My Little Pony Tales

My Little Pony Tales
My Little Pony Tales
Format Animated series
Written by George Arthur Bloom
Kayte Kuch
Sheryl Scarborough
Donna Harman
Richard Merwin
Doug Booth
Buzz Dixon
Noel Wolfman
Marv Wolfman
Roger Slifer
Directed by Seung-Jin Oh
Kyung-Chook Sah
Young-Wook Yeo
Nak-Jong Kim
Young-Soo Lee
Heung-Sun Oh
Creative director(s) Jay Bacal
Voices of Brigitta Dau
Laura Harris
Willow Johnson
Lalainia Lindbjerg
Shane Meier
Maggie Blue O'Hara
Kate Robbins
Tony Sampson
Kelly Sheridan
Brad Swaile
Venus Terzo
Chiara Zanni
Opening theme "My Little Pony Tales" by Tommy Goodman
Barry Harman
Composer(s) Tommy Goodman
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Carole Weitzman
Joe Bacal
Tom Griffin
C.J. Kettler
Producer(s) Terry Lennon, Roger Slifer
Running time 10 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Sunbow Productions
Graz Entertainment
Akom Production Company
Original channel Disney Channel
Original run July 3, 1992 (1992-07-03) – December 25, 1992 (1992-12-25)
Preceded by My Little Pony
Followed by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

My Little Pony Tales is an American animated television series produced by Graz Entertainment and Sunbow Productions, based on the My Little Pony toys by Hasbro. The series premiered in July 3, 1992 to December 25, 1992, with a total of 26 episodes. The series itself departs from the original series, featuring a Slice of Life theme, anthropomorphized characters and has no mention of Dream Valley. Despite being aired in the US, My Little Pony Tales has a big fanbase in both European and Australian markets as it's used to promote the Late Generation 1 toys released.

The series has been released in DVD in both European and Australian markets.



The series follows the lives of seven young female ponies - Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon. Unlike the previous depictions of The Little Ponies, the girls lived essentially as like human beings: attending school, frequenting an ice cream shop, going on dates, entering talent contests and even roller-skating. Love interests were provided in the male ponies Teddy, Ace and Lancer. At least one song is performed by the ponies in every episode.

The series is set in Coltonville, a place in Ponyland where it is populated solely by earth ponies.


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My Little Pony Tales
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Main Characters

Voiced by: Willow Johnson
The most sensible and responsible and leader of the group, Starlight dreams of becoming a teacher and holds Miss Hackney in high regard. Her mother owns the Rainbow Beauty Salon, as well as the ice cream shop at which Starlight works. Starlight has an unrequited crush on Ace. She is pink with golden-yellow hair, and her cutie mark is a Yellow star with four blue stars.
Voiced by: Maggie Blue O'Hara
She is the "sweetheart" of the group. She dislikes letting anyone down, but is sometimes forced into the middle of fights between her friends. She can see anyone's good nature, and knows very well that Teddy is not as bad as he seems. Sweetheart has three young siblings, two of whom are named Sugar and Peaches. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She is white with pink hair and her cutie mark is a big red heart, with three little orange hearts surrounding it.
Voiced by: Kelly Sheridan
The lead singer in "The Rockin' Beats," Melody is somewhat shallow, gossipy, and rather spoiled, holding her own interests higher than those of her friends. She sometimes tries to offer beauty advice to the others, and hopes to become a famous rock star. She has two young twin sisters named Jing-A-Ling and Ting-A-Ling, and her mother is a nurse. Melody is pink with sea-blue hair, and her cutie mark is a yellow microphone surrounded by several music notes.
Bright Eyes
Voiced by: Laura Harris
As the smart one of her friends, she's quick to think things out logically when there's a problem. She loves to learn new things, and wishes to be an environmentalist when she grows up. She has an infatuation with Lancer. Although her family never appears, it is mentioned that her father works for the paper. She is dark cyan with dark orange hair, and her cutie mark is a notebook and pen.
Voiced by: Venus Terzo (Episodes 1-16), Brigitta Dau (Episodes 17-26)
The adventurous tomboy of the group, Patch was adopted by her parents and is an only child. An active member of the soccer team, she is always on the lookout for something to do, and is fond of practical jokes. She wants to join the circus when she grows up. Patch is peach-colored with dark pink hair, and her cutie mark is a patch of pink cloth. She seems to be the only pony who sees unnatural phenomenon like Squire's ghost and the Glow n' Show Ponies.
Voiced by: Lalainia Lindbjerg
Tremendously clumsy and prone to breaking things, Clover frequently bursts into tears in dismay at her own ineptitude. Nevertheless, things generally work out for her in the end, as a result of either luck or the intervention of her friends. A very superstitious pony, she can be quite gullible. She dreams of being a ballerina, like her big sister. She is lavender purple with rose-pink hair, and her cutie mark is a clover leaf. Her surname is revealed as "Bloom" in the episode "Sister Of The Bride," the only surname mentioned in the entire series.
Bon Bon
Voiced by: Chiara Zanni
Extremely fond of food and cooking, Bon Bon dreams of becoming a fashion model. She loves to write in her diary, detailing daily events. Her family is quite large, consisting of four younger siblings (Amber, Twink, Rusty, and unnamed baby brother), one older sister (Misty), and her parents. She is also mentioned as having another older sibling in the UK 1994 My Little Pony annual. Bon Bon is yellow with Burgundy hair, and her cutie mark is a blue piece of candy.

