Lacunar ligament

Lacunar ligament

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Latin = ligamentum lacunare (Gimbernati)
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Caption = The inguinal and lacunar ligaments. (Lacunar ligament labeled at center top.)

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The lacunar Ligament (Gimbernat’s ligament) is that part of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle which is reflected backward and lateralward, and is attached to the pectineal line of the pubis.

It is about 1.25 cm. long, larger in the male than in the female, almost horizontal in direction in the erect posture, and of a triangular form with the base directed lateralward.

Its "base" is concave, thin, and sharp, and forms the medial boundary of the femoral ring. Its "apex" corresponds to the pubic tubercle.

Its "posterior margin" is attached to the pectineal line, and is continuous with the pectineal ligament. Its "anterior margin" is attached to the inguinal ligament.

Its surfaces are directed upward and downward.

The lacunar ligament is the only boundary of the femoral canal that can be cut to release a femoral hernia


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* Inguinal ligament
* Pectineal ligament

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