Welcome to the Dollhouse (album)

Welcome to the Dollhouse (album)
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Studio album by Danity Kane
Released March 18, 2008
Recorded 2007–2008
Redcarpet Recording Studio and Daddy's House Recording Studios in New York City, New York, Circle House Recording Studios in Miami, Florida, Goldmind Studios in New Jersey, and Zac's Recording in Atlanta, Georgia[1]
Genre Pop, R&B, hip hop
Length 48:40
Label Bad Boy, Atlantic
Producer The Clutch, Bryan-Michael Cox, Fridolin Nordsoe, Danja, Donnie Scantz, Diddy, Drop Zone, Bernard Malik, Rockwilder, Romeo XI, Flex&Hated, The Runners, Scyience, Stereotypes,
Mario Winans, WyldCard
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Danity Kane chronology
Danity Kane
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Singles from Welcome to the Dollhouse
  1. "Damaged"
    Released: January 29, 2008
  2. "Bad Girl"
    Released: July 1, 2008

Welcome to the Dollhouse is the second and final studio album by American R&B/pop group Danity Kane, released by Bad Boy and Atlantic Records on March 18, 2008 (see 2008 in music) in the United States and March 25, 2008 in Canada.[2] Danity Kane recorded the album in under five weeks, while filming the second season of Making the Band 4 with fellow label mates Day26 and Donnie Klang first in New York City, New York, then in Miami, Florida. It became the group's second consecutive album to debut at number-one on the Billboard 200 chart. January 2009, it was confirmed the group had disbanded, shortly after Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods were ousted from the label, making this the group's final release.




For this album, all of the girls had written and/or produced some kind of song, that they thought was suitable for their second effort. As mentioned in interviews, Danity Kane has stated that they came up with the name of the album when they all had brought in their own material into the studio to see which tracks would make the cut. They also expressed, that it felt as if they were in a music box, hence getting the name, Welcome to the Dollhouse. Each of the girls, also, were given chances to write, co-write, and co-produce a handful of the tracks that are on the record. Producers at Bad Boy and Atlantic Records wanted the group's love and tenderness.

Chart performance

Welcome to the Dollhouse debuted on top of the U.S. Billboard 200, with first week sales of 236,000 copies making it the band's second consecutive number-one album.[3][4] Danity Kane is the first female group in Billboard history to have both their debut and sophomore albums enter the main charts at number-one. Less than a month after its release, "Welcome to the Dollhouse" was certified Gold by the RIAA as of April 22, 2008.[5] On September 28, 2008, the album had sold over 546,790 copies in the U.S. Billboard's weekly release of its popular Top 200 Albums, known as the Billboard 200, saw the album's biggest gain in sales for the magazine of October 11, 2008. Welcome to the Dollhouse landed at number 75 on the year end Billboard 200.[6]



The album's first single, "Damaged",[2] was chosen through an online fan poll. In January 2008, Danity Kane had posted a bulletin on their respective MySpace page expressing that they were giving their fans the chance to choose their newest single. Fans were given two choices, "Damaged" and "Pretty Boy". Of the two choices, "Damaged" dominated the poll by a vast majority, and thus, became the first single from Welcome to the Dollhouse. The single "Damaged" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart at number 64, and in its second week it shot up to number 27. It is Danity Kane's most successful single to date with about 2,000,000 digital download sales, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

"Bad Girl"

Erik White directed and Gil Duldulao choreographed the music video for "Bad Girl".[7] The video featured cameos from Missy Elliott, Qwanell Mosley from their fellow Bad Boy Records band Day26, and Talan Torriero of the MTV show Laguna Beach. The concept of the video is a graphic novel and stays true to the line in the song "When the red light comes on, I transform" as each member transforms into an alter ego of theirs after a flash of red light. This is their last single as a group, peaking at 85 on the Billboard Pop 100.[8]