Recurring Characters

Voiced by: Tony Sampson
One of the male ponies, Teddy is a complete show-off and often gets on the nerves of others with his impulsive actions. Later in the series he is paired with Sweetheart. Sometimes he carries a satchel over his neck. It is later revealed that he sleeps with a teddy bear. Teddy is blue with an orange ginger Mohawk, and his cutie mark is a comb.
Voiced by: Brad Swaile
A very athletic and confident male, Ace is Teddy's best friend and often his partner in influencing Lancer. He is the handsome jock of the school, and a dream date for many of the girls. Ace is a very sporty pony who enjoys soccer and many other activities. He has a crush on Melody, but this is largely unrequited. He is gold-colored with light blonde hair, and his cutie mark is a soccer ball.
Voiced by: Shane Meier
The quietest of the boys, Lancer is shy and fond of books. His parents are very wealthy and often away on trips. Lancer seems to have feelings for Bright Eyes, and is shown to be talented at roller skating. He wants to be an explorer when he grows up. He is much softer than the other boys and often takes side with the girls, mostly to impress Bright Eyes. Lancer is dark blue with crimson-red hair, and his cutie mark is a fleur-de-lis.
Miss Hackney
Voiced by: Kate Robbins
She's the ponies' teacher. She has quite a lot of patience, having to deal with Patch's behavior in class. Very wise, she is a good role model and is strict but fair. Starlight looks up to her. She is periwinkle with lavender hair, and her cutie mark is a small chalkboard. It is suggested that she may have an affection for Mr. Kiddoo.

