Dubai 33

Dubai 33

Dubai Channel 33 (originally branded as Ch33) was a national television channel transmitting terrestrially out of Dubai in English, targeting the expat community in the U.A.E.. It was founded in 1977. Up until the late 80s, it was a 12-hour channel, switching broadcasts adjacently from one of Emirates Dubai Television's frequencies starting at 2:00 pm, U.A.E. time, with a children's block, and concluding at 2:00 am. The times of the switch often changed usually during Ramadan, which varied each year. It was the only free to air English channel in Dubai at the time.

From the late 1990s, its popularity started dwindling due to availability of alternate channels in English as well as the expat communities native languages via growing use of Satellite TV and mainstream cable (E-Vision in 2000).

It 2002, it started transmitting over the satellite using Arabsat and Nilesat, and turned into a free-to-air 24-hour channel, even though retaining the children's block timing at 2:00 pm.

In 2004, it changed its identity completely and relaunched as Dubai One [1](after being known as One TV for a short initial period) and is now part of Dubai Media Incorporated. Dubai One turned managed to recapture some of the lost expat market due to its more U.S.-based premium programming, even though when it was temporarly known as "One TV" it retained most of Ch33's original programming, including the signature children's block, which was later removed. However, Ch33 had an originality that could never be replaced and is now being copied by other gulf states expat Televisions[citation needed]

Ch33 originally had a habit of changing the type-face of their logo every few years.



It originally aired popular and latest US TV Shows, UK Comedy, Horse Racing, daily News and every Thursday 10.30pm, a Hindi movie subtitled in English. Later, its programs became even more diversified to include more soaps from Australia, Canada, etc.

The Hindi film ceremony Zee Cine Awards was also shown in February 2004, which took place in Dubai.[citation needed]

All programs on Channel 33 were aired after adequate censoring so as to meet the traditional cultural values of the United Arab Emirates.

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