Radical 163

Radical 163
Radical 163 (U+2FA2)
(U+9091) "city"
Bopomofo: ㄧˋ
Wade–Giles: i4
Jyutping: jap1
Cantonese Yale: yap1
Hiragana: ユウ, オウ yū, ou
Kanji: 邑 mura (むら)
Hangul: 고을 goeul
Sino-Korean: 읍 eup

Radical 163 meaning "city" is 1 of 20 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals total) composed of 7 strokes.

In the Kangxi Dictionary there are 350 characters (out of 49,030) to be found under this radical.

Characters with Radical 163

seal script character
strokes character
without additional strokes 邑 阝
2 additional strokes
3 additional strokes 邔 邕 邖 邗 邘 邙 邚 邛 邜 邝
4 additional strokes 邞 邟 邠 邡 邢 那 邤 邥 邦 邧 邨 邩 邪 邫 邬
5 additional strokes 邭 邮 邯 邰 邱 邲 邳 邴 邵 邶 邷 邸 邹 邺 邻
6 additional strokes 邼 邽 邾 邿 郀 郁 郂 郃 郄 郅 郆 郇 郈 郉 郊 郋 郌 郍 郎 郏 郐 郑 郓
7 additional strokes 郒 郔 郕 郖 郗 郘 郙 郚 郛 郜 郝 郞 郟 郠 郡 郢 郣 郤 郥 郦 郧
8 additional strokes 部 郩 郪 郫 郬 郭 郮 郯 郰 郱 郲 郳 郴 郵 郶 郷 郸 郹 郺 郻 郼 都
9 additional strokes 郾 郿 鄀 鄁 鄂 鄃 鄄 鄅 鄆 鄇 鄈 鄉 鄊
10 additional strokes 鄋 鄌 鄍 鄎 鄏 鄐 鄑 鄒 鄓 鄔 鄕 鄖 鄗
11 additional strokes 鄘 鄙 鄚 鄛 鄜 鄝 鄞 鄟 鄠 鄡 鄢 鄣 鄤 鄥
12 additional strokes 鄦 鄧 鄨 鄩 鄪 鄫 鄬 鄭 鄮 鄯 鄰 鄱 鄲
13 additional strokes 鄳 鄴 鄵 鄶 鄷
14 additional strokes 鄸 鄹
15 additional strokes 鄺 鄻 鄼 鄽 鄾
16 additional strokes 鄿 酀 酂
17 additional strokes 酁 酃
18 additional strokes 酄 酅 酆
19 additional strokes 酇 酈


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