Minor characters

  • Mr. Bloom - Clover and Meadowlark's Father, who is an artist making art out of junk he gathers from the dump. He is purple with orange hair, and his cutie mark is a boomerang.
  • Mrs. Bloom - Clover's and Meadowlark's mother. She is purple with red hair and her cutie mark is a yellow book. She also wears glasses.
  • Starlight's Mother - Owns the Rainbow Beauty Salon. She is red with yellow hair, and her cutie mark is a bunch yellow flowers.
  • Sweetheart's Father - Sweetheart's and triplets' father. He is white with pink hair, and his cutie mark is a flight of stairs.
  • Sweetheart's Mother - Sweetheart's and triplets' mother. She is white with red hair, with braids, and her cutie mark is a gift.
  • Sugar - One of Sweetheart's younger sisters. She is white with dark pink hair and green bow on her head.
  • Peaches - Another of Sweetheart's younger sisters. She is white with dark pink hair and green bow on her head.
  • Sweetheart's Third Sister - Yet another of Sweetheart's younger sisters. She is white with dark pink hair and green bow on her head.
  • Springfield - Sweetheart and her family's pet cat.
  • Melody's Mother - Mother of Melody, Jing-A-Ling and Ting-A-Ling. She is a nurse. She is purple with light purple hair, and her cutie mark is a clock.
  • Jing-A-Ling - Melody's younger sister. She is purple with orange hair and blue bow on her tail, and her cutie mark is a bell.
  • Ting-A-Ling - Melody's younger sister. She is purple with orange hair and blue bow on her tail, and her cutie mark is a bell.
  • Patch's Father - Patch's adoptive father. He is orange with green hair, and his cutie mark is a brown little home.
  • Patch's Mother - Patch's adoptive mother. She is orange with pink hair, and her cutie mark is a blue ball of wool.
  • Bon Bon's Father - Father of Bon Bon and her siblings. He is yellow with blue hair, and his cutie mark is a green garden hose.
  • Bon Bon's Mother - Mother of Bon Bon and her siblings. She is yellow with pink hair, and her cutie mark is a slice of strawberry cake.
  • Amber - Bon Bon's younger sister. She is white with purple hair, and her cutie mark is a pink lollipop.
  • Twink - Bon Bon's younger brother. He is yellow with green, hair, and his cutie mark is a star.
  • Rusty - Bon Bon's younger brother. He is yellow with light orange hair, and his cutie mark is a baseball bat and ball. He wears a blue cap.
  • Misty - Bon Bon's older sister. She is pale yellow with pink hair, and her cutie mark is a mint green phone.
  • Unnamed baby - Bon Bon's youngest brother. He is cream with blue hair, and his cutie mark is a green rattle.
  • Dazzle — The host of PTV, a popular television network (that seems to parody MTV). She is yellow with bright green hair, a star mark on her hip, and a huge black hat with a white flower. She has a British accent.
  • The Cleveland Bays - A popular rock group. Melody is known to have a massive crush on Chain Link, the band leader.
  • Mr. Kiddoo - A yellow pony with gray hair and a hot air balloon as mark on hip. He wears a top hat and loves tea. He is a hot air balloon pilot who owns a red balloon. It is possible that he may have feelings for Miss Hackney.
  • The Police Chief - A pale gold pony with white hair and a badge as the mark on his hip. He wears a police cap.
  • The Glowing Magic Ponies/Glow 'n' Show Ponies - A band of glowing flying ponies with heart and star designs all over their bodies. They are first viewed as a glowing cloud of stardust. They consist of Starglow (dark blue with blue wings, red and green hair and piano as her cutie mark), Happyglow (light pink with pink wings, white and blue hair and three blue clown hats as her cutie mark), Brightglow (orange with yellow wings, pink hair and white doves as her cutie mark, the only one who speaks) and their leader Dazzleglow (pink with white wings, white and blue hair, and three yellow umbrellas as her hip mar, the first Alicorn prior to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic).
  • The Rockin' Beats — Melody (pink lead singer), Pretty Beat (reddish-pink drummer with blue and red hair and orange and yellow miscellaneous shapes), Tuneful (dark green pianist with orange and pink hair and orange and purple miscellaneous shapes as her cutie mark), Sweet Notes (hot pink guitarist with yellow and pink streak and Blue and yellow miscellaneous shapes as her cutie mark), and Half Note (orange guitarist with pink and yellow hair with braids and green and pink stars, triangles and circles as her cutie mark).
  • The Barringtons — A new family who moved into the house the girls were using as a tea house. They consist of Mr. Barrington (cutie mark is red car), Mrs. Barrington (cutie mark is orange basket filled with groceries), their baby Posey (cutie mark is tricycle), and Logan (cutie mark is skateboard), who the girls invite to join their club. The Barringtons are all white with yellow, orange, green and pink hair.
  • Rosy — A pony from the local orphanage, eventually revealed to be a lost princess. She is yellow with pink hair. Mark on her hip is a pink rose.
  • Meadowlark — Clover's older sister, a famous ballerina. She is very supportive and patient with her woefully clumsy younger sibling. She is purple with bright yellow hair, sometimes braided in braid, and mark on her hip is a ballet shoe in a yellow star.
  • Cheval — Meadowlark's husband, a white red-haired pony with a French accent. Like Meadowlark, he is skilled in ballet. He marries Meadowlark. Mark on his hip is a crossed top hat and cane.
  • The Sunbrights - A family of tropical ponies who live on an island similar to Hawaii. They are all orange with blue, pink, yellow and red hair (children has purple in place of red), which is adorned with several decorations, such as starfish clips. The family consists of Papi (cutie mark is sailing boat), Mami (cutie mark is pink clam shell and blue conch shell), and their children Moki (girl, who's cutie mark is purple flower) and Ichi (boy, who's cutie mark is green and orange fish jumping out of orange water). Papi is a pearl diver, and the family lives in a straw hut.
  • The Meadowsweet family - Relatives of Teddy who are all pink with yellow, blue, purple and dark pink hair. They include his uncle Mr. Meadowsweet (cutie mark is orange butterflies), his aunt Mrs. Meadowsweet (cutie mark is red apples) and his cousins Corny (cutie mark is an ear of corn) and Daisy (cutie mark is two daisies). They all live and work on a farm
  • Mr. Tidwell - The custodian at the ponies' school. Mark on his hip is a brush.
  • Dandy and Buddy - Two boy ponies. They were the roller skating partners of Clover and Patch (respectively) in the episode 'Roll Around The Clock'. Dandy is Blue with Blonde hair and a wagon as mark on his hip. Buddy is White with Aqua hair with a Hockey Puck as mark on his hip.


