Fresno (band)

Fresno (band)
Origin Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Genres Emocore, emo-pop, shoegaze, hardcore punk
Years active 1999–present
Labels Arsenal, Universal
Website (Portuguese)
Lucas "Beeshop" Silveira (1999)
Gustavo "Vavo" Mantovani (1999)
Rodrigo "Esteban" Tavares (2006)
Rodrigo "Bell" Ruschell (2008)

Fresno is a Brazilian emo band formed in Porto Alegre in 1999. Currently, members are Lucas Silveira (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rodrigo Tavares (bass, backing vocal), Gustavo Mantovani (guitar) and Bell Ruschel (drums). Already have six albums, the most famous being "Revanche".



1999-2000: Early days

Lucas, Gustavo, Leandro and Pedro were part of the student, and after a group meeting, had the idea to start a band so they could have fun doing covers of punk bands devoted.[1]

The year was 1999. The day was December 4. The city, Porto Alegre. That day, the house of Pedro, it happened the first test of the band that would become "Democratas" and then "Fresno".[1]

In June 2000 the festival happen bands of the college, and it made a month earlier, the guris invite friends "Lezo" that touched down in the band and help them to make nice at the festival. It worked, and Bruno stayed in the band, now with the name of Democratas, already doing their own compositions and spreading over the Internet.[1]

2001-2003: O Acaso do Erro (EP) and Quarto dos Livros

In 2001, after discovering a band with the same name, Luke gives the suggestion of the name Fresno, he heard on TV and liked the sound.[1]

Later that year the band recorded their first EP - O Acaso do Erro, with 6 tracks ("Seu namorado é um idiota", "Se algum dia eu não acordar",...). During the recordings, Leandro, who was the singer, decided to leave the band. Lucas, who has always been the main composer, takes the vocals and the band provides the classic to have 4 members.[1]

The EP is spreading in the underground and on the Internet, and in 2003 the band recorded the independent album of the Quarto dos Livros, with songs like "Teu Semblante", Now and "Stonehenge". The recognition makes the Fresno do shows for several Brazilian states.[1]

"Stonehenge" was released in 2003 as the first and only single from the album Quarto dos Livros. The single was not released to radio but much success on the internet and is considered one of the classics of the band.[2]

The video for "Stonehenge" was shot mostly inside an apartment and in some streets of the great Porto Alegre and not with the participation of the band. It recounts the agony of someone who is in love. It's exactly 3:52 min.[3]

2004-2005: O Rio, A Cidade, A Árvore

In 2004 following the second CD is written: "O Rio, A Cidade, A Árvore", which refers to meanings of the word Fresno. This CD has consolidated the band in the scene and national independent music "Onde Está" was a huge success, it made the charts and emerged to Fresno for the general public.[1]

Thus, in 2005, Fresno is invited to various TV programs (MTV Brasil, Rede Globo, RBS TV), appears on the cover of the Vagalume site as the band with the highest number of downloads, is facing the largest audience ever seen by them in a show the band in the KVA, with 4 million people and is confirmed for the first time on Planeta Atlântida.[1]

2006-2007: Ciano

In 2006, the third independent album is released. Ciano came up with 14 tracks (11 unreleased and new recordings 3 of the Quato dos Livros) and it was then that the band has risen from underground, emerged on MTV, the song Quebre as Correntes gained high rotation on radio stations in the country and received countless music downloads Internet. Also appeared in Multishow, gained prominence in the Trama Virtual and went pro Youtube. The songs and the clips did not go the top of the charts. Was indicated as the VMB Choose the audience and were confirmed in Ceará Music.[1]

Throughout this process, Bruno decides to disconnect from the band. He was replaced by Rodrigo Tavares, the band aBRIL, friend of the band and that also helped in the production of previous records of Fresno. The announcement was made on 26 October 2006.[1]

