The Adventures of Sinbad

The Adventures of Sinbad

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show_name = The Adventures of Sinbad

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format = Action/Adventure
runtime = 45 mins
creator = Ed Naha
developer = James L. Novack
executive_producer = Ed Naha
David Gerber
starring = Zen Gesner
George Buza
Tim Progosh
Oris Erhuero
Jacqueline Collen
Mariah Shirley
Julianne Morris
country = CAN
network = Global Television Network
first_aired = September 281996
last_aired = May 241998
num_episodes = 44
website =
imdb_id =0115086
tv_com_id = 4128

"The Adventures of Sinbad" is Canadian television series which aired from 1996 to 1998. It follows on the story from the pilot of the same name. It revolves around the series' protagonist, Sinbad. The series is a re-telling of the adventures of Sinbad from "The Arabian Nights". Created by Ed Naha, it was filmed in southern Ontario, Canada and in Cape Town, South Africa. The tone of the series resembled its contemporaries ' and '.


A sword and sorcery adventure set in a land of myth and magic in the Middle East, around the Persian Gulf. The series tells of the adventures of Sinbad and his brother as they gather a crew, and set sail in the ship, "Nomad", from Baghdad in search of wealth and adventure. Along the way they face witches, wizards, strange tribes and fantastic creatures.


After two years at sea, Sinbad returns to his home, Baghdad. The city is very different from the Baghdad he remembers. It is now in the control of a prince and the grand vizier. He lands himself in prison, where he is reacquainted with his elder brother, Doubar, and discovers he is to be beheaded. When the princess is kidnapped, the Caliph of Baghdad says Sinbad is the only man he knows who is capable of facing Turok, the man who captured the princess. Before Sinbad is beheaded, Doubar comes to the rescue and sets him free. The brothers meet up with the rest of Sinbad's crew and proceed to Turok's lair, in search for Princess Adena. Sinbad tells his crew they need the help of his and Doubar's old mentor, Master Dim-Dim, so the crew head off for the Isle of Dawn, where he resides. They arrive at the island where they meet Dim-Dim and his new apprentice, Maeve, along with her avian companion, Dermott, a hawk. While on the island Dim-Dim goes missing and Maeve decides to join Sinbad and his crew in their search for the lost Master.


Nomad Crew


Sinbad the Sailor is the series' main protagonist, and captain of the ship, "Nomad". In the first episode he returns from a two-year absence, after being swept off s ship and presumed dead. He wears a rainbow bracelet after his return.Portrayed by Zen Gesner


Doubar is Sinbad's older brother. He is exceptionally strong.Portrayed by George Buza


Firouz is an inventor/scientist. Throughout the series he invents many modern gadgets, including a bicycle, an umbrella, dynamite sticks, and lasers. Portrayed by Tim Progosh


Rongar is a mute warrior. He is an expert at knife throwing. Season Two features an episode that visits his home and gives the viewer his backstory.Portrayed by Oris Erhuero


Maeve is a Celtic sorceress, who is skilled in the arts of magic. She has a fiery personality and initially does not get along well with Sinbad. She was only featured in the first season. The first episode for season two has her swept off the "Nomad" in the midst of a tempest, and it is later discovered the long-lost wizard Dim-Dim took her away to protect her from Rumina, a sorceress and a long-time foe of both Sinbad and Maeve.Portrayed by Jacqueline Collen


Dermott is a very intelligent hawk that joins the crew with Maeve. It is later discovered Dermott is Maeve's brother, under a spell cast by Rumina. Dermott is portrayed by Dermott the Hawk.


Bryn, a mysterious woman with a talent for magic, was introduced in season two. She meets Sinbad when he is washed ashore on the island she stays on. She had previously been washed ashore on the same island, and retained no memory of who she was or why she was there. She wore a rainbow bracelet matching Sinbad's, and when the two of them eventually managed to find the rest of the crew and escape the island, a message from Dim-Dim indicated she was the key to victory, presumably over the vengeful sorceress Rumina.Portrayed by Mariah Shirley


* Turok

Turok is an evil sorcerer that is featured in the first two episodes, and the season one finale His daughter is Rumina. Portrayed by Juan Chiorian.

* Rumina

Rumina is the daughter of Turok. She is a recurring villain throughout the first season. She loves Sinbad, but hates him for murdering her father. Rumina is an expert in black magic, which is easy to learn compared to white magic. Rumina is also obsessed with killing Maeve, something she never manages to accomplish. Portrayed by Julianne Morris.

* Scratch

Scratch is a demon from the West. He calls himself the Devil and is a horned and hoofed creature. He goes by many different names, including the "Lord of the Flies." He is introduced in the episode "Conundrum" in season one and appears in two subsequent episodes.

Recurring Characters


Master Dim-Dim taught both Sinbad and Maeve and disappeared early on in the series. Sinbad and his crew continue to search for him. Portrayed by Wayne Robinson


Tetsu is a Ronin Warrior who also wears a rainbow bracelet, like Sinbad and Bryn. He appears once in both seasons. Portrayed by Von Flores


Mustapha was in the same prison as Doubar and Sinbad. When they were released to search for the lost princess, Mustapha introduced his good friend Rongar to the team. He dies in Rongar's arms in the second episode after trying to defeat a monster on board of the Nomad. He was portrayed by Ian Tracey.

Episode list

eason One

In season one, Sinbad and his crew search for Master Dim-Dim, Sinbad and Maeve's old teacher who has disappeared.

#The Return of Sinbad, Part One
#The Return of Sinbad, Part Two
#The Beast Within
#Still Life
#The Ronin
#Little Miss Magic
#King Firouz
#The Ties That Bind
#Double Trouble
#The Prince Who Wasn't
#The Village Vanishes
#Masked Marauders
#The Ghoul's Tale
#The Rescue
#The Eyes of Kratos
#The Bully
#The Siren's Song
#Isle of Bliss
#The Vengeance of Rumina

eason Two

In the opening of season two, Maeve is swept away during a storm. In his attempt to rescue her, Sinbad washes up on an island where he meets Bryn, who joins his crew. This season is darker in tone than season one, and explores the mystery of the rainbow bracelets.

#The Sacrifice
#The Return of the Ronin
#Heart and Soul
#The Voyage to Hell
#Ali Rashid and the Thieves
#The Gift
#The Curse of the Gorgons
#The Beast of Basra
#The Monster
#The Passengers
#The Invaders
#The Book of Before
#City under Plague
#The Empress
#Castle Keep
#The Gryphon's Tale
#The Beast of the Dark
#Survival Run
#The Minotaur
#The Guardians
#Hell House

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