# Title U.S. Original airdate Production Code
1 "Slumber Party" July 3, 1992 301

The girls are enjoying their night at Sweetheart's house. When bedtime comes, Patch tells a scary bedtime tale about a medieval Paradise Lake warrior called Squire, who failed in his quest to tame the dragon Basil. The girls hear a noise in the attic and go to check it out. The attic is dark and spooky but all they find is Sweethearts' cat Springfield. Back in the bedroom, Patch drifts off to sleep as sees the ghost of Squire requesting her to deal with unfinished business.

Episode Song: "Things Are Not Always What They Seem", sung by Patch. 
2 "Too Sick to Notice" July 10, 1992 302

Bon Bon's youngest brother Baby has caught flu and all of Bon Bon's siblings and parents are too busy helping Baby and ignoring Bon Bon. Bon Bon, prickled by the lack of attention pretends to be sick to get the attention she wants. She gets the attention but in the process creates problems for the family. Eventually Bon Bon confesses her bluff. Then the flu spreads to the entire family and Bon Bon gets more attention than ever before.

Episode Song: "A Little Attention", sung by Bon Bon. 
3 "The Battle of the Bands" July 17, 1992 303

Melody with her Rockin' Beats band ready themselves for "The Battle of the Bands" competition, but Melody has a problem. She can't get a babysitter to take care of her baby sisters Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling. She is forced to take them with her to the band competition. Melody does her best to keep the twins out of her trouble while the Rockin' Beats band is struggling to do their job. Then Melody and the twins make an entrance to the stage and the Rockin' Beats band wins the competition.

Episode Song: "Sweet Music", First version sung by Melody and her band, The Rockin' Beats. Second version with Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling. 
4 "And The Winner Is..." July 24, 1992 304

Clover dreams she wins the national Ponyland lotto she finds her dream has come true the next morning. Clover receives a letter from Dazzle with two winning tickets to the ball concert. The problem for Clover is that she doesn't know which one of her friends to take with her. Trying not to be choosy she asks all of them to come. Then they all find out they've been separately chosen and chase after Clover. To sort the matter, Mr. Bloom picks two names at random and Clover and Melody get to go. Clover still feels guilty about going while the others have to watch on TV, so Clover and Melody sell the tickets and buy pizza so they can watch with the other girls at home.

Episode Song: "The Choice", sung by Clover. 
5 "Stand By Me" July 31, 1992 305

Melody has a new cassette player, but forgets to take it with her. She finds it missing and she and her friends strongly suspect Teddy stole it. At the very next day a play act for court and trial is to take place in the school classroom, Teddy as the suspect, Starlight as the lawyer and Bright Eyes as the prosecutor. Not wanting Teddy to get in trouble, Sweetheart chooses to be Teddy's defendant, which makes Melody believe she's a traitor to their gang. Teddy doesn't want Sweetheart's help. In the class court, the witnesses and the class have no proof Teddy took the cassette player. Sweetheart thinks of the past events she had with Teddy and sends in the custodian who took the cassette player to the lost property. Sweetheart finds the cassette player and Melody's attitude changes.

