Crura of superficial inguinal ring

Crura of superficial inguinal ring
Crura of superficial inguinal ring
The subcutaneous inguinal ring. (Superior crus labeled at bottom right.)
Latin crus mediale anuli inguinalis superficialis, crus laterale anuli inguinalis superficialis
Gray's subject #118 410

The superficial inguinal ring is bounded below by the crest of the pubis; on either side by the margins of the opening in the aponeurosis, which are called the crura of the ring; and above, by a series of curved intercrural fibers.

  • The inferior crus (or lateral, or external pillar) is the stronger and is formed by that portion of the inguinal ligament which is inserted into the pubic tubercle; it is curved so as to form a kind of groove, upon which, in the male, the spermatic cord rests.
  • The superior crus (or medial, or internal pillar) is a broad, thin, flat band, attached to the front of the pubic symphysis and interlacing with its fellow of the opposite side.

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