Radical 122

Radical 122
Radical 122 (U+2F79)
(U+7F51) "net"
Pinyin: wǎng
Bopomofo: ㄨㄤˇ
Wade–Giles: wang3
Jyutping: mong5
Cantonese Yale: mong5
Hiragana: ボウ, あみ bou, ami
Kanji: 網頭 amigashira
Hangul: 그물 geumul
Sino-Korean: 망 mang

Radical 122 meaning "net" is 1 of 29 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals total) composed of 6 strokes.

In the Kangxi Dictionary there are 163 characters (out of 49,030) to be found under this radical.

Characters with Radical 122

seal script character
strokes character
without additional strokes 网 罒 罓 ⺳
3 additional strokes 罔 罕 罖 罗
4 additional strokes 罘 罙 罚
5 additional strokes 罛 罜 罝 罞 罟 罠 罡 罢
6 additional strokes
7 additional strokes 罤 罥 罦
8 additional strokes 罧 罨 罩 罪 罫 罬 罭 置 署
9 additional strokes 罯 罰 罱 罳 罴
10 additional strokes 罵 罶 罷 罸
11 additional strokes 罹 罺 罻 罼
12 additional strokes 罽 罾 罿 羀 羁
13 additional strokes
14 additional strokes 羃 羄 羅 羆
17 additional strokes
19 additional strokes 羈 羉


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