Episode Song: "You Don't Know the Boy", sung by Sweetheart. 
6 "The Tea Party" August 7, 1992 306

While the girls are holding a tea party in their usual abandoned house, Starlight suggests they allow boys in their club which they are refusal, but after discussion they decide to try it. When they leave the house a family of new ponies arrive and take away the stuff they left behind. Thinking they are thieves, the girls formulate a plan and set traps in the abandoned house. When the family arrive, they run into the traps girls had set. The new ponies are the Barrington family who are moving in this very house. To make up for their mistake, the girls assist the Barringtons in maintaining the house. As a present, Mr. Barrington gets for the girls a club house. Starlight invites Logan Barrington for some cookies at the next tea party.

Episode Song: "Boys! Boys! Boys!", sung by all the girls. 
7 "The Masquerade" August 14, 1992 307

As a reward for passing their tests with good marks, Ms. Hackney arranges for the class a costume party tonight, where they dress up what they wish be when they grow up. Bon Bon has the idea of dressing up as a model but thinks everyone will laugh at her. She goes to the party, but hardly does she enter when the ponies roar with laughter at Patch's clown act. Thinking she's being poked fun at, Bon Bon runs away into the countryside. Teddy who was the only one to catch sight of her, notifies the others and they go after her thinking they know why she ran. They find her and convince to come back to the party. She almost falls off a ledge, but they rescue her and they all go back to enjoy the party.

Episode Song: "The Best Dream", sung by Bon Bon. 
8 "Out of Luck" August 21, 1992 308

Clover's father looks in the junkyard for bits and pieces and comes across a white teapot. Ever since Clover kept the teapot, her luck has been down and bad events affected her. Every time Clover tries to get rid of the teapot, it always comes back and gets her in bigger trouble. Finally she tells her father straight, she doesn't want it. He adds it to his art sculpture to display. Although Clover will part with the teapot she still feels haunted by it.

Episode Song: "When Fortune Smiled On Me", sung by Clover. 
9 "The Play's the Thing" August 28, 1992 309

All the of the class is going to perform in a theater a play on fairy tales. Melody has been picked to be the main role as the princess. Feeling full of herself, she bosses her family and even her friends making them very cross with her. As payback, the girls spoil Melody's rehearsal in front of Teddy and Ace. After Starlight snaps at Melody about how her current nature, this stirs Melody and a sudden realization hits her. Melody takes everything back and the performance runs smoothly.

Episode Song: "The Magic of Theater", sung by Starlight. 
10 "Shop Talk" September 4, 1992 310

Melody and Starlight share gossip with the other girls about their juicy stories, except for Sweetheart who doesn't like telling on others. Patch who tries to imagine Teddy and his secrets, assumes he has a teddy bear and the girls jeer. Ace overhears this and blabs to Lancer at football practice. They both poke fun at Teddy and he gives them a punch up and heads home. When Sweetheart arrives, Teddy is mad with her and Sweetheart only worsens his mood. To sort out the situation, Sweetheart forms a plan with her friends. Bright Eyes and Melody lure Ace and Lancer to babysit some baby ponies. They take good care of the babies but when feeding time comes, the girls force to the two boys to eat and dress like babies and Sweetheart takes a picture of them which would ruin their reputation. In exchange for dropping the story of having a teddy bear, Teddy tears the photograph and is relieved his secret is safe and trusts Sweetheart more than before.

Episode Song: "A Juicy Story", sung by all the girls. 
11 "The Impractical Joker" September 11, 1992 311

Melody, Bright Eyes and Starlight are told that they are dating with the rockstar Chain Link. It turns out Patch was imitating his voice on the phone and pulling a joke. For her next joke, Patch gets Bon Bon to do a cooking documentary in 30 minutes, resulting in her cake getting burned. Using this film with some additional tricks, Patch sabotages Bright Eyes' school class project and turns it into a freak show. The girls decide to take action against Patch. Their amateur trick doesn't work on Patch and she continues to pull pranks on her friends. Suddenly Patch spots a flying saucer in the sky and finds some aliens where it lands. As the aliens declare that they want to remove her brain, she panics and backs away falling into a tub of water. This alien scene was set up by the girls with a little help from Teddy.