Track listing

Standard edition [9][10]
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Welcome to the Dollhouse" (featuring P. Diddy) Antwan Thompson, Harve Pierre, Sean Combs Thompson, Pierre 0:46
2. "Bad Girl" (featuring Missy Elliott) Mary Brown, James Washington, Devin Parker, Nathanial Hill, Missy Elliot Danja[A][B] 4:01
3. "Damaged"   Jonathan Yip, Jeremy Reeves, Micayle McKinney, Ray Romulos, Shannon Lawrence, Rose Marie Tan, James Smith, Justin Walker, Combs, Mario Winans Stereotypes, Combs*, Winans* 4:04
4. "Pretty Boy"   Balewa Muhammad, Candace Nelson, Ezekiel Lewis, P. "J. Que" Smith, Hill Danja 3:59
5. "Strip Tease"   Wanita Woodgett, Dawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres, Shannon Bex, Aubrey O'Day, Washington, Hill Danja 3:15
6. "Sucka for Love"   Bryan-Michael Cox, Kendrick A.J. Dean, B. Muhammad, Lewis, Smith, Nelson Cox**, Wyldcard*, The Clutch* 2:55
7. "Secret Place" (Interlude) Winans, Richard, W. Woodgett, Fimbres, Bex, O'Day Winans**[B] 1:16
8. "Ecstasy" (featuring Rick Ross) Andrew Harr, Jermaine Jackson, Brown, William Roberts The Runners[C] 4:36
9. "2 of You"   Cox, Darnley Scantlebury, State of Emergency, Adonis Shropshire, Dean, Aian David Clarke, Wynter Gordon Cox, State of Emergency, Wyldcard*[D] 3:53
10. "Lights Out"   Richard, Neil Betz, Craig Betz, Winans, Combs Flex & Hated, Akeem Lee, Combs*, Winans* 3:25
11. "Picture This" (Interlude) O'Day, W. Woodgett, Winans Winans** 1:14
12. "Poetry"   James Hoe, Tiff Star, Winans, Combs Malay, Winans*[E] 4:42
13. "Key to My Heart"   Shanell Woodgett, Reggie Perry Scyience 2:29
14. "Flashback" (Interlude) Romeo IX, W. Woodgett, Richard Romeo IX 1:13
15. "Is Anybody Listening"   Niara Scarlet, Fridolin Nordsoe, Winans, Combs Fridolin, Combs*, Winans*[F] 3:27
16. "Ain't Going" (featuring Day26 and Donnie Klang) Iyanna Dean, Dawn Richard, W. Woodgett, Bernard Malik Bernard Malik 3:12


  • * Co-producer.
  • ** Produced and arranged by.
  • A ^ Background vocals by Mary Brown.
  • B ^ Vocals produced and arranged by Mary Brown.
  • C ^ Vocals produced by Mary Brown. Addition vocal production by Harve Pierre.
  • D ^ Addition vocal production by Adonis and Voyce Alexander.
  • E ^ Vocal production by Tiff Star and Jim Beanz.
  • F ^ Vocal production by Harve Pierre and Shannon Lawrence.


According to the album's booklet and the BMI Repertoire.[9][10][13]


In order of first appearance in credits:

  • Sean Combsexecutive producer
  • Harve Pierre – co-executive producer
  • Conrad Dimanche - associate executive producer, A&R
  • Shannon Lawrence - A&R
  • Daniel Mitchell - A&R coordinator
  • Hughes Felizor - A&R coordinator
  • Gwendolyn Niles - A&R administration
  • Sharon Tucker - A&R administration
  • Francesca Spero - Bad Boy Films/Making the Band 4 executive
  • Eric Wong - marketing
  • Kamala Salmon - marketing
  • Mark Obriski - art direction and design
  • Rod Gold - art manager
  • Carolyn Tracey - packaging production
  • Rodger Erickson - photographer
  • Marni Senofonte - styling[disambiguation needed ]
  • Julius Erving - management
  • Kenneth Meiselas - legal representation
  • Ed Shapiro - legal representation
  • Brian Gardner - mastered by


In order of first appearance in credits:

  • Antwan Thompson - writer ("Welcome to the Dollhouse")
  • Harve Pierre - writer ("Welcome to the Dollhouse")
  • Sean Combs - writer ("Welcome to the Dollhouse", "Damaged", "Lights Out", "Poetry", "Is Anybody Listening")
  • Mary Brown - writer ("Bad Girl", "Ecstasy")
  • James Washington - writer ("Bad Girl", "Strip Tease")
  • Devin Parker - writer ("Bad Girl")
  • Nathanial Hill - writer ("Bad Girl", "Pretty Boy", "Strip Tease")
  • Missy Elliot - writer ("Bad Girl")
  • Jonathan Yip - writer ("Damaged")
  • Jeremy Reeves - writer ("Damaged")
  • Micayle McKinney - writer ("Damaged")
  • Ray Romulos - writer ("Damaged")
  • Shannon Lawrence - writer ("Damaged")
  • Rose Marie Tan - writer ("Damaged")
  • James Smith - writer ("Damaged")
  • Justin Walker - writer ("Damaged")
  • Mario Winans - writer ("Damaged", "Secret Place (Interlude)", "Lights Out", "Picture This (Interlude)", "Poetry", "Is Anybody Listening")
  • Balewa Muhammad - writer ("Pretty Boy", "Sucka For Love")
  • Candace Nelson - writer ("Pretty Boy", "Sucka For Love")
  • Ezekiel Lewis - writer ("Pretty Boy", "Sucka For Love")
  • P. "J. Que" Smith - writer ("Pretty Boy", "Sucka For Love")
  • Wanita Woodgett - writer ("Strip Tease", "Secret Place (Interlude)", "Picture This (Interlude)", "Flashback Interlude", "Ain't Going")
  • Dawn Richard - writer ("Strip Tease", "Secret Place (Interlude)", "Lights Out", "Flashback Interlude", "Ain't Going")
  • Aundrea Fimbres - writer ("Strip Tease", "Secret Place (Interlude)")
  • Shannon Bex - writer ("Strip Tease", "Secret Place (Interlude)")
  • Aubrey O'Day - writer ("Strip Tease", "Secret Place (Interlude)", "Picture This (Interlude)")
  • Bryan-Michael Cox - writer ("Sucka For Love", "2 of You")
  • Kendrick A.J. Dean - writer ("Sucka For Love", "2 of You")
  • Andrew Harr - writer ("Ecstasy")
  • Jermaine Jackson - writer ("Ecstasy")
  • William Roberts - writer ("Ecstasy")
  • Darnley Scantlebury - writer ("2 of You")
  • State of Emergency - writer ("2 of You")
  • Adonis Shropshire - writer ("2 of You")
  • Aian David Clarke - writer ("2 of You")
  • Wynter Gordon - writer ("2 of You")
  • Neil Betz - writer ("Lights Out")
  • Craig Betz - writer ("Lights Out")
  • James Hoe - writer ("Poetry")
  • Tiff Star - writer ("Poetry")
  • Shanell Woodgette - writer ("Key to My Heart")
  • Reggie Perry - writer ("Key to My Heart")
  • Romeo IX - writer ("Flashback Interlude")
  • Niara Scarlet - writer ("Is Anybody Listening")
  • Fridolin Nordsoe - writer ("Is Anybody Listening")
  • Lyanna Dean - writer ("Ain't Going")
  • Bernard Malik - writer ("Ain't Going")
  • Anesha Birchett - writer ("Make Me Sick")
  • Antea Joy Birchett - writer ("Make Me Sick")
  • Chris Grayson - writer ("Make Me Sick")
  • Kateeb Muhammad - writer ("Make Me Sick")


