in Milan, she chose to stay with Ollerus, despite the Royal Family's repeated orders for her to return. She is acquainted with both the Grand Master of the Knights of England and Kaori.
During the events of the World War III, she and Ollerus pick up an almost dying Fiamma, after he was defeated by Aleister.
Brunhild Eikdopr (ブリュンヒルド=エイクトベル Buryunhirudo Eikutoberu?)
A saint and a Valkyrie introduced in the Kaori spin-off mini light novel. She has a very long and curly blonde hair and wears clothes with a similar fashion to the Valkyries from Norse mythology. She uses a big sword and the replica of Odin's spear Gungnir. In the novel, she is found to be culprit of destroying the Five Great Norse Societies: "Those Who Nurture the World Tree", "The Knowledge Carved Into Iron", "The Champions Rising from the Sea", "Those Who Know the Words of God's Sword" and the "Golden Forged Hammer in the Earth". She is defeated by Kaori after several battles.


Tōya Kamijō (上条 刀夜 Kamijō Tōya?)
Voiced by: Kenji Nomura
Tōma's father. He is a businessman who travels a lot and collects various good luck charms due to Tōma's unnatural streak of bad luck. Though he may seem silly at times but he does cares about his wife and son. He is partly responsible for causing Angel Fall, the spell that threw off a powerful angel in Heaven onto Earth without him knowing about it. In his youth, he was a playboy but fell in love with his future wife Shiina. Despite being happily married with his wife and having no interest in other women, he still manages to attract women, much to the chagrin of his wife.
Shiina Kamijō (上条 詩菜 Kamijō Shiina?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
Tōma's mother. She has a gentle personality and cares about Tōma. She commonly uses the phrase "Ara-ara", which is the equivalent of saying, 'My, my" in English. While she is usually seen calm and sweet, she can be jealous if another women is interested in her husband. Since the sports festival, she has become good friends with Misuzu Misaka.
Misuzu Misaka (御坂 美鈴 Misaka Misuzu?)
Voiced by: Emi Shinohara
Mikoto's mother, who is currently studying in college. Due to her youthful looks, she is generally mistaken as Mikoto's older sister. She is aware that her daughter likes Tōma. Since the sports festival, she has become good friends with Shiina Kamijō.
Tabikake Misaka (御坂 旅掛 Misaka Tabikake?)
Mikoto's father, who is a rich and prominent business man who meets Tōya during a business trip in one of the Side Story chapters. He has been employed to find and correct flaws in the world and is currently investigating Gemstone espers to prevent them from falling into the hands of governments and agencies unaffiliated with Academy City. Tabikake has numerous connections worldwide and access to Aleister Crowley, whom he does not hesitate to threaten when he suspects that Aleister may consider using his wife and daughter in his plans.
Jinsaku Hino (火野 神作 Hino Jinsaku?)
Jinsaku Hino is a serial killer that was introduced in the fourth volume who attempts to kill Tōma and Motoharu. He is first suspected as the caster of Angel Fall because he kept muttering 'Angel' and his appearance did not change. However, it is revealed that he is not responsible for Angel Fall; rather, he had a split personality which left him unaffected by the spell. He does not appear in the anime.
Aiwass (エイワス Eiwasu?)
Aiwass is mysterious, superior being who wrote The Book of the Law and taught Aleister Crowley about magic. In the series, he appears before Accelerator, summoned by Aleister in the form of collected AIM. Unlike Aleister, who judges things on their efficiency, Aiwass judges things on whether it has value or not. As the current administrator of the Misaka Network, Aiwass expands the AIM field into Russia and prompts Kazakiri to restrain Sasha before Archangel Michael descends into her body.
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel is one of the four Archangels of God. Called 'The Power of God' and the protector of the rear side, he was accidentally brought down to earth and switched bodies with Sasha Kruezhev when the Angel Fall spell was cast. Determined to return to Heaven and punish the one responsible for the spell, he joins Tōma and his companions under the alias 'Misha Kruezhev'. Upon learning Tōya was the one responsible, Gabriel/Misha tries to kill him, but is stopped by Kaori until Motoharu destroys the site where the spell was cast and thus sending him back to Heaven.
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael is one of the four Archangels of God, also called 'the One Equal to God', 'the Regard of God' and 'God's Right Hand.' In the 20th novel, it is revealed that Michael, not Gabriel, was the angel who fell during the Angel Fall incident. Kaori had mistaken Michael for Gabriel due to a mix up in the essences of Heaven by unknown forces, which switched Michael and Gabriel's positions. It is this reason that Fiamma has targeted Sasha, as her body had been the vessel for Misha's essences and powers.
Sphinx (スフィンクス Sufinkusu?)
Sphinx is Index's pet kitten. Index first finds Sphinx in volume two (episode 7 in the anime) inside a box. Tōma tries to convince her that she cannot keep it due to the dorm they live does not allow pets, but they manage to pull it off without anyone suspecting them.


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