Amber (color)

Amber (color)
Pendants of amber are amber colored.

Amber is an orange-yellow color that got its name from the material known as amber. Due to this, amber can refer not to one but to a series of shades of orange, since the natural material varies from nearly yellow when newer to orange or reddish-orange when older.



Amber is a pure chroma color on the color wheel halfway between orange and yellow. It is a color that is 75% yellow and 25% red.[citation needed]

The first recorded use of amber as a color name in English was in 1500.[1]

SAE/ECE amber

About these coordinates

— Color coordinates —

Hex triplet #FF7E00
RGBB (r, g, b) (255, 126, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (30°, 100%, 100%)
Source CIECD
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Amber is one of several technically-defined colors used in automotive signal lamps. In North America, SAE International standard J578 governs the colorimetry of vehicle lights,[2] while outside North America the internationalized European ECE regulations hold force.[3] Both standards designate a range of orange and yellow hues in the CIE color space as "amber". In the past, the ECE amber definition was more restrictive than the SAE definition, but the current ECE definition is identical to the more permissive SAE standard. The SAE formally uses the term "yellow amber", though the color is most often referred to as "yellow". This is not the same as selective yellow, a color used in some fog lamps and headlamps.

Formal definitions

A turn signal emitting amber light

Previously, ECE amber was defined according to the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic,[4] as follows:

Limit towards green y \le 0.429
Limit towards red  y \ge 0.398
Limit towards white  z \le 0.007

Recent revisions to the ECE regulations have aligned ECE Amber with SAE Yellow, defined as follows:

Limit towards green y \le x - 0.120
Limit towards red y \ge 0.390
Limit towards white y \ge 0.790 - 0.670 x

The entirety of these definitions lie outside the gamut of the sRGB color space — such a pure color cannot be represented using RGB primaries. The color box shown above is a desaturated approximation, created by taking the centroid of the standard definition and moving it towards the D65 white point, until it meets the sRGB gamut triangle.

Amber in culture


  • VT220 computer terminals were available with amber phosphors on their CRTs.

Criminal Behavior

Interior design


Transportation planning

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