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  • A1 paper size (59.4×84.1 centimetres or 23.4×33.1 inches)
  • A1 Steak Sauce
  • Canon A-1, a 35mm SLR camera manufactured from 1978 to 1985
  • Canon XH-A1, a handheld prosumer HDV camcorder released in 2007
  • Minolta DiMage A1, a digital camera produced in 2003
  • Sony HVR-A1, the prosumer version of the Sony HDR-HC1 camcorder, which was introduced in 2005
  • AVM A1-Card, an ISDN card produced by German company AVM GmbH
  • A1 VSTi, a 2002 synthesizer software program produced by Waldorf Music
  • A-One, a product of South Korean software and electronics company Asiana Abacus


Commercial brands and companies

  • A1 Superlink, an Australian Internet service provider merged in 2000 into the Froggy (ISP)
  • A-1 Supply, a former name of American gaming machine manufacturer International Game Technology
  • A1, a brand of Austrian mobile network operator mobilkom Austria
  • A-ONE Hotel, Bangkok-Pattaya, Thailand

Other technology uses

  • A-1, the first series of Disney's Audio-Animatronics figures
  • A-1, an alternative name for KS 150, a nuclear reactor in Czechoslovakia, decommissioned in 1979



Other education uses


Music and dance

Television and radio


  • A-1 Headline, a 2004 Hong Kong film
  • A 001, operazione Giamaica (Our Man in Jamaica), a 1965 Italian adventure film directed by Ernst R. von Theumer
  • A1, a 1999 Syrian film, see List of Syrian films


  • A1 Film Company, a Burmese cinema company
  • A-1 Pictures, a Japanese animation studio


  • A1 Games, an American video game publisher
  • A1 - Slave Pits of the Undercity, a module for the Dungeons & Dragons RPG
  • Larsen's Opening, a chess move, A01 in ECO code
  • A1, a square on a chessboard

Books, magazines, comics and manga

  • A1 (comics), a comics anthology
  • A-1 Comics, a 1944-1955 Golden Age comics publication
  • A1 Magazine, a United Kingdom luxury lifestyle magazine specialising in unique and costly products
  • A1—The Great North Road, a book by Paul Graham (photographer)
  • Alita, a character in the Battle Angel Alita manga series

Military, government and politics



  • A1 broth, a substance used to detect fecal coliforms
  • ATC code A01 Stomatological preparations, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • Combretastatin A1, a potent cytotoxic agent
  • HLA-A1, a human leukocyte antigen serotype
  • Proanthocyanidin A1, a A type proanthocyanidin
  • Vitamin A1, the animal form of vitamin A
  • A1, a segment of the anterior cerebral artery
  • the first anal vein in the Comstock-Needham system of insect wing vein naming

Ecology and earth science



Neuroscience & Psychology


Leagues or divisions


  • A1 Grand Prix, a motorsport racing series
  • A-1 Liga, the top basketball league in Croatia
  • HEBA A1, the top basketball league in Greece
  • Phase A1, a phase in a combined driving equestrian competition

Other sports uses

  • A-1 (wrestler)
  • A1 Ring, an Austrian race circuit
  • A1, a climbing grade
  • A1, a ranking in Keirin track cycling

Vehicles and transport



  • A1 Grand Prix car
  • Anadol A1, a 1966 Turkish car
  • Arrows A1, a 1978 British racing car
  • Audi A1, a supermini automobile produced from 2010
  • Audi Quattro A1, a 1983 rally car
  • Scania A1, a 1901 car
  • Toyota A1, a 1935 car prototype
  • A1 registration plate, an UK Vehicle Registration plate with Frank Russell, 2nd Earl Russell as original owner
  • A1, a Volkswagen Group A platform
  • A-1 Auto Transport, a vehicle transport company



  • A1 road, in several countries


Military boats
  • A-1 lifeboat
  • USS A-1, the name of multiple US Navy ships
  • ARA Comandante General Irigoyen (A-1), an Argentine Navy auxiliary ship
  • HMS A1, a British A class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • A1 type submarine, a type of Japanese Navy submarine
  • HNoMS Kobben (A-1), a Royal Norwegian Navy submarine


  • A-001, the second abort test of the Apollo spacecraft
  • Anik A1, a Canadian satellite
  • Aussat (Optus) A1, a 1985 Australian telecommunications satellite
  • Orbcomm A1, a 1997 American low Earth orbit communications satellite
  • Palapa A1, the first 1976 Indonesian Palapa satellite
  • Superbird A1, a satellite put into orbit by an Ariane 4 launch on 1 December 1992
  • A1, a designation for the French satellite Astérix (satellite)
  • A1, a model of German Aggregate Series Rocket from World War II
  • Hermes A-1, a rocket in the Hermes project
  • Saturn A-1, a 1959 American rocket
  • Scout A-1, a 1965 American rocket
  • Alpha-One spacecraft, a fictional spacecraft in the film Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

Trains and public transit

Other transportation uses

Other uses

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