Episode Song: "Practical Jokes", sung by Patch. 
12 "The Great Lemonade Stand Wars" September 18, 1992 312

While teasing Bon Bon about her diary the girls accidentally break their only tea set. They have no money to buy a new one, so they raise some by making and selling lemonade. Jealous of their success, the boys try their own lemonade stall but don't know how to make good lemonade. Ace does a prince charming act on Bon Bon and gets the recipe from her. Finding out that Ace has deceived Bon Bon, the girls and boys begin a rivalry to see whose better. Lancer settles the rivalry and decides to join up as well. They sell ice tea at the stall and Ace and Teddy walk off.

Episode Song: "Think Again", sung by the girls at times and by the boys at times. 
13 "Blue Ribbon Blues" September 25, 1992 313

After throwing their picnic basket in the river, Teddy tries to convince Sweetheart he can be helpful and nice. He invites her to his cousin Corny's farm. It is harvest time and the work runs smoothly. Teddy has trouble with the hens and the pig Yorkie. Yorkie tears Teddy's teddy bear so he gets mad and chases Yorkie into the country. Corny gets worried about Yorkie and while helping Yorkie falls and begins drowning in the river. Teddy who has never swum in running water before plucks up his courage and rescues Corny. At a Country Fair, Yorkie wins a 1st prize ribbon and Teddy wins a stuffed pig. He swaps the pig with Daisy for his teddy bear and feels happy.

Episode Song: "It's Harvest Time", sung by the farming family. 
14 "Roll around the Clocks" October 2, 1992 314

Both Lancer and Bright Eyes want to ask each other to be partners in the upcoming roller derby, but are too shy to ask. Their friends try to help; Ace and Teddy encourage Lancer to act like a bad boy, while the girls suggest Bright Eyes act like an airheaded glamor girl. The two of one end up accidentally insulting each other, and walk away angry. On the day of the roller derby, the two explain what happened and make up. They then enter the derby together and win first place.

Episode Song: "Play It Cool". 
15 "Princess Problems" October 9, 1992 315

Patch tours her friends at the orphanage she once stayed and they help out in decorating the playground. In today's paper, the girls read that the King and Queen are coming to find their long lost daughter here. The description resembles Patch and she finds on her hoof a birth mark which was not here before. The girls dress Patch up as a princess and Patch feels very gloomy about leaving her adopted parents and her friends and staying in a castle. The King and Queen go through every little pony at the orphanage and can't find their daughter. Patch notices that the birthmark on her hoof is actually some paint spilled from the decorating. By the time she realizes Rosy is the royal ponies' missing daughter, they are leaving. Patch stops them and brings Rosy to them.

Episode Song: "A Princess Must Look Beautiful". 
16 "An apple for Starlight" October 16, 1992 316

Ms. Hackney gets a headache and leaves the teaching to Starlight. She has to teach them about the prehistoric cave ponies of Pinto Cave and how a pulley works. The tape player with Ms. Hackney's voice isn't helping the class and the class are not taking their studies seriously, much to Starlight's frustration. Starlight tries again and takes them on field trip to Pinto Cave. The class enters Pinto Cave, but they slip down a slope into a cavern where the cave ponies once stored their tools. The torch runs out, but Starlight replaces the batteries with the one from the tape player. To get out of the cave, Ace attaches a pulley to the cave ceiling and hoists all the ponies up. They return to school and Ms. Hackney is proud of Starlight and gives her an apple.

Episode Song: "Lessons", sung by Starlight, Bright Eyes and Sweetheart. 
17 "Up, up and Away" October 23, 1992 317

A UFO has been sighted in the mountains. The police won't allow anyone to investigate. Mr. Kiddoo comes to show the class the hot air balloon and will demonstrate a flight with some of the class. Patch takes the opportunity to get in the balloon followed by a reluctant Bon Bon. The balloon takes off and Patch and Bon Bon find themselves high in the sky. Suddenly they are attacked by birds and the balloon is falling into some shark infested waters. Bon Bon can't bear to look and Patch sees the UFO turns into Flying Glowing Magic Ponies. The alicorn of the group Dazzleglow rescues them and brings them to safety. Patch is in trouble but goes to the peak of the mountain to find out more but Patch isn't ready to know and may meet the Glow n' Show Ponies once more.