  • Akeem Lee - producer ("Lights Out")
  • Antwan Thompson - producer ("Welcome to the Dollhouse")
  • Bernard Malik Doss - producer ("Ain't Going")
  • Bryan-Michael Cox - producer ("Sucka For Love", "2 of You")
  • Danja - producer ("Bad Girl", "Pretty Boy", "Strip Tease")
  • Flex & Hated - producer ("Lights Out")
  • Fridolin - producer ("Is Anybody Listening")
  • Harve Pierre - producer ("Welcome to the Dollhouse")
  • Mario Winans - producer ("Damaged", "Secret Place (Interlude)", "Lights Out", "Picture This (Interlude)", "Poetry", "Is Anybody Listening")
  • Rockwilder - producer ("Make Me Sick")
  • Romeo IX - producer ("Flashback Interlude")
  • Scyience - producer ("Key to My Heart")
  • Sean Combs - producer ("Damaged", "Lights Out", "Is Anybody Listening")
  • Stereotypes - producer ("Damaged")
  • The Clutch - producer ("Sucka For Love")
  • The Runners - producer ("Ecstasy")
  • Wyldcard - producer ("Sucka For Love", "2 of You")


  • Victor Abijaudi - engineer
  • Steve Dickey - engineer
  • Paul J. Falcone - engineer
  • Andy Geel - engineer
  • Koil - engineer
  • Bernard Malik - engineer
  • Matthew Testa - engineer
  • Sam Thomas - engineer
  • Jeff Villanueva - engineer
  • Kevin Wilson - engineer


  • Marcella Araica - mixing engineer
  • Giz - mixing engineer
  • Ken Lewis - mixing engineer
  • Bernard Malik - mixing engineer
  • Fabian Marasciullo - mixing engineer
  • Matthew Testa - mixing engineer
  • Sam Thomas - mixing engineer

Vocal production

  • Adonis - vocal producer
  • Voyce Alexander - vocal producer
  • Jim Beanz - vocal producer
  • Mary Brown - vocal producer
  • Shannon Lawrence - vocal producer
  • Harve Pierre - vocal producer
  • Tiff Starr - vocal producer


  • Mary Brown - background vocals ("Bad Girl")
  • Bryan-Michael Cox - arranger, bass, drums, keyboards, programming, strings ("Sucka For Love", "2 of You"*)
  • Steve Dickey - mixing assistant
  • Daniel Mitchell - assistant engineer
  • Donnie Scantz - bass, drum programming, keyboards ("2 of You")
  • Jahi Sundance - bass, drum programming, keyboards ("2 of You")
  • Mario Winans - arranger ("Secret Place", "Picture This", "Is Anybody Listening")
  • Wyldcard - keyboard, strings ("Sucka for Love"**, "2 of You")


  • * Bryan-Michael Cox was not an arranger of "2 of You". He is also not credited for any additional drum or strings on that song.
  • ** Wyldcard is not credited for the keyboard in "Sucka for Love".

Chart positions

Chart Provider Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 Billboard 1
U.S. Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 1

Release history

Reigon Date
United States March 18, 2008
France March 18, 2008[16]
United Kingdom April 21, 2008[17]
Canada May 25, 2008[18]
Germany May 9, 2008[19]
Australia September 13, 2008[20]


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Preceded by
Trilla by Rick Ross
Billboard 200 number-one album
March 30, 2008 - April 5, 2008
Succeeded by
Day26 by Day26

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