Radical 170

Radical 170
Radical 170 (U+2FA9)
(U+961C) "mound, dam"
Bopomofo: ㄈㄨˋ
Wade–Giles: fu4
Jyutping: fau6
Cantonese Yale: fau6
Hiragana: フウ, フ fū, fu
おか oka
Kanji: 阜偏 kozatohen
岐阜の阜 gifunofu
Hangul: 언덕 eondeok
Sino-Korean: 부 bu

Radical 170 meaning "mound" or "dam" is 1 of 9 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals total) composed of 8 strokes.

In the Kangxi Dictionary there are 348 characters (out of 49,030) to be found under this radical.

Characters with Radical 170

strokes character
without additional strokes 阜 阝
2 additional strokes 阞 队
3 additional strokes 阠 阡 阢 阣 阤
4 additional strokes 阥 阦 阧 阨 阩 阪 阫 阬 阭 阮 阯 阰 阱 防 阳 阴 阵 阶
5 additional strokes 阷 阸 阹 阺 阻 阼 阽 阾 阿 陀 陁 陂 陃 附 际 陆 陇 陈 陉
6 additional strokes 陊 陋 陌 降 陎 陏 限 陑 陒 陓 陔 陕
7 additional strokes 陖 陗 陘 陙 陛 陜 陝 陞 陟 陠 陡 院 陣 除 陥 陦 陧 陨 险
8 additional strokes 陚 陪 陫 陬 陭 陮 陯 陰 陱 陲 陳 陴 陵 陶 陷 陸 陹 険 隆
9 additional strokes 陻 陼 陽 陾 陿 隀 隁 隂 隃 隄 隅 隇 隈 隉 隊 隋 隌 隍 階 随 隐
10 additional strokes 隑 隒 隓 隔 隕 隖 隗 隘 隙
11 additional strokes 隚 際 障 隝 隞 隟 隠 隡
12 additional strokes 隢 隣 隤 隥
13 additional strokes 隦 隧 隨 隩 險 隫
14 additional strokes 隬 隭 隮 隯 隰 隱
15 additional strokes
16 additional strokes
17 additional strokes


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