Episode Song: "The Adventure", sung by Patch. 
18 "Sister of the Bride" October 30, 1992 318

Clover's sister Meadowlark is going to marry the handsome pony Cheval. Clover and her friends help prepare for the wedding. They are assigned the tasks to pick up the rings, the flowers and the cake for the wedding. Not everything goes well because the flowers are ruined, Clover manages to tumble into the wedding cake and lose the rings, and the girls spot Meadowlark's fiancée flattering an unknown female pony whom the girls believe he wants to marry instead. The female pony that Cheval was talking to turns out to be his sister, so naturally he has no interest in marrying her. There are also plenty of flowers in Clover's family's garden that they use for the wedding, Bon Bon fixes the ruined wedding cake and the rings are found so the wedding commences.

Episode Song: "Today's My Wedding Day", sung by Meadowlark. 
19 "Birds of a Feather" November 6, 1992 319

Bright Eyes reads about an endangered bird called the Green-Winged Song Bird. Bright Eyes, Ace, Bon Bon and Patch take a hike in the forest to find out why the bird is endangered. Along the journey, they get stung by nettles, covered in mud, chased by bees and eventually get hungry. After catching a fish, they are too sympathetic to eat him and put him back in the river. As their hopes go down, they see a Green-Winged Song Bird and find out that they have become endangered due to the felling of trees they live on. With the help of paths and routes Bon Bon wrote in her diary, they make it back to town. Bright Eyes tells about her findings and is declared by the mayor as Pony Of The Month.

Episode Song: "In the Forest", sung by Bright Eyes. 
20 "Send in the Clown" November 13, 1992 320

Clover's sister Meadowlark comes to town. Clover starts feeling overshadowed by Meadowlark, who seems to be so much better than her. When the harlequin in the upcoming ballet recital is injured, Clover takes her place. Overcome with nervousness, Clover pretends to have amnesia. Sensing her sister's stage fright, Meadowlark confesses to Clover that she was the same on her first performance. On the night of the recital, Clover plucks up the courage to play her part and performs brilliantly, to the applause of the crowd and her family.

Episode Song: "She's So Much Better Than Me", sung by Clover. 
21 "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" November 20, 1992 321

While the girls practice their swimming routine at Lancer's mansion for an upcoming contest, Teddy pranks them with an inflatable octopus, and Lancer retaliates by spraying Teddy with a hose. At the Swimming Gala, another of Teddy's pranks results in the team being disqualified. Angrily, the girls demand that Sweetheart uninvite Teddy from her upcoming birthday party, telling her it's "him or us". Not wanting to choose between them, Sweetheart calls the party off. To sort it all out Lancer tricks both Teddy and the girls into getting on his father's yacht, refusing to let them off until they sign a peace treaty and Lancer convinces them to put their differences aside for Sweetheart. Lancer then brings Sweetheart to his mansion, where everyone surprises her with the party. When the birthday cake is brought in, an overjoyed Sweetheart declares that she doesn't need to make a wish on the candles, as her wish had already come true.

Episode Song: "An Unforgettable Party", sung by Sweetheart's friends. 
22 "Gribet" November 27, 1992 322

When the girl's picnic is rained out, Sweetheart finds a frog with an injured leg. Taking the frog to the clubhouse, Sweetheart in instructed to bring him to a vet. The vet puts a splint on the frog (named "Spot" by Sweetheart) and tells them that his leg will heal in three days. After Spot heals, Sweetheart takes him with her but causes trouble at Bon Bon's house and Starlight's ice cream parlor. Sweetheart brings Spot to school, but he causes more chaos. Miss Hackney tells Sweetheart to set Spot free. Tearfully, the girls release Spot into the wild.

Episode Song: "Off You Go", sung by Sweetheart. 
23 "Bon Bon's Diary" December 4, 1992 323

Bon Bon is so busy cooking she forgets to study for her math test. Feeling that she has no chance of passing she cheats and gets away with it, but she gets disappointed from her lack of skill. She forgets to take the diary with her and Teddy takes it. The next morning Bon Bon finds her diary went missing and no one can find it. Teddy comes up to Bon Bon and threatens to tell what's in the diary if she doesn't come with him to the ball concert. Bon Bon calls Sweetheart to sort out the problem and she calls Teddy and tells him what keeping personal secrets is about. Teddy hands the diary to Ms. Hackney. Bon Bon confesses that she cheated to get an 'A' and Ms. Hackney gives her diary back. After taking a resit, Bon Bon gets a 'C', but Teddy flunked in his test and Bon Bon offers to study with him so they can pass the next test before going to the ball concert.