After 7 years as an independent band, on 04/04/07 Fresno to sign with Rick Bonadio. This yields the band being invited to record the CD/DVD MTV Ao Vivo 5 Bandas de Rock, along with NX Zero, MopTop, Hateen and ForFun. It is also this year won by Fresno VMB MTV the Revelation of the Year that same award, Lucas did a duet with Sandy in music "Abri os Olhos", then the dual Sandy & Junior. They are special as Estúdio Coca-Cola with Armandinho and special Christmas program Superpop.[1]

2008-2010: Redenção

2008 begins with the realization of a dream: to Fresno touches on the main stage of the Planeta Atlântida, one of the most anticipated shows for the crowd of fans crowded. On 15/04/08 saw the release of Redenção, 4 cd of the band and the first by a major label, the Arsenal Music. Soon to launch, the first single released, "Uma Música", has won the first in radio and TV.[1]

However, days 05/05/08, Pedro "Cuper," one of the founders of the band decides to leave Fresno. A new drummer is soon called to fill the post. Rodrigo Ruschel "Bell", also aBRIL drummer, took the sticks from Fresno.[1]

Is performed Estúdio Coca-Cola Zero Fresno and Chitãozinho & Xororó in the career of the band and a total success.[1]

During the last show of the year, 14/12/08 days in Espaço das Américas, Fresno receives from the hands of Rick Bonadio a Gold Disc for Redenção.[1]

And end the year with a participation in the show at the turn of Rede Globo, and along with Chitãozinho e Xororó.[1]

For 2009, the band spells out the dream of launching a DVD. O Outro Lado Da Porta brings the band's history told by its own members, interviews, videos and a performance studio with 15 songs.

The project "Bombar no posto ALE" is created and consists of mini-shows at gas stations 4 Brazilian capitals (SP, RJ, BH and Vitória), leading many fans behind the Fresno-van to accompany the shows.[1]

Various TV, Radio, magazines and several shows booked across the country show the success achieved by the band and make this appointment as Group of the Year award Multishow. On 18/08/09, the day of the awards, the band takes the prize home, further solidifying his career.[1]

The VMB MTV shows the list of nominees for the 2009 Fresno contributes to 4 categories (Vocals, Bass, Pop and Artist of the year).[1]

And by the end of 2009, is expected to launch the fifth studio album, Revanche, already in the process of recording.[1]

Also they have released a new single from the new album Revache called Deixa o Tempo , has been released on Thursday , May 20, 2010.

2010-now: Revanche

On July 13, the band released their sixth studio album called "Revanche".

The album is heavy and fast("Revanche", "Relato De Um Homem de Bom Coração"), ranging with the pop-ballads ("Não Leve a Mal", "Quando Crescer"). The album lyrics are mostly about love and obstacles in life.

On August 25, the bassist Tavares won the "Best Instrumentist Award" in the Multishow Brazilian Music Awards. The band competed too for the awards of "Band of the Year" and "Best DVD" with "O Outro Lado Da Porta" but they didn't win.


Band members

  • Lucas Silveira "Beeshop" - vocals and guitars
  • Gustavo Mantovani "Vavo" - guitars
  • Rodrigo Tavares "Esteban" - bass
  • Rodrigo Ruschell "Bell" - drums

Tour Members

Former members

  • Pedro Cupertino "Cuper" - drums (until May 2008)
  • Bruno Teixeira "Lezo" - bass guitar (until October 2006)
  • Leandro Pereira "Nego" - vocals (until December 2001)



  • VMB (MTV Video Music Brasil awards)
    • Best New Artist


  • VMB (MTV Video Music Brasil awards)
    • Video U Made: Fábio Viana's home-made video for "Uma Música"


  • Prêmio Multishow de Música Brasileira (Multishow Brazilian Music Awards)
    • Band of the Year
  • VMB (MTV Video Music Brasil awards)
    • Artist of the Year
    • Pop
    • Dream Band—Best Vocalist: Lucas "Paraíba" Silveira
    • Dream Band—Best Bassist: Rodrigo "Esteban" Tavares


  • Prêmio Multishow de Música Brasileira - PMMB (Multishow Brazilian Music Awards)
    • Best Instrumentist: Rodrigo "Esteban" Tavares


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