Episode Song: "Secrets", sung by the girls. 
24 "Just for Kicks" December 11, 1992 324

Starlight is in love with Ace, but he does not share the same feelings for her. She does what she can in order to win his heart, putting on beautiful accessories, but he does not even seem to notice her. Ms. Hackney helps Starlight by telling her that maybe he would like her if they would have a common interest. Soccer happens to be Ace's favorite sport, so Starlight joins the soccer team. Ace humiliates her in front of the team, and Starlight is ready to quit. She is convinced by Patch, who also is on the team, to stay on the team for the upcoming soccer match. In this match Starlight scores a magnificent goal that settles the game and leads her team to victory, which makes Ace jealous rather than impressed. Ace comes around and talks to Starlight and accepts her as a member of the team and praises her goal.

Episode Song: "Perfect Pair", sung by Starlight and divided into two parts. 
25 "Ponies in Paradise" December 18, 1992 325

Bright Eyes is going on an exchange trip to the Tropical Island. Her friends have rumours that the island has a sea monster, the inhabitants are savages that cannibalise and sacrifice little girls to the volcano when it erupts. Bright Eyes dismisses those ideas and goes to the island where stays with Sunbright family. Moki invites Bright Eyes to paddle in a canoe. Bright Eyes mistakes Papi Sunbright in a diving suit for a sea monster. Bright Eyes' fear of the superstitions is declared when the Sunbrights take her for a hike to the volcano. To the Sunbrights' surprise the volcano erupts as Bright Eyes falls into the crater. The Sunbrights rescue Bright Eyes and escape from the volcano. Bright Eyes tells the Sunbrights what her friends thought about Tropical Ponies and Papi thought Mainland Ponies could fly. Bright Eyes experiences more fun and activities with Moki before she has to leave for home.

Episode Song: "We May Be Different...", sung by Bright Eyes and Moki. 
26 "Who's Responsible" December 25, 1992 326

Bright Eyes brings to her friends' attention the current garbage pollution situation. They divide into teams to track down the responsible dumpers but they are not using their common sense and do their own littering in the process. As a result Pony River gets clogged and floods the surface. Whilst the grownups unclog the river, the girls see the trash they threw previously and fully realise their carelessness and begin cleaning up.

Episode Song: "A Lot Less Litter", sung by the girls. 


This series is generally scorned by fans of the original My Little Pony cartoons.[citation needed] Strangely, although the series revolved around the popular Hasbro toy range, the company never produced models of the three male characters or the teacher from the series, Miss Hackney. Also, much to a lot of American children's disappointment, none of the toys based on the series were ever available in the United States, even though this is where the My Little Pony brand and the show itself originated.

DVD releases

Australia/Region 4

All episodes have been released on a series of 4 DVDs by MRA Entertainment in Australia.

  1. Bon Bon's Diary, Just For Kicks, Slumber Party, Too Sick to Notice, The Battle of the Bands, And the Winner Is..., Stand By Me, The Tea Party
  2. The Masquerade, Out of Luck, The Play's the Thing, Shop Talk, Blue Ribbon Blues, Roll Around the Clock
  3. Princess Problems, An Apple for Starlight, Up, Up and Away, Sister of the Bride, Birds of a Feather, Send in the Clowns
  4. The Impractical Joker, The Great Lemonade Stand Wars, Happy Birthday Sweetheart, Gribet, Ponies in Paradise, Who's Responsible?

United Kingdom/Region 2

A single volume is available in the United Kingdom from Metrodome Distribution Ltd, containing:
Bon Bon's Diary, Just For Kicks, Slumber Party, Too Sick to Notice, The Battle of the Bands, And the Winner Is..., Stand By Me, The Tea Party, The Masquerade, Out of Luck

No episodes are currently available on DVD in North America.

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